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North Hills, California

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Radiance All Natural Healing

North Hills, California


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Ami A.

7 September 2019

Radiance All Natural Healing gave me the boost I needed. Its very relaxing and made me feel energetic. My pains are gone. I feel like a new person. I don't get sick anymore. Im rejuvenated. I wish all my friends will try all  the different concoctions Radiance All Natural Healing can offer. More...


Quenniiee Y.

26 August 2019

We are please and happy to all your services. Employees are very hospitable and entertaining. Thank you so much. I must say the immune booster and the glutathione iv is my favorite. You could feel so much energized. Again from the buttom of my heart thank you guys!!! More...


Florence M.

3 July 2019

I became interested in the UBi/Ozone at Radiance after my husband had such positive results immediately after his treatment, immediate as in the very next morning.  He did the combination treatment due to being diabetic which lowered his blood sugar but also improved other aspects of his life.  He had bad hip pain and when he woke up in the morning after the first treatment the pain was gone.I do not have major medical issues so I decided to do the treatment for preventative. I am very sensitive to any type of medications and even vitamins which usually makes me dizzy and nauseous. I was pleasantly surprised that after the treatment there were no side effects and for the first time in a long time I slept like a baby.I would recommend doing your own research on what illnesses and diseases this treatment can cure because it seems like it can cure everything!!!  I highly would recommend Radiance to friends and family as an alternative to traditional medicine. More...


Marciano M.

3 July 2019

What I experienced after UBI and OZONE to help my diabetes wasn't right away but it did slightly lower my blood sugar. I believed to come back for more therapies because I felt good. My back pain was gone and I slept the best in a while. I highly recommend to give this a try. It helps with more than one issue. I wasn't even focusing on helping my back pain but it never came back and I just finished my fifth treatment. I live in Vegas so I cannot come as often as they tell me but it's worth coming when I can. I know if I did come regularly I'd have even better outcome! More...


N N.

6 June 2019

The UBI and Ozone therapies I had here allowed me to get off my heart medication! I had cardiomyopathy and my doctor said that it's improved like I never had it. My circulation is normal and I feel great with energy. I'm so happy I did this and couldn't thank Radiance staff enough for being patient with me because I initially thought this would never work and it was fake. I feel bad about that because really we know that many drugs (not all) can harm us more than help and they're legal. Their therapies provide your body it needs to get back to as natural a state as possible. Never did I have an issue through the whole process. More...


Sally M.

14 April 2019

It took a while for me to write this review because I have been so busy but I want to give this place a 5 star. Everyone in the clinic are professionals and competent which gives me an assurance that I'm in the right place. Being diagnosed as pre-diabetic I experience shaking when I get hungry. Obviously, that means my blood sugar has gone low. After only 2 sessions of UBI the shaking went away, now my stomach growls  whenever I'm hungry and I don't need to panic to eat. Thanks to Radiance and its staff. From Dr. Babaran, Yvonne and Anna. You guys are great More...


Rene Q.

4 March 2019

For years my gout attacks has been on & off until recently I friend told me about combined UBI/Ozone therapies. After only 2 sessions, I noticed that my pain diminished. Actually, I bought 3 sessions. These therapies helped me a lot and I plan to make it as my regular regimen. No chemicals or medications to take. More...

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