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Gina Mitchell

27 July 2019

Rock Tai did an awesome job capturing our wedding day! He was great with details and we loved that he included drone footage and interviews as part of his package. He even went above and beyond when I asked him to do something special! Highly Recommend him and his work! More...


Gina Mitchell

27 July 2019

We had a wonderful experience with Rock Tai. Our wedding video turned out awesome and he did a great job capturing all the details! We loved that he included drone footage and the interviews in his package and he went above and beyond when I asked for something specific. Highly Recommend! More...


Anna Bindert

9 July 2019

Rock, thank you so much for the beautiful photos you captured of our special day! David and I, both are happy how they have turned out! We appreciate all the work you put in them! And, I know we will be looking back on them often! More...


Alyssa Lux

20 May 2019

I had a wonderful experience with Rock Tai Photography. I was in love with my wedding video. It is something my husband and I will cherish forever. I recommend all of my friends and family, and they all have been so pleased with their experience. More...


Michelle Schaffer

17 May 2019

Rock was amazing to work with. Very detailed. He even traveled to our farm house to do drone footage. We are very pleased we chose Rock Tai as our videographer!


Andy Dittmar

25 February 2019

We were specifically looking for a videographer who would capture the heart and authenticity of our relationship as well as the beauty of the Paramount Theater. He was great to work with and his finished product was amazing! More...


Google User

29 December 2018

Rock provides the best quality you can ask for with the best price to go along with it. He was super friendly and helpful from start to finish no matter what problem arose. He really goes above and beyond, and I cannot stress this enough. The only concern I would have is that he will want to get a lot of staged footage durning the ceremony/reception to make sure everything in the video is perfect quality. If you don't mind spending a little extra time for your video, then he is 100% for you, and there is no need to spend more time looking for someone else. More...



30 September 2018

Rock was amazing for wedding videography. We received a high quality film of clips throughout the entire day including prep, drone footage of the church, the reception, and a full ceremony video as well as a great highlight video (trust me, that's all your friends actually want to see!), and very quickly-less than two weeks after our wedding. He is extremely talented at capturing the day without being in your face. He also is flexible and easy to get along with, many friends and family said good things about him. Aside from all of that he has nice equipment that really makes a difference, including discreet external microphones and multiple high definition cameras which allow him to get multiple angles-we watched our video on a 60" TV and the quality was great! I also really appreciated his all day coverage-videography was something I was initially on the fence about but I am so so happy that we booked it and with Rock. The day goes by so fast and we are so happy that we have a video of our wedding day. I don't write reviews too frequently but I know I read many during the wedding planning process so I wanted to share. I am so happy we found him and would most definitely recommend his services! More...


Malinda O'Malley

20 September 2018

I would definitely recommend Rock for wedding videography (you need that-the day goes by fast!). He was easy to work with and not distracting, offered all day coverage, and had great equipment including discreet mics, drones, and multiple HD cameras. Also he mailed us the full length and highlight video in about a week. Thanks again Rock! More...


Diane Cogan

1 August 2018

Rock has a special and unique talent unlike any other photographer. He video graphed our wedding and went above and beyond to capture our special day. He is an artist in every aspect with a so much creativity. He came to rehearsal in order to know where we would stand in order to get the best angles. He started video taping before the wedding, capturing unique details of my dress, my husbands suit, our rings, shoes, cake, candles, etc. He interviewed both of us separately and included it in the video, along with music. He uses several cameras to get different angles, including a drone capturing a view of the church and surrounding area. As a true artist, he made sure he captured everything special about our day, including moments.we did not see as the bride and groom. Outside of him taping our interview, I never felt like I was being video graphed, just enjoying our special day. He completed the video and had it to us within a week. I highly recommend Rock Tai Photography. You won't be disappointed. More...


Jan Unruh

1 August 2018

My daughter chose Rock Tai Photography out of Cedar Rapids to videotape her wedding. She sent me a sneak preview of the video. After watching the preview, I couldn't wait to see the whole video. I was not disappointed!!!!! Rock did an outstanding job and we couldn't have asked for a better person to make sure that she remembered her special day. He captured the best moments of her wedding which not only covered the ceremony and reception, but personal interviews with both the bride and the groom. I loved the music that he put with the video and he added so many special touches that made it all the more special. I would highly recommend Rock Tai Photography for anyone who wants to capture the special moments in their lives. Thank you Rock for the outstanding job that you did!!!! More...



25 August 2017

So happy that we picked Rock Tai to take our engagement and wedding pictures! He was professional and wonderful to work with! He responded to emails very quickly and was very accommodating to our requests. He's a very talented photographer and I highly recommend him to other couples. More...

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