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Kirkland, WA



Price Brothers Garage, located in Kirkland WA, specializes in automotive car repairs and auto servicing. From oil changes/ tuneups, engine diagnostics, electrical systems, to emissions and full repairs, our certified and experienced mechanics have your vehicle in good hands.

Address: 11727 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034, USA

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Zachary J.

3 July 2018

In and out for a quick oil and filter change.I asked them to check for needed tire rotation.When I returned they told me the rotation was not necessary at the time, gotta LOVE a place that doesn't try to take money for unnecessary services!Unfortunately we moved out of state but if you live in the Kirkland area ABSOLUTELY hit this place for your auto needs! More...


Hayley M.

20 March 2018

Price Brothers truly is as good as it gets. I have been taking my cars to them since I was 17...and that is a very long time as I am now a grandmother. It is understandable that any business will occasionally have an unsatisfied customer, but those who have given Price Brothers a bad review don't know the great service they have provided to so many customers over the years. I will admit I miss the guys who are no longer there (RIP Doug and Dougie), but I believe this auto shop is still high quality, honest, and loyal to their customers...and so much better than most of the car dealerships we are all forced to do business with on occasion. Many thanks to all of the guys who have worked on my cars and kept them running even when I didn't always have a lot of money to pay. More...


Juliet S.

22 February 2018

I have changed my review from one star to 5.  There was a recent misunderstanding which has been completely cleared up.  I hated to write a bad review because I had been going here for so many years.  They always do EXCELLENT work, and I never feel "taken advantage of" as I do at all other automotive shops.  Laurie explained everything related to my repairs very thoroughly and is extremely knowledgeable!! More...


Sharon Whetstone

27 January 2018

I have been going to Price Brothers Garage close to 30 yrs. They have fair prices and are upfront and honest with what your car needs. I would highly recommend them for service on your vehicle. More...


Kyle G.

3 October 2017

I've been going here since I was referred by a friend in 2012. They did a pre-inspection on my current car then before I purchased it, and I have been coming back ever since. They're honest, fair, and get the job done in a timely manner. Highly recommend. More...


Joy T.

31 July 2017

We are so pleased with the care and service we get from Price Brothers Garage.  My car died on 405 last week so had it towed to this service center.  The problem was diagnosed quickly and fixed to our satisfaction.  We've used this garage for over 20 years and have had nothing but great work and attention from them.  Highly recommended!  Your vehicle will be in good hands! More...


David D.

20 June 2017

Driving home from work tonight, problem arose on my van, and got progressively worse. Pulled off to side of the road to have a look.  Wasn't sure I was going to make it home tonight, forced myself to take it 'somewhere',  pulled it into Ford of Kirkland, explained my problem to service guy, he said..."sorry booked full, maybe Price Brothers Garage could help you out across the street."  Drove it across to Price Brothers Garage- glad I did! Explained my problem, took it for a test drive  with mechanic, got it up on the lift and diagnosed problem.  "Traced to a loose/worn right front wheel bearing".  I explained this was the second time in the last 8 months I've had the  similar problem with the bearings, told him where I had it fixed last.  He said, "it may still be under warranty", and advised me on what to say when I called Les Schwaab.  I looked at my paper work, and called Les Schwaab and got the van over to them and had it fixed!!! All under warranty! Totally had forgotten about the warranty. Price Brother's Garage saved me $267.00/parts and labor, when I was ready to pay him to fix it, having forgotten all about the warranty from previous work done on bearings from LS. Also, I was NOT charged the normal  .30 minute diagnostic fee.  So, I am very thankful for the help and common sense approach to the problem, especially since my vehicle is ready to drive to work tomorrow!!  Reminder,  "don't wait until problem arises, be proactive to keep it running right!"  DRD More...


Truly P.

17 May 2017

I dropped by without an appointment to see if they could change a brake light. A technician looked at it and replaced it in less than 10 minutes and didn't even charge me. The staff was so nice and I'll definitely be back if I need repairs in the future. More...


Alesia R.

