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Leticia Burciaga

I met Rey a year ago when I started my journey. If you want to be pushed to achieve your goals while having fun. Rey is your trainer. He's got a heart of gold and his vision goes beyond fitness. I feel blessed to be trained by him. He never disappoints. Come workout with us ;) More...


VR Reyes

Rey is the best trainer hands down! Great motivator, caring, and has the best kick ass workouts that leave you sore and wanting more. So glad I joined!


Shawn N Rosa Hawkins

Truly an inspirational person! Rey has so much love and passion for what he does! Excellent place to get fit! �


Barbara Van Horn-Loescher

There are not enough words to express how much Rey appreciates his customers. You will never be disappointed in how motivating he is. Such a kind soul.


Juanita Mijares

Believe me when I say, you will not regret joining Revival fit Boot Camp. Rey is an amazing trainer who not only gives you motivation, and encourages everyone, he also takes his own advice. He is truley dedicated to making you fit, Healthier, and loving yourself. Enjoy your new way of a fit Life.�� More...


HA Flooring

The best trainer ever and with the best workouts...if you really serious about exercising this is the place to do it guaranteed


Camille Gailliot

I just started yesterday with Revival fit boot camp. I am loving it, and can't wait to return tomorrow. Rey keeps you motivated and when you feel tired and as if you can't go any further he pumps you up to get through it! Love it!


Vicki Copeland

Not only is Rey the best trainer in the HD, he also has a heart of gold. He truly cares about your health your fitness and he gives you 150% of himself to help you make a better self. Come check him out.


Christie Vaughn

Rey there is an amazing gift within you and the light you shine can not be denied. Incredibly proud of your walk of faith and desire to show the world God's love through fitness and counseling when needed. You will ROCK this new journey.


Rey Herevia

I'm so proud of all your accomplishments son. You have truly come a long way and you are just starting. It's an amazing feeling when I read how much you have touched the lives of those who call you friend. I'm proud to say you're my son. I love you, Dad More...


Seth Martino

Rey Rey is the best trainer I've ever worked with. Hands down. He is a great person, a great example of a man of God, and he genuinely cares about his clients. Get ready HD because he brings it! You will not be disappointed if you work with him and put your fitness in his hands! More...


Angie Page

Rey is very knowledgeable in what he does! He helped me through some tough times, beloved in me and helped me come out on top! He doesn't do this because it's a job. It comes from the heart and he truly loves what he does and loves his clients � More...


Emily McCall

Amazing trainer, very knowledgeable, and compassionate! Rey believed in me when I didn't believe in myself, pushed me, and helped me reach my goals! Without him I wouldn't have gotten on stage and competed in April! Thank you for doing what you love, truly caring for your clients and pushing us to be better everyday! � If you want your life changes come check it out for a day!! More...


Stacey Carter Goode

Rey is not only motivation for fitness goals but personal goals !! He is an Amazing Trainer and I look forward to working out at his gym soon ! Total Plus is hes soooo darn funny some days you will get a workout from laughing so hard ��� love you Rey !!! Looking forward to getting back in shape and staying in shape !!! You are an inspiration to so many including myself ��� More...


Nancy Trecina

Rey is knowledgeable and a great trainer. Beyond that though, comes from his heart. He motivated me to always push beyond my limitations. He can be tough, but mixed with the right amount of empathy. He will make you crack up, when you want to cry. He was/is a blessing to me. A Man of God.
If you want results join him at his gym.


Catherine Giordano Nelson

Revival fit what can I say. The name says it all. Not only is Reynaldo wanting to help train your physical body to be healthy but he also wants you to have a healthy spiritual inner self. He encourages us to workout daily whether there with him or on your own but also to eat healthy. For this is a way of life not a diet or temporary solution. Thank you Rey for being so passionate with your career of being a trainer coach but also a loving caring friend. Many blessings to you and your revival fit boot camp. More...


Dee N Tee

Rey is one of the best trainers. You will get stronger and so will your spirit 🙌🏼 Goal crusher 💥


Mandy Osburn

REY REY!!!! Oh my goodness - I don't even know where to begin! He has been such a huge part of my fitness journey. Showed me I can do waaayyyy more than I ever thought I was capable of. He makes everything a good time. So even when you're getting the workout of your life you're laughing and having so much fun. I'm so happy to see this happening. Rey you're going to change so many lives!! Praying over you and your business � I can't wait to come check it out!! More...


Audra Monaghan-Fee

I wanted to make a change in my life. I needed it! I've had a very rough 3 years and it was time for me to move forward. I met Rey at another gym and I liked his style, honesty and the Positive light that surrounds him. For me personally, that's what I needed! When he started his new gym, I knew we had to join it. My daughter and I decided to join him on his new journey. He's a motivator, an inspiration and a good hearted person. Most of all he does not judge you and really wants to help you make the best of yourself! All should tell their friends & family, if they want to make a change in their lives, come join all of us who wanted to follow this path, you will not be disappointed! � More...


Liana Arias

Best booty work out in town! Very motivational and worth every penny! You only have one life, live it! Fit, blessed, revival! Thank you Rey and Monica!

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