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Ragi Riad CPA

Charlotte, NC, Mecklenburg

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Ragi Riad CPA

Charlotte, NC, Mecklenburg



I have over 14 years of extensive tax experience consulting and advising with small and mid size companies and high net worth individuals. I am a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the States of California and North Carolina. Also, I have many years of experience dealing with multi state tax filing requirements.


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Ed B

15 October 2019

I’ve been utilizing the services of Ragi Riad, CPA for several years. His thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and professionalism will seldom be matched by anyone. He has an amazing working knowledge of tax regulations at both the Federal and State level, and should there arise a tax concern with which he is not as familiar as he deems appropriate for the circumstance, he has vigorously investigated and provided the best resolution for the need at hand. Can’t recommend Ragi enough for his continued service and commitment to me and my wife. Truly the best!!! More...

Ed, I am truly humbled and blessed by such genuine words. Working with you and assisting you has been my honor. I hope and pray to continue providing such level of unmatched service, which is my business value proposition.


Randy Howard

12 October 2019

Very professional and detailed. Explained everything

Thank you, Randy! I am grateful to be able to assist with your tax compliance and planning needs. Please rest assured that I am a phone call away.


Carol & Randy Haskin

11 October 2019

Ragi bailed us out when we were in a jam and has been our CPA ever since. He is extremely professional, thorough and meticulous when it comes to preparing our tax returns. He is a pleasure to work with and always looks out for our interest. More...

Carol and Randy, please rest assured that the pleasure and honor is mine to work with great people like you. I am blessed to earn your trust as your CPA.



3 October 2019

Ragi has been preparing my personal taxes for years. He's always available on short notice to assist with any questions. Thanks for all your on-going support! Jeff



27 September 2019

Ragi is very professional and responsive to our requests! Always pleasure working with him.

Thank you Ellie for the opportunity and honor to serve and assist you with your business and individual tax and accounting needs. Glad to be of service!



16 September 2019

Extremely responsive and professional. Always there when I need him. Highly recommended.

Thank you David for trusting my firm with your business and individual taxes. It is always my pleasure and honor to work with clients from out of state. Hope and pray to continue earning your trust.


Ken Castro

14 September 2019

Great service and counseling. Ragi is a top notch CPA. You can trust him.

Thank you, Ken for entrusting my firm with your business and personal tax planning and compliance needs. Despite your extremely busy schedule, we managed to get your tax returns filed. Thank you for your diligence in providing the requested documents. It is always a pleasure and honor to serve you. Great job!


Ron Lamb

28 August 2019

Being new to real estate investing, I needed someone who knew the laws and the benefits with these types of investments.
Ragi made me feel confident I wasn't braking any rules, yet also not missing any entitlements. I really was happy for the time and patience he gave me in making sure I understood the options and opportunities of the these investments. He even got me an extension to make sure that I had the time to comprehend all the different laws and benefits there are. More...

Thank you Ron for your kind words and positive review. I appreciate the opportunity to guide and direct you with the various tax rules and laws.


Ehab Yassa

22 August 2019

Ragi is proffessional, honest, and knowledgeable about what he does and the changes in taxes. He looks after what helps and protects his client and is detail-oriented. I am blessed to have him as my CPA. More...

Thank you, Ehab for your kind words and positive review. I am extremely blessed to be your business consultant and coach. I appreciate the opportunity to assist in the tax planning, consulting and compliance for your personal and business taxes. It is always a real pleasure serving you.



20 June 2019

Ragi is efficient, knowledgeable and extremely trustworthy!

Thank you Dina for being my first client. We have been working together for over 12 years. I have witnessed your integrity and commitment in your business. Thank you for giving me the chance to partner with you and assist in all areas of your business.


Jonathan M.

15 February 2019

I used Ragi to filed my taxes last year. It was my first year working with him and I was very pleased with the detailed level of service he provided. Ragi is very is to communicate with and is very flexible in working with his clients schedules. Ragi knew that my schedule was very busy with travel and conferences yet we were able to connect and get the file completed.I highly recommend Ragi and his tax preparation services. More...

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I am a Certified Public Accountant with attention to details. I assist with bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, managing Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, and preparing financial statements.

Accounting is the backbone of every business and it is imperative to ensure that the accountant has the rigorous education background and training, the skill set and flexibility to today's market demands, the experience dealing with the IRS and various taxing jurisdictions, the broad knowledge and exposure to complex tax issues and matters, and the highest level of trust, credibility and communication skills.

Connecting and meeting with small business owners to help them improve their bottom lines through continuous communication and mentoring to maximize their profitability while minimizing their tax burdens.

I do not like to be viewed or considered a "number cruncher". My business model is ALL ABOUT meeting people, listening to their business stories and finding ways to assist.

I take pride in my business and I follow the 5 Ps:
1- Passionate about what I do
2- Realizing that People are the backbone of my business
3- Each customer interaction is Personal
4-Serve a great Product
5-Proactive with clients

We stand by our promises and commitment to be TRUE to our clients.

Trustworthy and transparent with our business approach
Responsive and readily available to serve our clients
Unique and unmatched customer service
Experienced, ethical and fully engaged with our clients

Lastly, I encourage all my prospective clients to consider these traits before hiring a CPA:
Reliability, the highest level of integrity, professionalism, trustworthiness, credibility, experience and creativity.