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Seth Wegher-Thompson

16 August 2019

Kindling Studios is awesome! What they do is exceptionally creative and professionally run. I have and will continue to refer many people.


Erin Allen

5 April 2019

Reid was my nephew. He would be very proud of this organization and the wonderful good it does. I miss you Re Re! ❤️❤️❤️


Heidi Dillon

14 November 2018

These are wonderful, intelligent people who treat our loved ones with kindness and respect while building their skills and community engagement. I am SOOO grateful for them!


Joyce Resnik

18 August 2016

Reid's Gift is an important community resource for an underserved group of local citizens. It is a joy to watch its participants actively engaged in their art projects in their dedicated studio at Studio Channel Islands in Camarillo. The children are a delight. ��❌⭕️❤️⭕️❌�� More...


Elyse Davis

9 July 2014

Absolutely incredible! Such a wonderful and supportive community!


Jose Pagan Jr

29 January 2014

Great info for a great cause


Erin McMannon Wilson

27 December 2013

Reid's Gifts provides great resources and support to the community.