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Daira C.

4 April 2019

As soon as you get in to the parking you are greeted by your tour guide . The ambiance is so serene with acres of exotic garden life and trees all around. Donna was an amazing tour guide and so knowledge about her plants and trees and flowers as well as the history behind each one and their medicinal purposes. Throughout the tour your able to taste the fruits or coffee nibbles straight from the source ! And half way through you get to try different chocolate tasting from different chocolate masters work from around the world and learn about each of its origins and taste ! I recommend this tour to anyone even children to understand about our earth and learn a thing or two about our surroundings . Check them out I am for sure coming back with my family. More...


Catherine S.

26 February 2019

This garden is a dream for any photographer. Besides knowing the name of most plants, our guide Kirra had many little anecdotes to tell us. Of course, the cacao and chocolate demonstration was a plus but I enjoyed the beautiful grounds most. More...


Nancy S.

19 February 2019

Don't let negative reviews dissuade you, this is a gem for people who enjoy a peaceful stroll in nature and thoughtful presentation of information.  We just spent a wonderful morning at Princeville Botanical Gardens.  We were initially concerned that a 3-hour tour would be too long, but it was beautiful and informative.   We visited the upper garden for the first 1 hr 15 min followed by a chocolate tasting for 30 min presented by a cacao farmer and chocolate farmer (seated in covered area in garden) and then visited the lower garden for 1 hr 15 min.   Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and paced it just right.  Don't miss this! More...


Maggie A.

18 January 2019

I think we lucked out. We got the head farmer who knew every plant, tree and bird. I'm more of a gardener than a chocolate enthusiast, so I asked some hard questions, and found the whole thing well done and charming. Limited native Hawaiian species except for palms. This is more of a collection of rare plants from everywhere. More...


Amy S.

15 January 2019

We decided to do this tour for our last day in Kauai, and it was the perfect way to finish the trip. Our tour guide was Brad, and he was excellent! He knew just about everything about every plant and we just had a fun and relaxing morning walking around. The little stops were well paced, and I thought trying the different fruits along the way was fun too. The chocolate tasting was delicious and also informative! We even had the chance to try some cacao beans directly from the trees on the property. Overall a really great experience, thanks again Brad!Also worth noting, the staff provided walking sticks, umbrellas, and bug spray. Very thoughtful of them for those of us who might not be very prepared! More...


Rochelle T.

17 August 2018

What a wonderful adventure! You can wear rugged sandals if you don't mind a bit of mud. Terrific use of time. You can come back later in the week on a tour day, for a self guided tour or bring your own lunch. Make sure you call ahead if you are doing the latter. Wonderful! Not commercialized. Plan to tip guide- well worth it. More...


Patricia S.

6 July 2018

This is our 10th trip to Kauai and somehow we missed this gem before. What a BEAUTIFUL place to visit and we highly enjoyed eating all the chocolate. Honestly if you are staying in Princeville I promise you this is a must do! More...


Ignacio C.

5 June 2018

Enjoyed it! I recommend Harold as the guide. He brought a lot of energy and livelihood to the tour. Great vegetation and views. The cocoa farm part was less than what we wanted but the chocolate tasting and explanation were good.  Would consider going back for a lunch and without kids. More...


Linda B.

1 May 2018

One of the highlights of our 12 days on Kauai!  Our guide Harold was delightful and very knowledgeable. Who knew there was so much involved in making chocolate?  We were here a few weeks after the historic rains that closed the road past Hanalei and the garden's three bridges were victims of the flooding. We still saw plenty of amazing and beautiful plant life and will return to experience the garden area across the Anini (sp?) river. More...


Chris D.

30 March 2018

After a week of adventure we were looking for a change of pace. This small, family run Garden was perfect. Mary Lou was knowledgeable and interested in sharing.  The education on chocolate, and the tasting of course!, were a hit.  The information on the many uses of canoe plants kept a 10 and 11 year of boy entertained for a hour, which is quite a feat for a walking tour. More...


Jack J.

2 January 2018

A beautiful property, a great tour and a really nice way to spend the morning.  Tour guide Henry was funny and very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the plants.  Chocolate tour was fun and informative.  Seemed a little expensive at first, but worth the money and I enjoy supporting efforts in preserving our environment and educating people.  Highly recommend it if you enjoy plants, outdoors or just want to see a really nice kept property.  Well Done! More...


