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Krista K.

7 August 2019

This place is awesome and has a huge selection!  And they are fast and friendly. Both visits I ordered breakfast bagels. It was nice they had a vegetarian option too.


Shay C.

30 July 2019

My mom showed me Seize the Bagel while I was in town this week. I've come he re twice since and they've been great! The breakfast sandwiches really are delishious and reasonably priced.The workers are friendly and I didn't have to wait very long for either take out or dine in orders. Would definitely recommend the Canadian Eggle! More...


Adonis P.

25 June 2019

Great customer service, bagels are delicious, becoming my go to spot with my coffee in the mornings.


Stacy D.

29 May 2019

I frequent this bagel shop and I'm never disappointed in my food choice or the service. The restaurant is always clean and welcoming, the staff are unfailingly polite and have always given me excellent customer service. I typically stick to the Turkey club on an onion bagel, no bacon and a Chai tea. Their chai is the best I've ever had! Their breakfast bagels are delicious as well. If you wish for a go to bagel shop, this is it. More...


Nick K.

15 April 2019

You know that local place you like to frequent because they know what you want, and know you as a person?  That's this place, every time I walk in, they greet me, already know what I want, and I pay.  The bagels are delicious, the vegan cream "cheese'" are phenomenally delicious.  It would be nice to see some of the sweets or Bialy's become vegan as well, but I'll wait patiently. More...


Caroline M.

1 April 2019

Delicious bagels. I don't know why it took us so long to come here! I had a chocolate chip bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. Definitely a sweet treat. I would like to try all the flavors! Totally a Hazel Dell staple. Each bagel is $1 plain or $3.25 with cream cheese which is a little pricey but they are generous with the cream cheese. Frankly, if you wanted to save money, buy bagels at Winco but you won't get the same quality. More...


Jennifer W.

30 March 2019

We were craving bagel sandwiches for breakfast this morning and liked the menu options & reviews for this place. We ordered using "Door Dash" but picked it up instead of having it delivered. We ordered (2) BLT's - only variance was I selected the "jalapeño cheddar" bagel & husband had the cheddar, bacon & chive bagel. Also ordered a "build your own" - warm "everything" bagel with chicken breast, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickle & avocado (extra $1). Also got a plain bagel with cream cheese (it doesn't come on the side but on the actual bagel) and extra cheddar jalapeño bagel. As well since it was breakfast - a cheddar Bagel Breakfast Sandwich with Cheese/Egg/Bacon. The pick up time was actually less (got there and had to ask where pick up station was located - which is near the wall of windows) - was already bagged & ready for pick up when we arrived 10 mins early. The bagels were not overly thick and had great flavor and were soft. I tried all bagels and can highly recommend each one...my only issue is there is no "sourdough" bagel option. This place was guile busy - even seating outside with lots of people enjoying the sun. We will be back More...


Alicia C.

14 March 2019

I love this place! The ladies that work at this location are amazing. Always so sweet and helpful. They usually remember my order when I walk in, which is very sweet. Great customer service! The food here is good too! I always get the Coast to Coast vegan option and it's amazing. I love all the non dairy cream cheese options! Great breakfast variety and great service. Definitely one of my favorite places. More...


Jessica G.

15 February 2019

I love this place, I try to stop and get bagels and cream cheese a couple time a month for myself and my coworkers. Their cream cheese options are great, even the dairy free ones are good.


Paulina O.

25 December 2018

Our family has ordered Seize the Bagel Hazel Dell through Door Dash. Literally, the best bagels I have ever eaten. We had chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, French toast, cinnamon raisin, and Egg, bacon, cheddar breakfast bagel sandwich, and coffee. All were very good, even the next day! High Recommend! More...


Alexis P.

14 December 2018

I am in love. The toasted jalapeño cheddar bagel with eggs, bacon and cheese  the bagel is just soft enough to tear and isn't soggy at all from the food inside. Worth every dollar! And very nice people there too. I ate it too fast for a good picture. However, that's the point right. Yummy!!! More...


