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We offer a broad range of value-added services including tax preparation, tax planning, monthly bookkeeping services, inventory management, NetSuite training and implementation, QuickBooks training & clean-up, etc.

We're always available to answer any questions you have, we're punctual and get back to you immediately, and we never charge our clients for the occasional phone call or email.

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Seda G.

24 July 2019

I had a great phone call with Robert today and learnt a lot about my business tax filing details including tax deductions. I recommend Robert anyone who is looking for a knowledable CPA for consultancy. I will touch base with him again during the tax season. Thanks, Robert! More...


James L.

19 June 2019

Had a great experience with Robert. I'm not even a client and he was kind enough to talk through some tax questions i had. He was direct and even explained through scenarios as examples! He is clearly an expert in his field so if you have a chance, work with him! More...


Alpha W.

18 June 2019

Rob took my call by himself and right away was polite on the phone. Also, he understand my issue very quickly. We had a sticky situation with the IRS because of some pretty extreme negligence on the previous CPA's part.He explained the real problem to me, reassured me on the next steps, and actually turned around an amended return in less than 3-4 business days. This happened not during tax season FYI.He also responded to my emails and lots of questions (I was a lot more "hands on" after my last experience) in a timely manner, never being rude or over-charging me because I was in a tough spot.I'm hesitant to write this review because I don't want him to be over-swamped with clients, but I'm doing it because I feel like it's the right thing to do. More...


Lina M.

3 May 2019

Omg this review is WAY belated! Doing your taxes is so much fun, right?! Well, it is now. ROBERT! Where have you been all my life This guy is a god-send. Truly! My CPA of almost 2 decades passed away and I let my taxes get way behind because I didn't want to deal with the stress of finding someone new. I finally gave in and found Robert. Such a blessing! My taxes were a MESS and Robert made it a breeze to clean up. He was unbelievably patient and truly went well above and beyond what I would have ever expected. And he's got a great sense of humor, which really helps when dealing with this crap. I'm a client for life and will recommend him to everyone I know! Thanks again Rob!! More...


Charles Z.

11 April 2019

Had a bit of a problem with the franchise tax board due to a miscommunication on a Change of address at the end of 2017. After speaking with them was given the tight deadline and found Robert on yelp and he could not have been more helpful. He took a tremendous amount of time and set me many private messages through Yelp to guide me through the process. I highly recommend anyone looking for help even when there's is not a short time frame To use Robert. More...


Todd S.

28 March 2019

Rob has been doing my taxes for a few years now. He is quick with the prep and always available to answer any questions I have.


Evan U.

27 March 2019

I'm very happy to have found Rob. He is quick, responsive, and knowledgeable. I didn't have to go into an office, we did everything digitally which saved me lots more time and trouble. Also he has advised about creating a new LLC entity and provided lots of great information, it's good to have someone like him on your side. Recommended! More...


natasha m.

26 March 2019

I loved working with Rob. He did taxes for our corporation super-fast! He is not like other accountants that take a long time to reply and to finish working on the tax return. Everything was done within a couple of days!! His communication was also good. Always super prompt replies! It was a pleasure working with him! I highly recommend his services. More...


Steffen H.

20 March 2019

Rob has been such a pleasure to work with accounting for my startups. I have been working with him now for 2 years and finally I have peace of mind with my financials.I do consulting & have a few companies across CPG products and software development, so it can get a little hectic around tax season just keeping track. Once I gather all my docs, I email Rob and he gets back to me right away! He's the most responsive CPA I've worked with. Within a few short days, all my filings are prepared. Super simple and seamless - no worry or stress working with Rob! I know it'll be filed right the first time.I really feel like Rob understands me & my business, and he looks out for the little guy :)I'd totally recommend Rob as your next CPA, especially if it's startup and tech-related industries. Thank you Rob for everything! More...


Anna S.

14 March 2019

Robert is great. I'm not very organized with taxes and a small business I have... and Robert is very patient and efficient. I feel safe with Him, I know he will tell me the easiest best option. Thanks Robert :) More...


Carly W.

19 February 2019

Getting my business and personal taxes done this year couldn't have been more enjoyable! Rob was quick to get back to me with answers to my questions and was happy to jump on the phone to discuss. His turnaround time on getting the returns filed was lightning speed. I definitely recommend Rob if you are in need of an accountant, plus being in Santa Monica is a huge plus for me! More...


Kristina B.

16 February 2019

I recently moved to CA had no idea who to hire to help me with my taxes this year. Rob was highly recommended by a colleague, so I called him and he was able to work with me right away. Taxes are something I dread dealing with, so it was important for me to find a CPA who made this process as painless as possible, and Rob did just that. He was also able to file my boyfriend's taxes as well, both in a very quick time frame. We both highly recommend hiring Rob. Thanks so much, Rob! More...


Bob T.

