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Allison Meadows

30 June 2019

Ty has been instrumental in solving some issues related to my now deceased father’s will that involved a drug-addicted brother who stole car titles. He was able to find him and serve papers that may have otherwise gone unserved by the county sherriff’s office. Ty has experience in finding people when you cannot, and drawing information out of them in ways you only see in the movies. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a PI who can make things happen when nobody else can. More...


Paul David Kurts

30 June 2019

Ty Fincher is a skilled professional in the PI industry who helped my family immensely through a very challenging situation. He is dedicated to providing excellent and unmatched service to his customers, and he’s just a nice guy. Thanks Ty! More...


Jason Moore

29 November 2018

My girlfriend and I went to see Josef about an unfortunate situation in our relationship. Out of desperation, I was trying to prove my innocence about some accusations. After explaining what we considered to be somewhat of a unique situation, Josef was very understanding and empathetic. He ensured us that he had seen enough in his career that nothing would surprise him or make him judge others so it made us more comfortable sharing the situation with him. He showed a personal interest in the situation and treated us like people instead of just clients. Yes, I gave up one of my man cards and let a private investigator scan my current smart phone and my deactivated one... all to prove my faithfulness and loyalty to the woman I just knew for sure I was supposed to be with. I would have gone to the ends of the earth to prove my loyalty to her and this was the next logical (or illogical) attempt.Josef was able to prove there was no hidden or deleted incriminating information. It did take a little longer than we were originally told, which just prolonged the anxiety of the situation. I equated this to the fact that while we were having our initial consultation with him, he received numerous calls. This just tells me that his services are highly sought after and he has to multitask cases. Although the results of the investigation wasn't enough to satisfy my now ex-girlfriend's "gut feeling," Josef did a great job and I got the results I expected. The point is, everyone goes through junk in life that we may not be proud of or want the world to know, but Josef doesn't make you feel embarrassed about your situation. He'll jump on board with you and immediately go to work. I would highly recommend his services. Reviewer’s name has been changed to protect the identity of people involved. More...


Isaiah Jacobs

28 May 2018

I can't speak for the company as a whole, but I was completely satisfied with the work that Ty Fincher a.k.a. Joseph from Proofnet did for me during my divorce. He wasn't able to get the smoking gun evidence of an actual video of my wife engaging in adultery with her boss. But he provided enough circumstantial evidence to save me from having to pay any alimony whatsoever. The price I paid (in the form of a retainer- they only let attorneys and businesses pay after the fact) was pretty much on par with the estimates I got from the two other PIs I called. All in all, I consider my divorce agreement a "win" because of the work that Ty did for me. More...


Benjamin Khammar

28 May 2018

Prompt, professional, and get good at their job. I was thoroughly impressed. A+


Chris Machen

28 May 2018

If you’re looking for solid proof then look no further that Proofnet. Professional and discreet. They leave no stone unturned.


J Green

28 May 2018

Quiet professionals with unmatched experience. The place to turn to solve all kinds of problems. To top it off, a pleasure to work with—a perk you wouldn't expect find in this industry. ProofNet makes it easy.

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