Keegan C.

17 November 2018

Really good got a couple pastrami bagels and coffee delivered thru door dash bagels were really good! Coffee was decent not sure if the don't offer blended we requested blended but came iced still good


Skylar A.

31 October 2018

This place is amazing for not only their quality but the choices you have. The staff is super friendly and the restaurant is clean. Coffee is good and hot every time.


Laura D.

30 August 2018

Yummy and great friendly service. I absolutely love this place. I love there turkey sausage and egg breakfast on wheat or their south of the border grilled chicken, tomato, and jalapeño cream cheese on a jalapeño bagel. My daughter loves their blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese. Their food keeps us coming back but their service will make you dedicated. Check in and collect your rewards but do it b4 4pm. They'll be closed More...


Joseph H.

24 August 2018

This is a great local bagel shop. Vancouver is lacking in quality local restaurants and Seize the Bagel is a much needed addition in the area. The staff is friendly, the food is good and fast, and prices are very reasonable. I recommend it! More...


Andrew J.

19 August 2018

It took me a couple of visits to appreciate this place. The first time I tried it they were only moderately busy, but maximally chaotic. I walked out after not being able to figure out how to order. (I think the place was still fairly new)I tried again a couple months later, and found much greater success! I checked most of the impatience I learned while living on the East Coast at the door. This helped both me, and the very friendly (if not wildly efficient) staff. My food was fresh, very tasty, and prepared with a smile! The cheddar cheese everything bagel is pretty awesome, and the The Degen breakfast sandwich (with everything bagel instead of hot & spicy) was a real treat!Give Seize The Bagel a try. I think you'll be pleased! More...


Don T.

20 June 2018

Great place for breakfast or lunch. I like the Degen (not sure of the spelling) spicy breakfast  bagel sandwich


Luke M.

19 March 2018

Wanted to check this place out because of the name and I'm glad we did. I got the Degan breakfast sandwich and my wife got the Italian. Really tasty. My wife also got the freshly squeezed orange juice which was also really good. Looking forward to trying the coffee next time. Definitely plan on going back. More...


Cheralyn H.

16 March 2018

As far as bagels are concerned, this place is legit. The bagels are fresh, and there is a great selection of flavors to choose from. That being said, I haven't been moved by anything else on their menu. I ordered a bagel with the salmon mousse and was really disappointed. The salmon tasted like it was from a can, and the mouse seemed like it was just whipped cream cheese. Their breakfast bagel sandwiches are OK. The sausage and egg are just these lifeless, sad looking patties. The club bagel sandwich I got was filling, but again, nothing spectacular about it.The prices are reasonable, they make assorted coffee beverages and even have fresh squeezed juice. For a quick bite in the morning, this is a great place to go to. For anything else, be prepared to be underwhelmed. More...


Heather P.

9 March 2018

My husband and I have made this our Saturday morning breakfast spot. The employees are always friendly and knowledgeable. They're willing to give suggestions when asked and go above and beyond to provide excellent and expedient service. The bagels here are flavorful and there's a good variety of options. We highly recommend this cute little shop. More...


Misty H.

28 February 2018

Stopped in around 9am today, had a great selection of bagels and spreads. My favorite bagel is a jalapeño, and when I say jalapeño I mean I want them inside, not on top where they are sure to fall off lol. I got a jalapeño bagel with jalapeño cream cheese, it was delicious!!! I am a huge bagel lover, and have been disappointed with most places because I like traditional boiled and chewy bagels, this place did the trick. Cream cheese was great as well. Very friendly service topped off my visit, I highly recommend! More...


Cherry G.

16 February 2018

This place is quick and easy and delicious! I had plain bagel (my favorite) and honey walnut cream cheese flavor. I was having a hard time to decide what to eat in the morning and I made a great choice! I'm going back since it's closer to my home! More...


Jessica R.

