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Bren Betico

10 August 2016

I absolutely love this gym. I'm an absolute lazy fat-ass who does not like to move and eat donuts while laying in bed. Due to the motivation, encouragement, extremely supportive and friendly staff I feel extremely comfortable in my own skin. I've always suffered from eating disorders and poor body image. I realized early on that this was not a crash diet or a quick fix. Sara and the staff have always been there to answer every single question guide me through my nutrition and somehow made working out fun. I got a clear understanding that I needed to change everything in my life, times I work out my eating habits meal planning are vital. I cut out soda, junk food and my personal favorite gummy bears. Results personal training is most comfortable gym environment I have ever been in. The classes are exciting and it never in a million years would I have lifted weights know what a burpee is Or ever thought about pursuing professional bodybuilding. I'm extremely blessed that the staff have always been there to answer every single one of my questions no matter how annoying or dumb it sounded. Due to their guidance on nutrition I am now publishing all my recipes on Facebook and on YouTube. I've been attending this gym for the past 4 months I have never worked so hard. I actually look forward to coming to the gym and feel guilty when I can't be here. Thank you Sara and the amazing staff without you all I probably be morbidly obese bedridded with junk food wrappers all around me. More...


Clo Davalos

29 May 2014

I absolutely love this place! All the staff is very friendly and they help you a lot!I love the workout routines they put everyday, they really make me sweat and give my very best! I been attending for a month and a half and I am starting getting results! :) I couldn't be more happy! :) More...


Megan Coffman

29 May 2013

I completely LOVE Results. I have been a member since April of last year; approximately 10 months and have made this gym my second home. The friends I have made here are amazing motivators and we all look forward to seeing and pushing each other during the workouts. I typically workout here 4-5 days a week and can definitely say I see RESULTS! The trainers are awesome and get to know you on a one-on-one basis- you are not just another member. They take your likes and needs in regards to working out into consideration. The trainers know how to challenge and push their members. I believe that in this type of workout environment you get what you put into it- you cannot expect results without putting in the work and effort. I have referred a handful of members to results, all of whom enjoy the experience as much as I do. I think if you're the type of person who loves to workout but just cannot find motivation going to a typical gym and need that extra push from an educated trainer then Results too is the gym for you! More...


Melissa Amaya

29 May 2013

I have been a member for more than a year now. It is the hardest workout I have ever done. There are times when I have to motivate myself to go because it is so hard and I am tired. But, once I am there and working out, I know I made the right decision to go. I feel so much better after going. It is amazing what you can do if you push yourself! All of the trainers are very nice and are always willing to help make sure your workout is done correctly. I would recommend Results to anyone that wants a good hard workout. More...


Horacio Munoz

29 May 2013

I have been going to Results for about a year now and there is no other gym in town that I would rather go to. Not only are the trainers caring and creative but the members are like one big family. The trainers keep workouts tough, fun and inventive while they rotate so each work out is unique. The trainers never let you slack off and keep you motivated to achieve more. I have never felt so happy to be so sore in all my life. I recommend this gym to anyone who will listen to me rave about it. As long as I live in San Antonio, this will be my gym. If you don't believe me, simply walk in on a random afternoon (thats when I go) and ask for Horacio, the trainers if not half the group will exactly know who I am. That is the definition of family. More...


Lea G

29 May 2013

I joined Results a few months ago with a groupon and have been HOOKED ever since! I was sure after the groupon expired I was going to cancel it, but I couldn’t after the two months, because I fell in LOVE with this place!! I have belonged to other gyms before, but nothing like this one. Since joining Results, I have been more motivated than I have been in years! Not to mention I have finally started to loose the stubborn weight I gained when I first started college. The personal trainers are friendly and awesome at what they do! The workouts they plan are always different, so there is no getting bored. They always challenge you, no matter what fitness level you are at, and I know I can ask them any questions I have. Ashley, the manager is fantastic, and has helped me a great deal with my goals and nutrition habits. I have definitely confided in her about my eating habits and she has been non judgmental and gives me much needed words of advice! Thank-you!!The hours of operation are great too, having workouts every hour on the hour, which easily fits into my busy schedule! I always feel amazing after the workouts and I would HIGHLY recommend Results Personal Training to anyone in San Antonio! More...


Ashley Rooth

29 May 2013

The cancelling process is quite simple. We do not have any contracts and are a month to month gym. All that we ask is that you give us a 15 day cancellation notice prior to your draft date, which is underlined, highlighted, and explained during the sign up process. If we receive notice after the 15 days then one last bill cycle will be drafted, but you will still have access to the facility for the month that you pay for. Just like any other business, we do have late charges if payment isn't received on the date it is due. More...


Andy gonzalez

29 May 2013

LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! It is so much fun to train here, I always get a great work out. Every trainer is amazing, really helpful, and a lot of fun to be around!!! I came from lifetime fitness and it was a great gym, but I had lost so much motivation and was so bored!! At results, there is always something new, hard, and challenging. It is a great gym and I recommend it to anyone, any age, who loves a challenge, to sweat, and to work hard!! More...


Erica Bodker

29 May 2013

I absolutely love this place, it is very clean and everyone is extra polite and kind. Excellent workouts and great energy to get your day going. Made some awesome friends and was never judged. Lost 25+ lbs since I started working out there. More...