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Known for its award winning web designs, PrimeView provides complete Internet solutions – web design, page layout consultation, professional web hosting, eCommerce, application development, and online marketing strategies that includes search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing.


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Roger Judd

29 December 2018

I have tried numerous different web developers. First one took 3 and a half months and thousands of dollars to create a very simple single subject webpage and left in watermarked stolen images that I was stuck with because they insisted i paid for it up front. Second web organization was good with AdWords but knew nearly nothing about promoting and advertising on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and weak on SEO. Third web development company knew about blogging and was sure blogging was the answer all SEO problems but they only knew basic web page development nothing deep when it came to online commerce and again knew little about Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Primeview has much deeper knowledge about designing custom leading edge webpage and what will keep you in front when it comes to good graces with Google search. They have deep knowledge for online commerce and can host websites if needed. Like every web developer they focus on Google and AdWords but are literate when it comes to Facebook and Twitter and I am working with them to provide enough business related pictures and visual content to work on developing an Instagram following. Primeview is more expensive than the kid down the street because of the depth of knowledge needed to run a business webpage. The problem I keep running into with web developers is that WordPress is the standard in the industry. So many people think that can develop a website because WordPress is the Lego Logs of website building. With WordPress a developer just snaps in a plugin and voilà a new feature, but if a plugin doesn't work or doesn't exist they are stuck and so is the customer I can attest. Primeview's knowledge extends into the custom realm so that they can create custom solutions or troubleshoot and resolve a problem when a plugin doesn't work. Web developers also need to know about the backend of web page as well. Web Developers need to know about Google analytics and tracking which had now developed into Universal Analytics and Google's newest product Tag Manager. Terms like Accelerated Mobile Pages, Audience, acquisition, conversions need to be in a web developers repertoire of definitions which Primeview understands. More...


Davidson Bartier

23 July 2018

I've heard a lot of great stuff about Primeview. I would recommend this to everyone since they really know how to do the job. Keep it up guys


Sasha Davis

23 July 2018

They have smart guys on their team, and the timeline is responsibly handled. I'm looking forward to many more projects with Peter.


Craig Bartholomew

23 July 2018

Primeview has a stellar history of supporting successful organizations with leading edge web development and internet marketing solutions. They have served my organizations in a number of capacities and you would be well served to leverage their team as a resource for your organization too. More...


Amanda Williams

23 July 2018

We own a small family business in Chandler and we were looking to expand our services online when my colleague recommended me PrimeView. They were really accommodating and I had no problem setting up appointments with them. Didn't think online marketing could be so complex. They helped us really well excluding the fact that we had little knowledge on how online services work. Great job! More...


Kal Jurdi

23 July 2018

One word: responsiveness, high performance, and getting it done. We at Sandler Training are a current client of Prime View. His team is on top of things. Leaves no room to worry or doubt. Weekly and sometimes daily updates on what's going on and conference calls if you're like me you want to put your nose in everything. Before we spent over $56000 between different marketing efforts that led NO WHERE. Except with asking for more money to try different things that led to more towards the land of no where. Peter is a straight shooter and once he knows what you want through a thorough step of fact finding and learning about our business understanding our issues then helping us create a game plan to execute. Ven his team leader is phenomenal and patient and I'm not the easiest to work with. People nodding in agreement. I highly recommend Prime View only if you're ready to grow your business and can keep up. As team Prime View is on top of things. Thumbs up finally a marketing company that doesn't just take, they over deliver and we've been looking for years before we found Prime View. Thank you Peter, Ven, Miguel all you guys are a team of superstars! More...


Sophie Hanson

23 July 2018

It has been months since my sister and I decided to open an online shop. We created a Facebook page for our store, but due to our busy schedules, we didn’t have enough time to manage it. That is, until we both agreed to consult an agency that offered social media marketing/management. PrimeView is exactly what we needed to take control of our business profile on Facebook. We are very impressed with the variety of posts that come out of our accounts daily. They helped us put our business on the social media map. I look forward to our continued work for a long time to come. More...


Lucas Granger

23 July 2018

Innovative, willing to help. Thank you PrimeView for your compassionate service. You guys are very awesome. Keep it up!


Olivia Collins

23 July 2018

I would recommend this to everyone since they really know how to handle the business. Keep it up!


Jasmine Mitchell

28 May 2018

The bonus points we get from hiring PrimeView as our website developer is when customers, friends, and colleagues compliment you on how great your website looks. We couldn’t agree more with them. These guys from PrimeView really did a great job! More...


Gavin Simmons

16 November 2017

Probably one of the best web development companies in AZ. They recently launched the new site of our family business and all I can say is hands down to their excellent work! Will really recommend this great group of people to anyone looking for high-quality web services. Thanks again guys! More...


Bettina Furler

28 May 2017

We found PrimeView on a site featuring 10 of best design companies in AZ, and out of the five we called - it was the PrimeView team who was so patient & accommodating even if I had so many queries regarding my site. After a short while, they presented me with several design options - and to be honest, I had a difficult time choosing which one to launch - all were in line with what we discussed and what I wanted my site to look like! I was very impressed with the team for completing the job five days before the deadline. More...


Gabriel Smith

28 May 2017

Acting on the tip of a friend, I gave Peter a call and talked to him about redesigning my site since its's been three years since I had mine last updated. It turns out my site has been underperforming for quite some time now and losing business. After several consultations with Peter, I was given a pretty reasonable price for bringing my site up to speed, and I'm incredibly happy with the results. Will be using them for future projects! More...


Chris Sommers

28 May 2016

For years PrimeView has helped our parent company Pressure Systems Inc. They originally launched the website, currently they host it and they set up the widgets for our SEO. They are professional, reliable and honest. We are very happy to work with them. They did a great job and we are happy to continue working with them. More...


Antoinette Richard

29 May 2014

I take pride in saying that my eCommerce website is enjoying great online sales because it has every element that an effective site should have. Thanks to PrimeView!


Vicky Todd

29 May 2013

They've been the leading brand for customized web design projects. You can always ask them for whatever you want and you will always get what you expect and more!


Maegan Johnson

29 May 2013

I decided to hire a professional in web designing and SEO services at the same time. I found this company on google, called in and went with my gut, which ended up being a great decision. Peter was really helpful and he walked me through all the steps he planned to take to get my new website in front of as many of my potential customers as possible, which is the whole point. I couldn't be more pleased, as I have actually noticed an increase in sales and leads after one month. More...

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3. User-friendly

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PrimeView is an award-winning Web Design and Development firm. We focus on user experience and functionality with top-notch design. All websites we design are responsive, mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly.

PrimeView offers the full-range of online marketing that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC), Social Media Marketing and content marketing.

PrimeView's ecommerce expertise include designing & developing online stores on all major platforms like Magento, Wordpress or Shopify.