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Reardon Communications offers full service IT support for your home or Business. Services include the sale, installation, and repair of Computers, Wired & Wireless Networks, Security Camera Systems, Audio/Video Systems and more

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27 July 2018

Robert has been working with me with my clients and has not only been responsible and professional, but fair and honest and helpful. His ability to take care of the issues or task is what I feel leads him above other tech in his field. I have not only trusted him with my customer, but also with my own network and technical needs. The only bad thing I could say about him is that he under prices his work. But that would be a bad thing for him and good for me. More...

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Reardon Communications is committed to the ideals, values and enterprising spirit of America’s small businesses. We firmly believe that it is the small business owner that is the fabric of this nation and we our proud to be able to partner with so many wonderful companies which help drive our economy forward. At Reardon Communications we strive to give our fullest attention and keen eye for detail to each and every client. To this end, we provide the very best in design and development to help lift up our clients higher!

What is the scope of the project, What are your end goals

Helping customers stay connected and safe in an ever growing Digital Playground

Having the ability to take Business class solutions and put them within financial reach of the every day customer.

I am an Honest, Friendly, easy to work with Human being that whats your solutions to work just as much as you do.