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salvador perez

22 September 2019

Danh is the one of the best if not the BEST and smartest therapist u can find in Long Beach he not only focuses on one body part he goes above and beyond with his patience’s . With me being a football player in high school I had knee surgery and as soon as I came to his facility I felt welcomed and relaxed. Now I’m back to feeling great with my speed and explosiveness with out having knee problems. More...


Sinnamon C.

22 September 2019

Dr. Ngo helped me with my autoimmune disorder. He really went the extra mile and checked in with me between appointments. He took the time to get to know me and figure out what I needed as an individual. He is a gifted healer, and uses a combination of current research and unorthodox methods to treat his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is frustrated with mainstream medicine and needs a positive force to guide you! More...


Kyle W.

3 September 2019

I am very thankful for Dr Ngo and his work.  I absolutely love to mountain bike and jog.  As a long-time sufferer of a meniscus tear, plantar fasciitis, and neck pain, I tried to push through the pain.  I reached out for help but decided to pass 6 months ago, thinking it will get better.I should not have waited!  If I knew how different Dr Ngo solutions are!  At first, Dr Ngo said that he treats the person as a whole and treats every joint in 3-D.  I had no idea what that meant during our first consult.  After experiencing it myself, Dr Ngo's treatment is game-changing.  I can feel the tension melt away and my body getting stronger every visit.What got me to try Revitalize was when I woke up and said I had enough since my chiro and Physical Therapy at another place were not helping.  They both seemed too busy and cookie-cutter.  I once asked an assistant for help on an exercise and they seemed to be guessing.  I am not sure, but they might be called an aide.I am back to jogging and biking.  This is after my surgeon told me to give it up and do surgery!  I know now that anybody can avoid surgery.  Revitalize is a must!  Thank You!" More...


Matt G.

27 August 2019

I went in for shoulder/neck issues that I had been dealing with for a while.  Dr Danh created a personalized excercise program for me and my specific injury.  His approach is thorough, and he is very attentive to ensure you not only recover from your injury, but become stronger in the process.  If you need rehab, or just want to improve your overall condition I highly recommend Dr Danh! More...


Peter C.

18 August 2019

I was referred by my orthopedic specialist to see a physical therapist for a pinched nerve in my neck and back which was causing a lot of pain in those areas as well as pain in my arm and numbness in my fingers. There's only one PT in my HMO and they had terrible reviews. I saw rave reviews for Dr Ngo so I decided to pay cash and give it a go. I've been going weekly for about a month and a half with really great results. No more pain in my arm or numbness in my fingers. The pain in my neck is gone and about 85% of my back pain is gone. He's also helped greatly with my shoulder and knee pain, which weren't even why I went there. Several things impress me about Dr Ngo. Very personalized treatment. He works on both the localized issue and also the root core issues, which in my case have turned out to be digestion, circulation, core strength, and stress. He employs a variety of techniques, Western and Eastern, and the more you work with him the more you'll see how much studying and research has gone into the work he does. He studies your x-rays, MRIs, bloodwork, and gives you a very in depth survey to fill out. He's incredibly thorough in his research of you. During the sessions, sometimes he's working with you on exercises. Other times you lay on the table and he does all kinds of subtle manipulations while having you breath, turn, lift a certain way- any he explains what he's doing so really get a sense of why it's working. He has helped me with breathing, posture, nutrition, strength, balance, and serenity. At the end of each session I take a video of him giving me homework and continued guidance and encouragement. He even keeps in touch between sessions to ask how I'm doing and offer suggestions. He's not only a great physical therapist, he's a great guy. He builds a great rapport and earns your trust. He's kind, gentle, funny, and a family man with young kids like me. He so easy to talk to and he genuinely cares. Highly recommended. More...


Gina C.

22 July 2019

I am a physical therapist (PT) and I was looking for a PT who could help me with some specific craniosacral work to overcome the deep roots of trauma I had in my body.  A friend of mine referred Dr. Danh and the moment I met him I knew I was in the right place. He is warm and compassionate, exactly what I needed to reset my body. Dr. Danh helped me plug back into my power, reconnect my sensory system and I found my vitality! I am sleeping better and overall feel more peaceful in my body. I am grateful for his work. Thank you! More...


David G.