6 April 2017

Love these guys!  As a woman, I totally appreciate that they speak to me just like they speak to my husband, without any condescension, and explain their estimates and work very clearly.  They are easy to work with and have been able to fit us in at the last minute to get brake work done.  I totally trust the quality of their work, and know that when I have work done here, it is complete and thorough.  I highly recommend them for anyone looking for good quality, honest repair and service work for their vehicles! More...


Scott L.

3 March 2017

This garage earns its stars!  They were willing to look at my car the next (I had to reschedule twice and they were "not a problem" both time). They helped me get my car to pass emissions test and didn't do any work or pressure me AT ALL to have any additional work done (did share with me work that will need to be done, as you hope a good garage would).  Picking up and even paying for the repair was met with GREAT, FRIENDLY staff and they even saved me a couple of bucks in the process.  I usually do my own work, but I'd use them again in a heartbeat. More...


Meg Ellis

3 January 2017

Every time I take my car in here we get not only trustworthy service but also efficient repairs done . I have never had an issues with this business , I will always take my cars here .


Adam Eckes

30 December 2016

We couldn't be happier with the service at PB. Honest and transparent service without trying to sell me on more repairs.


Rachelina T.

25 November 2016

The Price Brothers Garage is an amazing garage. They did absolutely everything they possibly could and more for me and I was a first time customer that was in a predicament when I bought a used car. There was thousands worth of repairs and I had to drive to California the next week but they fixed everything I needed to get there in just 2 days and for amazing prices. They were extremely helpful and kind and they treat you as if you have been coming to them for years. I highly recommend them as an auto shop for anyone looking for one no matter what the situation. More...


Stac S.

12 November 2016

Been here a couple of times. Small waiting area without many nearby coffee shops, but everyone who works here seems to know a lot about cars which of course is what you want!!My car will need new breaks, but they are keeping an eye out before charging me $199 but with the little mileage that is on it now (what they base my future mileage to be). $35 for oil change,full synthetic is grossly expensive almost $75 for that. Wish they could have replaced my windshield wipers. More...


Velma Koldsbaek

14 October 2016

Great knowledgeable personnel, friendly.. Totally customer service satisfaction. I would not go anywhere else.


Ruth R.

28 September 2016

Thanks Brad... for giving me some piece of mind with my transmission concerns!  I had a recall notice on my 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport about 3 months after I started noticing acceleration issues.  I called to find out what I should do.  He set me up with Billy... to take a look to see if my concerns were related to the recall notice.  Brad guided me through the process and made sure the right questions were asked and answered. I appreciate you taking the time to ease my nerves about this car stuff I know absolutely nothing about! More...


Willis Roth

27 September 2016

Always fast with repairs! Always affordable....They don't make a living with cars and trucks sitting in the bays!!!


Karen Slawson

21 September 2016

I've known the Price family since I was about 9years old. The honesty and integrity Garry Price taught everyone under his supervision and leadership cannot be surpassed. A true gentleman and hard worker. An honor to know. Great mechanical experience. More...


Richard G.

23 August 2016

Excellent customer service. I came in very last minute to ask if they could mount and balance 4 wheels for me--mind you I visited a few shops before this, but no one wanted to "waste" their time on a job like mine. The owner came out to me personally, greeted me, and didn't even hesitate to serve me--despite working on several vehicles. This is what I call customer service. Took care of my car quickly and care-fully--definitely coming back here whenever something comes up in the near future!! More...


Nanci T.

28 July 2016

I've been using Price Brothers for the last 17 years and yesterday, I was reminded why I do. I was driving home when all the gauges on my 2005 Ford Explorer went dark. I turned around and immediately took it to Price Brothers - as I was praying not to break down in rush hour traffic. They told me they wouldn't be able to look at it until Thursday because they were super busy. I walked over to Hertz to see if I could get a rental and they were fully booked. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. When I got back to the shop to wait for a ride, they said they had about an hour and wanted to get ahead of stuff. They chose my car. They diagnosed and took the old alternator out, but the new one in the next day, first thing, and called me before 10 to pick it up. It was the best "break down" I've ever had. Bruce and Jacob  were awesome and I appreciate them getting my car done so fast. More...


Leslie C.