13 February 2018

My husband and I had to try this place after all the recommendations by friends and family, reading other reviews, and the amazing photos of the food. Seize the Bagel did not disappoint! This place was so good!! We both had the Degen and loved it.  It was the best breakfast bagel sandwich I've had. The tomato herb cream cheese on it threw it past the mark of amazing. The space was clean and the staff was friendly and helped us decide what to get. We will definitely be back to try more of the menu and get some bagels and various cream cheeses to go! More...


Holly J.

21 January 2018

Stopped for lunch,  had French dip on a pesto bagel delicious ..half 1sandwich with veggie soup. Very good sandwich,  ample meat, grilled flavor but not dry. Pesto bagel was 1fresh not rubbery like some bagels can be.  Soup tasted homemade, good mix of vegetables In  tomato broth a little simple in taste but I gravitate towards 1bolder flavors.. still tasted good to me.  Husband has mac and cheese with bagel dog ( huge) very filling and great tasting.  Also mac n cheese.tasted home made (creamy texture).Had fresh orange juice to drink..yummy! Checked out giant selection of drinksGot 7 variety of bagels to take home and try..onion, blueberry, pumpernickel looking one, cinnamon, more pesto, cheddar jalapeno,  etc. They make something that looks like a mini pizza I gotta try next time.. looks great. All in all. . A must try. Opens at 5am 7 days a week! Helpful smiling staff,  directed me to try a rewards app called perka.. cool.  Great atmosphere, fast service too..hard to beat for lunch spent 30 bucks but had a lot to take home! More...


Leah C.

18 January 2018

This review is based solely on the sandwich I had. It was delicious. My husband brought some sandwiches from this place a couple weeks ago. We wanted something different from the chain places like Jimmy John's and Jersey Mike's. I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was fresh, great quality ingredients, and I mean who doesn't love a bagel sandwich? I can't really rate anything else since I didn't go in and I haven't had anything else, but if you want a good bagelwich, go here. More...


Andrea R.

17 January 2018

They have a really good chocolate chip banana bread. Of course they have some really good bagels too and since I'm always late to class it's awesome that they open at 5AM


Diana K.

12 January 2018

Love this place! Great bagels, good prices, and they have so many different choices! The order didn't take long at all and everything tasted super delicious.


Megan F.

10 January 2018

I like bacon egg pepper jack cheese and avocado on an everything bagel toasted it is fresh and very tasty


Marissa O.

10 December 2017

Amazing bagels, and such a great selection to choose from! I got the bacon egg and cheese sandwich with an everything bagel and it was delicious. I would also highly recommend their dirty chai latte. More...


Nathan S.

27 November 2017

The bagel with lox is great. Very generous portions of salmon and capers etc. for a great price of 7.95. The staff was very friendly and nice. Great service and food and a nice environment inside for a bagel shop. My new favorite bagel lunch shop for sure. More...


Viktoriya M.

13 November 2017

Super delicious bagel place! They have such a large menu to choose from its overwhelming. When you pick a sandwich you get to choose the bagel you want it on. They also serve their own fresh squeezed different flavored lemonades. More...


Jimmy S.

7 November 2017

Ill give it a 4 for now.  I like several of their bagels.  Some I find not so good. The cheese one has alot of garlic in it.  Yuck.  Way too much garlic.  I just want cheese.  The snickerdoodle one melts after a few hours.  I like these:  plain, blueberry, jalapeno,wheat, and some others.  I find their spreads a bit spendy.  I just get my own cream cheese at winco. More...


John J.

25 October 2017

Great bagels and coffee.  Offers sandwiches as well.   Generous portions and friendly staff.   2-4pm happy hour has $5 sandwiches and discounted bagels.  Glad to have it open up in the area. More...


Marissa L.

7 October 2017

Yum! This is an awesome breakfast place, lots of food and coffee options. Good service. Been to this one a number of times and the other off of Mill Plain. Recommend!


Maycol R.

3 September 2017

They are an expert bagel shop but needs some work with the drinks. I ordered The Degen and a blended dirty chai. The sandwich was delicious but the drink was more milk than the chai or the espresso. I would recommend on the food though. More...


