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Universal City, California


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Taline G.

12 August 2019

Robert's Catering Service has become somewhat of a family heirloom by now.  From our wedding many years ago, to our kids' baptisms, a memorial reception for a family member, and most recently a big birthday celebration and a 60th anniversary party (so far!), we have been extremely pleased with their very personal, A-to-Z services. They take care not only of food, but also bar services, flowers, cakes, party rentals, and even valet parking if necessary. Their food is exceptionally delicious and beautifully presented; the staff is very kind, courteous and professional; and as hosts, all we have left to do is to provide the space and show up at our own events. I could not recommend them more highly! More...


Cynthia K.

20 June 2019

I initially met with Nora from Robert's Catering when I was looking into a certain wedding venue because they were on the Recommended Vendor list. We ended up booking another venue but not until I made sure we can bring in our own caterer because I only wanted to work with Nora. She is simply amazing and the food speaks for itself. She was so patient with me and basically knew what I wanted/needed before I even did.My sister also surprised me by hiring Robert's Catering for my bridal shower, too. The wait staff went above and beyond and everyone was so pleased to hear they would be catering the wedding.I can't wait for our next opportunity to work with them. Thank you to the whole team for everything! More...


Alex E.

27 May 2019

Absolutely loved working with Roubina, Nora, and their team! Not only are they an absolute pleasure to work with, but their food is delicious!


Carol Mueller

29 March 2019

Tasty food, fast and reliable service. Hired them for my birthday party. It was totally awesome. Highly recommend.


Minkkwan W.

7 March 2019

Robert's Catering was simply the BEST we could have found in LA for our wedding reception. It was truly a joy to work with Nora who also helped to coordinated our reception event as well. My husband and I got married abroad, so we also wanted to do a stateside reception for all of our friends and family who could not make it.Enter Robert's Catering who made our wedding brunch reception dreams come true. We hosted for 110 guests. Nora and team worked flawlessly with our hotel venue to make everything happen. Every detail I could think of for our beach themed brunch came to life. Nora and team even went out of their way to find real fishing nets, lobster decorations, centerpieces, to make our vision a reality. Special thanks to Roubina as well who also contributed to our event!We had interactive live station crepe stations (major hit with the guests!) omelette stations, and french dip stations. We had tray passed tacos and appetizers. The endless display of charcuteries, fruits, multiple salads, breads, bagels, desserts and more were all perfectly displayed and kept the guests full and happy for the entire 6 hours we enjoyed with each other! I truly must say in the past years of knowing and working with Nora and Robert's Catering it has come to feel like working with family. Robert's Catering delivers not only delicious food and tremendous service and professionalism, but more importantly they also deliver the trust, the honesty, and simply the "being there for you" aspect that is so hard to find with many companies. Thank you so much for everything! We look forward to our next big event so that we can be so blessed as to have the opportunity to work with each other again. Cheers! More...


Tina K.

24 December 2018

I have been hooked and wowed!I hired Roberts Catering for my daughter's engagement party We had 68 guests Arrive.  My RSVP list was estimated to be 35 to 40 guests because many were from out of town and I did not expect them to travelThe day before the party I reserved for 62 guests!.....  Nora my contact at Roberts Catering said no problem. !   I was amazed how they could double the reservation with the 24 hours notice.Everyone was so glad they attended They loved the food , the service and the good EnergyNariza was our party leader and she was super strict like a general , so very professional &  had a full smile on her face at all times .   The trait of an excellent leaderThe guests were amazed with the parade of food galore   Plenty of  appetizers, salads vegetables , mashed potatoes , cheese , olives &  meats.  The food was fresh and with flavor .Some of the food was cooked on site and the aroma Brought a feeling of joy and the comfort of  home-cooked meal time plentiful and delicious.! Just like mom would expect I am grateful  for the generosity on the food and the wonderful service If you want to bring JOY to your home & guests  I highly recommend Roberts Catering More...


Julieta A.

