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Redwood Code Academy has experienced and proficient instructors with its Irvine coding bootcamp. Their team is composed of passionate, driven, and motivated coders. If you have a desire to be an excellent software developer, join their Irvine coding bootcamp.


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Sebastian C.

4 June 2019

If you find yourself frustrated with your self-learning journey in programming (i.e. progressing slower than you'd like, not having all the answers to your question), then Redwood is definitely for you. Their full stack developer bootcamp is very thorough in preparing you for a junior web developer position. What you get out of the program is all dependent on what you put in, but Redwood definitely provides the resources for you to push yourself. Paul Epps is an amazing instructor and Senior Dev with 20+ years of experience. He can answer any questions regarding programming or the career path, and makes himself available before class to walk you through any topics you are struggling with. Karim also works full time to help you in your job search full time, providing feedback on every step of the process and helping you find leads wherever they are. The TA also put in a lot of extra hours to ensure no one fell behind the rest of the class. I thought the job search would take months, but it took me two weeks of job hunting to land my first dev job under the tutelage of Redwood (It sounds ludicrous but somehow it happened). You definitely need to devote yourself to the program if you want to get the results you're expecting, but Redwood gives you an abundance of opportunities to grow as a developer. More...


Austin E.

4 February 2019

Redwood Code Academy was overall an amazing bootcamp. I myself have a Computer science degree, but learned very little about the current industry with my degree. This bootcamp taught me all the modern tools needed to be full stack developer, unlike school. All the professors were awesome as well, and really made you feel a part of the redwood family. The were all very supportive, and I now have a lot more confidence to get out there and get a job! I would highly recommend Redwood to anyone who is passionate about learning and who wants to start a career as a Full stack developer. More...


Jack H.

12 September 2018

Redwood Code Academy was the most mentally grueling and also the most enjoyable class that I have ever taken. Redwood Code Academy is the best decision that I have made in a long time. The staff is highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, which is encouraging for a learner like me. Redwood Code Academy is a small  business that cares for their  cohorts. They said to expect a job within 6 months, but I landed one in less than 2 weeks. More...


Isaac E.

22 July 2018

I attended Redwood Code Academy (RCA) in April 2017 and I am currently working as part of the Xamarin Team at Microsoft. Harrison who is the lead professor and the Founder of the academy has invested so much in making RCA the best Coding Bootcamp in the OC. Harrison and his staff care about the student's success in and out of the program. All the instructors are very knowledgeable in the technologies they teach and work hard in making sure that you understand everything they show you.After I completed the program, Harrison helped me every stepped of the way until I found my dream job! I really felt that RCA went above and beyond by helping me prepare for every interview I attended.I would recommend Redwood Code Academy to anyone who is serious about becoming a software engineer and are looking into making a life-changing career. More...


Johnny H.

18 July 2018

I looked long and hard for a web development bootcamp in Southern California and I am so glad that I chose Redwood Code Academy's Full Stack Immersion Program. My favorite part about Redwood is the teachers. Harrison, Taylor and Patrick are extremely knowledgeable about complex topics in web development, yet completely understanding and encouraging to students who are learning them for the first time. They provide a ton of support for students who struggle with the material without holding their hands, ensuring that everyone grasps it on their own terms. It is abundantly clear that the instructors truly care about the success of each student, and will go out of their way to help them when they need it. Each day starts with a brief warm up period, which gives students the opportunity to practice writing and studying Javascript functions before the daily lecture where a major web development topic is taught and explained. After lecture, the rest of the day is dedicated to a lab where students take previously learned topics and actually code something. The daily labs given during this bootcamp are challenging, yet realistic, requiring students to leave their comfort zones and to apply everything that they were taught to complete them. If you are looking for a constructive and engaging environment to jumpstart your web development career, then Redwood Code Academy is for you. I would highly recommend for anyone who is serious about becoming a full stack developer. More...


Mamma F.

