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Downey, California



Downey, California


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Luis O.

5 October 2019

I had some skin tags removed by Neal;he didn't in a way that I didn't feel any pain at all ,and I healed completely after the treatment in about a week or so


Joanna F.

10 September 2019

This place is so awesome, everyone is so sweet & walk you through everything prior to the treatment. They offer tons of treatments & are super affordable. I've personally gotten laser tattoo removal & saw results after the second treatment (black ink only). I always get the numbing prior which honestly hurts more than the laser itself. Definitely coming back for more treatments! More...


Deena I.

26 August 2019

I was skeptical about laser hair removal before, afraid of how painful it would be and if it would even work. I could not be more please with Dr. Patel and her staff. Not only is everyone so warm and friendly but highly professional as well. The process of getting laser hair removal has been so easy and almost painless! I couldn't believe just how easy it was and how fast it has already worked just after a few treatments! Thank you Dr. Patel for such a wonderful experience. More...


Maggie G.

5 May 2019

Very wonderful doctor and good service. I love the younger male doctor he's so sweet and very explanatory in everything we need


Ravi P.

2 April 2019

I have great thing to say about Dr. Patel; the process very easy and quick for my back hair removal


Caleth I.

18 January 2019

SKIN GODS TO SAY THE LEAST!!! I had 4 laser sessions done before getting to where I am now. I don't get breakouts like I used to and it's helped my confidence so much!!!!


Darlene B.

7 November 2018

I have gotten two tattoo removal sessions here so far. They have great custom service . They even offer numbing. The front office staff here is so polite. I appreciate the fact that they call you to remind you of you're upcoming appointment More...


Julie A.

7 August 2018

I love Dr Patel. She's very accommodating & friendly. She really care for her patient. I've been coming here for 3 years for my acne/pimples( I'm 45) Dr Patel suggested microneedling + PRP & It worked!!! thank you doc & staff


Mike R.

30 June 2018

Went in for  skin tag removal. I was a nervous wreck going in until I met doctor Patel and Neil. Neil Is who did the procedure.  Neil made me feel very comfortable And what I thought would be A difficult appointment became a pleasant one.  I highly Recommend this facility, you will be treated with the highest professionalism courtesy and they are sensitive to your needs. More...


Habib S.

31 May 2018

First of all let me start by saying that Dr.Patel and her staff are extremely professional and caring. I don't understand what kind of experience these few past commentators had but I can only speak for myself? Dr Patel has been my primary practitioner for years and recently I've had her remove ( my ex's name) a chest tattoo. There prices are very competitive and the process was almost painless because they do offer regional anesthesia!!! After 5 treatments the tattoo was completely gone and there where no scars!! Good job Dr. Patel !!! Thx you!!! More...


Alex R.

19 April 2018

Neal Patel is kind attentive Nurse practitioner, who did a thorough workup for my Physical. I was really impressed by the staff and facility. Clean and professional building.


Leslie A.

19 January 2018

This Dr is very friendly and took good care of me. I came in for a tattoo removal and they made it look so easy. I was in and out in under 15 minutes. It was almost painless and it healed fast! It is one of the most affordable places I've ever seen and they also give you the ointment included. Great place and great people. More...


Wendy D.

9 January 2018

If you are looking for a tattoo removal location, this is your place. Dr. Patel makes sure your removal procedure is less painful than other locations that don't use anesthesia. First,  ice is placed in the area where the removal will happen so that when it is time for the needles, it's not too painful. Once you are numbed, the laser procedure begins. I've had 5 sessions in an area and already I am very satisfied with the results. More...


Khalil S.

25 November 2017

After my divorce I had to remove my tattoo of my ex wife's name.  Not only were they able to get the job done, the friendly staff made sure I was taken care of.  I was also very surprised that I felt no pain.  You are definitely getting more than your money's worth here! More...


Kevin P.

22 November 2017

The staff and the doctor are helpful and awesome i highly recommend this place if you need skin tag removals thank you guys have a great thanksgiving


Hazel Z.