20 December 2018

We have been using Robert's Catering Service service for many years for personal use and this year we decided to use them for our corporate holiday party, a much larger event of about 70 people and the food and service was phenomenal, as it always is! The caterers were punctual, organized, and helpful. They provided ideas for decorating and placement and at the end of the party, they cleaned everything up and left us little to no work to do. Highly recommend for their service but especially their food!! Unparalleled to any other catering service we've ever experienced. More...


Ruth B.

8 December 2018

Nora, at the last minute, flew in from heaven and saved our Thanksgiving dinner party.  Our reservations for a special room (made in February) had been misplaced by management and here were 15 people who had come in from all parts of the country without a place to sit or food to eat. She said, "no problem, we can make it work right here in your place."  And she did.  The living room was suddenly turned into a festive, beautiful event .. while.a crew of  5 magically produced a delicious, bountiful feast.  They were quiet, efficiently serving, pouring and cleaning up without a missed step.  My guests kept saying, "What a delicious dinner, our best Thanksgiving ever."  I said, "Thanks Nora, Same Time Next Year.!" More...


Ani C.

18 November 2018

We hired Roubina's catering to oversee the catering for our wedding in June 2018 and she and her team is by far one of my favorite vendors of all time.  Roubina and Nora (the events manager) are highly organized, respectful, and extremely talented caterers that took care of everything...above and beyond all expectations. The food was outstanding....so so so delicious. Everyone was raving about it. I was told the bartenders and serving staff were apparently very good at what they did. Shout out to them for being so attentive to our guests. If anyone is looking for top notch curated menus/amazing ingredients/fresh and mouth-watering plates, then snap up this company before they get booked!! I would also like to say that this company wouldn't be a success without Nora managing everything - she's AMAZING. More...


Jacob M.

15 November 2018

My wife and I used Robert's Catering for our 240 guest outdoor wedding. All I can say is THANK YOU! Nora was an angel, she helped my wife and I so much! I am a complete noobie when it comes to wedding stuff and Nora helped us with our rental company, picking out the types/amount of alcohol, and so much more. She was just like a trustworthy friend who was a wedding expert. In this industry many vendors are just in it to make as much money as possible. But with Nora we felt like she cared for us and was always advising us on how to save money here and there. If you want amazing Mediterranean food at your wedding and you want someone you can trust call Robert's Catering today and ask for Nora! More...


Paul Michaels

30 October 2018

Professional, easy to work with, great food, teriffiv staff. Highly ecommended!!!!



12 September 2018

Can't say enough good things about Robert's Catering! Nora and her daughter Collette were a delight to work with! The food came out great, and it was some of the friendliest and most helpful staff I've ever seen assembled!


Suzanna Sahakian

25 July 2018

The best of the best! Exquisite taste, amazing food, beautiful presentation ...... and the list goes on.


Nicole P.

13 March 2018

AMAZING!!!! I had them cater my engagement party and everything went very smoothly, not to mention the food was absolutely delicious and beautifully displayed. They even agreed to bring ice for the bar and the bar tender was awesome! He made specialty cocktails and really knew what he was doing. The staff was very friendly and made the transitions very smooth with the set up, switch between meals and the clean up. I highly recommend Roberts Catering service for your next event! More...


Alenoush A.

7 July 2017

Robert's Catering catered our fundraiser event June 17th, 2017.  Not only the food was excellent, the service was extraordinary, staff were very professional and they knew what they were doing. Above all, working with Nora was such a pleasure. She made the whole process go very smooth. I recommend their services for any occasion and we will definitely work with them in the future. More...


Jackie V.

29 March 2017

Robert's catering recently catered my daughter's 16th bday and the food was excellent and very delicious.    The staff was very professional they helped me until late night.   I have worked with Robert's catering before and I am so happy that I went to them again.  They haven't lost a beat!Thank you More...


Tannaz G.

22 December 2016

Simply Love Robert's Catering! The food is so delicious, and the service is excellent! If you want to have a big party, I highly recommend them! You just order what you want, and don't need to worry about anything else! More...


