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PureClean's chemical-free carpet cleaning technology is revolutionizing the carpet cleaning industry. Say NO to toxic chemicals, soaps and detergents and say YES to soft, fluffy, residue-free carpeting. Call PureClean today at 206-353-4155.

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Monica S.

22 September 2019

Great customer service, value, and quality of work. I had a 3rd floor condo and they didn't charge me extra and they made the carpets look and smell brand new.


Mark M.

20 September 2019

Had Connor back for our annual carpet cleaning. I didn't realize he did our carpets last year but he remembered us!  To be honest I really wasn't too keen on the estimate and carpet cleaning being the same visit. I was prepared for an outrageous price with them figuring I'd cave because they were already out here. Not the case at all. Connor was respectful, not pushy and was honest with what he felt my carpet needed. The price was competitive, maybe slightly higher but with the cost to clean the couch I felt I got excellent service at a fair price.I think the biggest thing I liked about Pure Clean (aside from the cleaning) is that they aren't looking to nickel and dime you on square footage. Hope I don't get Connor in trouble saying it but that alone will get my business back. I sure I'm not alone when I dread some of the bigger operations giving me one price over the phone and then before you know it the price has doubled after a lap around the house. Family-owned and very local even better. Thanks Connor. See you next year! More...


Ginger F.

6 September 2019

We always use Pure Clean and today I had them come out to clean an area in our home after water damage.  It looks perfect, thank you Eric!Not only are they the best at what they do, but there is no residual smell, which is very important to us.  Equally important is the tech's that work for them are polite, onetime, they call when they leave the last job, and always professional in all ways.Thank you again Pure Clean for another excellent "job well done"! More...


Royster S.

15 August 2019

These folks did a great job . We had them clean our basement carpet and a couple of rugs. The rugs look nice and the carpet looked fresh as well. They picked up and delivered our rugs and all were professional. We are going to be using them again for hypoallergenic cleaning of the carpets as well . More...


Bindu G.

3 August 2019

I called for a carpet deep cleaning and booked an appointment with 2 weeks timeline. They came in on time and completed the job swiftly. The carpet stains removal was my issue when I called but I was not promised that it will all be removed but I was surprised that nothing was removed not even one. For a deep cleaning that was unexpected If you know what I mean. I wasn't aware that I had to vacuum the place after they left in an hour, I had warned them this is my first time so I would have appreciated if it was told to me in advance. I was unwell and down with bad allergies( read sneezing, teary eyes and super irritated nose) and was overwhelmed with the fact that I had to wait for an hour and also had to rearrange all the chairs and single sofas that was placed up side-down, rearrange the rugs those were all removed  etc. otherwise it was all done well I am guessing. I don't have a bench mark here to compare so I may be the wrong person to share more comments. This is my experience. I wish I was briefed on the phone and expectations were set. More...


Ginger F.

2 August 2019

Pure Clean is a 5 Star in my mind.  Eric came out today and put Pure Guard on our new wool carpet.  We have used Pure Clean in the past at our home in Shoreline, and their work is excellent.  We wouldn't use anyone else.  Eric arrived on time,  did and excellent job, was professional and this time, as in the past, exceed every expectation I  had in the care and cleaning of our rugs. More...


Donna F.

20 May 2019

I was amazed and very happy with the job Scotty did on my carpets today!..I've finally found a carpet cleaning company I can stick with...From the friendly and knowledgeable clerk who answered the phone, to Scotty's fast and efficient cleaning, you couldn't ask for a better carpet cleaning company!  And the fact that it's "green" makes it all the better.  You won't go wrong with Pure Clean! More...


Dana W.

10 May 2019

The last time my carpet was cleaned was 2016.  These guys just cleaned my carpet again, and as usual, the carpet is back to it's pristine condition!  You can't go wrong with PureClean.  And they donate to Make a Wish as well.  Excellent service, evironmentally friendly, and importance placed on charitable work - you can't get any better than this company!  Thank you Mike - you inspired me today with your outstanding work - and my gorgeous, clean carpets! More...


Brittany B.

4 May 2019

Perfect service! Set up and communication was easy. Had to wait a few weeks for a Saturday appointment but it was worth it. Very friendly and professional staff. Donovan did an excellent job. Everything was explained and discuss prior to any work being performed. We had our three bedrooms cleaned; only took 1.5 hours. Wish I had done this sooner. We will definitely be hiring them again. More...


Nikki R.

1 April 2019

We had an issue with one of our cats using our formal room carpet as a litter box. There were 30 pee spots that needed to be treated! Mike Stinson was our technician and I found him to be very knowledgeable. He not only took his time making sure every spot was properly treated,  but he also explained how I could best treat new spots as they appeared and what might be causing the cat to exhibit that behavior. By the time Mike left, the pee smell had been replaced by a pleasant citrus scent. Even after the carpet had dried, we couldn't even detect a trace of pee when on our hands and knees with our noses to the carpet. (It should be noted that we had this problem before and had replaced our regular carpet pad with a waterproof one and replaced our carpet with a child and pet resistant carpet with a waterproof backing. That surely helped!) I will definitely be asking for Mike for all our carpet cleaning needs in the future! More...


Erin P.

5 March 2019

I have a unit that was left a mess by a tenant that lived like a pig. There was food all over and the ants had come in to try and take over.  There was juice spilled everywhere and there was a kitten that wasn't quite potty trained. They came in and made to unit look almost as good as new. Connor was a very nice tech, friendly to my husband and went over the cost of the options we had.  I would use this company again for my next cleaning. Thanks for your help Connor! More...


Alli B.

3 March 2019

Awesome service every time, friendly and knowledgeable staff, careful and considerate people, and carpets look amazing. No chemical smell. This is the only carpet cleaner we've used since the first time we tried them. Scotty was professional and thorough. Thanks! More...


Jenny T.

1 March 2019

I had Scotty out today to clean my carpets. He explained everything to me very thoroughly. I was given a quote and it stayed right on target. He was very professional and protected my home while he was cleaning. In less than two hours I have clean carpet.I feel good about this company because of the product they are using and there is no chemical odor.  Hope to have them back out next time I need my carpets cleaned. More...


Jeff T.

18 February 2019

Eric arrived at our home and cleaned all of the carpets in our house over a 2 hour time window.  He did an exceptional job and was equiped with an excellent truck with lots of different vacume hoses and cleaning equipment.  We were very impressed with Pure Clean's cleaning of our carpets and we will definately call them again for our future carpet cleaning needs. More...


Jordan K.

7 February 2019

Scotty was very professional. Cleaning was done promptly. They did have truck malfunction but they kept me informed throughout the time. Only issue I had was the hard sell for upscaling services. More...


Deanna and Tom M.

31 January 2019

Had Pure Clean do our carpets a couple weeks ago. Eric was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I wanted his honest opinion on our downstairs, because we thought it really needed to replace it. After Pure Clean It looks awesome and we may have another year on it, unless the stains rear their ugly head. So Far so good. It was way more expensive than I hoped for, but feel comfortable with the outcome.  Impossible to get a bid on the phone, due to so many variables. More...


Daniel J.

1 November 2018

Pure Clean did a great job taking care of difficult pet stains in our carpets. The initial cleaning did not fully take care of the problem, but they returned (even after some delayed communication on our part) to resolve the issue.


Pat F.

17 October 2018

Best ever! I have had my carpets cleaned at least yearly for over 30 years and Pure Clean was far superior to any other service I have used. Eric was so easy to work with and the carpets look amazing. Even better was that it cost $300.00 less than last year. Great results, great technician and great price.  Highly recommended. More...


Corey L.

25 September 2018

Kevin Lee, my Healthy Home Technician, just cleaned my outdoor furniture pads and my family room furniture. I am very pleased! He was awesome!! Super friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Highly recommend him and this company. I will be having him back out to clean and seal my brick floors once some remodeling is completed. More...


marie c.

18 July 2018

I have been a happy, satisfied customer for years. They are always timely, efficient and respectful. More importantly, they always do an excellent job with our carpets.  Their work makes our money well spent. More...


Patti C.

16 July 2018

Andy from Pure Clean just completed my carpet cleaning job, and I am simply amazed!!  He was courteous from start to finish, respectful of the home and furniture, and covered all the options I could use to make my carpet sparkle!! These 15 year old carpets look amazing!!   The most astounding  feat Andy did was to get two large black ink (about 8" in diameter) spots out of our carpet.  They have been there for about 8 years and three previous attempts by carpet cleaning companties proved unsuccessful.  We think it is just short of a miracle!  We will definitely be using Pure Clean again (this was our third time), and recommending them highly! More...


Ann H.

14 July 2018

I am consistently impressed with the quality of the work, and how clean our carpets get (and how quickly they dry).  The technician, Eric's attention to detail and job excellence was remarkable.  I appreciated the time he took to explain the condition of our tile floor and what needed to be done to return it to "almost new" quality (which unfortunately had to be scheduled for another time).  Pure Clean is most certainly my carpet/tile cleaning company of choice, and I highly recommend them. More...


Jamie E.

30 April 2018

Great experience. A text was sent when the technician was on his way, and it included a link where I could see his location and ETA--very helpful. He was actually a little early and called to make sure that was ok. Donovan was friendly and very knowledgeable, and helped me move a few things that I should have moved before he arrived (thanks again!) We had carpet in two small bedrooms cleaned and it looks great. Our big area rug is currently at the "rug spa" and Pure Clean will deliver it back to us soon. The house smells mildly citrus-y, and not like gross chemicals. I highly recommend this company. More...


R H.

18 April 2018

Great job! Arrived on time and very professional.  I liked the fact that once done with the steam cleaning, the carpet dried very fast, (about 3hrs). I would definitely would use this company again. More...


Jennifer M.

8 April 2018

We recently had 5 year old 8x10 area rug cleaned by Pure Clean and the first thing I can think of to say is I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT THIS COMPANY SOONER...Wonderful customer service and a beautiful clean rug...Thank you Jeni and the team at Pure Clean! From pick up to delivery, I was very impressed and will be sure to recommend your business! More...


Susan S.

15 March 2018

We have had great service from the Surdi family since their first year of carpet cleaning. Today another perfectly professional treatment of our carpets that included clear cleaning objectives and price quote plus a nice little Yelp user discount! The technician helped us old folks with moving our furniture off the carpets and was very sweet to talk with our chatty 4 year old grand daughter! More...


Riley F.

28 February 2018

Couldn't be happier!  These guys are the highest rated carpet cleaners on the eastside for a reason. First call, to schedule an appointment, I got a ballpark figure.  Which is rare in the industry, but I really appreciated.  I received an email to confirm the day before.  Morning of, I got a text with a picture of the guy that was coming over, then he called me about 10 minutes later.  "A" freaking +!Donovan Lenaberg, Production Manager extraordinaire, came by and walked the house with me, explained their process, which isn't over dependent on a lot of harsh chemicals, and was instantly likable.  He gave me options for what work could be done and didn't try to push me into anything I didn't need, or ask for.  I really appreciated his straightforward approach, and the fact honesty.  He actually waved me off a procedure that he thought would be superfluous.  Dude is good people, and legit awesome at his job.Best of all, he cleaned 3 rooms, a hallway, and a flight of stairs faster than I could have done the stairs alone with a rug doctor.  Dude works like a freaking Marine!  Give them a call if your need your carpets cleaned, you'll be glad you did.Do yourself a favor, take a before picture.  The difference is pretty astounding. More...


Rosh N.

29 December 2017

Fast service, courteous, however didn't remove stains:I am impressed with how fast they were able to schedule and even arrived 10 minutes before time on Friday morning. The technician explained the whole process, used shoes cover to walk over the house and laid over protectors. Price was decent, might be above average.After the work was done, carpet was in better shape than before and looked great. However, they were not able to identify the stains and were not able to remove them. More...