Lamarr A. W.

21 July 2017

This is by far the best place to have breakfast, I had the bacon, egg and cheese bagel and it was so, so good, I'll be back real, real soon.


Scott N.

2 July 2017

I think I've had slightly better quality bagels elsewhere, not to say this spot doesn't have good bagels, they're decent. They're topping portion is more than fair however. I got the parm bagel with creamcheese and lox and it's pretty damn good. I'm almost certain it's homemade lox so consider me a new fan of this place. More...


Brittanie M.

27 June 2017

Every bagel variety and sandwich type you could ask for, more than I've seen at places like Einstein Bagels before. Decent prices and friendly service. Right off the highway so we stopped in for a quick lunch during our road trip to Portland and weren't disappointed. More...


Jason B.

15 June 2017

A welcome expansion to the west side of Vancouver.Seize the Bagel has long been my go to breakfast joint on the go in Cascade park. When I discovered that they were expanding to the Hazel Dell area, I was elated. And suffice to say, the quality has not suffered with the expansion.The thing to know about differences between the two are primarily centered around amenities. Specifically, parking and seating. Seize the Bagel Hazel Dell does not have the expansive open seating of it's progenitor. It is limited to about 40 seats which seem to be more than enough for this location. The decor is a carry over with a classy, minimalist type aesthetic that makes it seem less like a bagel shop and more like a relaxed coffee house.The bagel and sandwich quality is consistent and that consistency is wonderful. Bagels are fresh and an immense variety is presented for your enjoyment.The sandwiches are done right. Though I have not sampled their lunch date, the breakfast sandwiches are not overblown and contain precisely what is needed to get your morning going without feeling bloated. Tired of coffee? That's cool, fresh squeezed OJ in two sizes awaits, and makes you remember why you like juice in the first place.A nice selection of bialis are also present if you want to vary the days eats and the full lunch sandwich menu gives many options including a new Cuban that looks wonderful.This place is limited of parking, but the rate that people and coming that you should get front door parking in style. More...


Sarah P.

21 May 2017

We tried a mix of sweet and savory bagels, walnut honey cream cheese and tomato herb cream cheese. They were all really good. The best everything bagel I've had in a while. The honey walnut cream cheese was almost like a dessert, it went really well on the strawberry bagel. We will definitely be back. More...


Lauren B.

16 May 2017

Bagels are delicious!   And the variety along with cream cheese options and sandwiches is perfect!!!   I've been in 4 times this week and it has turned into my daily breakfast or lunch spot!   Stop in for a fast and friendly staff along with delicious offerings! More...


John T.

14 May 2017

Went there for for a lunch bagel sandwich and was pleasantly surprised it was really good, good bagel with a lot of flavor. Glad to see good new food options come to the area, will definitely go back. More...


Lindsey K.

11 May 2017

I felt very welcome here with my husband and young son! Good coffee and food. The owners are extremely kind. I'll definitely be back!


Jimmy T.

11 May 2017

Great place, friendly staff, good prices, been there a few times now, look out competitors


Carrie R.

10 May 2017

This place is adorable! The bagels were delicious and fresh and I loved the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. It was clean, bright, and modern with reasonable prices. Plus they have free wifi so this would be a great place to get work done. More...


Eric L.

24 April 2017

Fresh, quick and delicious bagels. Fresh squeezed orange juice as well! Will definitely be my go to spot in the future.


Graham K.

22 April 2017

Friendly staff, awesome breakfast bagel sandwiches, comfy interior. Max Occupancy is 32. I had the Degen and it was very tasty and hearty.Can't wait to come back.


Jaclyn W.