17 March 2019

Dr. Danh is an amazing PT. I have been battling with hip issues for around 2-3 years now. After being fed up with different PT offices that just run a mill where you bounce from one to another I decided to give Dr. Danh a shot. I am so glad I did.He truly cares about having a positive outcome for you. His reviews are truly thorough. Best of all he is truly a text or call away and always there to listen. Having someone there 1 on 1 is so important when it comes to serious rehab. I would categorize my self as fairly active and having someone understand that I don't want to stop being active for all of my life is so important. Although we are in the home stretch of I am confident that having Dr. Dan around is paramount to my successful outcome. Thank you! More...


Minyoung P.

13 March 2019

My visit with Dr. Ngo was fantastic. Not only did I feel refreshed after but I felt equipped to change and improve my body's habits. For example, breathing. Who knew there was a better way to breathe than what your body just does on its own? I've been applying Dr. Ngo's breathing exercises for the past two weeks. Already, I feel a huge decrease in upper body tension and an overall feeling of accessibility. This is THE place to go if you and/or your body need to be built up, healed, or fine-tuned. More...


Ricardo L.

10 January 2019

First off, I never ever review anything. However after working with Danh for the past few months I just knew that for once I would have to, simply because he deserves it. I've played soccer since I could walk, all the way through high school, academy, D1 college and some pro and I've been plagued with injuries my whole life. Because of this I've also been to a lot of therapists. Most are basically the same: (1) check you out (2) figure out the current problem (3) give you a set of exercises (4) leave you to do your exercises and maybe check in once in a while.Danh is not like that at all. My first visit was a complete 360 from anyone else I've ever been to. We talked over the entire history of my injuries and he helped me figure out root causes and addressed everyone from the ground up to my most current. In one way or another all of my injuries were  connected and without addressing old ones I  wouldn't be able to find long term health. Not only that but Danh approaches everything from a holistic point of view. There's a lot of strengthening exercises but there's also nutrition advice, lifestyle advice and a lot of breath work to both relieve stress in the muscles and the strain from every day problems.My latest set of injuries was wrapped around a herniated disk that I got around 2 years ago. It's been plaguing me ever since with shooting pains, back pains and nerve pain. For the first time since, I've been able to not only manage pain but get back into soccer with a good amount of mobility and energy. Danh has been helping every step of the way. Checking in, encouraging me to try different things and always being positive. I've still got a while to go, but for once, with Danh I think I can actually make it.If you're looking for the 1 on 1 attention that you're not getting at regular "physical therapy" then don't even hesitate and visit Danh. You really really won't regret it. He knows his stuff and he's an awesome resource and even better friend :) More...


Sean R.

23 December 2018

So several months ago, I strained my lower back while working out, and gradually the pain began to spread into some sciatica-like pain in my left leg. I went to see a physical therapist through my health insurance (Kaiser), and the experience left a lot to be desired. While well-meaning, it felt like my Kaiser PT was having trouble really diagnosing what was wrong with me.The pain was pretty bad and I was willing to go out of pocket, so I looked up PTs on Yelp, and stumbled across Dr. Ngo. It was one of the best decisions that I made all year. From the beginning, you can tell your experience with Dr. Ngo is the real deal. I can't speak for others, but the 2 things that he practices that I know will translate to every other patient that he treats - he practices empathy/compassion and he practices holistically. He starts with getting to know you and your learning style and how you best respond as a patient, and he listens to you and your entire situation. He then uses his vast knowledge of the mind-body connection to not only accurately treat your ailments, but also to set you up for greater health and well-being in the future.In my handful of sessions with Dr. Ngo, I've learned so much and gotten pretty much pain free in my leg/back. It's great knowing that I have a super effective PT that I'll always be able to turn to for the rest of my life. I couldn't recommend Dr. Ngo enough! More...


Eric Doyle

25 November 2018

The level of knowledge is far above anything else I have experienced. Dr Ngo has shown care, passion, expertise and a drive to help me move better every time I see him. I will definitely return for any of my own health/wellness needs and I would recommend this business to my friends and family. More...


Crystal M.

24 November 2018

Dr. NGO is literally the absolute best Physical therapist I have been too in my life and trust me I have been to many. He really makes you connect body and mind so that you get complete care. It is like going to therapy because he really cares about you. It's a safe space where you can heal from physical limitations and emotional limitations that are plaguing you're body. I have really come a long way with his help and look forward to continuing this journey with him!!! More...


