Pure Barre The Woodlands

Pure Barre The Woodlands

Pure Barre The Woodlands locationEgypt, Texas

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Pure Barre The Woodlands Reviews

Pure Barre The Woodlands Reviews

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Hilary Johnson
5 09/07/2018 Hilary Johnson

The best workout I’ve had in years. Great staff that’s super friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Class schedule offers a variety of times and the studio is so clean and well kept.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Edward Buonanno
5 29/05/2018 Edward Buonanno

This is my husbands email. I love this class its just what I was looking for. To build up the parts of the body that are week like my core. The instructors are awesome also. I highly recommend it. ;) :)

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Jammie
5 23/05/2018 Jammie

The staff is amazing and very helpful. It’s a good, low impact workout that can be modified to fit most people’s needs.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Sadie W
5 28/03/2018 Sadie W

The alden bridge location is conveniently located and they have a clean, nice studio. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Amber Cappello
5 19/01/2018 Amber Cappello

I am new to Pure Barre and I have to say I am loving all of the challenges and elements that go into this complete body workout! The instructors are so friendly and helpful. I am impressed with how clean and organized the studio is. I am excited to become a member once my intro month is complete!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Brandy Ogg
1 12/01/2018 Brandy Ogg

I was told by co-owner Jaimee Myers that I cannot workout at this studio because the receptionist mistakenly charged the wrong credit card ( my ex boyfriends which was on file) for a pair of yoga pants that I purchased. I corrected the problem and was called a thief and that I intentionally caused a $58 chargeback to “steal” from their business. Very unprofessional immature business people here. This was AFTER I had taken 100 classes there.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Samantha Hardin
5 06/01/2018 Samantha Hardin

Great facility with easy parking. Helpful and efficient staff and quality instructors. The workout is intense and fast-paced, yet effective and varied. It is clear the practices are research-based. Classes and merch are expensive, so it is good to have options for discounts and more affordable packages; I hope they will continue to offer these!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Pamela Westlake
5 01/12/2017 Pamela Westlake

Absolutely enjoyable! Challenging enough to make you feel it the rest of the day, if not the week, but not too hard on those abused joints.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Amber Smith
5 24/11/2017 Amber Smith

Pure Barre is such an amazing workout and a great way to challenge your muscles in a new, different way. Even if you feel like you're in shape, these classes will have you shaking! Such a wonderful, friendly studio.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Jolie Clifton Turner
5 Jolie Clifton Turner

Absolutely love Pure Barre!! I have been going for almost a year now and it's by far my favorite workout!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Holly Ann Flaskamp
5 Holly Ann Flaskamp

Absolutely love this workout! There is no other workout like it! You will become stronger and toner in just a short time! I am hooked!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Julie Morgan
5 Julie Morgan

Love the workout and love the girls! They are fun, qualified, and MOTIVATING!!! I have never seen results like I have with Pure Barre The Woodlands. So happy I took that first class. I must admit that I am addicted.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Tai Prince
5 Tai Prince

New found love of Pure Barre is shocking and exciting. I practice at home for class. The ladies at PB The Woodlands are excellent. My body has changed so much in the 1.5 months I've been doing it. And it's AWESOME!!!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Kim Mease Cantwell
5 Kim Mease Cantwell

I've enjoyed every class. Great low impact workout. Not easy, but really makes you focus on individual muscles. Fast paced and takes some time to get the moves.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Leigh Fontana
5 Leigh Fontana

Love everything about Pure Barre The Woodlands! The staff and instructors are top notch and friendly....no "snootieness" that can sometimes happen at smaller fitness places. Two months into attending classes 3-5 times per week the work is paying off for me.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Jennifer Kelley Bruse
5 Jennifer Kelley Bruse

Such an amazing place! Awesome instructors, clean beautiful location, and an incredible workout! I just took my first class, had a blast, and can't wait to go again soon :)