Adriana D.

7 November 2016

You're sure to get really great service with this catering company. Servers are professional, eager to help and ensure a smooth process from the beginning of your event to the very end.


Cindy T.

28 October 2016

I've used Roberts catering several times over the past few years.. I've worked directly with Nora and she is absolutely the best !! She pays attention to detail and has made sure that everything goes smooth!! Roberts catering has professional staff and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants quality food with fantastic presentation and professional staff!! They are the best in town!! More...


Evleen B.

26 October 2016

Robert's Catering handled our 2016 fundraiser event in the most professional and timely manner. They worked with our budget, so that we could meet our fundraising goal. Nora Yousefian, the executive manager, has been handling our orders for many years, and I can comfortably say that she aims to please. Themla, the on-site kitchen manager, is a sweet-heart and there isn't any request that she will not handle during any given event. Having said that, the food they served was exquisite and delicious. We did not have any disappointed patrons once again. We've trusted our events to Robert's Catering for decades and I'm glad to say that we will keep using them and their services. More...



21 October 2016

Simply amazing! Most delicious Persian food, great and kind staff, and wonderful service! And of course the price is so good for all you get! Highly recommended!


Noushine R.

20 October 2016

Roberts Catering catered an invent for our family just recently and the quality of the food and presentation was beyond my expectation. Mrs. Nora was the event manager and she handled everything in the most professional and efficient way with attention to details. All my guests were impressed and enjoyed the delicious international appetizer and food.  I can't say enough about how grateful I am to have worked with them. I have now my most favorite Catering company and event manager that I can trust the quality  of the food and the art of the presentation.Thank you Roberts Catering and Nora for making everything so easy and pleasant as I did not have to be worry about anything. You will have me for a lifetime as a repeated customer. YOU ARE THE BEST! More...


Nelly M.

31 August 2016

Roberts catering did an outstanding job for our party. The food was exceptional and I was so impressed with their professionalism, organization, prompt service. When I called Nora (by the way, she is the best!) I gave her my request of having food that would satisfy Americans, Persians and Armenians. She set up an amazing arrangement of menu items that were perfect and catered to each request that I made. It was absolutely perfect! And the food was unbelievably delicious! I would use them again in a heartbeat. More...


Sarah b.

6 June 2016

I heartily reccommend the Roberts Catering company.  Everything from planning, to preparation, to serving and finally the foods was excellent.  I had the help of Nora, who essentially designed the event for me and told me what was needed at the venue.  The wait staff were gracious and helpful.  The food displays (hors doeuvres, and deserts with samovar tea) were so pretty.  The table service was careful and right on time.  And the price was very reasonable.  I will use them again! More...


Leena A.

5 May 2016

Roberts Catering Service catered my parents wedding over 30 years ago, so when it came time to pick a catering company for my bridal shower & wedding I didn't have much thinking to do. They have more experience and knowledge about the industry than any other company I know. It also helps that ALL their food is DELICIOUS!!!I met with Nora a few months back to start working out the details for my shower. I mentioned to her that I wanted a light lunch with fresh and filling bites. She worked with me the create a custom menu. Its been one week since my shower and the first anyone brings up when I talk to them is "How delicious the food was and how pretty they set everything up for me".Nora and her team were on time, professional and very attentive.THANK YOU for everything - I can't wait till we start working on the details for the wedding!!!! More...


Katerina K.

12 January 2016

I worked with Nora and her team at Roberts Catering for my wedding this past October. She's been such a pleasure to work with from our initial meeting, to our tasting and to working with us to customize our menu to our liking. As the bride, I obviously barely ate that day but regardless they made sure I had food catered to my room after the ceremony and our table during the reception was always full. All my guests loved the food and actually told me there was way too much (which is a great problem to have)! I was extremely happy because the food was one of my main requirements when I was planning the wedding. Would highly recommend Roberts catering! :-) More...