Bill T.

14 September 2018

I was referred by a good friend that Dr. Ngo helped to heal. Many thanks Mark!At 63 years old, I've had my share of illnesses, aches and pains. As I passed 50, the issues were more numerous, but my problem was when they were concurrent.I've had a few exceptional doctors, chiropractors, and acupuncturists that have helped to heal me. Dr. Ngo is definitely in this small group. But what makes him stand out is that he focuses on the mind, body and soul. I've had amazing doctors that focused on one of these, never all of them. I think of him as my doctor and coach. Did I mention he's a good guy too?I also understand that all things are a two-way street. When I was diagnosed by my healthcare orthopedist with a torn rotator cuff, I spent three months doing my PT exercises each night. I was able to play basketball again (and day-to-day tasks) at 60 years old. My point is that you have to be committed to healing yourself as well.My health insurance does not cover Dr. Ngo. My provider only refers those within their system. It's always the "we will give you 3 visits of 45 minutes each for PT." I am more than happy to pay out of pocket. After all, what price can you put on good health and excellent care?Eight appointments with Dr. Ngo and I am close to 80% better from head to toe. I know that some of my issues will take more time to heal, after all they did not suddenly appear overnight. Patience and perseverance as I feel better each day.Thank you so very much Dr. Ngo! More...


Oliver F.

6 September 2018

I am very thankful for what ReVITALize Rehab has helped me to accomplished.  As a dad who used to live the sport of soccer, I've let my physical strength go as a father and accept waking up with knee and back stiffness.  I was told to give those days up and actually didn't know it was possible.  When Dr Ngo said arthritis can be managed with work, I was willing to try.  I know hard work, and if that was the only thing holding me back, I was up for the challenge.  Not only was dr Ngo the guidance I need, he inspired and demonstrated integrity and honesty.  I am back playing soccer and the best part, I can be the dad my boys need me to be.  I recommend ReVITALize Rehab Club and actually cannot believe I didn't try them earlier. More...


Brian Dinozo

10 August 2018

I hurt my back deadlifting about a year ago. Since then, I would never deadlift or even lift really heavy weights because I was too nervous to reinjure myself again. Since working with Danh and Revitalize Rehab Club, I've gained so much more confidence in deadlifting and lifting heavy overall. I also cut my mile times, bench stronger, feel no pain during weight lifting, and also learned some great stretches and warmups before my workouts. RRC gave me easy to follow exercises and instructions that were customized to my own needs and goals. Explanations for every exercise we did made total sense. Thanks again for letting me be one of your first clients!! I 100% recommend going to RRC for their rehab needs! More...


