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Did you know that dog training is an unregulated profession? As a result, many trainers use outdated, harmful training methods, including the use of shock collars, prong collars, choke chains, harsh treatment and physical force. Dogs are very sensitive, intelligent creatures and using these methods are very destructive to dogs - modern animal science has proven this repeatedly.


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Cathy Tienhaara

Jeff taught us so much in one session, I highly recommend him. He is very professional and knowledgable. He knows his stuff!


Dereald Nuez

Need a good dog trainer to help you with your dog? Jeff knows dogs, and speaks dog. Our dog Kody loves him, and you should always listen to your dog. Thanks for helping us Jeff.


Natasha Brand

Gizzy is still in training to become a service dog. She has responded well with Jeff she just loves him. Jeff is very understanding and answers questions about anything you have concerns about with dogs or training services.


Mary E Kannegaard

Jeff is a rockstar trainer. He's personable and really knows his stuff. He uses all positive training which my Henri (and I) responded to very quickly. The techniques can be used day to day, enforcing what we learn in the weekly lesson. More...


Rachel Bowling

Toby and i had the pleasure of working with Jeff and Rocky Jr yesterday. We learned so much it was amazing! Toby got along perfectly with Rocky Jr and i could see how much he was enjoying learning new things! In fact i have so much work to do with myself that i hadn't realized till yesterday! Thank you so much Jeff i can now see the light at the end of the tunnel! Toby and i will be practicing every morning, in the afternoon and at night so the next time you see us we will be ready to move on! Thank you for giving hope....... More...


Kristen Barlow

Jeff has worked with me and my dog Zoey for 12 weeks and I have learned a lot from him. He has taught me a lot about how to work with her and I have seen dramatic improvements in her behavior. Zoey and I will definitely continue working with Jeff in the future! More...


Christine Nack

Jeff gave us the tools to work with Jake's problem behavior. Jake came to us with many issues after years of abuse. Jake is now a loving and happy dog who is proud to demonstrate his understanding of so many useful commands. And we know what to do when difficulties arise! More...


Rose Wolfe

We hired him for the nine session package to help train our German Shepherd puppy. The first couple of sessions revolved around Jeff trying to teach him tricks he already knew (because we had already taught him, and told Jeff that he knew them). He would even give commands to our dog and give him a treat whether he completed them or not, which pretty much anyone can figure out is the opposite of what you're supposed to do, and means we now have to retrain our dog all of the commands he knew before we hired Jeff.

After the fifth meeting having accomplished little to no progress with our dog we spent the next three subsequent lessons in a park where Jeff would keep giving our dog treats for no reason (which made him completely food oriented when he wasn't before) and waiting for other dogs to walk by to see our dog's reaction without ever correcting any of the barking that occurred. During these sessions Jeff was constantly on his phone, and I kept having to ask him what we should do next he wasn't paying any attention.

The main reason we hired him in the first place was because he was supposed to bring his dog to help ours with socialization/manners, but every time we asked he said our dog wasn't ready and wouldn't give a straight answer about what we needed to do to get him ready. Everything he taught us can be easily found with a quick google search, and his training methods have honestly done far more harm than good. Complete waste of time and money. You'd be better off buying a book at Petsmart for $10.


Amy Maraglio

Jeff has done an amazing job with our dog max. We hired Jeff originally to work with us and max on desensitizing him to our cars. Max was a rescue and needed a lot of help. Jeff makes training fun and max just loves him. He responded so quickly to the lessons. Jeff is great with responding to questions you may have via text or email. He is very thorough and makes sure you and your dog is setup for success. More...


Leanne Scherbinske

We are completely amazed at how quickly our puppy was able to master various skills with the positive reinforcement approach used by Jeff. The bond with our puppy is stronger and we would recommend this training to everyone. More...


Margie Frisbie

He's a great trainer I'm so excited to have him train my puppies and train Echo he's so kind and gentle with them


Andy Bolla-Marcos

Jeff worked really well with AJ and me when our pup was a 4-5 month old puppy and the results have helped shape him into the very well behaved and obedient 3 year old dog he is today! Thanks so much Jeff for your dedication and patience! More...


Luke Mina Fam

We hired him to get our dog ready to go through the process of becoming a service dog for our son which he got 1000$ upfront! From our sons funding.
He assured us he would be able to get him at least through his first test which would’ve been the good citizen test in order to pursue further training.
Not only were multiple sessions canceled he also had a high training gab cause of living problems, cat breaks downs etc.
Not only did he not complete his training to get him to the test he also was very unreliable.
We cannot recommend his services!


Janet Williams

Rocky dog training is the best I have encountered.
At first I was frustrated by how slow our sessions went and all I could think of were the goals I had for our shelter dogs and thought I wasn’t getting my money’s worth...but then I realized that that is where the trouble was-lack of patience. The very best thing he thought me was to be patient and wait for the dog to be ready to learn.
Many trainers move faster but to do so they must force the dogs to respond and not have time to absorb what was done right (for both the human and the dog). The slow positive approach has been perfect for all the dogs I work with at the shelter.
the kind words, treats and positive reinforcement set the foundation for a great dog. Jeff gains the trust of each dog he works with.
I have had him help with many dogs and he has been successful every time.
If you want results and a happy dog I recommend him. Thank you Jeff!


Pam Bell

I hired Jeff & Rocky Jr at the suggestion of my Vetinarian, who is the Chief of staff at the clinic. We had several losses with the most impactful the death of his sister, my service dog of 13 years, from an intense battle with cancer. My 5 year old Yellow Blackmouth Cur boy started showing signs of anxiety and depression: became inactive, less playful, constantly needing to be with me. Jeff's positive approach and care for my boy has lightened his spirits. My boy now loves to work for me, he is playing with other dogs again, and loves being around people (especially children). He absolutely adores Jeff and his new buddy Rocky Jr. In the short 9 week training my boy is a new dog enjoying life with almost all his old fears and depression gone. More...


Shelby Hovey

Jeff has been working with our dog, Scruffy and us since September and we have had very positive results! I reached out to Jeff because Scruffy was acting negatively (growling and snapping) to our son when he started crawling. I was a nervous wreck that something bad was going to happen. Scruffy has shown great improvement and I am much more at ease. We now have all the tools we need from Jeff to keep moving forward with positive reinforcement. Thank you Jeff for all your help with my family!! More...


Sara Weiler

Jeff's expertise helped my family save a 4 year old dogs life. This dogs family was going to end his life with support from their trainer. Upon hearing the list of things wrong with this dog- we reached out to Jeff who was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive. After we picked up the dog.. we met with Jeff. Watching him with the dog,at a busy public location- around people and other dogs, was nothing less than amazing. He helped us feel so much more comfortable with the pup.. and he was able to give us insight as to why the former family was having problems with him.. and he was blown away that such a nice dog was at risk for losing his life. Jeff was not just available that day, but he has continued to help us through this dogs rehabilitation. He genuinely loves what he does and is VERY good at it! He has a way with dogs that is nothing less than incredible to watch. His energy and his love for not just helping dogs, but also their owners, shines BRIGHT! Thank you Jeff.. you are a wonderful asset to the animal/rescue community! More...


Working with dogs and helping them and their owners excel. I LOVE dogs!

I worked for a period of time for a major pet products retailer as a trainer, but the compensation was very poor, as well as chances for advancement. I knew that starting my own business would enable me to make a living, but more importantly, help the dogs and people who need it the most.

Behavioral knowledge, teaching ability and training ability - plus I will never do anything that might harm your dog physically or behaviorally.