21 April 2017

The third time is the charm?I'm Brooklyn, by birth. This, by default makes me a bagel (and pizza) snob. I like what I grew up with and no one is going to convince me I'm wrong. I've tried two other bagel places since moving here last year and have always been left wanting, until this morning.I stopped here to pick up a couple dozen bagels for a work pot luck. I also picked up my preferred test bagel - sesame, toasted, with plain cream cheese. I may have also tried a cinnamon raisin bagel and then one which I assume was the snicker doodle bagel, throughout the day. Impressions? I think it's the cream cheese which isn't as tart as I'm used to, but I was slightly (but not very) disappointed in the one I specifically bought to set the bar. Considering the other two I've had in the area, I would certainly come back here long before going to the other place. Cinnamon raisin was spot on and snicker doodle bagels? Yes, please...though messy to eat (the topping gets everywhere). Everyone who tried one asked me where I got them. I work all the way down in Milwaukie and most of my colleagues are Portlanders and were a little sad they'd have to slum it in the 'Couve for bagels, but I do think some of them will debase themselves, coming across the river, because they, the pretentious Blue Star donut loving uber hipsters, dug 'em hard. More...


Nikki L.

20 April 2017

Im happy to finally have a spot where I can grab a quick breakfast thats close by. Ive already been here 3 times lol. The first time my boyfriend went for me and accidentally got salmon lox cream cheese instead of actual lox but it was still pretty good. The second time I got the actual lox sandwich it was good and they give you a ton of lox they definitely don't rob you of any :p The third time I tried the Canadian Eggel which is egg, ham, & cheese. You get to pick what bagel you'd like it on and the cheese. It was yummy! I will be back quite often. More...


Austin M.

12 December 2015

There is no better example of a good local business than Seize the Bagel. I worked at this restaurant for a number of months, and I continue to visit because of the great atmosphere and the wonderful people that work there. Just today, I walked in without a penny to my name and asked the owner if I could do anything that might earn me a meal. Without hesitation, the owner gave me an abundance of real, healthy food that will keep me fed for days to come. Seize the Bagel is a great restaurant that serves delicious food and is run by good, wholesome people. Bruce, thank you for the small piece of your unending compassion and generosity. More...


Alex C.

4 April 2015

Have been going to Seize the Bagel since I was a kid, and they're new location is super crisp and awesome! Their bagels are so good and their cream cheeses are homemade and divine! I love their snicker doodle bagel with vanilla walnut cream cheese and their bacon breakfast calzone! Check it out! More...


Sam W.

26 March 2015

YUM!We were looking for a place at 5am to eat and of course we had very limited options near PDX. Happened to find this gem searching on yelp (yay! =)). It is located in a strip mall and at 5am there was absolutely no shortage of parking. We were looking for a sign but apparently they are in the middle of a move and did not have it up so we had to drive around for a bit before we actually found it. We asked the staff what they recommended and ended up getting the following...EGGEL SUPREME (egg omelet, ham, bacon, tomato, cheese) - it was good but not something I would cross the bridge for. THE "DEGEN" (egg omelet, ham, bacon, paper jack, tomato, herb cream cheese on a hot n' spicy beagle) - this was recommended "as-is" and I WOULD cross the bridge for. The bagel was very soft and fresh (baked that AM). It was all kinds of right with all of its savory components. I do not normally like sandwiches but the ones I do like are not normally dry; this fit the bill. The herb cream cheese melded the spicy pepper jack and bagel with he savory egg and meat. All of the components to made a "jucy" breakfast bagel sandwich. Yum =)They sell other baked goods and "second chance" older bagels in packs of 6 for $3.99. Definitely will be going back for the food and friendly staff! More...


Darcy K.

14 March 2015

This is one of my favorite places ever. Great food, good coffee and a wonderful staff. I don't like how noisy it can get, but they are a busy place. A friend and I have been going here at least once a month for years and will continue to even after they relocate. More...


Ali L.

21 February 2015

Absolutely delicious. This is my go to every Saturday morning! Bacon egg and cheese bagel with chive bacon cream cheese! Yummm! And the staff is always incredibly friendly. Bagels are fresh and delicious! More...


James N.

