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Madeline Bailey is an QuickBooks Software Expert, Accountant, Business Analyst, and author. Her background includes being a software developer, IT manager, and business owner. She has a B.A., Business. She's known in the industry as a "fixer".


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Kate Cecil

24 August 2018

I have ZERO QuickBooks experience and jumped into a situation at my office that forced me to start over in QB from scratch after taking over from several different bookkeepers. It was completely dysfunctional to start with, but having only a mess to use as reference left me in a panic. I was completely overwhelmed and drowning in documentation and bills. I had no idea what accounts to set up, or how things were "filed" in QB. What falls under equity and what falls under draw? I see that this was done before, but why? Where does this random bill from this person go I found Madeline through QB online, but combed through many people's sites and talked to several on the phone. Madeline IS A FIXER. She came in, she sat down and trained me on how to do things and why to do them. She set up all of our accounts and made it so much more clear than what we had previously set up. It is clean and is the perfect foundation for any bookkeeper to come in and take over now. I feel empowered to go into QB now, not intimidated, and it is so much easier and under control. Madeline, this helped more than I could ever put into words. Thank you! More...



8 October 2010

Madeline Bailey is a QuickBooks Consultant/accountant, who lives in Bellevue, WA but came to my Seattle, WA home/office. I’m starting a new fashion business and wanted to learn how to setup my QuickBooks Accounting. We went over the software, chart of accounts, and filing system setup, and talked about income and deductions. She got me started with reconciling my bank & credit card accounts, such that I’ve been able to do this myself for the last 4 months. I recommend her for any new business. She’s trustworthy and competent. She was open about what would be best for my business, give me accurate information, and alerted me to some tax issues. I’m so glad I got this taken care because now I’m able to concentrate on what I really love to do, which is design and manufacture swimwear! More...


Madeline is a "fixer". She can setup your QuickBooks software & accounting properly in the first place, or fix whatever mess you have going on currently.

Your accounting can be a power center for greater profitability. Or a way to lose the business.

I and my bookkeeper both love math, we love making the books perfect, and we love watching our clients make their dreams reality.

A coming to Jesus moment; when my life was saved and I was given this mission spiritually. It's been successful from day one, working with a variety of private business owners, non-profits, and wealthy CEO's.

If you have a mess on your hands, and want it made perfect, you won't find anyone better.