Cindy P.

29 December 2017

Loved the tour. Was raining when we started, which I thought was even better. We had brought our own umbrellas, which I recommend, although they did have some rain ponchos for those who needed it. Once the sun came out so did the mosquitoes. I got eaten alive but the other 2 in my party didn't get bit at all (story of my life). Our guide was really great and really informative on everything. Even gave us a great recommendation on where to eat close by. The fruit tasting was very cool, and the chocolates were good as well. We did have some trouble finding the place, but the guides were all over it and even called us 20 minutes ahead of time to make sure we could make it and got us back on track to make the tour in time. Would definitely go back. More...


Barbara L.

8 December 2017

I am passionate about gardens and have been on many garden tours, including many in Hawaii.  This was one of the best ever!  I was so impressed with what this family from San Diego has done to these 9 acres since they purchased it back in 2002 or so.  It is gorgeous!  Brad, our tour leader, knew so much about all of the plants and explained so much.  At strategic points on the walk through the gorgeous terraces, he stopped to offer us samples of some of the tropical fruits grown here.  There was an excellent talk about honey bees and the threat of colony collapse with good suggestions about what we home gardeners can do to help.  Midway through the walk, we had a great talk about chocolate with many wonderful tastes of the various types.I cannot recommend this tour more!  It was gorgeous, relaxing, educational and TASTY!  Kudos to the Robertson family for creating this meditative space in paradise for us visitors to enjoy.  Can I move in please? More...


Christine B.

4 December 2017

This was a wonderful walk through many many different varieties of plants summer which are not available the last plants so it's a one of a time kind tour I suggest that if you have the time and patience and dumb and if you like to taste chocolate and learn some things about chocolate as well it's the most awesome garden I've been to in a very long time great walk


Ano N.

11 November 2017

The gardens were phenomenal, definitely the best botanical garden I've been to. The tour did run longer than expected and the tour guide was very long winded, too many anecdotes. We could visibly tell others in the tour group were ready to get moving near the end but the tour kept getting extended. More...


Mario B.

20 October 2017

The Best Botanical Garden My wife and I visited. We totally enjoyed the tour as Brian the the tour guild partake his expertise in the plant species.  We also had the change to learn about chocolate. The owner and son are so gracious giving us the history background of the property. The following day after the tour we came back to purchase some Noni leather. But we forgot the item back in the farm for we were too attentive to the Master Gardener Michael about his stories. We came back to Saan Diego and found out what happened and got in touch with the owner and promised to send us the two Noni leather packages that we left. Thank you. Also, if you take the tour you can come back so many times for free, the best deal you'll ever find anywhere! More...


Dylan T.

6 December 2016

Fantastic  location, assortment of botanicals and a great tour


Robin R.

8 November 2016

Visited this gem of a place!! Beautiful grounds and enjoyed all of  the plants, flowers and foliage in this beautiful botanical garden. Enjoyed the different fruits that we tasted as well as the chocolate tasting!! Our tour guide, Harold, was very knowledgeable and was always ready to answer questions- such a positive upbeat person as well!   I highly recommend visiting this wondrous place More...


Robert J.

14 October 2016

What an incredible tour of this beautiful botanical garden the tour which lasted almost 3 hours. It covered hundreds of plants and flowers up and down hills in the fern grotto and flower valleys with a creek flowing through it all. There were so many plants  and so many flowers they were almost too numerous to mention and then the highlight surly for my wife was the chocolate tasting. Very highly recommended. The cost is $65/person but was well worth. Excellent day ! More...


Aimz R.

13 September 2016

Very beautiful botanical garden. It takes your breath away. There's so many elements to the garden that not one minute is wasted. There is also a chocolate tasting and it's well worth it. The staff was wonderful and friendly, especially Jenny, we even got lucky and got to meet one of the owners who was super friendly. You get to taste their raw honey that's made and cacao nibs it's a rare experience that elevated Kauai's nature reputation to a whole new level. I seriously could have not asked for anything more, the whole tour from start to finish was perfect!! Definitely bring comfortable shoes and mosquito repellent. More...


Liana W.

