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Psychic Readings Burlington



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Linda N.

5 October 2019

I got a gift card from a friend to “Psychic Readings in Burlington”. I was excited but honestly also nervous, I've had my cards read about 8-10 times other places. Most hit some things on the money but it's pretty obvious things based on my age etc. Some past people have been crazy vague. I didn't know what I'd get this time. No-one I know has gone here. Natasha read my Tarot cards and we were very easily talking while she turned over the cards. She hit many things exactly what I thought she may say. Other things were funny as I didn't see them that way, then she'd give more details and I was like oh wow yeah, that's so true. She talked about family, personality, work, relationships. (Past, Present and Future) There were things I thought oh wow that's so true. Somethings I felt like no one else could guess or even find if they did an online search ball about me. I enjoyed the time. I was there over 2 hours. If you have a time restraint tell her. I didn't and I loved all the info she was saying as I agreed with almost all of it. I'll be back to her for sure. More...


Ari Ross

18 May 2019

I recomed that Natasha Miller is the best psychic reader .


Julie P.

15 December 2017

I highly recommend visiting Natasha for guidance if you have any questions about what the future holds or if you feel that your life has gone wayward a little bit. I recently had a 1-2 year Tarot Reading done with Natasha. Her reading was spot on. There was a couple of things that even came up in her reading that I had hoped for in my life but I have never mentioned to a single soul. I found my experience with Natasha to be both eye opening and reflective. More...


Pjay S.

1 October 2017

Natasha is excellent she hit everything on the nail she is knows he stuff she has a gift both psychic and medium she has helped me you will no be disappointed


Billy Sarno

23 July 2017

i highly recomend natasha she is amazing she is very accurate such a very nice women on top of it if anybody can solve your problems its natasha


Carlos Cianflone

10 July 2017

Her reading is the best! It is always very accurate!


Love Reema

9 July 2017

One of the best readings I had � highly recommend this place


Andrea Perez

9 July 2017

Natasha has a truly amazing ability! She is honest, upfront and does not lead you in any way. Any questions on ANY aspect of your life, she can help!!


sunni g.

23 August 2016

Would someone respond to me please,  I've been calling for a reading and have left 3 messages with no response.  Does it take a long time to get appointment for a reading? Thank you, Girl in need.


Linda D.

22 February 2016

I have had two readings by Natasha. Very detailed, specific, and accurate. The things from two years ago came to come and I was able to be proactive with her advice to change the course with my older son. She was spot on with my past. She helped my three kids and I with two life coach sessions as well as she is trained as a life coach. I just had my second reading this weekend and I came away relieved and calmer about my five year future. Make an appointment today More...


Debra S.

13 February 2016

I went to see Natasha many times yrs ago. She exceeded my expectations, her accuracy for the past present and future were right on point. I found her to be compassionate and fun and most of all does not rush you! She told me about the wonderful man I was going to marry and about a very successful business I was to open...she could not have more right!!! I went again just recently and again she exceeded my expectations!! I would highly recommend Natasha! I wonder if she does house parties I'll have to check that out!! That would be a fun!! More...


Christine A.

6 December 2015

Natasha is truly the real deal! Great reading. She spoke very clearly and took her time. No limit to the time we spent and worth every penny. Also told me to come back if I had questions for free. She was amazing and helped me with a questions that I had been asking myself. Must go see her will truly guide you with whatever you maybe facing in life. More...


George W.

27 June 2015

I feel that this person is lying I've been going to Natasha since 10 years now she does not like to talk about death or involve people's children I feel that that review is just a jealous competitor towards her.... She is amazing person she's always been there for me through thick and thin shame on how someone can be so jealous of her More...


Melissa M.