Michelle D.

18 November 2017

I'm pretty granola when it comes to cleaning. I was searching for carpet cleaners that didn't use chemicals since I have two small children. I was so happy to find that Pure Clean uses deionized water to clean and I was sold. Eric was one of the nicest people I've ever met! He had such good energy about him. He was very honest and helped me understand the carpet cleaning process. His work was so thorough and I appreciate how hard he worked!! I will be using their services again for cleaning upholstery, rugs, and possibly grout. Thank you for making my move into my new home a pleasant experience! More...


P M.

16 November 2017

My house smells amazing when they get through!!! Third time I have used Pure Clean for my carpets and they do a beautiful job! I have a puppy, and they got all the stains out.Friendly service, always arrive on time. Sometimes the BEST isn't the cheapest, but well worth the money. More...


Nastaran K.

15 November 2017

He had best work on my carpets. My home is looks nice after he finished their cleaning. The price was more than another company gave me quote but he did the best and definitely for next time I will work this company again.


Jill P.

8 November 2017

I received my Asian rug within the promised time, such amazing customer care. The gentleman who delivered it was the same one who did the cleaning. Just like the carpet was on my upstairs landing , it smelled badly of urine. When the clean rug was rolled out in place it was cleaner than new, and it didn't smell like a gas station restroom anymore. I cannot say enough good things about this company. More...


Kathy H.

5 November 2017

Pure Clean is awesome! They did a great job cleaning my carpets and tile which now look and smell great. Joey was professional, friendly and clear about their services and prices. I will definitely use their services again and highly recommend them to others. More...


Elle K.

1 November 2017

I used this company twice and was very happy with the results and the service. I would definitely use this company in the future. Nathan did my apartment carpet cleaning move out and Conner did my carpet for moving into my house. Yes, I had to do it twice! They were professional, friendly and efficient. Thank you! More...


Jordan P.

18 October 2017

Scheduled a cleaning with only a couple days' notice and they did an excellent job. They gave me an accurate estimate, but day-of it turned out it was lower than the minimum charge, which I wasn't told about over the phone. I had to pay the minimum, but I called them back after the cleaning and they refunded me the difference! I'll definitely be using them in the future. More...


Teresa N.

9 October 2017

I googled/Yelped carpet cleaning & this company stood out in terms of reviews. I liked the information from their website. I called the number however it went to voicemail. A nice young lady called me back to apologize for the phone-routing issues & got me scheduled. It's $195 minimum for cleaning services. Brandon arrived right at 9am on Monday. Went over pricing with me which is consistent with my quote. He measured the areas that required cleaning & explained the different cleaning packages (silver, gold, platinum). He explained the price per stair and price per dining chair. I got my downstairs cleaned, upstairs hall, stairs, 6 upholstered chairs.  Brandon even left me some solution for spot-cleaning to maintain the carpet.I am very happy with the service & results. I plan to roll out my new area rug & start having guests back over for dinner & football.  I HIGHLY recommend this company for carpet cleaning. Give them a call, you won't be disappointed More...


Elaine W.

6 October 2017

I just had my carpets cleaned yesterday.  Nate was our technician.  He was very professional, thorough, and personable.  He called 15 mins prior to arrival to give me a headsup.  He asked alot of questions prior to pre-treating stains; what, when, type of cleaners we tried to clean with, etc.  Then he went right to work.  From start to finish was under 2 hours. He cleaned our stairs, landing, and rec-room.  The phone and email support I received from Jen was also excellent.  I would definitely use them again next time I need to have my carpets cleaned. More...


Suzanne K.

4 October 2017

Eric was on time, friendly, professional and did a great job on cleaning our overdue to be cleaned carpet and sofa. I will definitely use them again!


Amandine C.

3 October 2017

We were super pleased with the service and quality of the cleaning! Very efficient and professional!Thanks!


Amandine Noel-crabtree

3 October 2017

We were super pleased with the service and quality of the cleaning! Very efficient and professional!


Elaine R.

28 September 2017

I was so pleased to with my experience from Pure Clean yesterday.  Beginning with my call, Jenni was helpful and explained how we could get sewage water out of our carpet.  And she fit us in just a few days later.    Then we had an EXCELLENT carpet cleaner, Brandon, who set very reasonable expectations with the level of staining over my carpet.  He explained the process, packages, and I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of the entire project.  I was more than pleased by Brandon's patience with my 3 young children, interrupting us with their curiosity.  :)  When I returned home to SUPER clean carpets and no staining, I was thrilled.  I was concerned that some of the stains could not be completely cleaned.  But they are all gone and my carpet feels and smells new again. More...


Meg T.

22 September 2017

Updated to say that we have used PureClean several times since my initial review and continue to be very happy with their service. It's nice to know they are a company who can be counted on. More...


Elizabeth A.

3 September 2017

Donovan did a fantastic job reviewing services and options for cleaning our rental carpet.  He answered all my questions and gave me suggestions for the future as well.  The service was neat, clean and quick. I love that they bring their own water and truck out the dirty water so nothing was left at the job site.  I have recommended PureClean to a lot of clients and am another happy customer. More...


Susan S.

31 August 2017

What a great company!  These folks understand the science of eco-friendly stain and odor removal!  Beau was fabulous. I actually requested business cards to pass out to my HOA with my complete endorsement. Now to get back to house training my little dog Tango! More...


Kathy W.

23 August 2017

Pure Clean is the only full service carpeting cleaning service I ever use now and my carpet thanks me for it.  They are friendly, thorough and on-time; and they leave my carpet fresh and clean. I have also had them clean and paint/seal my tile kitchen countertops.  And best of all, you can get rewards for referrals.Kathy More...


Takako K.

3 August 2017

Joey did a great job. I checked the reviews before I asked and still not expected as much as reviews showed. I was wrong!  He is very professional. I was impressed to see my carpet looks like new after his work. I definitely ask Pure Clean again. More...


Randy K.

26 July 2017

Pros: Carpets came out looking great. Removed all the stains from pets and dirt on the stairs. Able to clean fairly quickly. Cons: technician arrived over an hour late from another appointment with no heads up. Asked for $50 per pet stain to deep clean. More...


Tracy S.

22 July 2017

Joey was super!  Very personable -- did a great cleaning and was kind and thorough.   Five stars for him.  My only complaint is he had to start later than I wanted (no fault of his own) and now overnight and into the next morning, all my carpets are still wet.  I also thought it was fairly expensive but the service and cleaning were great.  Will use again, thank you! More...


Jess N.

29 June 2017

I've used Pure Clean three times. They've always done a notably better job than other companies, but this time they really went above and beyond. Right before they came I noticed a huge puddle of blood from my dog who is very sick (dog is now at the vet and on the mend). The puddle had been there for at least 48 hours, and was dried up and brownish color. Brandon worked super hard, and got the whole thing out. I was so impressed...I thought we might have to replace the carpet. I will always use Pure Clean!! More...


H B.

23 June 2017

Excellent service and a thorough job. Donovan called ahead to let me know when he was coming, and took time to explain the different services and price structure. He worked quickly and efficiently, and took the time to protect our refinished hardwood floors. He even helped me look for my hiding cats! Ask for Donovan when you call. More...


Kathleen D.

16 June 2017

Best carpet cleaning job we have ever had.  Expensive!  But well worth every penny that it cost.  Brandon was very professional, honest, and thorough in the job he did.  He was able to get stains out that 3 cleaners before him had not been able to do..  we have a 27 year old carpet.  It is in good shape, but Brandon made it look new.Thank you. More...


Nanmarí P.

13 June 2017

Jeni was extremely helpful over the phone. David arrived on time, he explained the process all over again, super professional and left our carpet clean and smelling wonderful.We really wanted to replace our carpet, but we are glad we called Pure Clean. After they clean our carpets, everything feels new! More...


Daniel H.

6 June 2017

Pure Clean is a delight to work with. Ben and his crew are super friendly, courteous, and helpful. We had them refinish our hardwood floor when we moved in and had them come back to clean a cat pee issue on one of our beds. Not only was the work excellent but the level of service they provide is exemplary. I heartily recommend them and I'd hire them again in a flash. More...


Carrie M.

19 May 2017

We had Pure clean come out and give us an estimate on the carpets and tile.    Joey was very helpful in explaining all the services and products that help restore the look of the carpet.   They turned out great and we couldn't be happier.    The service was outstanding and friendly, they also spent time protecting our home so the machines wouldn't cause any damage.  I would highly recommend them to everyone! More...


Lauren B.

4 May 2017

I heard about Pure Clean on the radio.  I decided to check them out as I liked the idea of non-toxic and soap-residue free products.  The reviews were excellent. Yesterday my carpets were cleaned and I am really pleased with the results.  Conner, my technician, was so polite, efficient and knowledgeable about their services. He wanted me to know exactly what I was getting into and the results to expect. After a walk thru, he proceeded to protect the corners, the entry, etc. from any possible dings and scratches.  He was even able to get annoying finger-printing dust off the carpets from a previous break-in which is difficult to do. I am a happy customer for life. Great job, Pure Clean. More...


Evan M.

4 May 2017

Short version: Old renter before has a dog, girlfriend allergies off the charts, they fixed it.After moving in to a new apartment we found out that there had been a dog before us. The apartment office said they cleaned which to them was vacuuming. My girlfriend was miserable with allergies but we had already moved in all our boxes and the only place she was okay was the bedroom. We got an appointment with in 2 days. When he arrived he explained everything to us and showed us with a black light all the dog allergy culprits. He helped move all our furniture to other rooms. He explained every step and it was fast. She took a nap and when she woke up she could breathe for the first time in days. She's completely fine now and can even be near where the dog was most.Only small thing I didn't like is they didn't tell me on the phone there was a minimum price, but it was on average and absolutely worth every dollar. More...


Mark P.

3 May 2017

I've used Pure Clean two times now.  I set them up on a schedule to visit us every six months.  I do like not having to remember to call for an appointment.  I chose the rooms I want to clean each time. Their cleaning system is the best I have seen.  Soap free and non toxic.  My pets and I can be on the carpet playing, no worries about chemicals, just a few hours after they are finished.  Fast drying too.The staff is great.  Everyone I have had contact with at Pure Clean has been polite, professional and easy to work with.  I won't be using anyone else to clean my carpets. More...


Michelle B.

28 April 2017

Love how friendly and trustworthy they are. I really appreciate that Eric wanted to do the work really well and made recommendations. As I asked questions he gave me the pros/cons of each of the options so I could make a smart choice.   Highly recommend Pure Clean! More...


Chris L.

28 April 2017

This is the third time I have used this company and will continue to use them.  I have had them clean my carpets, bathroom tile and grout and clean and refinish my hardwood floors.  They have always done an excellent job.  Each technician is professional, knowledgeable and timely.    They are excellent at explaining each package they offer so you can select the one that is right for you.  Today Donovan cleaned my carpets and even after having two large (shedding) dogs the carpets look and feel like new; and Donovan did and excellent job and was great at explaining the process.   I've used other companies and they either leave the carpet with a residue or not nearly as clean as Pure Clean.  Even my husband was impressed with the technician and the quality of work.  Love this company! More...


Michele B.

30 March 2017

Great experience. Donavan, the tech, was really friendly and professional. Very thorough. Our carpets are clean and our place looks awesome and smells great. We got the gold package so they even helped to move furniture. Reasonable rates and worth the money. More...


Jay W.

30 March 2017

Wife set this up and I was dreading it but....Donovan eased alot of my worries that I had. Our carpets were pretty dirty and we've got alot of cat hair, but w the Pure Cleaning Donovan did they look awesome and are cleaner than ever. Thanks


Alex M.