14 November 2017

DR. PATEL!!! the only DR. That was able to get rid of my tattoo... after 12 tries... I highly recommend her she gets the job done! And I have no scar from the sessions ! More...


Myron A.

7 September 2017

I came here to get a consultation for a tattoo removal. The pricing was good compared to other places. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable, making me feel really at ease. The procedure was painless and my skin is healing well. Thank you Dr. Patel! I would definitely recommend! More...


Tony R.

24 August 2017

I have been coming here for nearly three years and I am extremely satisfied with their customer service and quality care. Dr. Patel, Neil, and the rest of the staff is very friendly and goes above and beyond to make me happy.  I love Micro needling, IPL, laser facial, blue light treatment, and laser hair removal. I love that they numb me and make sure I do not feel a thing. Thank you for always taking such good care of me. More...


Mit R.

23 August 2017

My daughter got an inappropriate tattoo that had to removed immediately. Luckily Dr.Patel and especially her son (who is a doctor as well) provided some great service. I would greatly recommend this place as they are very professional and have the upmost best tatoos removal procedures available. Give them a call! More...


John W.

23 August 2017

Had a great experience with Dr. Patel and her son, Neal. Very knowledgeable and professional about the process. I came in for a tattoo removal and it could not have gone smoother. It was painless. I don't know what some of these other reviews are referring to but I found the staff very friendly. The price was also very affordable compared to others in the area. Definitely recommend this place! More...


Maricela P.

13 February 2017

Love this clicic. I have been getting a tattoo removal and it a been a painless. A little sore days after, but very tolerable. During my last visit I took the plunge and decided to take care of my crows feet that I so much hated. I loved that Dr Patel listed to me and being a newbie to Botox she gave me the right amount of units that I was comfortable with. I love my results!! I can't believe I did not do this sooner!!! Happy patient here! More...


Valencia N.

26 January 2017

THANK YOU so much Dr. Renee Patel and Staff. Friendly staff and Amazing doctor.  Would ABSOLUTELY recommend!  I first came in for Botox and now I am starting Laser Hair Removal Treatments. I drive 30-45 minutes to see Dr. Patel and this office is WORTH IT! More...


Yvette V.

26 January 2017

Dr. Patel and her Staff members are amazing! you won't feel like just another patient walking in through the door,  Dr. Patel and her staff members are sweet, attentive and are always looking out for your best interest. She makes sure that you receive the best treatment, that is least invasive yet the most beneficial. ACENE GONE with Laser Facial Treatment: At the age of 25 transitioning to 26 I began to break out severely for no apparent reason, I was prescribed ointments, Birth control pills, etc and nothing was working. A dermatologist authorized me for the ' Accutane' treatment. It is a long and tedious process to get approved, but I got approved and was ready to begin my first treatment. HOWEVER, after mentioning the decision to my general Doctor, Dr. Patel, she advised to try the Laser Facial (Revlite). She mentioned that the Accutane treatment had many side effects-- including birth defects, possible damage to organs, etc--and that I should try a topical treatment that is less invasive first. Just after 2-3 treatments of the LASER FACIAL (REVLITE)-- and being placed under a special recovery light for about 15 mins after each treatment-- my skin was renewed!!!! ACENE GONE, Acne dark spots ( scars) were GONE too!!!! My before and after pictures are unbelievable and wearing make up is now optional because I no longer have unwanted blemishes to cover up. If you're looking for an Acne Treatment that WORKS, the Laser Facial is it!  Additionally, it has also helped me build more collagen making my skin look more youthful, and has also shrunk the visibility of my pores. I have not encountered any side effects with this treatment.Dr. Patel is an Amazing Doctor and the Laser Facial (Revlite) is a fantastic and effective treatment! More...


James V.

7 January 2017

such an awesome doctor ! can't get enough of her care. She has a good natural alternative for skin. Rejuvenates your skin and builds collagen on face - impressive. Took some time though. treatment is about 2-8 month, but worth the wait. Nice education on how treatment was used for injury, substitute for collagen build in joints for better movement. nothing like this one. The only thing is you have to get your blood drawn - they take out the growth factors. Good one. More...