10 January 2015

Love to go here on a day off first thing to get the American (egg and cheese bagel), and a coffee. This place is sort of a neighborhood institution. One morning there was a group of women doing needlepoint or crochet (didnt look too closely), but they seem to encourage these neighborly gatherings, which is cool! They seem to have a loyal following, which I guess I have kind of joined since moving to the area. Excited to see the new location! If you are craving something sweet afterwards, you can head across the parking lot to an excellent Bakery for a danish (Larson's). More...


Candace T.

3 January 2015

We're new to the area and were bummed to find our previous favorite had closed before we were able to make the move to Vancouver.  The bagels at "seize" were great, but beware the garlic cream cheese!  We are garlic people, and use it in everything, but this was a bit much as they used copious amounts of raw garlic.  Next time, we'll either mix with regular, or skip it altogether.  Overall, I think we may have found a new bagel place! More...


Elyse C.

28 December 2014

My family and I have been driving all the way from Hockinson, Washington to come to Seize the Bagel (previously Sunrise Bagels) for years now. We now don't live all the way out in Hockinson, but I still drive to the Mill Plain Seize the Bagel location (as opposed to the one much closer to my house) because the one on Mill Plain one is simply SO. MUCH. BETTER. The bagels are soft and fresh, the hummus seemingly home made, and there's always a fresh variety of bagels to choose from.When I was little, I would get the cinnamon bagel and some kind of flavored cream cheese with a raspberry Italian soda. (Wow, my stomach hurts just typing all those sugary words!) Now that my tastebuds have developed a serious appreciation for spicy foods, I go for either the Sherry's Harvest, Everything, or Sesame bagel with both jalapeno cream cheese AND a side of jalapenos. (My mom taught me the side of jalapeno trick because she, too, is a spice seeker and lover.)My boyfriend and my dad usually get the Eggel sandwiches and they, too, love this bagel shop.My only complaint about Seize the Bagel is the fact that they really clob on the cream cheese. However, this is a really easy fix, so chunky cream cheese doesn't deter me whatsoever from frequenting this place!Oh, and my mom thinks Bruce, the owner, is just so polite and welcoming. My mom and I just adore going into Seize the Bagel and seeing Bruce and his cute family enjoying a bagel and watching his business grow. =] More...


Rachel C.

30 October 2014

When you walk in this place the most heavenly aroma    like a ton of bricks! Wonderful bagels! Cheese, garlic, onion even bacon bagels! Fruity too! Anything you want. They make the most delicious breakfast sandwiches using bagel if your choice the eggle supreme is to die!!! They also make fresh deli sandwiches yummy!!! In the years I have been going there, there have only been a couple mistakes (once my bagel was burnt & this AM had literally two pieces of turkey on my sandwich lol) BUT they always make it right! The workers there and friendly and fast! Great breakfast and lunch place :) AWESOME More...


Jason M.

24 October 2014

Recently moved to far away to hit up my old regular bagel shop however we live near this one and decided to pop in today and we are glad we did. This is a mom & pop shop that doesn't cut corners. Decent prices, good bagels, tons of cream cheese and all of your morning coffee options. This is a great deal all around. Our espresso temp was screaming hot but still good. There's a small area for children to hangout and play and plenty of table space to eat.  The staff was friendly enough.... Nothing over the top and nothing bad to report. Thanks STB, we'll be back for more. More...


Sue M.

25 September 2014

Best bagel sandwiches in the world. A little pricey but well worth it. Four types of fresh coffee out every day. Lots of other goodies to choose from but I always stick with my jalapeño and cheddar bagel with pastrami and extra cream cheese, tomato, peperoncini, toasted, and the boldest coffee they have. I've never been disappointed; EVER! More...


Valerie M.

17 August 2014

Clean and fun environment.  Quick to take our order not super quick on making it though. Bagels are good but once they run out then thats it for the day.


Kelsey R.