30 March 2017

This is the second time I have used Pure Clean. Eric arrived early. He measured only the areas that I wanted. He didn't try to upsell me on anything which is nice. Eric was very pleasant and got the carpets cleaned quickly but thoroughly. He also gave me a few tips about carpet wear and tear. The house smells so much fresher now that the carpets are cleaned. Going through Yelp was nice because they had a $50 certificate for $25. More...


Sery K.

17 March 2017

I found this company on Groupon and absolutely loved how clean my carpets looked after they were done! With 2 young kids, a dog and a hubby who forgets to take his shoes off (hey asian wifey here, asian household! ) my carpets are just SHOT. I will continue to use this company, I'm actually getting my carpets cleaned by them as I an typing up my review! Their rates are not bad considering how well my carpets always look, and they also send promos your way! Don't hesitate to contact this company, you will not regrett it! Totally worth if!!! More...


Jeff K.

12 January 2017

Recommended and used by our real estate agent, so thought we'd give them a try after poor cleaning by another company in the past. Wanted our carpets to look "like new" for selling our home.Tyler was the technician and was very professional and friendly.  Did a great job in protecting wall corners and sealing off our front door on a cold day.  Soiled areas from foot traffic and our outdoor dog were cleaned very well. More...


Huy T.

7 January 2017

Joey was amazing!  Professional, on time, and completed the work in a timely manner.  Best part is that he was able to remove some really tough stains in the master.  I will definitely use Pure Clean again. More...


J. J. D.

22 December 2016

A few years ago we used Pure Clean and they did a wonderful job. They worked their magic on our old apartment carpet! The staff was friendly and the price was reasonable.


Maggie W.

10 November 2016

Brandon did a great job cleaning the carpets in my home today. He especially made the carpet on the stairs look fresh and beautiful again. I'll definitely use your service again. More...


Yeelin T.

3 November 2016

Great service! On the day of, your tech, Nathan called to tell me exactly what time you were coming, and he did a very thorough walkthrough of the house with blacklight and all! The carpets are looking nice and clean! More...


Lacey C.

2 November 2016

After being no showed by another company, I called Pure clean and Im so glad I did! They got me in the very next day and Tyler did an amazing job. My carpets were super gross but he managed to get out all the stains and make them look brand new! Not only do the carpets look great but the grout in my tile is white again! I thought I was doomed to white tile and grey grout forever, but Tyler is a magician and I am so pleased with his work. I would highly recommend Pure Clean! More...


Lisa W.

12 October 2016

I was shocked and amazed at the work Pure Clean did, right from the start. The call taker made me feel that she wanted me to be happy and when the team got here I was on the floor, they spoke to me like I was just like anybody else, and if I didn't understand what they explained they found new words so I was fully informed. I watched them work and is was like watching a dance and the machines they used were in outstanding conditions and I could see the how much the suction work, I could visibly see it slightly lifting my carpet. Those carpets had not been professionally cleaned in 13 years. The best part is how nice my carpets smell and walking on them is soft and they feel clean....almost like clean sheets. I will use them again without a shadow of a dought. Honestly you couldn't go wrong working with them...no stress and a outstanding clean, what more could I have asked for. More...


Dan H.

29 September 2016

James just finished cleaning my carpet and it looks great!  Overall it wasn't real bad to start with but I did have a few areas of cat vomit stains that you now would never know they were their.  Super friendly and went over everything he was going to do before he did it. More...


Todd E.

10 September 2016

Found these guys on Yelp.  Saw the great reviews so had them come over.They were very prompt, right on the nose time wise.Brandon was the tech and he was great.I was a bit skeptical at first, but boy was I proved wrong.  I went from thinking I would have to replace carpet to totally checking it off the list.Total thumbs up on these guys across the board. More...


Mary R.

26 August 2016

Really helpful and professional. Easy scheduling and on time. No noxious chemicals.


Jerica W.

22 August 2016

I had just got a puppy and after potty training we needed the floor clean! Donovan came in with a black light and saw all this gross stuff on my carpet. I was so embarrassed my carpet was so disgusting! Donovan explained how the carpet can just gather this overtime with drool and even soap. The company cleans with natural ingredients and made my house smell and feel so much fresher! He not only vacuumed but scrubbed the carpet with a big brush, deodorized and cleaned my carpet for a very reasonable price.I have asthma and with the vacuum they used, he showed me all the hair they gathered with just the vacuum! This will help me breathe easier no doubt. I would trust anyone from this company to be in my house and I could not EVER go with a different carpet cleaning company. They make it feel so easy! More...


Ben L.

10 August 2016

I had Pure Clean back out to the house for a second time and I am just as happy as I was before. They show up on time, do a great job, and charge a fair price. My technician Brandon had a great attitude, which is not something you can always count on as a consumer these days. I will use Pure Clean again in the future, without a doubt. More...


Donna M.

9 August 2016

I found this business on Yelp, so just paying it forward with my review. Plus, some other carpet cleaning companies seem to have suspiciously positive reviews, so I'd like to balance that with a real review of Pure Clean. :)Eric was the technician and he was a super friendly and cheerful guy. I had some carpet that had pet stains in one area, and he recommended patching up just that section, treating the floor and replacing the padding. (Luckily we had some spare carpet around!) A lot needed to be done, but I felt the price was fair for the amount of work. The office staff was also really helpful and had me send photos so they could get an idea of the work, then called back with guidance from one of the technicians. They're a family business, which is pretty cool--that's the kind of company I like to support. More...


Suzanne H.

3 August 2016

Great service, great guy, great day! I can't believe they got our carpets clean. I thought it was impossible! We had them clean the carpets at a home we were selling, and we've already booked them for our new house again!


Matt L.

29 July 2016

Update: I have had my carpets cleaned three more times by Pure Clean since my last review. I want to add their consistency and brand-integrity places this company in a completely different league than their competition. Today, technician Brandon Fogg, began the cleaning process, but the high-traffic areas in my 10+ year-old carpet were being stubborn. I was ready to give up and buy new carpet, but to my surprise Brandon cleverly implemented an additional strategy that saved my old carpets once again!I signed up for Pure Clean's 30%-off-every-three-month service in order to avoid close calls like this in the future. Maybe I'll get another year of two out of this carpet!Thank you Brandon and Pure Clean for the best, most thoughtful service ever! More...


Michael B.

29 July 2016

Great work and well priced.  They weren't able to come out right away because they're so busy but that's just a sign that they're worth the wait.


ReBecca L.

23 July 2016

This is the third time I have used Pure Clean. I am NEVER disappointed. It amazes me because every other service I have used in the past either didn't do an adequate job or did a good (not as good as Pure Clean)  job first time out but not consistent.So professional and I love having them in my home. Do yourself a favor. Next call Pure Clean! More...


cinda s.

22 June 2016

Pure Clean is a great company. I recommend having them clean your carpets. I have used them on several occasions and they have always done a great job. Fast and efficient I have never had a problem with them pressuring me into buying more than I wanted. Pure Clean is the only company I will use to clean my carpets. More...


Bucky W.

19 June 2016

We just used Pure Clean for the third time and we continue to be impressed by the quality of the cleaning and the overall level of their service. All three times we have had the carpeting on two levels of stairwells cleaned in our three-story townhouse and have not been disappointed in bringing it back to near pristine condition. This is saying something as we have had both cats and a dog do some of their regurgitation, vomiting, fur, hair, etc. But the cleaning technology they use is excellent and really removes any sign of those stains. In addition, we used them to have our dryer vents cleaned out and just had a floor tile and grout clean and seal done. Both of these extras were welcome add-ons and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Pure Clean. As another customer said, the only reason we rated this a 4-star service is because it is not cheap. But the value is definitely there and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others. More...


Brad M.

18 June 2016

We called on a Saturday after an accident and they came through for us. They have very sophisticated equipment compared to our local guy, they got all the stains up in a very detailed fashion. They are pricey but the job was well done. Polite guy and friendly. Only reason not 5 stars was the price as they are not a bargain, but you get what you pay for with them. More...


Julie L.

7 June 2016

Pure Clean is awesome!  From start to finish it was a 5 star experience.  The helpful and accommodating woman on the phone was able to get me a same-day appointment.  James who came out to clean my carpets was professional, polite and personable.  My carpets were badly stained by my cat, but i had no idea how badly until James used a special light to shine on all the cat urine I couldn't see.  James told me about 3 different levels of cleaning I could get and we selected the one that made the most sense. The carpets look terrific too.  I highly recommend Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning and try to get James - he made my day! More...


kent l.

6 June 2016

Wow- I am impressed with Pure Clean Carpet Cleaners! I called today and spoke to a very nice woman who answered my questions and got me a same day appointment. Then I got a call from James 10 minutes before my appointment to let me know he was on the way. James was very personable and polite from the first.  I was most concerned about my pet stained carpets so he used a special light to shine on all the spots where my cat stained the carpet - way more than I knew about. After I got over my disgust at my cat, he gave me some solutions as he offered three levels of cleaning.  We agreed on a solution and he got the job done.  James was very impressive as he was efficient, helpful and polite. It was such a pleasure meeting him and I highly recommend James and Pure Clean Carpet Cleaners. More...


Bob H.

14 May 2016

Yesterday was my first time trying Pure Clean. Eric arrived right on time. He professionally introduced himself and promptly put on booties over his shoes--which always amuses me because he's about to clean all the carpets anyway. But it's a professional and gesture and courtesy. I explained what rooms I needed done. He explained his process. Eric showed me a binder with three levels of cleaning available. I chose the Gold level. Eric set up corner guards for our walls, and brought in his hoses and equipment.I hadn't vacuumed the rooms yet so I started. Eric asked me to vacuum the upstairs first. After moving the vacuum upstairs, I got distracted by a phone call and Eric had already finished vacuuming the rooms, including using the crevice tool to vacuum along the baseboards. I was impressed. I vacuumed the living room and he got to work pre-treating and cleaning the carpets. Eric had already helped me move the large couch and sofa out of the living room. Then I made an impulsive decision to remove a very large entertainment hutch. After disassembling some of it, Eric was willing to help me move the largest piece to the garage. That was over-and-above the call of duty. I was impressed again.The cleaning process was done within two hours. We cleaned two bedrooms, a hallway, two sets of stairs, and the living room. The price wasn't cheap, but the quality of the cleaning, the professionalism, and over-and-above service really stood out. Eric wasn't just professional, he was downright chipper, very positive and excited to be serving us.A few of the spots in our living room resurfaced after the carpets were dry. But that's likely a function of very old Berber carpets that retain a lot of dirt. They are hard to clean. The rooms overall look excellent and I'm very pleased. More...


Celia T.

10 May 2016

I  just had my sofa cleaned by Brandon Fogg at Pure Clean and he did a great job of cleaning my sofa.  He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products that they used to clean my sofa.  I would recommend Pure Clean because they use all natural products which is important for me because my daughter has asthma.   They are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and was voted second in the Best of Western Washington for carpet cleaning last year.  I recommend that if you need to have your carpets or upholstery cleaned, call Pure Clean. More...


Kyrie S.

5 May 2016

This company is amazing. I can't believe how blown away I am at how new my carpets look! I didn't think Pure Clean would make a difference. I have had other carpet cleaners before & ended up very disappointed. My friends swear by them, so I gave them a try. No more pet accident spots & no more lingering odor when you walk by. The gentleman was so kind, professional & on time! He called me on his way which was nice. I didn't feel pressured in the buying process what so ever. I will continue using them & send my friends their way as well! Thank you Pure Clean! More...


Thomas C.