Tatiana O.

6 December 2016

If there is anyone you can trust with your face it's Dr. Patel. There is nothing more frustrating than adult acne. Before Patel, I tried everything under the sun... I spent so much money on acne three step treatments and ridiculous face masks to see if anything could help, and nothing worked. My acne was out of control. It got to a point where I wouldn't leave the house because I was so embarrassed. Even sleeping at night would hurt because my face was so sensitive that my own pillow at home would feel like needles. I made my way over to her office and she knew exactly what to do. Her staff is amazing and kind. She made sure I was comfortable and even helped me by numbing my face first with a cream ( which helps a lot by the way ). I had three treatments with the 1064 Laser and my face is completely clear. I feel ten times more confident and worry free now that my acne is gone. I was worried about acne scaring too and the Laser also helped with eliminating that possibility! This treatment is totally worth it and the price is amazing! If you're having trouble with acne, severe or mild, go to Patel. I promise you will be satisfied with the results. More...


Mrs S.

26 November 2016

Dr Patel is personable and aggressive in the right way. She is knowledgeable and makes sure comfort is first.


Jess C.

25 August 2016

Great staff great doctor ! So excited to continue my tattoo removal & start some laser hair removal


Marc N.

12 August 2016

By far the best doctor I have had. I am an extreme hypochondriac and not only has she been 100% accurate on all the diagnoses I have received, but she has been a very considerate and compassionate doctor in regards to understanding my mental health issues. She not only wants to address the problem at hand, but she really tries to examine every area of a patient's life to better understand all areas that could potentially be involved with the current problem you are being seen for. A very thorough doctor and I highly recommend her. More...


Ana D.

11 July 2016

I have had 2 sessions with Dr Patel and couldn't be happier with the results.  After years of wasting money on wax and beach, I should have come here a long time ago.  I would highly recommend to anyone that has issues with unwanted hair. More...


Perla P.

26 May 2016

Came here for my very first session of tattoo removal . The experience was good and I didn't feel a thing . I couldn't keep going  because they couldn't schedule me later then 3:30 but I found a new place and they charge a lot less.


Natalie F.

2 May 2016

I was searching for laser hair removal since Kaiser doesn't do it anymore. So I decided to search on Yelp and found that Renee Patel had more stars and not only four stars but that she had good reviews and was closer to where I live. So I decided to give it a try. I have to say I'm really impressed and completely satisfied with the treatments that she has given me. Also she is so sweet, kind and caring. I appreciate what she has done for me. I will still continue to go to her and I have also mentioned to family and friends about her. Great results and reasonable price. Love This dr very much. And for what she has done for me. More...


Javier F.

4 March 2016

Came here after two sessions at a tattoo removal shop in south gate on imperial. After the 2 sessions elsewhere for $95 per session without any numbing or aftercare I decided to come here. After one session for only $80 on a finger tattoo with numbing I saw a big difference I highly recommend ! More...


Rosy M.

4 March 2016

I went to Dr. Patel for a bit of a "touch up" that included Botox and Juvaderm and I must say I'm extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Patel specializes in tattoe removal- however she does an amazing job on skin care. I highly recommend Dr.Patel. More...


Destiny A.

31 January 2016

Dr. Patel is wonderful! She is always kind to me as is her staff! The tattoo on my clavicle bone is almost gone after just 3 treatments!! My tattoo was professionally done in a tattoo shop. I am very pleased with my results with Dr. Patel already! I will be going in for another treatment soon. More...


R. F.

19 October 2015

I went in for a tatoo removal consultation and started treatment sameday on 2 tattoos. The wait to be seen was quick, the office staff was nice, the office was very clean, the prices were very reasonable and Dr. Patel was a sweetheart, she kept asking if I was ok during the procedure. The nurse applied a cold compress to the tattoo before the anethesia to prevent any pain, needless to say it wasnt bad. More...


Jenna C.