9 September 2016

This garden tour is awesome! So many species of native, canoe and other vegetation to see. The tour is slow pace and guides very knowledgable about how the garden was developed and the vegetation grown. Samples of the fruit and honey from the gardens along the tour. See cacao trees and learn about how chocolate is made- including samples.Perfect walking tour for a slower paced day on the garden isle. More...


Mark C.

21 July 2016

Quite an educational and genuine experience.   I have a new appreciation for ecology and chocolate.


Chris K.

7 June 2016

Giving this tour 5 awesome stars for delivering what it promised.  Even though I am not a botanical lover, I still enjoyed the pleasant views, great stories of the property and plants, and knowledgeable guides.  While the chocolate tasting was interesting, definitely don't expect to fill your mouth full of truffles, bars, and candies as in Willy Wonka.  This tour is about respecting the indigenous and other plant life, and how they contribute to human culture - how cacao royalty hoarded the beans, medicines, and other uses.  The trek through the gardens was very nice - the grounds so well kept and beautiful.  We had four girls ages 9-18 with us, and they survived the trip, albeit a bit antsy, and tired, for their limited attention span, and sun time.  If you have very little ones (1-5), would caution bringing them unless you don't mind carrying them for the majority of the tour, and putting up with their impatience.  Yet, my girls enjoyed the tours - especially in trying the plants, and fruits, chocolates they had to offer.  Their favorites were the cinnamon and all-spice trees.Great quality tour, positive guides, and wonderful grounds to take bonus pictures with your family for free!Thanks! More...


Molly M.

31 May 2016

What a fantastic tour! Our tour guide was so knowledge and really knew his stuff. When we first booked the tour, we thought three hours might be too long, but it was a pretty perfect amount of time. We learned so much and the tour helped put a name to many of the flowers and trees we have been seeing during our stay on the island. I would highly recommend it! More...


Amy E.

29 April 2016

My daughter and I thoroughly loved this. We got lucky with perfect weather.  Our guide was sweet and knowledgeable. We tasted different things throughout.  The chocolate tasting was educational.  There are so many things to see it was endless. More...


Wendell C.

28 April 2016

Great tour and beautiful.  Our guide was Brad, he seemed very knowledgeable and insightful.  Beautiful scenery and things we'll never see again. And then the chocolate tasting and education was an added touch! More...


Brenda F.

20 January 2016

My husband Tom and I had Harold as our guide.  Harold is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and made the tour thoroughly enjoyable. Gorgeous property and amazing what owners have developed in last decade!  Worth the time for sure. More...


Tara P.

30 June 2015

Awesome- Period!! All of the previous reviews pretty much covered it.... Just go for it, you wont be disappointed!


Angela P.

29 April 2015

Highly recommended! Not to be missed!You'll sample many varieties of chocolate including those that are grown on property & meander through dense and exotic gardens that waken your senses. Tour guide, Steven is very knowledgable of the flora & fauna. Very friendly hosts. More...


mariza r.

24 January 2015

I love botanical gardens and based on reviews this is the one that I booked during a recent vacation in Kauai. The BF hates going to gardens with me because he is usually standing around while I take photos. I was happily surprised at how much WE BOTH enjoyed the tour. They keep you engaged with information about the garden, the island, the history, the culture, etc. and that is punctuated with tasting fruits, honey, plants, etc. It kept my BF interested while I took my time taking photos (macro shots) of the plant-life. You get to tour the entire garden, even the area that they recently purchased and are starting to build up. Our guide seemed genuinely interested in what he does and invested in the garden. The owner came out a few times and answered group questions and welcomed us to wander the garden after the tour at our leisure. The chocolate tasting was well timed, when people started lagging and they really take their time and was set up similar to a wine tasting. The drive to this garden is beautiful so come with a few minutes to spare to snap some photos on the side of the road and use the restroom before the tour. I would suggest you wear bug spray and walking shoes with traction. Some folks with flip flops were sliding down the terrace slopes and it wasn't even muddy.Minus one star because the price point seems at least $10 too high. They have a coupon for 20% off for a second person-- its in a yellow coupon book you see all over the island at popular spots like shaved ice, shopping centers, etc. I booked my tour online while I was still home so I couldn't take advantage of that myself, wish I could have. More...


Benjamin S.