25 April 2016

We had Pureclean out to shampoo our carpets and we could not be happier! Vince was informative, gave us the price up front, we had the "special" from the Everett Home Show which is 3 rooms but we decided to have him do extra rooms and a staircase. The price which was completely reasonable was well worth the cost. I would highly recommend Vince and Pureclean. Will use them again. More...


Andrea R.

21 April 2016

This guys are awesome. They took excellent care of my carpet and my deck that was in pretty bad shape. They make sure their clients are 100% satisfied with the results and have an outstanding customer service. I had Brandon and Donovan, they did a great job. I would use them again and recommend them without any doubt. More...


Laura C.

9 April 2016

We had a wonderful experience using Pure Clean to clean our carpets yesterday! Brandon called ahead of time and said he was finished with his previous job early and did we mind him coming early or would I rather wait? Just the fact that he even asked was so thoughtful. So he came early and got right to work explaining the process and our different options. The one thing I really noticed about this whole process was that there was no pressure. I didn't feel like we were being pushed into agreeing to anything, and I felt like he was honest about our options and wasn't trying to up-sell us unnecessarily. Then we did a walk thru of the house and then he was able to give us a hard quote on the spot. He was also able to show us what the difference in price would be for the different options we spoke about. It was nice being able to have it all there right in front of you - no surprises.  He pitched right in helping us move furniture too! He did such a wonderful job cleaning the carpets and they look so much better! We will definitely be using Pure Clean again and would highly recommend them to anyone! More...


Kristen D.

31 March 2016

I was recommend this company by my friends and I was very impressed. We really really liked our cleaning specialist, he was super friendly and professional. Our carpets looked amazing and had great clean lines that helped for trying to sell our home. Will refer and use this company again! More...


Jerry Tom

31 March 2016

Used them about a year ago, great service, will use them again. Felt like new again.


Cindy C.

13 March 2016

Above and beyond service for us!  My elderly dog had an accident overnight and we had a carpet issue on our hands.  I called Pure Clean early afternoon. The young woman who answered the phone understood the problem and was able to squeeze us in.  A technician who was working in the Mill Creek/Lynnwood area stopped by an hour after we called and was able to take care of the family room and also had enough time to do the stairs..  He was so very friendly and professional.  He put down a deodorizer/sanitizer during the cleaning process - a wonderful citrus smell.  Pure Clean carpets are as soft or softer than they were prior to the cleaning vs. the crunchiness experienced after other carpet cleaners are through. More...


Arleen E.

23 February 2016

After several email exchanges with the owner, I am inclined to write an update on my review. The fact of the matter is, the owner nor I were present during the service so we are counting on secondhand information shared with us. Like I mentioned on my review, I was pleased with the carpets and would definitely have Pure Clean take care of my carpets in the future. Will look for someone else for the hardwood floors. More...


Bryn C.

12 February 2016

My experience with PureClean has been awesome! First of all, my technician Brandon's work was flawless - my carpets have not been that clean since we built the house (the joys of potty training three dachshunds). Second, he was incredibly professional, courteous and helpful. And third, he represented the company perfectly - this was my first experience with PureClean, and their service, tailored to fit my specific needs, may have just saved me from having to replace all of our carpeting! Thank you PureClean! More...


Tracy R.

9 February 2016

Customer service - from scheduling to technician to follow-up - was top-notch. But did they clean the carpet? Yes! I had several older stains that I figured would never come out but after Pure Clean the stains are gone. Well done. I highly recommend them. More...


Jessica P.

31 January 2016

After my little dog had a couple accidents on the carpet I decided to call pure clean. Eric came to my apartment and was gracious and friendly. He went right to work and cleaned my carpet in 45 min. My carpet looks brand NEW and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Eric for the outstanding service you provided! More...


Angela V.

22 January 2016

Great customer service experience. I had an appointment the day after I called. They arrived within the quoted time window. Our carpet is only about 2 years old, but had spots from spills and pet accidents. The carpet looks brand new now and smells nice and clean. I really appreciate that it doesn't smell like chemicals. I opted to purchase some sort of stain protectant treatment, which added to my bill. We will have to see in a few months if it was worth it! I'll try to remember to update. They also gave me a spray bottle of their spot cleaner "in case" there are any future spills or accidents. They promised it was better than anything at the grocery store and wouldn't leave any residue, etc. More...


Chelsea J.

8 January 2016

I can't recommend Pure Clean enough! I have tried other services on the carpet in the place I'm currently renting (older house & previous tenants did a number on it), and I just figured that I was doomed to have dingy carpets after they came out still looking rough. But it's not true! I can't believe how clean my carpets are now - If you look at the picture I posted (the carpets are just a strange color brown in the first place), there was a huge stain at least a foot wide by the corner, and it's now completely gone! I wish pictures could convey just how much my house FEELS better. Making the appointment was easy, and they were even able to fit us in next day. Usually if you get an appointment window, the company shows up towards the end, but he was even a bit early. I guess I may be over-excited because I had such low expectations, but I don't care. I finally have clean carpets! More...


Jimmy B.

5 January 2016

Very happy with my recent experience with Pure Clean.   Fairly new carpets with an eyesore of a stain from a spilled drink, and Brandon was able to get it out with a little effort and the proper process (even though my initial cleaning may have made it more difficult).  Their prompt and professional service is greatly appreciated. I'll certainly be calling them later this spring to get my carpets cleaned. More...


Patti V.

21 December 2015

Pure Clean is awesome! My carpets look great (with no help from the dog...) now that some nasty urine stains are gone! Just in time for a Christmas party! Thanks again Pure Clean, you rock!


Jay C.

12 December 2015

Donovan of Pure Clean did an amazing job of cleaning my carpet and sectional.  There were stains I wasn't expecting could ever be cleaned that have vanished.  He also offered a lower cost plan that saved me a bit of money over what I asked for.  Good businesses hire smart, honest, and hard working employees.  No surprises that they rate so high. More...


E L.

12 December 2015

RIGHT on time, quick, polite. Absolutely no complaints.  I thought my carpets were grey, apparently they are actually light cream colored. Nathan cleaned for us, explained the process and sized the area in minimal time, didn't try to push additional services, but gave a very quick overview of options. 3+ rooms, 2 hours total. Minor cleaning scent held around after, as to be expected. He moved a couple couches to clean under them which was nice!  I've had another carpet cleaning service once before, and lots of spots returned after the carpet dried, and it took longer. My carpets are now dry, and I swear look brand new. They're 15 years old! The only spots are the ones i knew already were permanent. Lovely job, nice guy, great service. I decided on the 12 month cleaning option deal. I need say no more, except that I will absolutely use pure clean again. More...


Prabha Shenoi Mallya

11 December 2015

We had an excellent experience. Good service and value for money.


Melissa M.

7 December 2015

This is a really fabulous company. They are kind, professional and on time. Nathan came up to my house, measured everything and gave me a quote. He was done promptly and the place looks awesome. Thank you! More...


Hans M.

14 November 2015

Brandon did an excellent job cleaning 5 rooms to remove odors from our Dog. Pure Clean was courteous, on time and knowledgeable. We will use them again.


Jennifer R.

12 November 2015

Pure Clean has very professional staff, from Jenny who did the scheduling to Donovan who did the carpets.  He was very thorough with the walk through and had a laser range finder to measure the room, pretty cool. He helped move the rocking chair in the nursery, and that helped us out.Donovan called us upstairs when there was one spot that just would not budge.  I don't fault him or the chemicals; we have a 20 plus year old carpet so it has one small stain still.  If I have one concern it was near the end of the visit when the door was open and the tubes were being wound back within the truck.  Upon request he quickly moved the equipment outside, cleaned up outside, and then came back in for the walk through.I will update my review after it comes back from the "rug spa" facility.  I tried to get the dog odor out with my home grade steam cleaning system: no go. I will update my review when it comes back to confirm it does not smell like dog.  That would bump the four stars up to a five.Job well done, Pure Clean. More...


Cathy S.

27 October 2015

Nathan was very pleasant and professional. Had my upholstery and carpets cleaned. With three cats and a dog in the house it sure needed it! I would recommend Pureclean and use them again. More...


Teri B.

26 October 2015

My technician was very professional and explained all my options.  He could not guarantee all the stains would come up since I had no clue of original cause.  However, each one did and the areas look great!  Even my daughters rooms which I honestly did not think were possible. Thank you Nathan, you did amazing! More...


Ben J.

24 October 2015

Ok, I've had my carpets cleaned several times. I have looked for good deals and found them. But, those experiences have left me afraid that I'm likely going to be wasting my money whenever I call a carpet cleaning service. Let's just say I've been underwhelmed in the past.Pure clean, however exceeded my expectations. The woman who booked me was articulate and sweet. When Donovan arrived in the beautifully decorated pure clean van, I felt reassured. After speaking with him, I could tell that he was a bright individual and was going to do his very best. Still I had doubts that anyone could turn my seemingly wrecked carpet white again. Let's just skip to the end here. By the time Donovan left, my carpets are clean and honestly, he was such a good guy I could see myself having beers with him. As a matter fact I offered him one and I could tell he was thirsty at the end of the day, however he declined because he's just that professional. I'll never call another carpet cleaning service as long as pure clean is around. More...


Marcia B.

20 October 2015

Beautiful job! Well worth the cost for such immaculate carpet cleaning! Nathan was extremely professional and respectful. The scheduler was also a total sweetheart!


Jen D.

14 October 2015

Just had another impeccable experience with Pure Clean!  We always receive the best results and incredible service.  We are so happy that we signed up to have Pure Clean come back every 9 months to keep our carpets and upholstery in the best condition!


Melanie H.

2 October 2015

Pure Clean did a great job.  I called a few companies that had good reviews and they were all around the same price.  I called an spoke with Pure Clean before making the appointment so was aware of the pricing beforehand and had an idea of the cost before they came out.From beginning to end everyone was professional and courteous.  The tech & I did a walk through and I showed the few concerns and he gave me the suggestions and the pricing which fell within my expectations.I can't say our carpets came out looking brand new since they weren't really dirty to begin with, but they did look better.  Well the one room with two year old carpet did come out looking brand new again.  The only issue was one of the stains remained after departure, but after using the spot remover Pure Clean left it was gone.  Not sure why it came out then, but not during the cleaning.Not a cheap company, but you get what you pay for.  Hopefully going with a higher package will keep our carpets looking good a little longer too. More...


Bushra J.

24 September 2015

I called Pure Clean to clean and sanitize the high traffic areas if my house: family room, stairs, hallway, and babies room upstairs. I have small children and wanted to go Green with the products used on my carpets. Nathan did a wonderful job, doing the job quickly and effectively. He removed all stains, without leaving any sticky residue behind. The carpets dried quickly too: 4 hours.  When my husband came home from work he asked if I changed the air filters because the house smelled like fresh air. I told him I just had the carpet cleaned. Well worth the price. I am definitely going to go for their pickup rug cleaning service where they pick up rugs, clean them off site, and deliver them back to you. More...


Sha X.

18 September 2015

We just did a clean of our new house's carpet. Donovan came in right on time, was very friendly , did a thorough check of the whole house and gave us great estimates.Through his work, I can see that he is very professional, knowledgeable about carpet cleaning. There is nothing that I can complain. This is great work! More...


Brad P.

18 September 2015

I just had my carpet, stairs, a couch, and hardwoods cleaned.  I couldn't be happier with the result.  Peter brought my carpet back to life.  He was very detailed and genuinely cared about the results and if I was satisfied.  I'm having Peter come back and do their sandless refinishing on our hardwoods.  I think their pricing is competitive, but their customer service is what sets them apart.  Thanks Pure Clean! More...


Tracy F.