Aida W.

10 January 2016

For the second year we contacted Nora at Robert Catering for our Christmas Eve party.  She is fantastic and we had another great experience.  The food is spectacular as is the service and the people they send to help.  Once they arrived, our work was done and we could relax and enjoy our party. We highly recommend them.  Thank you Nora. More...


Lucy L.

22 December 2015

Robert's Catering is by far the best catering service in LA County. They were the caterers for my wedding in August. Since my venue was a completely outdoor venue, they helped me pick rentals they needed to set up an outdoor kitchen (they even saved me money by removing items that my party planner said we would need). They were extremely organized and contacted me for all details before the date of my wedding. On the day of my wedding, they arrived on time, set up their outdoor kitchen, had served my guests with their extremely professional staff. My guests and myself were so impressed that after the wedding people were calling me, asking for their contact information to cater for their event. Their prices are a bit more expensive than the average caterer, but it is worth every penny. I would not use any other cater for any event I throw and have recommended them to all my friends and family. More...


Suzy B.

27 May 2015

I wanted to thank Nora & Rubina, for their utmost support, service & best food ever.  Our annual PSC (parent support committee) appreciation dinner has been catered by Robert's Catering & amongst other events at our school.  Two weeks ago we a complete appetizer, salad, hot dinner, dessert & it was absolutely perfect.  Nora handled every detail from our first conversation in placing the order & making suggestions & on the day of through text & email.  Nora as well as Rubina are perfectionists & we truly appreciated every detail.  This would not have been possible without you Nora.  We love you & thank you for your hard work, love & compassion for your job & customers.  The servers were so professional & kind. More...


Alireza A.

24 April 2015

Always a pleasure working with Robert's Catering, their delicious food, their great service and the prompt staff all a positive.  I will always come back for all my events.Nora and her team are all stellar! More...


Hasmik K.

20 April 2015

Rubina and her team are exceptionally professional, they offer excellent service and come to your rescue need be.  I am happy I made the choice of selecting Robert's catering for the Armenian American Medical Society's Genocide event that took place on April 11th.  I only heard positive feedback from our attendees about the quality of food and service. More...


Sarina H.

17 November 2014

Seriously great food, VERY VERY professional staff, and extremely courteous staff. One staff member stayed after our event and helped us clean up. We were all shocked, and we heard amazing things. Awesome job! More...


Linet O.

11 October 2014

I had an intimate graduation party a couple of years back and used Robert's  Catering Services. I met with Nora and went over the full menu. She took the time to go through all the different packages and what would be most cost efficient and her recommendations were great. They came early to the party, set everything up for me and everything was amazing. The food was delicious, the wait staff were friendly and patient. I had an overall great experience. Cannot wait to use them again for future events. More...


Anoosh S.

11 September 2014

I used Robert's catering service for my daughter's engagement party.the food was delicious and plenty, all my guests loved the food especially the cucumber decorated whole salmon.I live out of town and everything was handled by email or phone calls.'very professionally. thanks to Nora everything was taking care of and I was very satisfied with the menu choices.thinking about using the service for the wedding:)))) More...


Talin M.

4 August 2014

I first used Robert's catering for my wedding a few years ago. The process from A-Z with them was professional and on point.  My guests raved about the food at our wedding for weeks to come. They where so great to work with from the staff to the food it was all amazing. They worked with us on our menu and price point in addition walked through my venue to ensure everything was going to run smoothly, which it did. A few weeks ago we celebrated my son's baptism and once again we decided to use Robert's catering and I could not have been happier. From having 130 people at our wedding to 25 at the baptism we received the same great service and delicious food.  Nora was so professional and sweet through the process. I will always consider them for any event I host in the future. More...


Nazila P.