17 January 2015

My family of four are here for 3 weeks and took this tour yesterday.  All of us consider it the best experience so far (with the exception of first time snorkeling for the younger ones). I have never taken so many pictures in such a short span of time! Vistas were grand; close-ups were incredible; possibilities for memorable photos unlimited. The tour guide was enthusiastic and knowledgable. I loved the mix of history and biology. The weather was perfect, but even if it had been rainy, I would have used one of their umbrellas and had a great time anyway. No mosquitoes on this day. Do wear shoes with good grips. My hiking/walking sandals were perfect. More...


Paul R.

30 December 2014

Just got done with this tour. This really is one of the highlights of the island. If you are interested in a more mellow activity, but something that will hold your interest, this is it. You are taken on a two and a half hour tour that shows you a nice variety of native plants, the "canoe" plants, as well as what was brought over in recent centuries--but you get to see them close up, just inches away from you. They really do present a cornucopia for your eyes--there is an incredibly beautiful variety of plants that you are shown here. The tour guide was very knowledgeable, and friendly.ADVISORIES: I was very glad I wore shoes, as there was a fair amount of rain, and we did quite a bit of walking over grass and dirt. For what it's worth, four of us applied their natural, apple cider mosquito repellant--and got bit. The two of us that didn't apply it, were ignored by the mosquitoes. There really isn't any way to go back halfway through to your car, so if you are the type that gets hungry quickly, bring along a snack. Finally, I did describe this as a mellow activity, but some of the paths were so steep, and potentially slippery, that I would NOT recommend anyone doing this on crutches, or s wheelchair, etc. More...


Stacey V.

18 October 2014

Very Beautiful gardens, make sure to wear walking shoes and wear off. The chocolate tasting and learning hoe they make chocolate was very fun and interesting and fruit tasting was a lot of fun too. The tour guide was very good and knew so much about the plants and flowers. Very nice tour! More...


Jules F.

9 October 2014

Great gardens, great idea, great stewardship of the land.Very nice people that run this place. Make sure you call ahead and schedule a walking tour. They have a locals discount, as well.+Many trees from all over. They have some endemic species, but mostly a great collection of tropical plants and trees.+The tasting on the tours is very nice, from honey collected on the site, to sapote, to mango and of course their epic cacao nibs and chocolate!+Knowledgeable guides will lead you through a pleasant walk around the property, aver a bridge and through the flowers.One drawback: if you really hate mosquitos, come prepared. If you are outdoors anywhere in Kauai, they will come for you.The Princeville Botanical Gardens was also happy to host a group of 10 children that are part of the Kauai North Shore Agricultural Program, so I highly recommend it for a field trip. More...


Marilyn S.

4 September 2014

The Princeville Botanical Gardens and Chocolate Tour was absolutely fabulous.The beauty of the gardens was spectacular and Karen, our guide, was outstanding.  Her knowledge and presentation of the plants, flowers and trees was amazing!Suddenly we would see a colorful bag at the base of a plant and in it would be delicious fruit for everyone to taste.  At one point in the tour, we got to sit down for a chocolate tasting which was really fabulous!If you have time for few activities on Kauai, be sure you include the Princeville Bitanical Gardens and Chocolate Tour. More...


Dan S.

7 November 2013

We've done a bunch of garden tours (on Kauai, and elsewhere) and typically thoroughly enjoy them.  I think, though, this is my first Yelp review of one.That's because this was spectacular!  When you hear the backstory (couple buys land, clears land, creates gardens, offers tours), you wonder - is it worth it? big enough? just a way to make a few bucks?They advertise the chocolate tasting as a way to draw you in, which of course, works extremely well.Ultimately, we had a wonderful time - a leisurely stroll through the gardens with Tewa, a very knowledgeable and fun guide.  We talked about the plants - food, medicine, history, variety, rarity.  It was cooperative and interesting.We also talked about and tasted chocolate - about 7 kinds, including the chocolate they make from their own trees on the property.I lost track of the complete list, but we tasted at least the following (* indicated grown on property):- honey tangerine*- cherry*- papaya*- lilikoi* (passionfruit)- longan (from a sister property, different island)- avocado*- noni* (!)- leaf of the 'miracle tree'* (forgot the real name)- chocolate*- a flower that tastes like a mushroom* (forgot the name)- another nutritious leaf* (from another nameless, to me, tree)- honey*This is a great tour!  I highly recommend it.  We've done, and enjoyed, Allerton, Na Aina Kai, and Limahuli and this one tops the list. More...