27 June 2015

I had first met Natasha back in January of 2013 and this was my initial review for google back then Later on in this review I have updated it.I shuffled my cards, and put them down and she asked me to shuffle them again because my head wasn't clear and I was thinking too fast. Right then I knew I had a good reader here. With the first 5 sentences she had me in tears because she could really see what was going on in my life. Her predictions have been correct for the most part, and I even waited about a month to write this review so that I knew that what I was writing was true. She is very gifted, very honest, very trustworthy, very active in the community, and she spoke with me for an unlimited amount of time. Her bluntness is what kept me talking, it was like a therapy session in a way and honestly I have been so positive ever since. I have gained back an independence that she saw that I had lost. She's literally given me internal power to get out of the awful funk I was in, and become more productive, healthy, and better overall.Even if you feel like you don't need to know anything in particular its a very pleasing experience to have your cards read. I recommend this and her to anyone and everyone I speak to about card readings and needing help in general. :)Updated 6/5/15I am so lucky to have found her, I have had two readings in the last couple months to answer questions about where I was in life and what is surrounding me that I was so blind to be aware of and I think that's what a lot of us need at times... what she sees holds very much truth in who we are as people at that particular time and gives us the proper guidance to make the right decisions and gives options and lets us know what each path will bring. I am willing to bet that she is far more intelligent than what she shows. She can see what is truly going on and did not falter in anything. Everything she saw was true.She has recently worked very closely with me on getting myself back to the person I had lost. I have gained self awareness and self love. She has been helping me ground myself and helping to re balance my chakras so I can have peace and live with a clear mind. Her energy alone can bring you into a positive light and I am so thankful to have her work so closely with me.I honestly cannot praise her enough, if you are seeking guidance on how you can make your path the best and happiest for you, you must see her.6/27/15Even after a month after Natasha helped me I am still on a journey to becoming more awakened and being in tune with everything around me. Being grounded. I am so thankful that I have had such an inspiring guide like Natasha, I recommend her to all my friends.Anyone who posts slander seems to have jealousy in their hearts and may feel threatened by Natasha's natural gift. She would never instil pain or suffering by any means, to me nor my family. She never talks, predicts, or speaks as if she knows of death, never ever ever!! I hope that God be with them to help them see the right path. More...


terrie o.

11 March 2015

I have been to a few psychics in my life and have had the pleasure of meeting Natasha. She was extremely accurate about my life and everything that was going on. Not only did she know what was going on she also helped me to understand why, what, when and how. I was not in a good place when I was there, but she helped me to realize what I needed to do. I can happily say that, I'm in a better place today because of her. :)) More...


Shakia W.

17 December 2014

This will be my 2nd time going to Natasha. I've had readings in the past, but none seem to be as accurate as her. Very accurate when it came to advice about my current relationship and career moves. She is very honest and provides good advice with the readings. I will definitely recommend going to her if your looking for someone honest and worth the money! More...



7 May 2013

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the predictions come to pass... Natasha was spot-on with my current relationships. She is great. I would HIGHLY recommend her. And very generous with her time. She is lovely! More...



6 April 2013

I have been to many psychics and not had the type of reading that I have received from Natasha. She is very accurate in all that she reads, and after I left some of the things she saw in my cards started to happen, which was crazy to me....she's very knowledgable and knows her stuff....after I went to her I brought my co worker, my sister and my mom and they all felt the same...I would recommend her to anyone and will not get read by anyone else... More...



6 April 2013

I have always had psychic readings done by different people but I must say no one has ever been as accurate as Natasha has been, she will tell you straight out, good or bad. I will recommend anyone to go to her. She the real deal. More...



28 March 2013

Natasha is the real deal. She is extremely accurate! The readings she gives are always detailed. You will not believe it until you go see her. She is very honest and all about giving a great reading. She loves to help people and gives great advice. I'd definitely recommend going to see what she is all about. I promise you will not be disappointed! More...



1 March 2013

I went to see Natasha a little over a week a go and let me tell u, She was rite on the money about everything, she told me things NO 1 knew except me, I left her office in amazement. She tells u just how it is the good, the bd, and the ugly. Thank U again Natasha More...



15 December 2012

Natasha is the best. she is the real thing. I have seem anyone like her. I never told her anything about my life. when I got their.I sat down and she begin to read me and she was so on point that it freak me out. More...



15 December 2012

The best ever!! Everything she said was on the spot. Things no one ever known about me she knew. She is amazing and is very honest and real. She says it how it is. She gives u plenty of time and never rush.. totally recommend her More...



22 October 2012

I found this psychic through an internet search and thought I'd try it out. She is very honest and down to earth. Shes very admirable in her work and gives you her honesty. She doesn't entertain ideas, but will try her best at giving you the most accurate reading, which she did for me. She's very wonderful and I highly recommend her if you are interested in honest clear accurate readings. More...



16 August 2012

She's the REAL deal. She told me things that nobody else knew about me. She very blunt but that's what you need, a person who won't sugar coat anything. She gives you time to ask questions and doesn't rush you. She'll well worth the wait and money. More...