14 September 2015

Pure Clean is amazing!  We could not be happier.  The carpet is beautiful, bright and soft.  No residue!  Donovan, was fantastic.  Very professional and extremely thorough.  I could never go back to another carpet cleaner now that I see how great my carpets look and feel.  Congratulations Pure Clean on putting together a great service and terrific team! More...


Tim S.

9 September 2015

Donovan did an excellent and professional job cleaning my carpets and explaining the various processes used. Great communication by the company helped work around my schedule.  Would highy recommend!


Aimee P.

8 September 2015

Everything with Pure Clean was great! It started with a "heads up" call letting me know they were about 10 min away. They brought a carpet to hold all the cleaning tubes so my floor wasn't a mess. Ben's thoughtfulness with the walk-through and information made me feel at ease knowing I was getting just what I needed for my house--not just what the company needed to sell. And the carpets looked amazing. Ground in spots were gone like magic. And best of all, it's green! I'll definitely use this company again. More...


Maria Cristina B.

28 August 2015

There done! The rug looks amazing! It had 6 years of dog and kids ground in and although it's a bit warn from wear and tear it look almost new. The stains and smell and dirt are gone! Thanks Ben for you professional and sincere service. I will be calling again and recommend you! More...


Elise M.

25 August 2015

About 1 year ago our tenants had moved out of our rental and the carpet was looking pretty bad. My husband and I both figured the carpet was garbage and non-cleanable but we tired out Pure Clean and it was nothing short of a miracle! The carpets came out amazing and looked brand new.Fast forward to today, our new house has carpet that is only 2 years old and very nice. It has suffered dogs peeing all over it, dog vomit, red wine being spilled and potty training. In comes Brandon (who cleaned our rental)...after about an hour, 10+ dog pee spots removed, one large vomit spot gone and a red wine stain completely out! The carpet definitely has a new lease on life and it even smells good! I also love that it isn't cleaned with harsh chemicals because I have two small children that play on it every day. Worth EVERY penny. Thank you Brandon for your hard work and professionalism! More...


Larry A.

10 August 2015

I called Pure Clean on a Sunday evening with intentions of just leaving a message and expecting a call back the following day. Within minutes I received a call back and had an appointment set up to clean some rugs and furniture in my house. The Pure Clean crew showed up right on time (I live at least an hour from their office) and they did an exceptional job. I must ad that the staff are very well trained, very professional and all around nice people! The owner even contacted me directly to follow through on how my experience was with their services. I would recommend Pure Clean to anyone in the greater Seattle area looking for carpet, furniture and upholstery cleaning. No soapy smell, pet stains GONE and my furniture looks brand new! These guys are definitely good at what they do! More...


D S.

10 August 2015

In preparation for selling our house we had our carpets cleaned by Pure Clean and couldn't be happier with the results, the professionalism, and the price. Our service provider Donovan thoroughly impressed. Before OKing the work he went over their pricing packages and gave us an advertised discount. I was expecting to end up paying more than what was quoted on the phone but ended up paying less. We have 1400 square feet of carpet, and 3 different varieties of carpet and stairs. Due to procrastination and finances we'd not had them cleaned in years and they were filthy. Not anymore. They look almost brand new. I'll use Pure Clean again in my new home. More...


Jim T.

1 August 2015

Pure Clean is amazing.  We have 3 kids and 2 cats, so our carpets get pretty bad.  No other company can get our carpets as clean as Pure Clean can.  They look brand new.  Our technician, Don, was fantastic too.  Thanks PureClean. More...


Susan L.

26 July 2015

Got a coupon in the mail and heard about pure clean on Rachel Bell segment on the radio and decided to give them a call.  Made the appointment and Eric came and cleaned our carpet and it looks great. Eric was informative and helped us pick the best package for our needs at a great price.  Few rooms got the platinum package, one room got Gold and the final room got Silver package. It worked out great for us. Thanks again Eric and Pure Clean. More...


Gordon M.

25 July 2015

Great service by Donovan Lenaburg. Finally I found a great carpet cleaning  company.Great job on difficult  stains. Looks new again.


Joe R.

19 July 2015

Donovan was excellent, knowledgeable and professional. The service I received was great.


Jennifer S.

16 July 2015

Today we had our living room and dining room carpets cleaned and were 110% satisfied! They looked absolutely amazing and smelled awesome!!!!Brandon showed up exactly when he said he was and was very polite to our entire family including pets and kids.He explained the whole process and gave me tips and tricks!  Will use them again in the future.  We highly recommend them! More...


Sally H.

6 July 2015

Pure Clean Seattle is AMAZING. I was a little embarrassed of my dirty carpet, especially all the pet stains from an untrained puppy over the past few months. Donovan came in (on time I might add!) and made me feel totally comfortable. He went through my house with me, tested the stains, went through the different package options, and told me what I could expect. I never felt like he was just trying to sell me something or rip me off. I went with a Level 1 cleaning option as well as an upholstery cleaning of my dog's bed... err, I mean the couch. I am REALLY impressed with this company. My carpet looks awesome, Donovan was really friendly and professional, and it was reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend Pure Clean to anyone looking for carpet cleaning. I know I will be using them again in the future! More...


Kelly M.

27 June 2015

I had my carpets cleaned today by Donovan.  He was early (bonus) and very nice.  He walked my condo with me and recommended the Platinum package (based on my carpet condition) which I happily accepted.  I have two dogs, so my carpet needed a little extra tlc. I'm happy to report that my carpets look awesome!  Whenever I need a cleaning in the future, Pure Clean will be the company that I call! More...


Pedro V.

27 June 2015

Fantastic job... Very professional service, carpet looks new. Donovan did a great job with our house. Really great service :)


Rose C.

17 June 2015

Donavan was amazing... Courteous, professional, efficient! My carpets look great! I highly recommend this company.


Marlene W.

16 June 2015

Donavan did an excellent job. He was a gem giving advice on my dog urine problem while keeping the price within my range. They are not the cheapest but I was looking for a company that could save my pricey carpet for years to come. So far they seemed to eliminate the odor and so hope it does not reoccur. House looks great! Thank you.Marlene Winter More...


Sun L.

12 June 2015

I forgot the name of the service person at my house.  He did an awesome job doing the cleaning.  I don't have any complaint about the job itself.  However, I am little disappointed that the price that they told me over the phone was the silver plan which is the lowest level.  I found out from the service guy before he starts his job that the work doesn't include the protective finish.  So if I were to add that service, meaning upgrade to a gold or platinum, the price jumped up significantly.  It is their sales pitch, which I didn't like.  So you may need to find out all the options and pricing before you make a decision.  There might be other cleaning companies that includes protective finish. More...


Cliff L.

12 June 2015

What a fantastic job Pure Clean did on our carpets. They literally look new and feel great. My wife who was home at the time talked about how courteous and professional  Peter was making her feel confident in his abilities. I will be sure to call on them again and will heartily recommend Pure Clean to anyone needing clean carpets. More...


Nina S.

9 June 2015

Nathan came today and cleaned our carpets, and I honestly couldn't be happier with the way they turned out!!! My carpets looks new again! Between two kids under 5, two dogs and the red wine spill the other night I truly thought there was no hope. I gave pure clean a shot because of their obvious 5 stars. Nathan was extremely kind and informative.  After walking through the house and measuring he gave me my quote, and honestly, I was expecting something a lot higher. He was here for a long time, which in our opinion was very good. Most other places we have hired have been in and out in an hour. Nathan removed all our stains, ones that other companies had tried too but couldn't, including ink stains in my office. I'm so excited I finally found a company/service that actually does their job well!! Thank you Nathan and thank you Pure Clean! More...


Lisa B.

5 June 2015

KTTH advertised Pure Clean so I called them.  Eric was very professional and enthusiastic when he arrived!  Ended up costing me more than I expected, but it's the best cleaning my carpets have received.  I will use them on a regular basis from now on!  I highly recommend them.  The cost is worth the superior results. More...


H W.

4 May 2015

We had a really great experience with Peter!  He was great to talk to, energetic, dressed professionally with shoe covers, and very fast!  He asked for our main reason for getting the carpets and tile cleaned. We said we just bought the place and wanted to clean everything. He made his recommendations and gave us a quote for cleaning 3 bedroom carpets and 3 bath floor tiles. We signed the paper and he got started. It only took him about an hour to do everything!  We would definitely use them again. More...


brigid s.

29 April 2015

I had a great experience with Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning.  Our service rep Donovan was very helpful and efficient.  He explained each of the extras and their cost and benefits.  I didn't feel pressured to do any particular level of service but I saw the value in upgrading to a level with carpet stain protection since I have pets.  Stains were removed and the room looked great.  I will use them again for sure. More...


Vicki J.

21 April 2015

Just had Pure Clean in to do my carpets. I live in an apartment and the carpets weren't in the best of shape. The look even better then when I first moved in.  Donovan was easy to work with and was very accommodating of my decisions to keep price down.  Very satisfied.  Thanks! More...


Carla S.

13 April 2015

ALLERGIC TO PETS?  CALL PURE CLEAN!   My husband is highly allergic to dogs, so when we learned that the previous tenants had dogs (against their lease, I might add), I was super nervous about whether we'd be able to move back to our home without having to wait the typical 6 months needed to get rid of dander.   What a relief to find Pure Clean!  Eric came out (ahead of schedule) and cleaned the carpets AND the heating ducts .  He also used the "ozone machine" to remediate any dander, mold, mildew, etc. on the walls.   Oh, and the dog urine stains in the dining room?  Totally gone.  I am happy to report that hubby has been able to be in the house comfortably, without the  reactions he would get from exposure to dog allergens.  It was pretty spendy, but worth it to be able to live where we want to. More...


Paul S.

11 April 2015

Peter from Pure Clean showed up on time and stuck with  the quote he'd provided us. We actually ended up cleaning one less area then we'd asked for an estimate against and that change was a non-issue.  Peter's approach was congenial, professional, and seemed determined to earn our good graces with excellent results.  We selected the Silver carpet service and could hardly be more pleased with the outcome.  All necessary care was taken to negotiate around recently painted areas as well.  This was really a job well done. More...


Carla D.

30 March 2015

If you're looking for a reliable and highly skilled carpet cleaning vendor, Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning is your solution.  Eric is such a friendly, professional and knowledgeable person, and proactively provided all the information we needed as he started our carpet cleaning.  I appreciate that PureClean takes the time to protect the corners of our walls so that the equipment does not damage or mark them up.  Our carpets look and feel fantastic after a Silver level cleaning with some additional carpet protection in high-traffic areas.  From beginning to end, PureClean provided a very customer-focused experience. I requested a quote/appointment online via their website: carpetcleanerseattle.com . I had purchased a Groupon, and although it was not the least expensive option compared to other carpet cleaning services, it was well worth it.  The deionized water solution is amazing and works so effectively.PureClean also offers other services, such as duct cleaning, hardwood cleaning and resurfacing/repairs. I will be calling them again (and recommending them to everyone I know), as well as use them regularly for all of my carpet cleaning needs. More...


Bitsy G.

24 March 2015

I recently used Pure Clean to clean the carpets in my apartment prior to moving out.  The carpets were in OK condition, with the exception of heavy pet stains in the bedrooms.  Pure Clean was not the most affordable option, but if I have the option of supporting a small, local business as opposed to a large, regional or national chain with cheaper rates, I'm going to go with the local business.  I also was curious to see how the Pure Clean method worked as I'd never heard of this system before.Since I was going to be at work when they arrived, the technician was to call me with a quote after assessing the carpets.  Sure enough, I received a call from Peter within the time frame I was given.  He was able to work out a plan that fit into my budget; the pet stains were going to be a bit tough to tackle, but he assured me that he'd do his best.The next day was my walk though with the landlord, so I arrived a bit early to check out the carpets first.  Peter had left a bottle of Pure Clean carpet treatment, which was a nice little bonus.  The carpets were totally dry, and the pet stains were barely noticeable; I saw them only because I knew where to look.  Best of all, the landlord didn't notice a thing and thought the carpets looked great!All in all, I'm very happy with their service. :) More...