7 July 2016

I have been taking my cars and my children's cars to Price Brothers for the past seven years. They are excellent  in every way. They are honest and fair and very hard-working people. Whenever I took a car there I knew I was getting the best service possible.I know that this will continue to be a standard of excellence for them, despite the tragic loss of Doug Price. My heart is broken by this news, yet I know Doug's spirit still remains part of this outstanding business.How sad I am, now that Price Brothers is no longer open on Saturdays. I am unable to use them anymore.  I really miss Doug and Mike. More...


Alex A.

5 November 2015

I am writing this review on behalf of my dad, who had the pleasure of dealing with Price Brothers earlier today. He had a nail in his tire, which was causing a slow leak. So, he went to a well-known nearby tire shop, only to be told that there was a 1.5 hour wait. He then tried another shop, and was told the wait there was 2 hours! He was now running late to pick my brother up from school, so he thought he would stop somewhere to fill the tire up with air, and deal with it the following day.He spotted Price Brothers, pulled in, and asked the gentleman who greeted him if he could fill the tire with air. The guy said no problem, but told my dad that he should let him fix the nail hole instead. My dad saw that all the lifts were full, and explained that he was running late and needed to go. The guy then said "give me 3 and a half minutes". Sure enough, without even taking off the tire, he fixed the hole within a few minutes (free of charge) and my dad was on his way.The kindness and prompt service my dad received left a lasting impression, and we now know where to go when we need work done on our cars in the future. Thank you Price Brothers! More...


Dave Smith

3 October 2015

Price Bros. Have been keeping my rigs rolling for about 35 years. Always Top Notch, and never, never a problem. No reason to ever go anywhere else. Really! Thanks Dougie and the Boys for all the Great Service over the Years. :D More...


Jeffrey T.

10 September 2015

My family has been going to the Price Brothers Garage for a long time, Maybe even 15 years or more. I am so thankful we got to know them. They are honest and fair in their pricing. You will not be disappointed. More...


Zealand M.

12 June 2015

pre-purchase inspection showed the car I was looking at was a rustbucket, no charge. thanks!


Kris L.

1 June 2015

Fast and honest. Two of the most desirable qualities in an auto shop! I was scared when my car started losing power and making weird noises. For the last 10 years, I only had one guy that worked on my car - a family friend. But now that he was 1,000 miles away, that option was no longer an option.I had intended to rent a car and have mine towed to a garage close to my home. While waiting for my rental, I spotted Price Brothers so I decided to pop in and see what they could do for me since I was right there anyways.I'm so glad I did. Not only did they deliver on their promises, they attempted the less expensive and time consuming route first (which was successful), kept me informed every step of the way (no surprises), and double/triple checked their hypothesis before doing anything to ensure that they weren't just carelessly upping my bill without need.Honestly, I can't say enough great things about this place. No wonder they were a top vendor on Angie's List! More...


Jon H.

8 May 2015

Fantastic, honest service. Really trustworthy people. They always provide options and walk me through the repairs. Estimates are always accurate. It's a little harder to get an appointment compared to Jiffy Lube but it's so worth it for the piece of mind that your car is taken care of. I only go to price brothers! More...


Nicole Hernandez

20 March 2015

Thank you for working on my car. It Feels and runs like she is brand new and not 13 years old lol. You guys rock. It was well worth the drive from Puyallup.


Kristin M.

6 January 2015

Do you know how GREAT it is to go into a shop wringing your hands and be immediately reassured? It was awesome that they were right there with me hoping that it was as quick a fix as they thought and not something "messy". It was a BUSY day for them right after a holiday, but they fit me in quickly and had me back on the road with a cup of coffee in about 20 minutes for WAY less than I thought. Thanks, Price Brothers! I'll be back (not soon... I hope)!P.S. AAA DISCOUNT! :) More...


Jo L.

18 August 2014

I don't usually like dealing with mechanics because I'm worried sometimes that I'd get ripped off because I'm kind of car-ignorant. At Price Brothers I didn't feel like that was going to be the case at all.I dropped the car in for a service, and the guys there were very polite and helpful. There wasn't much that they asked me about the car, e.g. what I needed done on it or anything, which I was surprised about because I had called up and just told them I was bringing the car in. My only gripe is that I would have probably appreciated a call after the inspection to be notified for any repairs or changes that had to be done on the car (or even knowing that the car is fine!), instead of not hearing anything for 4 hours and then just being told to pick up the car without knowing what work had been done on it.They were flexible with my leaving the car there while I had to work and couldn't pick up right away after it was done.Service prices were good--it was under $40 for everything. I was floored by that! They don't try to upsell you anything or overcharge for labor, which was really appreciated. More...


