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Wendy Wilson

Is love it even more if it was a three bed room lol


Donna Good

All they do is collect fees for houses that have already been rented.


Phillip Bachelder

Seriously great people! If you are an investor or someone looking to rent. These guys and gals can help you out! Oh and they have a pretty cool buyers agent as well! Phillip Bachelder, Realtor #PBR


Gee Widen

Very knowledgeable staff, great recommendations and very helpful answering questions about houses, neighborhoods, or general asset management. I'd recommend to anyone looking for management or looking for a rental. More...


Tom Wiser

Excellent property management services from not only a landlord perspective but a renters as well. They have the best properties. I highly recommend them to anyone!


Logan Irons

I chose Renew because they were very honest and upfront during interviews, their references passed with flying colors, and most importantly, I don't think I've ever waited for more than 2 hours for a response to an email. I also appreciate their commitment to automation, technology and social media. So many property managers are still relying on flyers, classifieds and maybe the occasional Craig's List ad. It's refreshing to see Facebook listings with YouTube walkthroughs as just one example of how Renew understands where the today's renters are looking. With Renew, the only time I even remember I own rental property is when the electronic deposit automatically posts each month. More...

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