Nicholas Batistelli

10 August 2018

Hands down the best care I have ever received. Let's start at the beginning, the weekend of January 30, 2016 I was snowboarding in Big Bear CA, on snow summit. That Saturday was a warm clear day little bit of slush but not to bad but definitely not feeling satisfied with that day thought. I returned to my cabin and started looking at Sundays forecast, there was a winter storm advisory. I have never gone boarding while it was snowing before so I decided to go again the next day (sunday). That morning I got up early so that I could be the first down the slop. The sky's were dark the wind was blowing definitely an eerie feeling. My fist run down was ok viability was poor the slush from the day before was now ice but the snow was coming down and slowly making a good layer of powder. The 2nd run I decided to go down away I hadn't gone before. unfamiliar with the train combined with the poor visibility I what off a jump that I was not expecting. I found myself looking straight up into the dark sky and thinking to myself "shit" I woke up some time after in the most pain I had ever felt, my back felt funny and I knew I wasn't getting down the mountain on my own. I began yelling for help hoping someone would hear or see me. What felt like 20mins someone finally came by and Immediately realize that I was in a lot of pain. He quickly Assess the area and determine that he needed to move me due to the fact I was at the bottom of the jump and someone at any time could land right on top of us. He tried helping to my feet but I Immediately collapsed on to my hands and knees I then rolled over onto my back and told him "I can't". He then started dragging me off to the side where he left me to go get help. Shortly after I hear a Snowmobile coming up from above. They strapped me up and took me to the bottom of the slopes where an ambulance was waiting. I was then transported to Big Bear valley Community hospital. I was finally able to call my parents to let them know what had happen and that I was ok but need them to come get me. The doctor's up there ordered a C.T. scan of my back and found that I had fractured my L-1 Vertebrae. My dad and uncle finally make it up the mountain. I was then discharged so I could go home. About a day latter I stared to get a bad head to the point that it felt like my head was going to explode. My parents then took me to PIH Health Emergency room. I told them everything that had happened and they decided to redo the C.T of my back and also my head. Turns out not only did I have a Fractured L-1 but i also fractured my L-2 T-11 T-12 and had a Subdural haematomas. Guess who was admitted for over a week this guy. I was told that they were all stable fractures and I did not need any surgery nore any type of brace my only instruction were to stay in bed and not to pick up anything. About 6 months later the doctor's felt it was time to start physical therapy. At first I was seeing this guy and I didn't feel like I was making any progress and was getting very Discouraged. I was then Referred to Dr. Danh Ngo from a family member. I showed up to an Appointment with him with little hope, that first session with was definitely a Spirit lifter. He Asked what I like to do and what my Ultimate goal was I replied with "I want to be able to go snow boarding again and offroading" Dr. Ngo said "no problem I'll get you there". I still had my doubts but was willing to try everything. My second session was definitely painfully. As weeks go by I slowly begun to see actually Improvements. As October's neared I changed my goal from being able to off-road and snowboard again to being able to build my haunted house Iv been doing since 2012. With that goal in mind and Dr. Ngo pushing me I was actually able to do it. I am now back snowboarding and off-road as I once was. I owe everything to him I would not be able to be doing the things I love without his help. I would definitely recommend him. More...


Rebecca Chu Ngo

10 August 2018

When I look for a medical practitioner, I'm always looking for someone who has a passion for his field, asks the right questions and can create an individualized treatment plan for the patient. Dr. Ngo is all that and more. He is forward thinking, takes time with his patients, and puts thought in every aspect of the experience. More...


Fabian Yves Bouthillette

13 June 2018

Tremendous. Life saving. I'm a 37 year old navy veteran who suffered a traumatic injury to my abdomen on active duty 14 years ago. I've lived with discomfort, pain, depression, and post-traumatic stress (PTSD) since then. Dr. Ngo at ReVITALize is the first therapist in those 14 years who has given me sustainable healing, and I've been to a lot of places looking for relief. I have regained strength and mobility in my abdomen, and as they say: "mobility is nobility." My mood has improved and I have been able to reengage life with a sense of purpose I haven't felt in over a decade. Dr. Ngo is a pleasure to work with. He has my highest recommendation for all healing: physical, mental, and emotional. To my fellow veterans: please give Dr. Ngo a chance if you continue to suffer. I know he can serve you. More...


Ken Tanpinco

4 June 2018

I have known Danh for over 10 years now and describe his style of practicing physical medicine as "beyond physical therapy." He goes the extra mile to provide a service far ahead of what traditional current evidence based medicine can. If you are seeking a practitioner who is driven to treat your medical condition with relentless passion, he is the man. More...


Elayne S.

29 May 2018

I have been going to see Dr. Ngo for about a year.   I have to admit I was little skeptical at first.   I had been dealing with chronic back & neck pains for a few years & it was getting worse.  Despite traditional treatments, such as physical therapy, cortisone injections & yoga classes, I didn't find much relief or at best, it was temporary.  I was at the end of my rope & ready to pay whatever it took & revisit an herbalist who helped with a thumb joint in the past.  A former colleague of Dr. Ngo's referred him to me.  Respecting his opinion I was willing to give Dr. Ngo a try.  I'm sooo very glad I did!   His holistic approach was a much healthier common sense way to tackle the problems.  I also grew in greater understanding of my body & how it works.   I live a much healthier life style now through a more nutritious diet...avoiding wrong foods that are a detriment to my recovery.  I was so looking forward to completing my P.T. program but after 10 sessions I didn't feel ready to quit since I had come so far.  So I now attend a weekly exercise class to keep the improvement going forward.  Dr Ngo is the best...knowledgeable and mostly, caring!   I wish everyone would give him the chance to help.   He does the research & encourages each one to keep at it.  I'm so glad I followed the good advice I received. More...