13 October 2015

I'm sooo happy I found this place!  I just got done with my first tattoo removal session.  I came in for a consult and she let me start my session then and there, saving me a trip.  Her bedside manner is excellent; she's very nice and shows care towards her clients.  I get a little anxiety now and then and she was very good at checking in with me a few times to make sure I was okay, both physically and mentally lol.  I didn't feel a thing either and it all happened so fast!  Her prices are also reasonable which I like.  Can't wait to come back for my next session!  She's awesome! More...


Lizzy B.

4 September 2015

I'm on my second treatment for laser hair removal and let me tell you it really does work the staff are really nice plus they have really affordable prices so glad I found this place!!!


Dulce Q.

23 January 2015

Having my tattoo remove here is not a bad. My 5th visit and my tattoo is nearly gone. I haven't gone for my 6th treatment because no one even noticed the small mark on my finger. (I'm in nursing school and they have a strict no tattoo policy). Instructors don't see anything, which is even better. Very minor pain during the 10 second procedure. They offered me a lidocaine (numbing agent) but I refused it. Unless it was a large tattoo I would get a numbing agent. More...


Karen W.

16 January 2015

I have been going here for the past 2 years for lazor hair removal. I used to have the worst hair growth and I barely have any now. Dr Patel is very skilled at what she does.  Recently she used the DioLux machine on me now I am out of there within three minutes. The machine works great. I'm so glad I  stumbeled upon this office 2 years ago! More...


Valeria F.

14 November 2014

After my first laser hair removal treatment, I could see significant decrease in the growth and thickness. My hair barely breaches the skin now and is almost gone. I'm definitely going back for my second treatment!! Highly recommended. More...


Lorena A.

10 October 2014

I've gone to Dr. Patel for laser hair removal in the past and am very pleased worth the service and support. I had been putting off going back for a touch up because the treatment is kind of painful. Luckily I speed procrastinating because the touch up was so fast and practically painless (I would even say painless)!! She has a new machine that works great! I wish that had been around when I first did the laser hair removal treatment. Oh and her rates are reasonable. More...


L S.

6 August 2014

So i recently found this place not to long ago and im glad i did i use to go to another place but it was pretty far also I wasn't seeing any progress so I decided to try to find one by my house and now I know I'm getting my moneys worth here The nurses are really nice and informative I like that in the waiting room they have a nice collection of magazines to pass the time while you wait to get called in which isn't that long if I must say I've been coming here to get my tattoo removed from what I been seeing the tattoo has been getting better and better hopefully soon I won't remember what it looked like I definitely will be coming back to get rid of this bad decision I made when I was younger and I would recommend you guys to come try it for your self you won't regret it the only bad thing is it does hurt alot more then getting a tattoo done but you can handle it and they do numb it for you which is good


Ashley A.

22 September 2013

Love love love Dr.Patel!! She is an amazing doctor. My family has known her and have been coming to her for more then 10+ years. Her staff is amazing too. They work hard to get you an appointment right away!! More...


Dolores S.

10 August 2013

Simply Amazing ~ Viva a La Viora!!!  Yes, it's true, Viora works to firm and get rid of unwanted fat.  I was a little skeptical but not anymore. So here's my story:  I decided to visit Dr. Renee Patel's office to learn more about this fairly new technique which firms, reduces cellulite, and breaks down fat cells.  I didn't have an appointment but they were more than willing to provide a free consultation.  The staff was super nice and I was able to see the Viora Technician right away. Dr. Patel also came by to chat with me about the Viora.  I scheduled my first treatment about two weeks later.  After my first treatment on my outer thighs (took about 45 min) I noticed results within 2 days. My thighs were definitely firmer and my skirts fit better.  I'm a curvy gal and my hope was to reshape my thighs to be more proportionate to my upper body. I found hope in Viora.  Three treatments later I was very pleased with the results.  I would say the only drawback is that the treatment is not like a relaxing massage but takes a little "thick skin" so to speak to tolerate the suction device.  There might be some bruising too but not a big deal because the results are worth it.  There is no down time and the price is reasonable and based on the area you want to address.  Viora is really great for those stubborn areas. It's truly impressive. More...


Susana S.