5 June 2012

I came to Natasha drawn by all her good reviews I found and I was anxious to find someone who really knew what they were talking about! I came to the right place because Natasha was so descriptive about who I am in her Tarot Reading. She is very honest and extremely accurate in everything she said about my past and future. I have felt a great weight lifted since I started seeing her and I've seen great results with her consultations. I made the mistake of going to someone else before her and I wasted so much time! I wish I had gone to her first. She has helped reach stability in my love life. Natasha is worth every penny and I'd recommend her to everyone thats looking for some guidance in their lives! More...



19 May 2012

Like the previous comment, I was on the hunt for a good psychic reading without the fluff or super general ""Boston Herald"" Astrology reading. I came across Natasha and decided to give her a try. The information she spoke about wasn't general at all...it was so specific it was almost scary. She knew things I kept from my best friends for 12 years. Natasha has become my go to girl because she is not only accurate, but also extremely friendly. She is also blunt which is why I like her more because she isn't going to water anything down. She gives it to you straight, so if you can't handle the truth about your past, present and future...then continue reading the ""Boston Herald"" Astrology. Her gifts are beyond amazing!!! Thanks you Natasha!!! More...



13 February 2012

I have been on the hunt for a good psychic reading for quite some time now. So, I did some research on the internet to see what I could find. That is when I came across Natasha. I read rave reviews and thought I would give her a try. My tarot card reading was amazingly accurate. Within the first few minutes of my reading my mouth dropped wide open in awe and I knew she was for real. I had so many questions and doubts going into my reading that Natasha gave me clarity on. She has helped me a great deal and I am so thankful I found her. Thank you, Natasha! More...


Kerri s

4 January 2012

I was told of Natasha by a friend who said she was amazing and to my surprise it was the most amazing accurate so truthful experience I ever had. Natasha was very straight forward and and totally Honest about my relationship and what she predicted an I didn't believe until it all came true just like she said. Everything that she said has happened . If I can say one thing it was worth the drive to Burlington Ma. she gave 3 free days for any questions and was Patient..Natasha is truly Real Psychic! I have returned for more reading and it each time she amazes me with her details and accuracy description and I like the no time limit on her reading. I have also taken family and friends to her.. Thank you NATASHA :) More...



28 July 2011

I have to say that Natasha is the real deal!! Her reading was worth every penny and at a very reasonable price. My reading was over 1 hour and Natasha described things in my life, that were so accurate and she pegged my family dynamics so well. I've never had this sort of reading, but she goes deep into details and is right on the ball! She's truly gifted and is sincere and genuine. So far what she predicted is coming true, slowly and surely. I'm so curious to see if her other predictions will come true. Natasha is truly gifted, and offered me the guidance I needed. It's definitely worth giving her a call, you'll be pleasantly surprised!! More...



2 July 2011

I have been going to Natasha for about a year. I keep returning because her predictions ALWAYS comes true. She never ceases to amaze me on her accuracy. She is patient, honest, straight forward and has a beautiful soul. If your looking for true clarity she is definitely worth the trip. More...



3 December 2010

I went to Psychic Reading in Burlington.. Greeted by the psychic who fully explained all the readings helping me decide which 1 was best for me. I decided Tarot Card reading, All I can say it was AMAZING..I was blown away by her accuracy I had this done back in October ans waited to see if predictions were true.. She was 100% accurate she said pregnant in Nov.. I found out I'm pregnant hooray!!!! :) This place was one of the best reading I have ever had and will return again Thank you Psychic Readings!!! More...



18 August 2009

I was by Natasha she did the Tarot Cards for me, I was recommend by some friends who have been seeing her for years. I truly cant say i believed or not believed in psychic but my friend swore by her and new i needed guidance in my work & of course relationship. Natasha just as my friends said astonished me maybe a little to blunt with honest for me lol,but truly a gifted women who ill not b a fraid to tell,ou what it is you need to know like Im forcing relationship thats not meant.:( at the time i was mad but she was right it didn't work she said 8 weeks it last almost 9 weeks. I can go on on.. this reading went on for well over 1hour she covered everything and more then i expected this get 2 ^^ up from me. I Would definitely be back real soon. Met the guy she told me about need to make sure he the 1. Thank You Natasha 0 0 )---( More...