17 July 2014

Over the last two year, I've used Robert's Catering for my house parties of about 50 people. Last week we had them again. I worked with Nora this last time and she was fantastic. She understood my requests and made it come in to reality. She was very patient and made sure all my concerns were addressed prior to my event. I assume when people call Robert's Catering the first known fact is how delicious their food is but my added request was a beautiful presentation for my house party which they carried out exquisitely. My friends have a very difficult taste to please and they were all impressed with the quality of food and presentation. Thanks Roubina and Nora for making my event such a great success! More...


Rose E.

17 November 2013

I have witnessed Roubina's  catering skills about 20 years ago at Olympic connection in West LA. That was first time and few times at private  parties in Beverly Hills,  again she was  the caterer.Ever since I remember what a incredible experience that was. I keep typing her name over and over on Google search.  She does outstanding job.  Her events mesmerizing and her creations are culinary masterpieces. On her web site today I saw that she catered late  Pontiff John Paul. I am not surprised. She is that caliber  of caterer. Top notch. More...


Adelina K.

19 October 2013

Okay so our wedding was last weekend and now that it's all said & done it's time to hash out our reviews!Roberts catering! Probably was the most stressful thing and mostly because we care about what was served to our guests and the quality. We were initially referred to Roberts catering from the venue we chose for our wedding. Well tons of unfortunate circumstances occurred and we had to cancel the hall we booked. In any case, we had a back up plan at a private residence.My fiancé and I had figured at this point we had no choice but to move forward, hence the deposits already given to most vendors. This process was pretty easy with Roberts thanks to Nora. We had def hit a few bumps previously working with Sophie and a few meetings with Roubina were kind of ehhh (my fiancé is an financial analyst for Christ sake) killed me -_-Anyway, we moved forward with Roberts and now I am so happy we did. The food was exceptional. We had the typical Armenian choices:Chicken kabobGhorma sabziWhite riceLima bean riceYogurt/cucumber Ikra Etc etc.....there was plenty of food for seconds and yes people came over for about 3 days after still asking for left overs. Waiting staff was awesome... They needed lights which we were unprepared for (for the back of the home) and they made it happen anyway....so yea it was def stressful but I guess that's what happens when you plan your own wedding & try to make it a good one :)I will def consider going back to Roberts again for future parties. More...



9 October 2012

RC was very professional during the planning process. Just had a few hiccups during my wedding, but sometimes they're inevitable. my guests enjoyed the quality of food and were pleased with the service. i'd recommend RC. More...


Jenny H.

4 September 2012

Robert's catering made our shoot amazing. We were a cast/crew size of 25 and I always make lunch a priority for any shoot I produce. I love having home cooked food that is healthy and not greasy. Sophie helped me create a delicious menu on our budget and my entire cast/crew could not have been happier. Thank you so much! They will be my go-to catering service from here on out for all sized productions. More...


Alfred S.

7 April 2012

Great services ! Excellent food ! Professional staff ! Thanks for years of yummy food ! Alfred Amirkhanian


Jahana B.

31 January 2012

They have the best service and cater to your needs. Very professional, caring and the way they present their food is amazing. I can say the best in town.


Armen M.

6 January 2012

Roberts catering Catered my sisters wedding. They catered my wedding. They catered so many parties that my family has done. Even last night! I had 20 people over for a family gathering and yet again Roberts Catering was involved. The food is delicious, there is plenty of food always. There is no other catering company I use but Roberts! More...



2 January 2012

The food is amazing!! Every guest raved about the food!! Negatives: we had some servers that stole alcohol during the clean up!Make sure they use responsible people! More...


Hilda B.

23 December 2011

Robert's Catering has catered two events so far for us. The first consisted of mainly "finger foods" and petit desserts. The second was our company's holiday party which consisted of the traditional entree's and all the fixings for a great price. Everything tasted home-made (or better, lol) but it was absolutely amazing. Our guests and company reps loved the food. They had provided us with very professional/friendly servers that even took the trash out with them when they left (who does that anymore!?!?). I recommend them with two-thumbs up and I will definitely be using them in the near future. What's better than having delicious food at your event without having to do all the cooking and cleaning yourself? More...

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