Tova P.

13 May 2018

Amazing! I have had knee pain due to arthritis since 2010. In May 2017 I had total knee replacement surgery. I did four months of rehab with another physical therapist with no results. I was still in pain and still using a cane to walk. I had revision surgery in December 2017. I am 48 years old and was not ready to live a life or restricted ability. After another two months of rehab with minimal results, I sought an alternative physical therapist and found Dr. Ngo. Within three months I was walking unassisted! Dr. Ngo is thorough, kind and cares about your quality of life. Thank you so very much! More...


María G.

9 April 2018

I have a spinal fusion and i was hopeless and very frustrated because of pain, i went to a lot of physiotherapist but none of them helped me as Dr, Danh has. I have learned to know my body and make it stronger without hurting it. I am impressed with Dr. Danh's dedication he is very profesional and passionate at what he does.  I am really happy that i found Revitalize Rehab Club! More...


C N.

24 February 2018

I was having lots of pain from plantar fasciitis and thanks to Dr Ngo, i am able to walk around Disneyland for the first time in some time.   I've been told that my heel spur was the cause and had horrible experience with the injection.  I've spent soooo much money on shoes and orthotic and nothing worked.Every time I work with Dr Danh, i'm surprised and amazed  at how a holistic physical therapist works.  My past doctor and PT worked on my foot only...i guess that is why it never worked.  Dr Danh worked on my big toe, pelvis, low back and even my skull.  I didn't know that my skull was involved with my heel pain.   I'm soooo glad my friend told me to go here.  She kept saying that Dr Danh was the only one to figure out why she has had shoulder, knee and stomach pain.  Actually i wished I came earlier but I was stubborn to push through it for 8 months.  Go see Dr Danh everyone!  Don't make the same mistake as me. More...


Joel Harris

14 December 2017

After almost 20 years of cronic lower back pain from a military related injury, I'm finally hopeful that living without pain is possible. Thank you Danh @ ReVITALize Rehab Club! I've had 6 sessions and received full 24hr support for any issues that come up. Great insight into root causes, and uncovering areas that need releasing and healing. Thank you Danh Ngo!! More...


Lynn Jimenez

7 September 2017

Just try it. You will know in your first visit that the approach at revitalize is different, in the best way possible. Dr. Ngo is constantly evaluating and assessing you as the patient and his approach. I am a big fan of the east/west fusion and have seen an improvement in my strength and decrease in pain. That's the goal right?! I am constantly blown away at how hard he works, literally during our appointments. There have been many times where he works harder than me! I love the dedication and the boutique patient centered approach. Invest in yourself and invest here! More...


Rochelle R.

24 August 2017

Dr. Ngo is by far the best physical therapist I've been to. He really takes the time to get to the root of whatever problems you're having. I've been having recurring lower back and hip pain, and after only one session he helped me understand as to why it kept coming back and how I should go about fixing the problem. It's been a week since I've gone to see him and I have to say the pain has decreased substantially. I'm actually hopeful that if I continue to do the exercises recommended by Dr. Ngo, the pain will dissipate completely or close to it. Dr. Ngo offers fitness classes that also helped lessen any pain I was having and in essence, revitalized my mind and body. I highly recommend Dr. Ngo. More...


Jennifer Motta

30 July 2017

I've been to many PTs before I saw Danh and never found any to be helpful. Danh was my PT after I had shoulder surgery and he was awesome! He helped me rehab to get myself back into Crossfit and didn't just tell me that Crossfit is "bad for your body" like other PTs have said. Once my shoulder felt like new, we attacked my back which has been an issue for 9 years. He took a different approach that helped so much! My back has been feeling so much better since then, and my on going stomach issues have ceased. Being a competitive gymnast for 16 years and a Crossfitter for 3 years, I loved how he worked with me as an athlete, helping me do the things I enjoy without pain or discomfort. I would highly recommend him to everyone! He's definitely the best PT around! More...


Lynn J.

27 June 2017

Love Dr.. Danh!  I have been to many physical therapists and his approach is unique.  He takes the time to listen to you and really considers all aspects of your life.  He also really, really, really understands the way the body works.  He uses this knowledge not to just treat your chief complaint but get to the root issue.  I have been in and out of pt since 2007 for my hip.  This time I'm hoping for different results.  Will update review with progress More...