Leon C.

16 July 2014

I'm no car expert that's for sure but I'm pretty well versed in "the psychology of the sale" or "emotional selling techniques." I'm pleased to say that Price Brothers uses none of these fear tactics. Last week was only the second time I used them. Once with my old car that was ruined thanks to an incredibly sub par lube and oil change vendor (see previous review). This time was with my new (used) vehicle. Both times they were very forthright about my options and their recommendations and their price seemed  much better than repair shops that I've dealt with previously. These guys seem to have the correct business mindset. They are more interested in long term business as opposed to the quick score from deceitful practices and price gouging. When I received my vehicle the inside was pristine. Usually I've got my vehicles back from repair and they have mat protectors still inside or worse, grease or oil. When I spoke to the technician he gave me a thorough but concise check list of everything that was done. Best of all the price ended up being less than the quote since there were some routine parts that didn't need to be replaced. Now I know  an "honest mechanic" is not an oxymoron. These guys will get all of my business from now on. More...


John A.

3 May 2014

I am from Whidbey Island and was considering buying a used car located in Bothel. I searched around for a garage that would do a pre-purchase inspection for me. I called them after reading other reviews on Yelp. They fit me in to an already busy schedule. The inspection was very detailed and saved me from buying what would have been a money pit! Thank you very much:D! More...


Michael Lurch Robinson

30 April 2014

These guys are great, have saved my butt multiple times with last minute repair needs for a reasonable price


Jessica S.

31 March 2014

To describe me as not very car-savvy would be an understatement. Over the years, I've developed a fear of mechanics, tire shops, dealers, because of the great big bullseye on my forehead; they see me coming and it has cost me a fortune.I found Price Brothers by accident eight or so years ago - I had a car problem while parked outside my daughter's daycare next door. They sent over a mechanic, who fixed the problem quickly and at a reasonable price. I started taking my vehicles over to them for everything, and it was always the same experience: Nothing done that did not need to be. Once I was quoted a price for some non-urgent work which sounded steep, so I shopped around, and discovered that I had been quoted a very, very good price.Doug and team always go the extra mile, answering my numerous questions, and are never anything less than patient or polite. More...


Jim Morey

26 March 2014

We've moved farther and farther away -- from Kenmore to the Woodinville area, and now to the Mill Creek-Bothell area. We're your LOYAL customers and refuse to go elsewhere. Thanks so much for taking care of us and our vehicles through the years, Doug, Mike and the Team! More...


Gail P.

4 March 2014

I live in BELLINGHAM and will NOT be going anyplace else!!It would appear as though I have had the same experience as a couple of other people on here - from Toyota of Kirkland.  Difference is, I have had similar experience in Bellingham and Burlington.  Last week, I went into TOK to get a headlight and wiper blades replaces - cost was $85.00!!!  Said it was a huge amount of labour to change the headlight - never indicated what the issue was with the blades.........However, during what I asked them to do, they took it upon themselves to test my fluids.  I keep on top of them constantly and had over 2,000 miles until my next oil change.  They "urgently" took me to the car and showed me that there was NO oil on the stick and it would be dangerous for me to drive AT ALL in this condition.  Car is a 2006 RAV 4 (only owner).  I KNOW they see women by themselves as a cash cow, however, I said after gritting my teeth, to go ahead and change the oil (if there was any............).  OH, yes, they also check my brakes and said that they were critical and that my front brakes needed to be replaced last week.  They could actually do the work, right then, or I could make an appointment the very next day.  I was quoted almost $400.  Instead, I drove to Price Brothers, as I remembered a very nice lady that we met, about one year ago, highly recommended them.  They made an appointment for me and gave me a quote (based upon the TOK estimate) and indicated it would be not more than $169.  I made an appointment and took it in this past Monday.  They quoted me two hours.  They were finished in 1 1/2 hours!!  The car was immaculate (with TOK, there was always a greasy fingerprint/footprint somewhere to clean off).  If I told them about it, I was always made to feel that I was tooooooo picky.  OMG, I cannot believe I have not been going to PRICE BROTHERS all along - BUT - I will be in the future. Incidentally, they told me that my brakes were not critical and I could have drive - easily another 2 - 3 months.  I HATE places that try to take advantage of one - PRICE BROTHERS is NOT one of them!! They are honest, reasonable, professional and will receive ALL of my business in the future.  I have already recommended them to nine people. More...


