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Robin's Dog Stars Dog Training

Lake Villa, Lake

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Robin's Dog Stars Dog Training logo

Robin's Dog Stars Dog Training

Lake Villa, Lake

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I offer private lessons at your place or mine. I offer Board and Train Basic and Deluxe programs. I have Puppy classes and lessons for adult dogs to prevent or fix problem behavior. I also have a drop off and train during the day program that enables you to get your dog performing nicely very quickly.


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Noe Chavez

24 June 2018

Never been to a place like this, came in to just accompany a friend and was very surprised at how much was learned, definite progress great results.


Jackie Bailey

18 February 2018

We are on our third puppy with Robin! She is so informative it's amazing! These dog's have all had very different issues. She teaches us how to address all their special needs.


Kristen Sircher

16 August 2016

Robin is wonderful! We took our high energy lab to Robin, and she has done a great job with him. Very patient with him, and made sure we as his owners were understanding what she was teaching us. Tucker couldn't wait for his weekly classes with Robin. We learned so much from Robin, and will definitely be taking Tucker back there again! Highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed! More...


Elias Christy

10 March 2016

I rescued a pit bull (Blackhawk) almost 2 weeks ago. He is anywhere from 10 months to a year old. He has an amazing personality. He loves people, cuddling, exercise and always lets me know when he needs to go out side to do his bathroom duties! However, I realized right away he was dealing with separation anxiety (though he never chews anything when I'm gone) and LEASH PULLING!!!!!!! OM GOSH this was a BIG ONE! After taking him outside for a weeks worth of walks (3 times a day) I felt like I was in a tug of war battle and I realized I was not walking and running Blackhawk! He was in complete control of me! Enough is enough I said and that's when I found ROBIN'S DOG STARS!!! On the phone she was fast to listen and slow to speak and after we set up the appointment and I got off the phone I was excited and had complete confidence she was the BEST trainer for the job because the nature of our conversation. HIGHLY IMPORTANT what I'm about to say regarding all dog owners dealing with issues. March 8 2016 I brought Blackhawk to Robin for his first session and all I'm going to say is BRING YOUR DOGS to Robin!!!!!!! I will not reveal her secrets that's her knowledge to pass on to you but I could not believe the difference in Blackhawk in one session I am literally BLOWN AWAY and can't believe it! Its been 2 days now and I'm able to go on mile long walks and runs with almost NO LEASH PULLING at all! I still can't believe it as I'm typing this now! She did not just STOP his leash pulling but helped me understand the psychology underlining the situation between dog and master. Robin is AMAZING and a 100 percent professional and truly cares and treats animals with nothing less than utter RESPECT! I HIGHLY RECOMNED bringing your dogs to ROBIN'S DOG STARS and I'm so excited to continuing training with Robin and Blackhawk. CHEERS to an amazing trainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Robin! More...


Betty Wilfong

6 June 2015

I manage a caregiving agency in Northbrook. One of my clients, a senior citizen, got a new dog. Unfortunately the dog spent the night barking at the caregiver. I called Robin and she was able to give me several techniques to have my caregiver try. The caregiver had success using the first idea on the first night! Kudos to Robin, who clearly knows her stuff and who generously shared her knowledge to help a senior! More...


Linda Strasheim

19 May 2015

I can’t say enough about Robin!!! We were in a situation where 2 of our 3 dogs were getting into fights that had gotten to the point where there were injuries. I was heart broken at the thought of having to get rid of one of our dogs. I spoke with another trainer who really did not seem to have any compassion for the situation. Robin came out to our home to actually observe the behavior and interaction of our dogs in their own surroundings. She took the time to listen and ask questions so she would have a better idea of what was actually going on. She has worked with training us to be better trainers and handlers of our dogs. While we have not yet put our dogs back together, I am able to better control them individually and they continue to improve and our “problematic” pup has gotten much better at handling stressful situations! I am confident with continued work, We will find peace in our home with our 3 furry friends! More...


Linda Mehnert

6 June 2014

I have know Robin Bengston for about 9 years. She was an experienced dog trainer when we met and has continued to study and learn dog training skills and techniques.We started using Robin professionally when our newfie came home at 12 weeks. He's going to be 8 in Oct. We began his training right away. We do refreshers at least once a year. We also did more regular training when we brought home a golden-doodle a year after our newfie came home for puppy training and teaching both of them. We still do annual refreshers with both boys.Robin shapes her lessons/classes around the animal's needs and the owner's desires. She's extremely concerned about customer service. She is result driven and doesn't like it when clients choose to stop training before the dog is really finished. Over our almost 8 year trainer/client relationship we have been horoughly pleased and will continue to use and recommend her training. More...


Stuart R

6 June 2014

I found Robin through a co-worker, and boy am I glad I did. My 2 year old German Shepherd Mya, was showing what appeared to be aggressive tendencies toward any stranger, whether it was at home at people that walked or jogged by the house and even to people walking and bicycling near my vehicle whether in motion or at a stoplight. I was really concerned that these behaviors were going to be impossible to change, or at least minimize. After only a couple of months, she is showing major changes for the better. Just the other day going through a drive thru and later the same day stopped at a light right next to a bicyclist, she did not growl or bark as if she was ready to attack. I was amazed. Robin has shown me that this is more about proper socialization than anything else. She has the ability to read the dogs body language, and is teaching me to be able to recognize what Mya will do, even before she does it, so the proper corrections can be made when they will do the most good. While Mya still has a way to go, I KNOW that sooner than later, Mya WILL become the companion that I'll be able to trust around any person or animal. I would and will recommend Robin to anyone that is looking for a good trainer / behaviorist that really knows her stuff. More...


Cheryl Suntop

24 August 2013

I used to use other area boarding facilities until I found Robins Dog Stars. The experience has been much easier and relaxed than with other boarders I had used in the past. Robin is a true professional that cares for my dog like he’s her own (seeing him so happy when I drop him off alone puts me at ease). Besides from boarding dogs, Robin is a professional dog trainer and entertainer (I like to refer to her as “Lake County’s Dog Whisperer” as she really just has an amazing way with them). She has also started training my dog. Having a dog that was born deaf, she gave me some great tips that Petsmart was never able to with a “special needs” dog.
While I am away, I often like to check in to see how my dog is - I have found her to be very accessible by phone, text or computer (If she is not able to get to the phone, she gets back to you very quickly.) Tip: Watch her Facebook page as well as she will often post pictures of the dogs she is boarding!
Thank you Robin for putting me at ease when I have to leave my pup when I go out of town!


joy howard

22 August 2013

Robin is an excellent trainer! She is very knowledgeable and knows what she is doing. She can work with any type of dog and any type of owner, from the new pet owner to the experienced pet owner she can help you with any situation. If you are looking for a great trainer and a trainer that doesn't just train the dog but also guides the owners in the right direction than Robin is the trainer for you! More...

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I love watching your dog transform before our eyes. I love when the light goes on for you as well as for your dog. How we behave and interact makes a huge difference to what the dog does or doesn't do. It is very rewarding. I like to have fun and so We do have fun while we train..

When I was five and taught our dog to Sit, Lie Down, Stay and give paw. I knew then.

You should choose me because we will get a lot accomplished in a short period of time and fix the problems that were causing embarrassment. I will teach you how to solve future challenges that come up. You should choose me because I am affordable for the value offered and because we will have fun working together.