Mike Ko

8 June 2017

I was having a bout of low back pain that wasnt resolving with my other physical therapist and chiropractor. I needed help and I'm glad I found Revitalize. He used very different techniques than I have seen, which made a big difference. His clinic is far away from my house but I only went once a week, which helped with my schedule. I didn't waste my time with the traditional exercises and I wasn't pawned off to some kid. I was given exercises to do at home and my session was 100% devoted to my problem and my needs. Even though I had to do my own medical billing, it was worth the drive and money to have my problems resolved with Revitalize. More...


Steve R.

23 May 2017

I recently brought my 6 year old daughter to see Dr. Ngo due to some hormonal concerns.  He took the time to thoroughly review her medical history and asked a lot of questions.  Through the physical examination and relevant information pieced together, he was able to form a course of action.  Over the next few days my daughter experienced a marked reduction in symptoms.  We now have a treatment plan and feel that we are getting to the root of the problem.   My wife and I are extremely grateful to Dr. Ngo. More...


Mario F.

15 May 2017

Dr. Danh is amazing. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his approach in treatments is what I've been looking for. It's only been three visits and I already feel so much better.


Sam L.

14 May 2017

Dr. Danh is the best! I came here after a whiplash car accident. I was originally sent to see a chiropractor, which I saw two times a week for 6 weeks. However, it was just a temporary fix, and I would still have neck pain the next day after treatment. So I decided to try seeing Danh for physical therapy, but I was skeptical because Danh wanted to see me once a week for 6 weeks. My neck pain didn't change much after the third visit, but Danh took the time to re-assess me. He didn't rush treatment, and told me if there was no change after the fourth visit, he would give me a refund for the last two visits. I stuck with Danh, and my neck pain actually went away! Danh is so great, I came back to see him for back pain, which is also now gone! I had back pain for years that would get worse during "that time of month". Danh showed me that it wasn't just my back that needed work, but that I had some menstruation issues too. He honestly cares and takes the time to listen to all my symptoms, and he asks questions to figure out what's really going on. More...


Leoncio Grospe

4 May 2017

I had an ACL hairline tear on my left knee. I had no insurance from getting laid off. I have an orthopedic doctor that is my friend. He diagnosed me with ACL hair line tear on my left knee. I can't afford MRI on my knee so I turned to my Physical Therapist friend Danh Ngo. It was my luck that he started a website called ReVITALize Rehab Club. ... From there, he rehabilitated my knee with some weight bearing exercises. Also he suggested yoga. For three weeks he followed up with me and showed me some ways to rehab my knee. Now my knee is healed and I was back to my bootcamp and jogging. My goal is to do my 5th mud run in camp pendleton in San Diego. Thanks Danh Ngo. .. RESULTS MATTER! !!!!!!!! More...


Kay L.

30 April 2017

I brought my mom to Revitalize therapy when she had a persistent plantar fasciitis that would not resolve with the good old standard physical therapy.  Danh's eclectic approach and outside the box thinking allowed my mom's condition to improve 90% in 2 months.  We only had to visit him once every 1-2 weeks so we saved a lot of trips compared to going to a traditional physical therapy for 2-3 times a week!  Time is also money, not to mention that co-pays at these other clinics really add up!  Danh  was very patient centered, attentive to everything my mom had to say and addressed all her concerns. With treatments, he monitored her pain level, and  explained the reasoning behind each exercise/hands on technique and how it's gonna help her.   Danh demonstrate  genuine passion for helping his patients.  You can tell he is not just doing it to get your money and he really enjoy watching his patients improve!  Not only did he addressed issues at the clinic, he also collaborated with her on how to manage day to day activities to minimize irritating the involved tissues.   The energy at this facility is very zen like and made her sessions enjoyable. I highly recommend Danh! More...


Alyssa D.

24 April 2017

I've been going to Danh for more than three months now and I've seen a drastic improvement in my knee! He is very different from other Physical Therapist because he doesn't only focus on the physical aspects of your injury, but the person as a whole. He is very knowledgeable in what he does. I really recommend him because he is constantly following up and really cares about your improvements. He goes out of his way to make sure his patients are well taken care of. More...

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