Cynthia P.

22 October 2013

We did the three hour tour with Chocolate tasting and loved it.. Our guide Tewa is amazing and so knowledgeable about the Herbal uses of all the plants. It was fun. professional, beautiful. Really nice time and would highly recommend. More...



14 October 2013

I recently took their 3 hour tour through the gardens and also did the history of chocolate making as well. I cannot speak highly enough of the experience. We are all from San Francisco and had a fantastic time!! Steven was our guide and he was absolutely wonderful! His knowledge, sense of humor and all around delightful personality made the experience of those stunning gardens even better! One word of advice for everyone considering it....GO!!!! More...


Jim Y.

8 October 2013

I did the 3 hour produce and chocolate tour. I highly recommend it. This was a great experience.  Lots of samples of fruit grown at the gardens. They are very generous about letting you pick flowers, eat fruit, and in our case, pick up ripened avocados to take home. A lot of opportunities to touch and experience the amazing variety of plants on the property. This was the best part. So often you go places and can't touch anything. Definitely not the case here. The chocolate tasting was amazing and the highlight for everyone in our group. They provided umbrellas, walking sticks and bug spray if you didn't bring any. The umbrellas came in handy as we had a couple of good downpours during our tour.  There are some steep inclines but I'm woefully out of shape and had no issue.  Our group had a  guy on crutches who managed just fine. The pace is leisurely and if you need to stop and catch your breath, it's no problem. Plenty of time for picture taking and flower smelling along the way. Our guide Steven was very friendly and enthusiastic about the gardens. Be sure and use the restroom before you go on the tour because you won't have another opportunity until the end. Time well spent and worth the 50 bucks I paid. More...


Rob B.

31 August 2013

Very beautiful and informative! While it says 2:30 tour ours ran 3 hours plus and had we opted for the "meander back" would have been closer to 4. I didn't get bored but my rendezvous for lunch was seriously delayed. Flip flops not a good idea, and when they offer you bug spray, lather it on, you won't regret it. More...


Linda M.

31 May 2013

The owners take their time to make you feel welcome, to make sure you are comfortable, and to share their knowledge and obvious passion about plants. The guide, Opal, was excellent. She was warm and friendly, and her enthusiasm made the tour fun. It is a gorgeous setting with a plethora of flowers and fascinating plants. They share how some plants are used in medicine, or for food (taro, kava, cacao, etc.), and they explain the several steps involved in making chocolate. Of course there's the generous chocolate tasting. They also provide bug spray and soothing lotion, which you have to pay for at the national tropical botanical garden near Poipu. This garden and tour was fabulous. It was quite hot so be prepared. They do provide umbrellas that you can use for shade, however they cover views of the plants. Wear a wide rimmed hat and comfy shoes. More...


Kat L.

10 December 2012

When you're in Kauai and you have a hankering for Alice In Wonderland meets Willy Wonka, this is the place to go and see.  A 3 hour walking tour of the most beautiful gardens you will ever have the privilege of seeing up close and personally.  Your guide will be knowledgeable, and the workers who are improving this property daily will be friendly, answering questions along the way.  There will be many stops with many eats, all of which are from the gardens, and delicious.  Forget the farmers market, the fruits from this garden are out of this world!There is a long time out where you taste chocolates from around the world and learn a little about 'free trade', but if you're on this tour, then you already know.  Enjoy the chocolate.Notes:1- wear comfortable shoes2- bug spray3- sunscreen4- camera5- water, water, water More...


Rebecca R.

4 November 2012

What an incredible place to tour! The gardens are obviously a labor of love by the family and owners - Bill, Lucy and Jason.  Holly, our guide was knowledgable and fun, and Bill joined us for parts of the tour. To cap it off, the chocolate tasting was decadent - like a wine tasting but with dark chocolate.  A suspension bridge had just been completed and our group (of 10-12) was the first to cross the bridge.  Will return to the gardens each time we visit Maui to see what has been added or changed.  A must see for the whole family!  It's by appointment only so don't just show up, you will be disappointed. More...


Plinio G.