12 July 2014

I enjoyed my trip to Seize the Bagel a little while ago.  The workers were funny and engaging and helped me make a decision.  They offered to make something custom if I wasn't happy but I was just overwhelmed with all the good things to choose from.I ordered the garlic eggal (garlic bagel, sausage, and eggs) and an orange juice. The bagel was light and fluffy.  It was perfectly warmed/toasted.  I am a HUGE garlic fan so I really wanted more garlic flavor, although it was nice to be able to talk to the people in my group after I ate. Haha The sausage was tasty and it was convenient to just grab an OJ from the way they have it set up. More...


Kurt S.

4 June 2014

Stopped here on a whim on the trip from Portland to Seattle.  Is this place serious!?!?! !  It's like they set out to make bagels just for me.  Don't bother with the "regular" bagels, go straight to the section to the right with the "Bialys".  I got the "Pepperoni" bagel that had pepperoni, cheese and sauce baked on top of it, toasted with butter, it was so naughty.  I also got a canadian eggel (ham, egg and cheese) on a "Garlic Chicken" bialy which was a bagel with chicken, cheese and garlic baked on top of it.  These bagels absolutely blew my mind.  I can't comment on the actual bagel itself, besides being soft and chewy like I like it. More...


Tony I.

21 May 2014

The bagels/sandwiches are good and the house coffee is the right price...& refills are included. The wifi works & there's usually some nice eye candy;)


Beth H.

14 May 2014

I came here on a wednesday for lunch and I ordered cream cheese, avocado, and bacon on a garlic bagel. It was delicious!! The bagels are pretty good, and I grew up in New Jersey, so trust me, I know bagels. It was quick, tasty, and inexpensive, and I would definitely return. More...


Keith M.

12 May 2014

My wife and I love going to Seize the Bagel for breakfast. Although located in a strip mall, this place is a hidden gem. Delicious jam, bagels and juice and a friendly community-driven atmosphere. They don't skimp on cream cheese either. If you're looking for a comfortable breakfast place in an area surrounded by biz box restaurants stores, go to Seize the Bagel. More...


Leah F.

7 April 2014

I love this place simply because I love bagels, but not really for any other reason. I had a Hawaiian bagel with cream cheese lox which was really good! However, one thing baffles me.. WHO IS PAYING $7.50 FOR A 'BAGEL SANDWICH'?!?! That is ridiculous you guys! It's also very open, like there's probably over 10 tables and it just feels TOO open. Other than all of that, it's a great place for a quick bagel. More...


Brittnie P.

26 March 2014

Every bagel Or bagel sandwich I've ordered has been delicious! I especially like the breakfast bagel sandwiches. The coffee however could use some improvement, the espresso taste burnt. But the fresh squeezed juice is very good! More...


Len M.

1 March 2014

Fresh bagels made every day, plus fresh coffees and other sweet & savory goodies for people on-the-go. Plenty of seating & strip-mall parking (though busy at weekend mornings.)


Dmitriy K.

26 February 2014

Seize the Bagel the BEST bagel shop ever!!! Everything is always fresh and tasty. The staff is super friendly and helpful, and service is fast. Amazing place!!!


William D.

29 January 2014

I have searched high and low for the best breakfast sandwich around and have failed to find one that rivals a degan on a hot and spicy bagel. I will routinely call a head and have half a dozen made for my coworkers. Seriously the best thing around, a must try! More...


Ashley C.

5 January 2014

I can't believe I've lived in the area for more than 4 years and I've never eaten here. The lox sandwich is AMAZING and the coffee is great. Worth the 25 min drive. We will most definitely be coming back. More...


Chris Q.

29 November 2013

A favorite spot to get a bagel with cream cheese. Good variety to pick from and always consistent. I don't particularly care for their other creations (bagel dog, hot pocket type sandwiches).


Lisa H.

2 November 2013

As the name suggests, this place has a very wide variety of bagels to choose from. They have bagel sandwiches for breakfast or lunch. Also have chips, fresh fruit, and coffee drinks. Got the turkey club on a hot & spicy bagel. Super tasty! Eating area is large. They also have a kids activity area. Nice place to grab a quick lunch. More...


