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high end residential interior design firm that can help make your house a home. We’ve done everything from small renovations, new builds, additions, furnishing spaces and general decorating services that include but aren’t limited to window treatments, lighting, upholstery, rugs, accessories, hardware and decorative painting

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Kosta Daflla

19 August 2018

Rebecca is the best person and best interior design


I like to get to know my clients needs and their style so I can help them create a space that’s right for them. After determining the best style we will work together to furnish your home so that you love what you come home to every day

I’ve worked in all genres and like to work with my clients and their styles

I like the creative aspect of my job most but also getting to know my clients and giving them something that makes them happy

I wanted to use my artistic talents to help others create beautiful homes

I work with my clients and their budgets and give them an opportunity to decorate their homes without breaking the bank