1 October 2012

Great option if you're looking for something different to do. Our guide Holly was very knowledgeable, personable and helpful in every way. The chocolate tasting alone is worth the price of admission, but also the small groups, impressive garden and educational value. I highly recommend going at the beginning of your trip to provide context to everything you see on the rest of your visit to Hawaii. More...


M G.

15 August 2012

Incredible garden that has a Willy Wonka feel to it. It's a wonderful afternoon activity to do with any age - from kids to seniors and in between (even a pregnant lady). Extremely well narrated tour by the owner himself with support from a future tour guide Steve who we loved chatting with and is super knowledgeable. It was one of those hidden treasures that you just happen upon via Yelp and find it becomes the highlight of your trip. We would wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone. There is a chocolate tasting of various versions from all over the world - in comparison to the other chocolate tour in the area, this one is less expensive and I would imagine, feels much more authentic but you will have to see for yourself. There were these two little girls on the tour with us and they were fascinated by everything - they enjoyed the fruit and chocolate tastings, they went to pick their own fruit and found coconuts that had dropped to the ground asking if they could bring them home. It was just magical to see children interact with nature in such a playful and exuberant manner. We will be back every time we go and felt privileged to see this private home and its immaculate grounds. More...


Cathy W.

17 July 2012

Outstanding! We had a great time touring the gardens and tasting the tropical fruits and chocolates. This is more than your average garden tour. Bill and Lucinda were very gracious and hospitable. Highly recommend! More...


Celeste T.

25 February 2012

We had a great time at Ahonui. Our tour only cost $30 a person, as compared to the $40 I read in a previous review. We happened to be looking for the National Tropical Botanical Garden nearby, but as I couldn't remember its name, I did a quick Google search and Ahonui came up instead. We actually just wandered in (noting the "by appointment only" on the sign by the driveway with dismay) but apparently we had the best of luck...a family of 3 had cancelled and we were there about 15 minutes before the tour was due to start. So, a most fortuitous beginning. Jason was quite helpful from the start, and welcomed us graciously. He chatted up our seven year old daughter, to make sure she was comfortable in the group of about 15 older adults. Luckily, we have a precocious kid who loves to garden, and she was very excited by the whole idea of a garden walk and then chocolate. We were in an interesting group of people from Canada and the northwest only, so we all had a common interest in tropical plants. The beautifully terraced garden has a great selection of ferns, palms, and flowering plants, including some gorgeous orchid varieties carefully tied to the various trees - even a vanilla orchid. You walk down and down a valley, until at the bottom, you come across a few vigorous cacao plants. I'd use the bug spray that Jason hands out at this point - there were a few mosquitoes in the valley, looking for blood. Along the way, we had gotten a chance to taste or play with various fruit products. We ate a tart yellow guava, and opened a pod that gave the vegetable dye, annato (my daughter loved this, and painted her hands and legs orange with the stuff.) We tasted the cacao pulp from a pod, and ate miracle flowers and leaves (like the Miracle Fruit...but in a different season. Quite interestingly spicy!) we even had a chance to eat some noni, but no one was brave enough for that one! The paths are a bit muddy and slippery at times. Jason warns you of that ahead of time, and they do have walking sticks available. Bill and Lucy came by about 20 minutes into the tour and offered additional comments about the history of the garden. Lucy really perked up during the chocolate tasting, and gave some insight both into the general process and quirks of the particular batch we were trying. Jason offered personality and humor throughout, but also admitted to being a book nerd. Even though he admits to not being a "professional", he knows quite a bit about the garden plants and their history and use, as well as chocolate making and tasting. I had a great deal of fun; our seven-year-old daughter especially loved the dog but said that the whole tour was great. More...


Jill I.