15 February 2019

Rob is an awesome guy and very easy to work with. I had some some crypto transactions and a new LLC and also no idea how to go about filing. I had also never used an accountant so I was a bit clueless about the process, but Rob made it so easy. I can't recommend him enough. Thanks man! More...


Cindy C.

15 February 2019

Rob is very professional , always responds to our questions and doubts and he files our taxes on time.


Neil G.

1 February 2019

Deciding to hire Rob was an easy one. I didn't even have to sit and think about working with him for days or weeks after our call - I just decided to before we even hung up.Why? Because frankly, he just knows his stuff. I didn't know whether I should incorporate as an LLC or an S-corp, and he not only told me which way to go but had lucid reasons why - that I actually understood. And frankly, I'm not the most organized person when it comes to doing taxes and other forms of adulting, and he follows up with me and shows the patience that a CPA who deals with a Neil will inevitably have to have.Yelp says that 5 stars is "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" And such is my attitude about working with Rob. More...


L G.

21 January 2019

Rob is a great CPA. Can't recommend anyone better! We have a business that's been operating for about 10 years but recently converted to a new entity, and Rob has been nothing but helpful to help coordinate our accounting and tax needs. Highly recommend.


Andy L.

10 December 2018

Rob is smart, efficient and responsive.  We started working with him after working with other accountants and have been very happy with his services. We're very pleased to have found him after having received less than satisfactory service from another CPA. Rob is straightforward and his fees are reasonable, both for personal and business tax returns and advice. More...


Jenn M.

7 December 2018

I've been working with Rob for 3 years now.  He's a fast responder, honest, direct and dependable. I'm very glad I found him after having received pretty awful services from another CPA. He's straightened everything out and has been helpful ever since. His prices are reasonable compared to all the quotes out there. He handles my s corp and personal returns. Give him a call or request a quote. You'll see how dependable he is. I've happily referred to him others. More...


Matthew Fisher

30 September 2018

Rob is very professional and reliable. Rob was very prompt in answering all my queries and providing clear insights in their strategies and approaches. Would definitely recommend to anyone consider talking to a cpa regarding crypto taxes. More...



28 May 2018

Rob is a great resource for all your accounting needs. Whether you are running a business or seeking to have your personal tax returns completed, Rob's extensive knowledge will ensure that you structure your business or personal taxes in such a way to obtain the utmost savings.


John D Russell

28 May 2018

If you've invested into crypto and aren't sure of the tax ramifications (every event is potentially taxable!) you need a good CPA who knows the intricacies of crypto. Robert Ricco is that CPA. He's a wealth of knowledge and will save you money with proper tax strategy. Additionally, if you're a business owner or ramping up to be a business owner, Robert can help you navigate entity formation and explain the pros/cons of each entity from a tax perspective. You can make (or lose) a lot of money as a business owner/investor. Make sure you have a qualified CPA to help you navigate the ever changing tax law. I recommend Robert to all of my clients and friends. 5 stars. Highly recommended. More...


Mariana A.

6 February 2018

Rob is a reliable, knowledgeable, and very responsive CPA. He cares about his clients and truly wants to understand your unique situation. He knows not all businesses are the same, and he has gone above and beyond to provide guidance and tax advice through your the year. He helped my husband file his S-Corp, provided guidance when I received a letter (in error) from the IRS, and even connected us with a financial advisor when we were looking for some long term retirement plans. I highly recommend Rob! More...


A. K.

12 August 2017

Recently worked with Rob for an IRS issue and clean up of my records.  Rob was super responsive, price for work was very fair - especially given the amount of updates he had to do w/my records.  Also, I appreciated his strategy and how he worked directly with the IRS.  I felt he was knowledgeable about my records (didnt farm it out to a junior clerk).  Rob is a smart guy and hard worker.  I'm VERY  satisfied with his work with me. More...


Sandra R.

20 June 2017

Rob goes above and beyond, and is always very helpful.  He is helping my husband and me with our personal and complicated business matters, and is very patient.  If you are looking for any of the services he offers, I highly recommend calling Rob. More...


Phil B.

17 April 2017

I'm glad I found Rob, professional, curtious and guided me through the process. I would highly recommend His service.


Ralph S.

13 April 2017

Robert Ricco helped me file my taxes for a small business. He was extremely professional and courteous, and very patient. He answered all of my questions promptly and thoroughly. I would recommend him to anyone and will definitely be using his services for the foreseeable future. More...


Fo- O.

12 April 2017

Robert just went over and beyond with me over the phone.I'll be back to file with him in 2017!Thanks!!


melissa p.

7 December 2016

Rob is great.   He has helped my small business and personal taxes.  He is honest and prompt with his advice, and also explains things in lay-man's terms for people like myself who are not accounting inclined.  Trustworthy, and honest!


Zenaida A.

10 March 2016

Rob has been doing my taxes for a while now. I highly recommend his services; he's fast, responds to your questions in a timely manner and is thorough. He asks plenty of questions in order to optimize your refund! More...


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