16 July 2018

Redwood Code Academy is an amazing coding school. Before I enrolled in May 2018, I also was looking at the General Assembly in Santa Monica. I went to both school meetings and started considering the pros and cons of both schools. I finally ended up choosing Redwood even though it was much further away for me as live in Torrance. The reason why I choose Redwood is that they seemed to really care about their students and were genuinely looking to help them learn how to code. I am glad I choose Redwood and here is why. I came from a real estate and sales background so I had no technical knowledge at all. The first three days at Redwood told me I definitely needed more help with understanding the concepts. So I went to the advisor's office his name is Karim and I told him I was struggling and I needed help. Karim right the way went to talk to the owner of the school named Harrison who then scheduled extra tutoring for me and other students an hour before class and another hour after class. With me getting more help I started learning more. Then again a month later I realized I was still having a hard time with JavaScript functions so I went back to Karim who talked to Harrison again and this is when I understood that this school really wanted me to succeed and was not just about taking my money. What Harrison did is he created an additional two and half hour during the first portion of the morning class to give students like me more tutoring. Patrick and Taylor who were both our instructors in class and our tutors took turns every morning to give us more practice exercises with JavaScript functions and concepts to help us understand it better. I am so happy now because of this caring nature of the staffs at Redwood I was able to learn to code and I can safely say that I am a full-Stack web developer. I am looking forward to graduating in August and starting to apply for jobs. I know that I have been thought well at Redwood and they prepared me for the job I will be doing. I had several conversations with senior web developers outside of the school and when I share with them the technologies we are learning a lot of them would tell me "I don't even know how to do that" and this made me feel good about the skills I learned here at Redwood. If you are looking to enrolment to a coding program I highly recomment Redwood Code Academy. I am grateful to Redwood for teaching me so much and not giving up on me. Mamma Fnu More...


Samantha N.

30 April 2018

I did a lot of research before I picked a coding school and these guys lived up to their online representation. This review is for the Full Immersion program. The professors are dedicated to the students, the curriculum is relevant and up-to-date, and Harrison is pretty much a genius and can solve any issue that comes your way when working through labs or projects. It is absolutely true that you get what you put in, but the professors are right there with you and always providing support and encouragement while keeping expectations realistic when it comes to projects.They don't overly micromanage your time, so your lunches are yours and if you're done with all labs etc. for the day sometimes people would leave early, but most of the time there is a stretch lab so you can keep going to learn more, again you get out what you put in.Great career advice and prep and had industry speakers come in and share their knowledge the last couple weeks.Would highly recommend this school. Hit me up @codernoon on Instagram if you have any specific questions or contact the school directly, Karim is super helpful. More...


Andrew H.

28 April 2018

Harrison and their staff have built an incredible place to teach coding and provide the education I needed to start my career as a web developer!


Corey M.

29 January 2018

As of three days ago, I completed Redwood Code Academy's full-stack immersion program. While it may be premature to say it was the best career choice I've ever made, it has the potential to be. I cannot be more excited to embark on a new career and take the skills I've learned and apply them. Harrison, Billy, Taylor, and Karim were integral parts in my acquiring the foundational knowledge and best practices that will help me succeed in the field of software development. Each had their own area of expertise and it was evident in their lessons. Equally as important, all were more than willing to help me through my bootcamp journey even before and after class. Coming from a background in education, the lessons were well adapted to multiple learning styles and engaged students individually, in pairs, and small groups, which was a plus. If you are looking for a school in Southern California, I would highly More...


Michael M.

26 January 2018

If you're looking to go into the field of coding and you're thinking about going through a bootcamp, Redwood Code Academy should be at the top of your list. Learning to code will be one of the most difficult things you ever do. Making sure you pick the right bootcamp is crucial. Redwood Code Academy offers amazing instructors who genuinely care about you succeeding. Check your attitude at the door, and Redwood will make sure you get everything you need to become a full stack developer with highly sought after skills. Good luck."The name doesn't matter, it's hotdog."- Billy Pruden More...

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