Ceraya A.

14 March 2015

I had been given a beautiful hand made persian rug as an engagement present.Unfortunately within days of receiving it, our dog decided to mark it. Leaving a large yellowed stain. Unlike other rugs, persian rugs are very delicate, difficult to clean, and susceptible to staining and bleeding.  So basically it was a nightmare situation.I contacted Ben at Pure Clean and explained the situation. He was very confident it could be taken care of, and arranged to have the rug picked up the following business day... from my office! When we got the rug back, it looked BRAND NEW. I couldn't believe it! Customer service was awesome. Everyone was extremely informative, polite, and helpful. They even followed up to make sure I was happy with the final result. I couldn't be more thankful to Ben and his team. I would defiantly recommend PureClean. They saved the day, and did an amazing job! More...


Nicole R.

9 March 2015

With three kids and a dog our furniture and carpet takes a beating. We have tried many carpet cleaning companies and by far we like Pureclean the best! Using all natural ingredients is important for our family's health and Pureclean's soap free remover still leaves your carpets soft and spot free! Eric did an incredible job getting stains and dirt out of our cream colored dining chairs too. He is friendly, personable and honest. We would recommend Eric and his team to anyone! More...


Ms I.

6 March 2015

Our office has a unique type of square tile carpeting, that was in desperate need of a cleaning (as you can imagine). Ben was scheduled to come to our office, take the tiles, and bring them back in 6-7 days when the cleaning/treatment was complete. Ben arrived on time (always a plus), and after looking at the tiles, offered to clean them in office, which would save time, money, and eliminate having to leave our floors bare for 6-7 days. Ben was very informative, extremely courteous, and beyond accommodating. The carpets look fantastic, and we will definitely be calling Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning, again. Thanks Ben! More...


Brieanna C.

5 March 2015

Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning came out today and cleaned the two carpeted rooms in my house (bedroom and office). There were a lot of stains in the high traffic areas as well as multiple dog urine stains due to house training foster dogs. The technician was incredibly thorough and kind. After I explained that the carpets and padding were going to be replaced at the end of summer we discussed the best plan of action to keeps things looking and smelling nice until then (for the lowest cost). After the carpets were cleaned (and they look great), the technician even told us that the carpets we have respond very well to cleaning and only the padding truly needs to be replaced. The carpets dried very quickly and I am incredibly pleased with the service. More...


Bo C.

4 March 2015

As the owner of a auto repair shop you can imagine how the carpets in our waiting room and offices can get pretty dirty with walking in and out of the shop all of the time. Based on the other floors I have seen them clean and their ability to clean the carpets without leaving them soaking wet they will definitely be our first call when it's time to clean these again. More...


Heidi F.

3 March 2015

We had our tile floor cleaned and sealed it turned out amazing! Eric was amazing as well. I'll  definitely be calling them again.


Lesley Y.

20 February 2015

Best carpet cleaning I've ever had. They promptly scheduled my service. Brandon arrived on time, was courteous & knowledgeable. He explained all cleaning options but didn't push me to upgrade. I chose the Silver option (least expensive), due to older carpets that we may replace soon. Brandon did an amazing job... got all the tough stains out that other carpet cleaning services have not been able to get out! Thank you! More...


shilpa m.

3 February 2015

I got our carpet cleaned last week. I was mostly happy with the cleaning. Peter completed the cleaning about 3pm & i carpets were completely dry next morning. There was no odor & carpets looked good as new. Only reason for 4 starts is because one of the rooms the edge of the carpet along the molding was discolored due dust collection. I expected that to be gone but it wasn't. And i was told the gold package in the living area would enable drying faster and the bedrooms was silver package which takes longer. But the bedrooms carpet was dry before living room. More...


Karin B.

31 January 2015

Peter came today to give us an estimate.  we foster a lot of animals and have 6 of our own.   Honestly I expected the worst but he was kind and courteous as well as upfront.  One carpet saved but he did not want to waste my money and said we should not even do the other one because it needs replacing.  most places would just clean it to get the money.  the service has been great, he called about 15 minutes out and again on arrival.  We ended up adding on the sofa which I  didn't even know they did.  So far I am thrilled and will certainly call on them again. More...


Branda A.

14 January 2015

Pure Clean came out and cleaned three of our carpets last week. I could not be more happy with their service! We have two dogs and a toddler, so our carpets see a lot of trouble. We wanted them cleaned but didn't want to deal with massively long dry times (which are very difficult to explain to a toddler) or harsh chemicals.  Pure Clean fit the bill on both!The technician was friendly and knowledgeable.  The service was quick (we had moved all the furniture ahead of time so that made the process significantly easier.) The dry time was reasonable; our service was early in the morning, by the evening we were enjoying our lovely carpet again.  We had one new carpet area cleaned (the carpet is about 2 years old) and two older carpets; all three came out well. There is no lingering odor or strange residue film on the carpet. Overall we are very pleased with the service. We will certainly call on them again to clean our carpets. More...


Kristin K.

6 January 2015

We were very happy with the work PureClean performed four years ago and equally happy to have them back last week! Using products that are safe for our family and pets were our top priority, but PureClean goes above and beyond in their attention to detail, professionalism and quality work. Brandon was the technician who came to our house. He was on time and presented his company very professionally. He took the time to explain the benefits of their cleaning system - including just a few hours to dry and no chemical residue means a longer-lasting clean carpet. Brandon carefully looked over the stains we had and showed us how to care for them in the future, leaving us with a bottle of complimentary cleaner. We had our very light colored carpets cleaned, two large armchairs and our upholstered kitchen chairs cleaned and they all came out sparkling!We know that there are less expensive carpet cleaning companies, but you definitely get what you pay for with PureClean! More...


Zeb W.

2 January 2015

We were impressed with pure clean. He was right on time and got right work. Eric was a really nice guy and explained the process thoroughly. That have a really cool process that cleans way better then we have had before. I waited a couple weeks to see if the stains came back (our carpet was pretty filthy) and they never did. So, here is my positive review. I recommend these guys for sure. More...


Kathleen L.

29 December 2014

Service review!We were in definite need of a carpet clean and kept hearing the PureClean commercial over the radio... We have quite a few tough stains left from previous tenants as well as stains from untrained dogs, so we had a lot to try and clean out.. Lets not even talk about the smell. We were debating on trying to do it ourselves or hiring a company to take care of it.Because of the pet stains we decided on trying these guys out since they promoted a "green service" and methods to sanitize the carpet and clear the stains left  by traffic and pets.Staff: Very helpful. Email correspondence was quick and efficient. All questions were answered and we were scheduled promptly. When employee came to work on the carpets, he looked at everything that needed to be done and then walked me through all the steps. He offered a completed quote and asked what I would like to change. Very easy to work with and pleasant to have in our home.Price: Fair. They were running a special on the radio, 3 rooms for $199 or something to that effect. There were plenty of offers afterwards for referrals and incentives for scheduling routine cleaning work. Quote was slightly higher than the ad, but that was because we added a few more other sanitation elements for the pet stains.Work: After the pricing was agreed on, he went straight to work using his techniques to pull stains out of the carpet and work cleaners into the pads. While some of the pet stains didn't come completely out (he warned me that they wouldn't), they definitely did fade and he left the carpet sanitized. The room was now fresh smelling, soft under my feet and prettier than it had been since I had first seen it.Overall: Very satisfied with their work! Would definitely recommend and hopefully we can use them again in the future! More...


Wendy W.

23 December 2014

Pure clean has done a great job cleaning my carpet on two jobs this year. The first, Dog Poop: yep our golden retriever puppy didn't eat a cube of butter he ate the whole Costco block. I thought we were going to have to replace our light beige carpet. They came out next day. When I was disappointed that some residual smell and stained wicked up after the cleaning had dried the owner offered to come back and Spot treat the area to keep me as a customer. 5 STAR service on that one. Second problem: water damage. This issue I thought for sure would require us to replace the carpet. Unbeknownst to us the dehumidifier in the guest room had been overflowing for days maybe even weeks. I absorbed as much of the water with my housekeeper as we could with every towel in the house. Then put fans in the room to dry it out. Unfortunately, it left water damage stains that were dark tea brown on our light beige/cream carpet. I freaked out. We also were strapped for cash that month. I called around to compare prices but although other companies cost a bit less I didn't have confidence they would do as good a job as pure clean. When pure clean offered a coupon deal I jumped on it. Again they came the next day. Huge points on prompt service. However, now the stained water damage had been solidified in the caret for weeks making it tougher to fix while I waited for a coupon. They came out cleaned the water damage and made it look great.Saved the day and we didn't have to replace the carpet and got the moldy smell out of the room too. It's a company that comes with a dry clean van or truck with a hose thingy. It does a better job than a company who uses those spin a circle upright machines. The water temp they use is hot enough to kill mold, bacteria, etc. I think its 220 degrees. It's also pure water I think so no crazy chemicals to worry about if you have babies or pets. More...


Kim M.

22 December 2014

I used Pure Clean today for the first time - it was an emergency with the holidays a few days away, family arriving tomorrow and two new puppies (not potty trained).  Brandon came out and was so full of knowledge, very thorough with my options and did a walk thru as I also brought him to the children's playroom full of unknown stains.  A miracle worker, the carpets look new and I will definitely be using them again.  I highly recommend! More...


Jim B.

20 December 2014

This all happened so fast. We live in a 3-story townhouse and have white carpets. We have had a number of carpet cleaning companies come out and they NEVER are able to clean our stairs that come up to the main part of the house from our garage. They look perpetually dirty. To make matters worse, the Redmond Fire Dept had recently had to break into our house (an alarm went off while we were on vacation) and tracked their muddy boots down the stairs as well. I thought nothing could clean that carpet and that we would have to replace it. But Eric called us about 30 minutes before our appointment, asked if he could come early and I was thrilled to say yes. He was here within 15 minutes, said "I can clean that." An hour later he left and both our staircases and our high traffic area on our main floor was cleaned beyond my expectations. Two days later, we are still thrilled because it looks GREAT!!! Thanks you guys. They are my go-to carpet cleaners now. More...


Nicole H.

6 December 2014

Fantastic experience with Pure Clean. Brandon came out to our house, which was in dire need of carpet cleaning,  after he was done the carpets looked brand new. We would highly recommend Pure Clean to any friends or family. More...


Susan V.

26 November 2014

WOW! I cannot believe how clean and fresh my carpets are after having Pure Clean out for a cleaning. I have had other companies from the area clean my carpets but they never were as clean as this! I have 3 large dogs so my carpets take a beating, and of course the usual spilled coffee and candles! :-)  We had Vince from Pure Clean and I must say he was very professional, efficient, and most importantly to me he was ON TIME. Definitely will use Pure Clean from now on. More...


Yvonne B.

14 November 2014

Pure Clean did a fantastic job!  I have an asthmatic cat and I contacted them because I wanted a service that doesn't use chemicals. As an extra benefit their system appears to have pulled the drywall dust out of the carpet that was making her very sick. She hasn't had a major attack since Pure Clean serviced my home. Also, this is wall to wall carpeting that was in the house when I purchased it in 2005. I haven't no idea how old it is but it has certainly never looked cleaner than it does now. You can believe I'll use these folks again! More...


Son B.