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Niveen Kassis Prado
5 Niveen Kassis Prado

As challenging as this class was it was awesome! It was my first time taking a barre class and definitely not my last! Thanks for a great class, Jamie!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Julia Miller Dell
5 Julia Miller Dell

Love this place, the owners, the instructors, the people, I could go on and on!!! Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Stacy Anderson Carter
5 Stacy Anderson Carter

Fabulous studio. I have only done Pure Barre in CO and this was hands down the best class I've taken. Jamie was amazing! I highly recommend her and the Woodlands studios!!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Amy Shields Hairr
5 Amy Shields Hairr

Awesome workout that delivers amazing results...I joined 7 months ago almost to the day & my booty has never looked better!! Plus, all the core work has seriously improved my posture. Can't say enough wonderful things about my Pure Barre family...LBT Ladies!!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Ashley Atwood Paulsen
5 Ashley Atwood Paulsen

I absolutely love this workout! It's unpredictable enough that you don't get burned out and predictable enough to know what to expect. The instructors challenge you and you want to get better the longer you come. The camaraderie of working out with these women of all ages and fitness levels is inspiring! I ❤️purebarre!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Jessica Luna
5 Jessica Luna

I am new to Pure Barre but what I love about it is that I can feel it working in my muscles all day and it is not hard on my knees!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Courtney Swonke
5 Courtney Swonke

I just got home from my first Pure Barre workout and I LOVED it!!! I will definitely keep coming back. Instructors are amazing and everyone is super sweet and encouraging. No judgement at all at this place which makes you feel super comfortable!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Lezlie Brackett Herm
5 Lezlie Brackett Herm

I love this workout and the studio/teachers are top notch. It has helped me start to bounce back more quickly than ever before by doing it during and after my third pregnancy. I also really like that I can get such a great workout without it taking a toll on my joints.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Courtney Gould Pelletier
5 Courtney Gould Pelletier

Small movements that bring BIG change! I love that every workout is different and keeps my muscles guessing. The staff are all amazing--so encouraging, helpful, and friendly! Going to class if definitely a high light of my day. Try it and you will be hooked!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Lacey Love
5 Lacey Love

I just finished my 5th class and I already can tell I'm getting stronger and more flexible. Most people have said give it 10 classes to decide if Pure Barre is for you, but I can tell you after Day 2, I was hooked. It's low impact and a fast-paced 55-minutes of class, but I feel so good afterwards. All of the instructors, have been so encouraging and helpful. The people in the class have been so welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend Pure Barre.

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Tayler Azar
5 Tayler Azar

My mom & I signed up for a 2 week trial package last January and by the end of the 2 weeks we were both addicted! I have always worked out, but had to force myself to go and never really enjoyed what I was doing. Pure barre is the first workout where I really look forward to going and can see the results and toning all over my my body. The staff is amazing, always helpful and motivating, and they change up the workouts every class so you're always doing something different. I could not be more pleased with how Pure Barre has made me feel! I love that it's a super tough workout, that I can enjoy with my mom as well! :)

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Selma Brochard-Malkoc
5 Selma Brochard-Malkoc

I'm in my third week and really starting to get addicted to that feeling after PB workout. I'm a yoga person and never imagined I would fall in love with anything else. But I truly did � It was not love at the first sight as I went home frustrated but after third class I was sure I would not give up just like that. Though I just had my 9th class but definitely can feel first changes in my body. All the instructors are friendly, encouraging and supportive. Give it a try you will not regret it!

Review of Pure Barre The Woodlands by Heather Flynn
5 Heather Flynn

I have been attending Pure Barre classes since August of 2017 and am about to complete my 100th class! These class are tough, different than anything I have every done and most importantly fun! All the instructors truly seem invested in your progress and are so welcoming. They offer multiple classes at two locations so no matter what your schedule looks like there is a class available. I highly recommend just taking the first step and signing up for your first free week.

Pure Barre The Woodlands

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