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Are you looking for clarity and authentic spiritual guidance on an important issue in your life? Would you like to receive a message from a departed loved one on the Other Side?

I am a fourth generation psychic. Tuning into the Spirit World is natural for me, and I have been doing it for as long as I can remember.


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Zsuzsanna Pataki

16 September 2019

I've had a generous reading with Carolyn recently. She was spot on with her answers, outlining the main themes of my life and quickly tuning into the energies I'm currently experiencing. I can highly recommend working with her. Thank you. More...


Willie Sordillo

7 March 2019

Carolyn is both a perceptive reader and a supportive guide. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to access their inner self with the aid of an experienced and wise medium!


Beverly Laimo

1 November 2018

I was lucky enough to get a free card reading last night and feel that it was spot on target with my life path at this point in my life.


Kathryn Para

14 February 2018

Having Carolyn as a guide was a gift for me as a creative. She has a beautiful gift for finding and speaking to the heart of the soul's journey. She intuitively perceived my place and the friction along my path and gently gave nods to the inner questions while helping to guide and encourage the next step. She is a gem. More...


Safiya Fredericks

12 January 2018

Carolyn just gave me a mind-blowing mediumship reading. An amazing healer and human being!


Rae de la Cretaz

17 October 2017

Carolyn and I have known each other many years, so I'm not going to say she couldn't have known something. We've talked about practically everything over the course of our friendship. Over the course of years, I've come to value her for many things, but most especially, for her speaking to truth. She has always seen through my makeup, seen through whatever face I thought I was presenting or wanted to present to the world, and seen me for who I truly am, even when I thought I'd disguised that very well. Then, with great kindness and compassion, but equal truth, she would tell me what I needed to hear. Her ability to see truth is a great gift and her willingness to share this is a blessing. I'm really not surprised that she has chosen this path. It's a natural progression for this wonderful woman. I asked her a question. She gave me a brief, public reading. As I said, I didn't have to go into detail. She knows my history well. Still, she spoke to the core of my concern, and didn't let our friendship cloud her judgement. I'm always grateful to have Carolyn Wilkins in my life. More...


Love Taya

5 June 2016

My cousin is a women of many talents. So proud of her

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