Lauren R.

13 August 2013

I've been eating here (formerly Sunrise Bagels) since I was a small child. Seriously, I remember splitting a plain bagel with cream cheese on multiple occasions with my dad, waiting for kindergarten to start that day. My family has been eating here for years and years, through three different locations with them. I always left extremely satisfied with their food and service. My typical order was a BLT on an asiago bagel with cream cheese. SO GOOD!! Now, I moved to the east coast about two years ago, so my review is mostly based on nostalgia. I wish we had a sunrise bagels where I'm at now. Bagels will never be as good as theirs. More...


Alex B.

19 May 2013

I have never had a bad bagel here. It's always the freshest. Their bagels are so soft. It takes their bagels a couple of days before it becomes rock hard unlike other bagels that are hard as soon as you buy them. Just yummy.


Parker P.

20 March 2013

Great bagels, coffee and service. Super variety of bagels and served with smiles.  Pricing is reasonable and plenty of seating space to be quite comfortable.  We have been here several times and will be back many more times. More...


Linda C.

20 January 2013

Seize the Bagel is kinda like the Tardis, much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. Loads of tables and chairs, and a few comfy looking oversized armchairs. At the back near the counter is a kids-play area. There is a good selection of bagels and one or two vegetarian options on their menu. I had the Greek Eggel with a Spinach bagel (sort of like a cream cheesy breakfast sandwich) which was really good. Hubby had the veggie sandwich with a jalapeno bagel. They have a separate counter to order drinks and had some unusual brands of coffee and chai tea syrup (none that I had seen before - sorry can't recall the names). The chai was nice and hubby said his coffee was good (not as good as Peets but better than Starbucks).This is a good place to stop for brunch or lunch while in the neighborhood. More...


Robyn N.

7 August 2012

Good bagels and good place to take kids! Lots of bagels n stuff to choose from and a kids area with books, train table and kid sized tables and chairs!


Nick D.

5 June 2012

We've been going there for over 6 yrs. Awesome bagels and staff. Our favorites:- Reuben with extra sour kraut- Deggen on a hot & spicy


Shawn L.

17 April 2012

Fresh hot bagels hot coffee and a nice relaxing atmosphere. What more could you ask for


Kat S.

27 November 2010

Yup it's a scaled down sunrise!!!! Yeah I am spoof happy! I love the hot ham and cheese bagel dog! All of their bagels are delicious and well worth the visit. You wont find much of a better selction! More...



28 November 2009

Great family place. The food is good and the people are nice. We've never had poor quality food and my family of six always leaves stuffed!


Tricia M.

1 October 2009

Don't let the new name fool you... this is the same ol' place I remember from years ago. My choice was simple... Cinnamon Raisin, toasted, with cream cheese and an apple juice on the side. I waited a total of 3 mins at 8:30am on a Tuesday. No complaints. More...



9 June 2009

Since I found this place a month ago I've ordered take out at least 5 times! I think the food is great!! The ribs, beef, pork, chicken & the beans are the best!! I'll be back again & again!!!



25 January 2009

I heard glowing reviews for Rib City Grill from people at work. My husband and I went for dinner and we were very, very pleased. The waitress was friendly and helpful. The portions were huge. My husband is a big eater and he had to take home some leftovers! We had the okra appetizer and I really enjoyed it. We ordered the special of the night - baby baby back ribs (not a type, baby baby). They were easy to eat, the bones fell away, the meat was flavorful and still juicy. The baked beans were just OK, but after the big portion of meat we didn't have much room for sides! Looking forward to trying the desserts. Next time maybe we'll split an entree or just plan to take half home. The ambiance isn't fancy, but it is clean and pleasant and the background music isn't too loud. They have microbrews on tap. More...



13 June 2008

I was very impressed with this southern menu and pricing. The food came quickly and was very very tasty. I would recommend going during lunch it can get a bit busy in the evenings. You wont' walk away hungery from this place. More...