7 May 2013

Really happy with Dr. Patel work. I came out really happy after my 6th visit of getting my eyebrows tattoo removal . She told me I might not have to go back :) i will be going back for hair removal soon.


Darlene A.

27 April 2013

Dr.Renee  Patel's office finds itself in an area surrounded by many other doctors.  But what really makes Dr. Patel stand out is her love for her work and her patients.  I went to her  for tattoo removal treatment.  Setting an appointment was easy and Dr. Patel was very knowledgeable and  thorough in explaining the type of laser to be used and (thank God) the local anesthesia. Surprisingly i only used the anesthesia the very first session and thanks to her gentle touch and quick, efficient treatment i fast tracked through the next four treatments with no pain or problems.  She takes her time which put a stressed out patient (me)  much more at ease. Dr. Patel has the heart to  know  how much a little T.L.C and empathy goes a long way.  When it comes down to it, she just really cares about her patients and it is reflected in the quality of her  treatment.Annnnd the staff.... Sweet, Personable, Kind, Delightful, Polite, Proficient...  Top Notch!!  I can go on and on...always willing to assist you with a smile, a job well done Dr. Patel in creating such a pleasant and  professional enviroment!I highly recommend Dr. Patel's services, Laser Tattoo Removal , Laser  Hair Removal, Botox,  Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane... just to name a few!!!!  You gotta check her out! More...


Jer C.

21 February 2013

First I want to say I'm the biggest chicken when it comes to doctors hospitals and shots. I always have refused to see doctors my whole life, and only would go when a life or death situation arose.Well my family has been seeing Dr. Patel for many years, and for the past few years I have been visiting her for every ailment that arises., and my physical check up (which I neede for a new job recently).Well over this weekend I broke out in a bad rash, and went to a urgent care on Sunday, turns out I was wrongfully diagnosed and given medication that I didn't need and also given a cream that didn't help.I saw Dr. Patel today and she gave me a shot, by this evening I'm feeling better. SHE IS AWESOME!!! HER STAFF IS TOP NOTCH!!!  HER BEDSIDE MANOR DISPLAYS THAT SHE REALLY CARES ABOUT PEOPLE.I will never ever see anyone else. I have never in my full 50 years (yes a fifty year old chicken) been comfortable with any other Dr. I have ever visited.She is busy. But that's because people know a good thing when they get it. Someone else's review said they waited a little to long, but when you see her you will know why. She goes above and beyond her caring.THANKS DR. PATEL. THE CISNEROS FAMILY LOVES YOU.PS thanks and kudos to her staff.See yah!! More...


Adam C.

26 January 2013

I just want to start out by saying MANY thanks to Renee Patel and her wonderful staff!I was in a "crunch" and needed an immediate removal of a tattoo for military enlistment purposes. I called ATLEAST half a dozen other offices giving me the run around and over-priced procedure costs. I was able to schedule a consultation the next day - was very nervous because of all the stories I hear about laser tattoo removal. On my way there, I Google Mapped my directions on my phone and it placed in some random neighborhood! By this time I was just 10 minutes away from missing my appointment with Dr. Patel. So, I called the office and explained that I was lost and they STAYED on the phone with me until I arrived - talk about 10/10 customer service.I enter the office, very quiet and peaceful atmosphere and was immediately greeted by the woman who helped my on the phone. By this time, I am 15 minutes late but, I was still processed seamlessly to Dr. Patel.After sitting down for a few minutes while filling out the appropriate paper work, Dr. Patel enters and greets me! I have to say, she was very understanding of my situation, what I needed to get done and highly informational. She worked out the procedure costs and we began the treatment. Since I had only a 2" x 2" tattoo to be removal, it only took about 30 seconds and I was done! Again, she visually explained post procedure care and was I out the door! All of this took about 15 minutes from the moment I stepped in the office door until I stepped out the door after treatment.I will once again, the BEST overall experience I had in a very long time! THANKS! More...


Michelle M.

18 October 2012

Love her! I am a MAJOR wimp and the laser hair removal did NOT hurt at all. Dr. Patel is funny and really great! The place is super clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I'm recommending Dr. Patel to all my friends :) More...