12 January 2012

What a wonderful treat we had today! Our resort had included the Ahonui Gardens in their list of things to do on Kauai and I am so glad! This is a hidden treasure on the north side of the island. Getting there was a little tricky as the folks at our resort were not familialr enough with the garden to give accurate directions. A quick call to the phone. Umber on the brochure, answered promptly and politely, got us there. This is a family-run business so you are literally parking in someone's driveway when you get there. Our tour guide was Jason. He was adorable! Knowledgable, pleasant, convivial, informative, and fun! We had the most fortunate opportunity to be on a tour that included some of their family friends. I felt like we were part of the family, too! Our group was delightfully small, so I felt like I was with a bunch of my traveling friends. Jason's style and demeanor also contributed to this comfortable, intimate feeling.The garden is truly beautiful. Words and pictures just can not adequately describe what the family has done with their piece of paradise. They cleared and planted and landscaped acres into a little piece of heaven on earth. I loved the chocolate tasting! It was so much fun to learn about how chocolate is made and what "single origin" chocolate is. I can't wait to impress my other choco-loving friends! I really love how they incorporated this aspect into the garden tour. Really- flowers, nature's beauty, AND chocolate? You can't go wrong!We used an Aloha Card discount that we received at our resort.ought bought the price to about $53 for two of us. Considering the cost of all attractions and HI in general, I think this is a steal. We opted for the two-hour tour, but Jason was kind enough to extend it for the family friends. We lucked out there!.One quick note - I did get a few mosquito bites. They have organic and chemical repellant on hand, but you might want to bring a long-sleeve shirt along just in case you're getting chewed. Thanks so much to Jason and Bill and Lucy for a great afternoon and for taking on the challenge of changing the Hawaiian jungle into a piece of heaven on earth! More...


Amy H.

27 December 2011

What a great tour! Jason led a large group in a leisurely and informative tour. We loved the gardens and enjoyed sampling oranges, rambutan and other various fruits grown at Ahonui. The chocolate tasting was fun and eye-opening as well. Who knew processing chocolate involved so many steps? Other reviewers claiming this tour is not worth the time must be grumpy or something. This tour was a highlight of our two weeks on the island! Thanks to Ahonui and to Jason. What a memory and what a treat! More...


Benjamin K.

24 October 2011

What a great tour! Bill and Lucinda welcomed all of us with big Aloha and lots of tasty treats, from the many varieties of citrus, to dragon fruit, to an amazing sampling of chocolates. The chocolate part of the tour was wonderful. So much interesting information about growing, harvesting, and processing. I have a much better appreciation for each car of chocolate I eat having taken the tour. I highly recommend this experience to others. More...


John N.

19 October 2011

Great tour, over 400 different plant available to see, smell and taste.  Jason Robertson is very knowledgeable.  The chocolate tasting at the end of the tour is awesome!


Lisa W.

22 September 2011

This was my daughter's favorite outing while we were in Kauai; which, I will admit, was totally due to the chocolate tasting at the end but it made for a wonderful morning.  It's a lovely spot, an interesting and informative tour and the property owners were warm and engaging.  We were fortunate to be able to taste cocoa beans fresh from the tree (which I understand is a rare treat), but even if you are not a chocolate afficionado there are many beautiful flowers and plants here, the view is spectacular, the pace is slow and easy...  You can undoubtedly find beautiful walks and hikes on the island for less money, but if you want to learn a bit about the plants, their medicinal properties or origins, cocoa-making, etc. I'd recommend it. More...


Andi H.

25 August 2011

A wonderful garden on the North shore that offers educational yet relaxing tours for all ages.Why do this tour?First of all, the garden is beautiful.  I've been to the San Francisco botanical garden, the Washington DC botanical garden, the famous Dutch tulip fields of Keukenhof and numerous others in Asia and this might just be my favorite.  Let's face it, it's hard to beat walking through a beautiful garden built on one of the most beautiful islands on earth.Secondly, Jason (the guide) is awesome.  He's very knowledgeable and articulate.  His non-botany background probably also helps him from avoiding being the professorial type who can drag on and on using more than four Latin words in a sentence (my personal threshold).He also stops and listens to every question and has no problem saying 'I do not know' or 'my personal guess would be ...'You will learn about how the noni fruit smells like rotten cheese ('nose-on', obviously!) and what's the difference between 'indigenous' and 'endemic' .. but I promise you won't feel lectured.Finally, they're smart about adding samplers of tropical fruits and chocolate.  This creates small breaks throughout the walks and helps you to sustain the pace throughout the 3-hr walkThere are some steep steps that you need to climb at one point of the walk but nothing too bad.  We had people of all ages on our tour and everyone managed.So, why not give them all 5 stars?  Well at $40 per adult this isn't a necessarily cheap activity to take the whole family to.  Don't get me wrong, it's still worth the money but to get 5 you need to offer great value for money.Overall, a great place ... you should go when you're on the North shore! More...