18 October 2014

Great customer service.  Called to have our area rug cleaned.  It had not been done since purchase, which was in 2008,  Since then it has been walked on, spilled on, cat yacked on, and put through the usual torture an area rug gets.  I called Pure Clean because they were high on the yelp list, and because they answered their phone.  :)  I am so glad I did.  They picked up the carpet same day, and a week later, they delivered an fresh clean carpet.  It looked and smelled fresh and new.  They were great and I recommend them to anyone looking for a great product and great customer service. More...


Josh G.

17 October 2014

Great work, very professional and courteous.  Stephen was great! Would recommend this company without hesitation.


Pat B.

1 October 2014

Pure Clean called me to give me an ETA the morning of the appointment, showed up 10 minutes early, greeted me with a smile and a handshake, dressed very nice, and not in a big hurry. He took the time to walk my house so I could show him where to clean, a few spots I was concerned about that no one had been able to remove, and he said he would really try to do so. He got right to work and was at my house for over an hour. When it was done, he gave me clear instructions when it would be ok to put down my furniture that I had removed (chairs, side tables etc) and if I had some fans, which I did, to set them up as it would help dry the carpets faster ( it was a coldish, drizzly day).  I left for work when he left, and when I got home 5 hrs. later, all was completely dry.  My carpets have NEVER LOOKED BETTER and he was able to remove ALL the stains I was concerned about.  I am so happy!!!  I was considering replacing my carpets next year (installed in 2005) , but now I know I'm ok for a few years more at least.  They also cleaned my 2 couches, and they came out equally clean and look new again (no more pets!).The cleaning process that they use is the difference and it was worth a bit extra (not much extra!) to have Pure Clean.  I never use cheap carpet cleaners either, as I have a cleaning company and rental houses, and I'm really picky!  Overall, an excellent experience, and they have already done one of my rentals and will do others as they come up for lease.  I know there are many carpet cleaning companies out there, and I have used all the good ones,  and 'green' companies in the past, Pure Clean blew past them all. More...


Suhani P.

25 September 2014

Third time pure clean came good job as usual. One stain I noticed is still there but it was my fault for not double checking. The tech that came out did a good job overall and is very kind! Definitly will have them back again. More...


Jon L.

9 September 2014

I was really excited to have Pure Clean come out and clean our carpets as my friends have had good experiences with them.I glad we used them, they have a great staff and really care about the work they do.  I wouldn't have a problem recommending them to everyone. More...


Carolyn P.

25 August 2014

Due to time constraints, I needed service the very next day...I got it. I was told my window would be between 2 and 4. The driver actually called to let me know it would be closer to three...he was here around 2:30. He couldn't have been nicer...to me, my husband, our curious 7 year old, AND the dog. Did a fantastic job on the carpets. I would recommend them...ask for Brandon! More...


Julie L.

24 August 2014

Best carpet cleaning experience ever!I heard the ads for Pure Clean on the radio and when I needed my carpets cleaned, I looked them up online.  I was able to schedule my appointment online, received a quick courtesy call to confirm and set the date.  The tech arrived exactly when scheduled, I showed him the areas to be cleaned and he never suggested any additional services.  Upon my approval of the price quote, he got to work and finished exactly when he promised, leaving my house clean and fresh with no lingering "carpet cleaning" odor -- the carpets were fully dry within about 3 hours and they look perfect.  I'll definitely use Pure Clean in the future to maintain my carpets, area rugs and upholstery.  Peter was fantastic! More...


Adam K.

14 August 2014

Great company!!!Let me just say that we have used this company three times over the past few months to have move-in carpet cleaning completed, as well as to have a wool rug cleaned and a couch and loveseat cleaned.  This company may be a bit pricier than some of the other competition, but you do pay for what you get, in this case you are paying for excellent customer service as well as outstanding results!Not only are the receptionists courteous, friendly, and helpful, but the technicians are always prompt, professional, and they get the job done with excellent results!They are also environmentally conscious, which is really nice to see in a company.I will continue to use them for all future cleanings and treatments. More...


YelpFan F.

29 July 2014

Pure Clean cleaned my carpets last week and did a fantastic job.  There was cat urine odor in one room.  I chose Pure Clean because they guarantee satisfaction on their web site, but as soon as the service person learned of the urine odor, he explained that the satisfaction guarantee doesn't cover pet odors. I would have given them five stars, had they been transparent and forthcoming about this on their website.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pure Clean to friends and I would certainly use them again, but they lost a star choosing not to disclose this information. The pet odor is only noticeable if you put your nose to the carpet in the spot where the cat urinated, but the room itself has no noticeable odor and I have an excellent sense of smell. More...


Jason R.

16 July 2014

We hired the Pure Clean team to clean our carpets and they did a great job. The tech showed up on time, was courteous, and our carpets look great. The only slight glitch was that we had to remind them about a discount we were offered - if we hadn't we would have been charged more - but this is a minor issue. We'll hire them again next time! More...


Andrea B.

9 June 2014

We had Pure Clean come out and take care of our carpets when we moved out of our home. They were prompt, thorough and incredibly professional. Our carpets turned out beautifully and the price was very reasonable. Top notch company to work with! More...


April M.

5 June 2014

I made an appointment with Ben and they sent Eric out. He was on time and walked me through the house and explained everything. They really did a great job! We have 2 kids and a dog with some roughed up carpet spots and our whole house looks amazing. I loved the smell and the carpets look like new. These guys really are the best and I would recommend them to anyone. More...


A L.

8 May 2014

After posting my review, I received a phone call from Ben, who quickly and professionally rectified our poor experience.  Within a short period of time we had folks at our house, and they quickly (in less than an hour) replaced the filthy carpet free of charge. When the crew came they were fast, efficient, polite and did a good job.  Ben was sincere in his apology for the poor service we had received, and even made a kind gesture of sending us a dinner gift card to apologize for the poor experience.  I have to give him credit for coming back to complete the job right, and in the end, we got a very, very clean rug. Thank you :) More...


Pamela J.

2 May 2014

The Pure Clean group did a great job with my home.  Made an appointment on line.  Got a confirmation of my first time and date requested that same day.  They called the day before to confirm my appointment and set an approximate time the technician would be there.There was a wreck on the highway that morning, the technician called slightly before the appointment time to give me an update and revised time for arrival.  We all understand these things, and it wasn't a big problem for me, as we'd set aside that day for carpet cleaning.I had moved all my furniture beforehand, so Peter could have a good look at the home and our stains.  My cat had a pretty severe stomach bug for awhile, so even though we'd cleaned as well as we could, there were stains (not to mention the coffee and wine stains)Peter was able to get everything out, gave us tips for cleaning in the future, and BEST OF ALL...THE Carpets were NEARLY dry when he left!!  We just opened the windows, kept the fan going and they were dry in about 3 to 4 hours!!  Such a difference from a previous fly by night carpet cleaner.  I'll not be fooled again.  They are professionals in every sense of the word.  I'm a fan! More...


Keith H.

21 April 2014

Peter was very professional and explained the options for cleaning my heavily soiled carpet. Afterwards my carpet looked great.


Anna N.

16 April 2014

I had discovered an area on my carpet where there had been numerous "kitty accidents". Pureclean sealed the subfloor, replaced the piece of affected padding and thoroughly cleaned the carpet in that area. All was done and fresh as a daisy in 2 hrs.! More...


Cheryl V.

10 April 2014

My carpet looks fantastic! Vince was prompt, neat, friendly and did a great job on my carpets! Thanks Vince!


Beth D.

9 April 2014

I have a large dog that enjoys bringing the dirt inside!  My carpets now don't even look like I have a dog!  They are now the only company that I will call to clean my carpets. You will not be disappointed with this service!  Another plus is it doesn't take 24 hours to dry. The first room was dry even before they left!  Go above and beyond to make sure you are pleased with the service!  Can't wait to clean my carpets again!! More...


Brandon A.

25 March 2014

Great guys and very professional. Didn't try to upsell me on stuff I didn't need. Completely made the carpets look like new. Highly recommend


Chelsea B.

24 March 2014

This company is great! They were successfully able to get cat urine out of a memory foam mattress (I love my cat, but he seemed to think that peeing on my bed would teach me a valuable lesson about the fact that I brought home another cat).Really happy with their work. They even expedited the process without me having to ask (they just figured since, well, it's a bed it was kind of important ;-). Mattress and mattress topper smell good and are clean again! Everyone there was a pleasure to talk to. If anyone out there in Yelp Land is reading this then go ahead with them. It took several hours of calling/looking up carpet and upholstery cleaning  places before I found a company that could help me. (For some reason a lot of folks can't clean memory foam... or if they do they don't advertise it.) Hopefully this review saves you some time!Will continue using them in the future (although hopefully not for the same reason :-). More...


angela F.

13 March 2014

Peter gave great service, and my carpets look great!


Kathleen T.

10 March 2014

Zeb was a really cool guy.  He arrived right on time and explained the entire process well.  We have never used a commercial carpet cleaner before so I cannot compare this company to another, however, I can say my carpets are completely trashed and Zeb worked hard at them. He got stuff out that we were not sure would.  Some stains were still there but I'm not sure anything could get them out.  I love the bonus referral program they have and the fact they explain good ways to take care of your carpet.  I spent more than I had budgeted for but in the end we are happy. More...


Lynn M.

13 January 2014

This is my 3rd time using Pure Clean and every time I continue to be more impressed by this company. They arrived well within their time window and again protected my hardwood floors with pads and bumpers as their machine had a ways back to reach in my house.Their employees are cheerful and have a great can-do attitude. They explained about the type of stain, what they would do to remove and since it was such a small area and they have a $150 minimum trip charge, they offered to apply protectant at no charge as the carpet was brand new and they would be removing some of the protectant by cleaning.The stains all came out and the carpet looks like new. I like that their products are natural as I have several pets. Would highly recommend them and plan to use them to clean out my air duct vents as they are adding this service in the near future. More...


T-Bone B.

14 December 2013

Zeb from Pure Clean was GREAT!  Very professional, courteous, detailed and hard working!  I have white carpets and 2 black cats...one is barfy.  There's traffic soil and old barf stains that I'd worked on over and over with Folex, vinegar, oxyclean....you name it.  After showing Zeb the problem areas, he explained in detail how he would treat those areas and how he would address all the carpeting I asked him to clean.  Even at the last minute I asked if he could add stairs to the appointment, he happily accomodated my request.  All the stain treatment and cleaning was included in the price of the cleaning (of course, the stairs were an additional price, but that was expected)...and he didn't try to upsell anything.  Then he got to work.  The products used are all natural-based, smell fresh and clean.  He used high temperature water to assist the cleaning and a high-intensity extraction system to really remove the soil, stains and excess water ..and the proof that it all works was in the end results. The carpets look fantastic!  White carpets again!  I know they're truly clean and everything smells so fresh.  The stairs are the kicker...they look like new carpet was just laid!  We had talked about preventing the cat barf stains in the future to maintain the look and cleanliness of the carpets in the future, so Zeb applied a protectant across all the carpeting (even though there's really one room where this is a problem).  He also left me with a complimentary bottle of their spot cleaner.They guarantee their work.  If a problem area should arise (within 6 months of service), they'll come and get the stain out at no charge.  I was really impressed with this company, with Zeb and the great job he did.  My house will be ready to show off for my upcoming holiday parties and gatherings :)I would recommend Pure Clean to anyone wanting a professional carpet cleaning service!  Thanks, Zeb! More...


Jodi H.

21 November 2013

Eric did a wonderful job on the carpets. Even made my couch smell brand new. Very happy with their service and would use again.


Michelle A.

9 November 2013

I have had my carpets cleaned by Pure Clean several times and would not choose any other company to handle my carpet needs! They have the most up to date sophisticated equipment and stay up to date on the latest techniques in carpet care! When I got a new puppy and she had several accidents there was no doubt in my mind Pure Clean could get the smell out! Thank you Pure Clean! You will always have a repeat customer in me! More...