Kelly F.

4 October 2012

This place is amazing. I called to make a consolation for my sister for a keloid removal and the staff was so accommodating. They booked us for the next day and were seen by Dr. Patel who was very helpful in giving us different options for treatment. That same day she took care of it. No problems to this day, no scaring and everything turned out wonderfully. Definitely coming back to check out her other dermatology services. Thanks again Dr. Patel and Staff for an awesome experience! More...


Darren A.

1 October 2012

My family and I have been coming to see Dr. Patel for the last 15+ years. She's one of the most personable Dr.'s and she has truly been a blessing to my whole family.


Kim G.

20 January 2012

First off lets just say, im very picky where i go to the doctors office.  So since i hadnt been to see a doctor in over two years, since we get yearly free physicals at work, I decided it was time to invest on a relationship with a Dr.So i checked out Yelp, and found Dr. Patel in my surrounding neighborhood.This place, when walking in was very clean and quiet when i walked in.  The receptionist was really nice, and the nurses were really nice as well.Dr. Patel was very nice, and warming.  Loves to talk to, so we chatted and it she made me feel at easy..I hope to grow this Dr/Patient relationship, as she seems very nice.  Would recommend her to the world...Hmm, maybe not, i hate sharing..  LOL..  But then again someone did say, sharing is caring :) More...


Margaret F.

1 December 2011

Very professional and care service! Doctor Patel is very in-tune with the needs of the patient. My only gripe is the waiting time, I have had several appointments and I have had to wait significantly to be seen. The service is worth that wait but I wish they would improve on that ONE thing! More...


Sandra T.

14 August 2011

Ive been seeing Dr. Patel for my acne, she has really helped me clear up my skin. Ive had acne problems for years and i have finally found something and someone to help. I highly recommend her for any skin problems! More...


Lynne A.

1 July 2011

Dr Patel has been my Dr since 1999. I love her! She is very caring, spends time with you, the front office girls are great too. It is soooooooooooooo hard to find a good doctor these days. I now live in van nuys, but i drive to see her. The doctors here in the valley suck! LOL More...


Bhavani R.

7 April 2011

I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!! Dr. Patel is awesome. She has state of the art equipment, GREAT patient care and she understanding hectic schedules. To understand how much I love her services -  I drive from SHERMAN OAKS to Downey to see her. More...


Heba S.

1 March 2011

I have been to other places to get Laser hair removal and they all failed. This is by far the best place! I have seen MAJOR improvement by the second treatment. I am also doing tattoo removal and I am also very happy with the treatments and the results. Dr. Renee is the best! You never have to wait to long to get seen which is also a plus. If you want to invest your money in any type of Laser hair removal or tattoo this is your place! More...



9 May 2010

Dr. Patel is the true definition of a real doctor.  She is very patient.  She listens and gives you the time you need.  I am just sorry, due to my company changing employee health insurance, I have had to change.  You call and need to see her, she makes the time, she will fit you in.  You never have to wait.  She is a ten in my books. More...


Laurel F.

22 December 2009

II've been a patient with Dr. Patel for 4 years now.  It's so very hard to find a Dr. that listens, gives consolation when  needed and really cares.  Dr. Patel is all of those things and much more.  She has an X-Ray machine, treadmilll,and lab in her office  and also helps those with skin problems in her office.  The office is very, very, good.  They never keep the Dr. away from her patients.  I can't say enough about Dr. Patel and would recommend her wholeheartedly.  Dr. Patel has a wonderful personality and really cares about her patients and I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Dr.'s such as these are very hard to find.  thanks More...


Gina Q.

13 August 2007

I absolutely love coming to this doctor. She's awesome. Dr. Patel specializes in internal medicine. The great thing about her practice is that you never have to wait very long in the waiting room and you get seen quickly. She's a tell it like it is doctor. She really listens to what you have to say, even though you think she's busy writing her notes in your chart. She'll actually respond to the answers you give to her questions. I'm usually in and out of her office within an hour. More...