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Rasley Law Group

Cowley, Texas


Rasley Law Group

Cowley, Texas


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Brad Earley

21 May 2019

I never write reviews about anything.... I recently was served papers for a divorce in February. I went and talked to several attorneys and spent a bunch of money in consult fees. I finally pulled the trigger on an attorney that had 25 years of experience. Long story short I fired that attorney after my first temporary orders hearing on May 2nd. I hired Brandon Rasley on May 8th and we began the process of getting everything organized. His initial consult was over the phone for about an hour and a half. He listened to me vent, and what I wanted to accomplish. He told me at the end of that phone call that he was here to help me out and accomplish my goals in this case. This case had the looks of being drawn out for months and I was already in a place where I felt like I could not take anymore of this. I just wanted it over. On May 14th I met with Rasley in office and he specifically asked me what I wanted to accomplish. I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to settle and move on with my life. He informed me that the other parties ex wife and her attorney could really drag this out for a while and it would take some time. He guaranteed me though that he would move this a long as fast as he could to make me happy. If you’re following this timeline we appeared in court the next morning May 15th. Rasley has literally got everything in order for this hearing on a case where he had to come in from the rears because of the incident on May 2nd. I got frustrated outside the courtroom feeling like my hands were tied and my wife was controlling everything. Rasley calmed me down and went over to talk with my wives attorney. He came back 30 minutes later and informed me that they wanted to go into full settlement. After an hour and a half of negotiations the judge granted our divorce right there on the spot. Brandon Rasley accomplished exactly what I asked him to and it felt like a miracle. Beyond the story Brandon Rasley is a people’s attorney. I know he was not trying to delay anything or make anything stretch out for $$$. He listened to every word I said and coached me every step of the way. Every time that he did something with her attorney or with the courts he emailed me or called me to let me know what he has done. Before doing anything he always asked me what I wanted to do and he did it with no questions asked. I literally could not have asked for a better outcome or a faster one. Brandon Rasley is kind, professional, and an all around upstanding person and lawyer. I wish I would have found him from the beginning because I know that it would have been a lot different. I cannot think him enough. Today is May 16th and my divorce is final and I am moving on with my life. Brandon it is unbelievable how well you handled this case and it is something I will forever be thankful for. I will always tell anyone I hear needing anything family law to call you first because I know you will care about them and their situation just as you did mine. I know I paid for your service but I feel like I owe you so much more. Thank you very much I am forever grateful. More...


Cortney Stevens

28 April 2019

Brandon was amazing through all the chaos!!!! I would recommend him to anyone who was going thru a divorce he made me feel at ease during this stressful time. He is the best and most down to earth! More...


Emily Herrera

29 March 2019

Brandon is the best attorney I have ever met!


Mark Caballero

27 February 2019

Brandon helped me tremendously with my child custody case. I am very happy with the outcome that we got. He’s upfront and honest. I highly recommend him for child custody cases. More...


anthony brown

28 January 2019

Not all lawyers are created equally. Rasley Law Group and Brandon will give you more quality time for your money. Very well versed attorney.


L.Carlos Romero

29 December 2018

Brandon Rasley is an excellent family law attorney. Honest, fair and very knowledgeable of the county court systems and their judges. The lawyer you won't on your side. I was very content on his handling of my family law case. More...


Mike Polosky

30 October 2018

Brandon and his team did a wonderful job for us. The communication and documentation were clear and timely. He was very responsive and made the entire process of putting together a trust very straight forward.


Robin Walker

30 October 2018

Brandon was extremely helpful with my divorce process. From the first time I met with him until the day in court he was always available to answer any questions. The whole divorce process is not an easy thing but Mr. Rasley made the process bearable. He is not like any other lawyer I have dealt with before, he is honest and guides you through your individual situation. I would and have recommended him to others. More...


Rachel Chulew

30 October 2018

Brandon was wonderful to work with. To our delight, he made hammering out legal details painless and efficient. We enjoyed him personally and will look to work with him in the future for any estate planning needs. Fully recommended!


Jessica Turner

2 July 2018

Rasley Law Group went above and beyond any expectations I had. Brandon Rasley was professional, kind, honest, trustworthy. And caring. He truly wants the best for his clients. He loves what he does and it shows. His office staff was absolutely wonderful. We recommend Brandon Rasley every chance we get. We are so happy we found him! More...


Adam Hoffman

30 May 2018

Brandon is extremely professional, fair, and honest. All conversations are explained in layman’s terms and he will walk a client through the litigation process in the most stressless way possible.



16 February 2018

When I initially met with Brandon, I was hesitant and had recently fired my previous attorney that seemed to have only drained all my savings. My friend recommended Brandon to me, on multiple occasions and I just ignored. But let me say, the day I met with Brandon, he not only saw me, he placed himself in my shoes and guided me through my ugly battle regarding my ex and child custody-which as we all know, can get pretty nasty when the two parties do not agree or like in my case, where my child was in danger. Brandon would not only check in on how I was doing, but he would ask how my daughter was doing. He ALWAYS made sure that all of my billion and one questions were answered AND that I clearly understood the answers. He helped me understand the big scary printed words on documents that I would stress about, only to find out that it really wasn't something I had to worry and lose sleep over. I highly recommend that you search NO FURTHER for an attorney if you are in need of one and contact Brandon. If you are anything like me, and your child means the absolute world to you, then call Brandon and hire him as your attorney. He's blunt, honest, trustworthy and loyal to his clients. Not only, did my final hearing end BETTER THAN I EXPECTED, but my worries and stress are gone. Brandon is NOTHING like the horror money hungry attorney stories you hear about. He's HANDS DOWN THE BEST! He FIGHTS for HIS CLIENTS. I have no regrets hiring him. I only regret not going to him from the very beginning. More...


Stefanie René

25 January 2018

Brandon assisted my husband and I through our marital issues and I must say was the best experience with any attorney I have ever had. I have been given the "BS" speech from attorney's in the past that just wanted to make money and give me false hope at my expense, and were also never available to answer questions. Brandon was up front, honest, considerate of my time and money as to not keep me on the phone unnecessarily while being billed for it but was still able to make me feel that he wanted to answer my questions and keep me in the loop. He was always 100% honest even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear which made me feel he had my best interest at heart. His response time was always within 12 hours of my phone call or email but most of the time he returned my calls within the hour. I cannot recommend Brandon more he was amazing and he will be my attorney for life. More...