Ken A.

1 November 2013

I was going to rent a unit and do it myself.  Bad idea.  These guys are great.  The carpet looked new after they did a deep cleaning.


Irene P.

31 October 2013

I've put these guys to the test--I have a senior cat who is gastronomically challenged, shall we say, and  I've used Pure Clean three times in the past year.  Each time they arrive promptly, work quickly and pleasantly, and do a superb job with the stains my cat copiously produces.I think it's cool that Ben as a kid worked in his Dad's carpet cleaning business.  This guy knows cleaning!Best of all, the carpets don't get wet or wrinkled from the treatment  and it smells good too, no noxious chemical odor.This is a pleasant, local business and the very best value for your money. More...


magrit b.

20 September 2013

Zeb from Pure Clean cleaned our carpets and couches today. He showed up 5 minutes early (great!), explained the method Pure Clean uses in detail (no chemicals and therefor no harsh odors after cleaning) and did a fantastic job. Couches and carpet (both well used) look like new and the house looks and smells fresh and clean.  I'd give Zeb and Pure Clean 10 stars. More...


Carly C.

1 August 2013

These people were great! I have lived in the same condo for three years without a proper carpet cleaning.. (eeeek!). After reading some reviews about this place I decided to give them a try and I was very pleased with the outcome.The guy who worked at my place was awesome. He was so friendly and provided great tips for maintaining the work that was being done. He also was workin up a SWEAT! He took the job very seriously and did a bang up job. I live on the 4th floor so he had to use smaller tools (an IRON for steam) but he got the job done and told me multiple times I should call him and let him know if the stains came back because they stand behind their work, which I appreciate (but haven't had to do). Couple months later and I am still impressed. If I need any carpet cleaning I know where to go. More...


Jones E.

28 June 2013

Had Pure Clean do my carpets right before I put my house on the market.  The carpets looked fantastic when he was done!  Even my RE agent commented on how great the carpets looked.  Mind you, they were relatively clean prior to him coming out, but there were a couple little stains that the previous carpet cleaning company weren't able to get out that Pure Clean handled easily.  The carpet looked brand new, and in reality it is 7 yrs old.  I would definitely use Pure Clean again for our next house.  The only reason I took off 1 star was that the technician was a little too chatty, and the person I made the appt with was a little snippy on the phone (she seemed really busy, but still.....)  Overall, did not disappoint.  My carpets looked wonderful and I would definitely use them again. More...


Katie T.

20 June 2013

I have worked with Pure Clean on 2 different occasions to clean my apartment flooring. I worked with the same person both times and was more than impressed and pleased with the service and outcome. The staff are very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend for carpet cleaning! They normally have deals through out the year. Recommend getting on their mailing list for discounts. More...


Mary D.

3 June 2013

Pure Clean did an amazing job on the rental home I just moved into.  Vince was very professional and personable, and I appreciated the time he took and the little bits of advice he shared with me regarding a few other issues with my rental.I still can't get over my own before & after photos.  They did what I didn't think was possible!  I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anybody that asks! More...


Patricia K.

30 May 2013

I am getting my house ready to sell and the last thing I have time for is sitting at the computer, but I just had to take a second to rave about Pure Clean Carpet Co. and Eric who worked so hard to make me proud of my carpets again. He arrived within the promised window of time and made me feel like I was the only job of the day (I know he had one before me and was heading to another job after mind). I had a few special requests and was worried about how the pricing would go since I needed more than what the advertised special provided. I was surprised on so many levels. The emailed instructions helped me prepare ahead and yet Eric helped me move a few of the items that I couldn't move myself. He was able to remove stains that had been around for quite awhile and the entire job was reasonably priced with none of those dreaded "add ons" that I braced myself for. The carpets look great!This is a family operated business and you definitely feel the pride and personal attention. I may be moving, but I'm taking my carpet cleaner with me. Thanks Eric! More...


David C.

1 May 2013

I'll recommend Pure Clean if you are looking for someone to do a top quality job with the latest technology and equipment, environmentally friendly and safe cleaning methods, and are willing to pay for it.  The guy was excited to get work cleaning the carpets and did an excellent job.  I'm likely to use them again.Here is the overview:Scheduled the appt with no problem for the date/time I wanted.Showed up on time ready to go.Did a professional job using what appears to be the top of the line equipment.  They seem to take good care of their equipment and treat your home with equal respect.I could tell they were professional when they put bumper guards on all the corners and stair posts so their hoses wouldn't leave marks, even wore booties over their shoes to keep the floors clean, stuff like that, the little details that make a difference, they have it dialed in.I normally roll my eyes when I hear people talk about carpet cleaning chemicals somehow being environmentally friendly.  But I have to say from what I can tell, their system didn't use a bunch of suds and soapy foam like I'm used to seeing yet they got the carpets really clean.  They dried really fast too without any musty smells or funky chemical odors.The bottom line is the carpets got much cleaner and I'm very satisfied with the work they did, even though it wasn't cheap.  If you want minimum dry time with maximum dirt extraction, using the most environmentally and healthy cleaning system these are your guys. More...


Ty K.

29 April 2013

AMAZING!!! My carpet is like new again! From scheduling the appointment to the professionalism of the crew, Pure Clean is top notch!I was a little worried when my dog had vommited on the carpet, and then a little wine will spilled, but Pure Clean showed up and before I knew it, my carpet was soft and looking like new! I would HIGHLY recommend this carpet cleaning company, pricing is reasonable, the service was friendly and welcoming. I will definitely have my carpets cleaned again, and Pure Clean will be my first call when needed. More...


Heather L.

17 January 2013

Very very happy with the professionalism and result of Pure Clean. They just came out to our house and cleaned several large area rugs.  I thought their prices were reasonable and they did a great job.  No chemical smell and the carpets were almost completely dry by the time they left.  They offered a few additional products but were not obnoxious about it.   For a small additional fee they cleaned a spot on a wall-to-wall carpet upstairs.  They were great.  I'm a realtor and I would definitely use them or refer them to clients without any hesitation. More...


Laura P.

28 December 2012

Best of the best!! I'm so happy I took a friends recommendation to this company when I was in desperate need for carpet cleaning - I had hosted a holiday party and of course ended up having multiple kinds of stains, My carpets were in bad shape. It was like walking into a new house after they did their awesome cleaning job because it smelled so fresh and clean and my carpets looked completely different - like brand new!! Along with great customer service and fast and efficient work, I will most definitely use this company every time I need ANYTHING cleaned. More...


Paul P.

19 December 2012

Vince came out a couple minutes early!  Never hear that about a contractor-type-person.  He took a look at our carpets, made a few suggestions then quickly got to work.  When my wife returned home, she was thrilled with the results.  Thanks for a job well done. More...


Andrea C.

17 December 2012

Wow my carpets are white again! Best carpet cleaning I have had in years. Im ready for my Christmas dinnr and New Years guest!


Athena W.

7 December 2012

On time, professional, and conscientious.  In addition, Michael was friendly and informative.  They did a wonderful job.  Carpet looks great.  I'd definitely use them again. More...


Glenda P.

16 October 2012

Wow, what clean, fresh-smelling carpets I have now!  Vince even cleaned an area rug that I thought was a goner, and it looks great.  The carpets dry so fast!  This was my 2nd time, and I'm a raving fan! More...


Jillian H.

22 August 2012

Absolutely Top Notch!If you have "pet issues" with your carpet or you are just looking for an absolute professional- you've found him! Ben with Pureclean is far and above any carpet cleaning company I've dealt with, and trust me- I've dealt with them all. Ornery Shih Tzu's and a rental home will get you acquainted with carpet cleaners real quick.Pureclean is exactly the type of business you would want to come care for your floors, whether you have "pet issues" or simply want to keep a clean and healthy home. The Pureclean system is unmatched, from the special- purified water (not bummed off your hose), to the environmentally safe and effective products used that leave your carpet clean and smelling fresh (not perfumy ;)Last but certainly not least- Ben's utter professionalism, consideration and compassion. As a small business owner myself, its very important that I spend wisely while trying to support local businesses. I can whole heartedly say, Ben with Pureclean makes that easy!Thank you Ben More...


Laura C.

22 June 2012

I hired Pure Clean to get very difficult dog stains and urine odor out of my carpet.  I was amazed at what a difference the cleaning made, and I feel proud of my carpet again!  Ben took the time to hand-press a hot iron on the pet stains, use a lightening solution, and rake the carpet (very Zen-like!) for a wonderful looking result that smelled great. He even discussed simple cleaning solutions I could try at home, and I could tell he really cared about my needs.  I highly recommend this family-based company to anyone looking for true customer satisfaction!  The minimum price is $200 (absent any other deal), but it is money well-spent. More...


Kayti R.

24 February 2012

I have enjoyed every experience with Pure Clean. Setting up my appointment was simple and quick and they were great to accommodate with my schedule. Eric has been the one to clean my carpets both times and he does an outstanding job. When he arrived he was professional and very knowledgeable about carpets and the cleaning process.  I have two cats and was getting ready for the arrival of our first baby, so getting the carpets clean without all the harsh chemicals was a must. That's exactly what Pure Clean did. My carpets were like new by the time Eric left and I look forward to having them back to clean again before baby starts crawling. Thanks Pure Clean! I've also referred my parents and Pure Clean cleaned their carpets as well and did a fabulous job. Even my dad was happy with the job they did, and that says A LOT ;-) More...


casey r.

29 August 2011

Great service!  They came by and did some fantastic work on our carpets. It was great to know they did chemical free carpet cleaning and they even do oriental rugs. They were fast, affordable, and best of all they were very courteous to my family.  I will definitely use this carpet cleaning service again!  5 stars for sure More...


padget d.

24 July 2011

I have used Pure Clean carpet cleaning twice now and they are the BEST! Seriously, the customer service can not be beat and they do an excellent job! Both Ben and Eric are super friendly and down to earth. So easy to talk to and do business with. They definitely come highly recommended! They're affordable and my carpets have never looked better! More...


Molly S.

20 July 2011

The cleaning process was painless from setting up an appointment to the cleaning day. Eric came on time. He cleaned my carpet meticulously and paid attention to dirty area. My carpet is now very clean! All dirty spots from my dogs disappear. My carpet looks like new. Thanks Pure Clean! I highly recommend this company to anyone! More...


Scott S.

22 February 2011

Extremely impressed & satisfied with Pure Clean!We needed a large amount of carpet cleaned and shopped around at many places before going with Pure Clean.  Their product & service seemed impressive to us as we have children and wanted something "eco" friendly without the lasting residue and smell of chemicals.  The technician who came out was prompt & professional with the quote and got to work right away on the cleaning.  The carpets & couch look fantastic and dried quickly.  No smell, residue, or anything concerning to pets, kids, etc. after the cleaning.Would defiantly use again & highly recommend! More...


Art W.

22 February 2011

Pure Clean is by far the best carpet cleaning company I have ever worked with.  We had a dog who had a problem with accidents in the house after he became sick.  Eric came out to asses and not only did an excellent job of cleaning all the carpets with their green technology, but he completely removed the stains and smells from the accident area.  The best part is that our 1 yr old son was crawling around 4 hours later with no sticky residue or "bleach" smell left behind. More...


Corinne K.

15 February 2011

Ben did a fantastic job. He also took his time to explain how to keep the air around my house cleaner. The carpets look like if they had been bought and installed yesterday. I can't thank you enough and am looking forward to seeing you next year. I am considering your air cleaner as well and will definitely give you a call for any future cleaning needs I may have. I recommend PureClean for their professionalism, friendliness and the fact that it is a locally-owned company. Corinne P. More...

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