Pawan A.

28 December 2013

Around 9 months back I was told by Toyota of Kirkland Repair Shop that my struts of a tire are failing and i should replace all 4 struts at cost of some 1500 usd... I decided to look for second opinion. I came across 5 star reviewed Price Brothers Garage   On Yelp. I decided to give them a try. Price brothers took a look at my car thoroughly. They told me only one of the struts had very minor oil leak. And that too does not need to get replaced for some time. They did not even charge for it. After 6 months they were surely right!! More...


Ken L.

23 December 2013

Been coming to Doug for 15 years.  Fair, Honest, Stands by his work.  What more can you ask for in a mechanic?He always tries to search for parts at a fair price, rather than just sell you what comes from the dealer.  He can even get great deals on tires!There have been plenty of car problems that even the dealer couldn't solve for me in the past, but Doug came through.  You really can't go wrong here.  I can't say enough about this Garage.  i have sent multiple friends here as well and they can agree.  Specifically, he worked on my Honda Accord and Audi A4 for years.  Doug will always get any work I have for a car I own that is outside of its warranty. More...


Zachary Sanchez

30 October 2013

Glad to see you all are doing so well. I miss this place, alot. You guys will always be a family to me. I always have positive things to say about Price Brothers. You're more than just an all around auto repair shop, you actually care about everyone who walks in the front door. People are always greeted with a welcoming smile and it's a great feeling to be in good hands. It's hard to find that nowadays. Forever a customer and a friend. More...


Aaron F.

9 June 2013

Been going here for years as well as my family. Cost savings over small things like oil changes is minimal but its there. Have found great prices along with great work on the bigger fixes. Beats out the area dealerships and garages time and again.  Front of house are a little quiet but not because of bad attitude or anything like that. Just down to earth and humble owner, Doug.  and friendly after you scratch the surface. More...


Jamie E.

7 May 2013

This place is great! They don't do extra work thats not needed. They are honest and caring. I have had around 4 oil changes done here and a tune up. I used to go to that Jiffy place and always had them telling me I needed this that and the other done. I would leave there spending a ton of money. Someone told me they had been going to Price Brothers for 20 years so I checked them out and I am glad I did. The only down side is that you need to make an appointment but that is because they are so great. More...


Brian R.

19 April 2013

Just had my Camry repaired. Repair was fast and reasonably priced. Will use in the future.


Lance M.

26 March 2013

This is the best place in Washington to get your car fixed. Took it in for a tune-up, oil change and drive train servicing. Had transmission trouble light come on. They took it back, worked on it, no charge. Had the trouble light and engine light coming on  intermittently the next day and they took it back and diagnosed an additional problem that was probably not related, but fixed it at no charge! Doug and the crew rock. Hands down the best service place I have ever been to! More...


Melissa F.

9 November 2012

Just got home from getting my oil changed here. I feel like mechanic shops are always deserving of reviews as it's hard to find one worth trusting, and when you do, the world should know about it.I get full synthetic oil, my car has a special filter, and it takes a little more oil than most (thanks for all of that, Volkswagen). Typically my oil changes run about $75. So, I read reviews of this place, give 'em a call, get a quote somewhere in the $75 range and set an appointment.I brought it in today. As they were finishing up, the guy up front explains it's going to be a few more minutes. He realized he had forgotten to tell the tech that I was getting synthetic oil. He apologized sincerely and they went about dumping the conventional oil and refilling with synthetic. That's pretty dang honest, if you ask me. I had been quoted over $100 at other shops for this service (ew, see review), ~$75 here, and the total, after tax, came to $66. Which included a vacuuming!Thanks, Price Brothers! You've earned yourself a new loyal customer! More...


Sebastian A.

30 July 2012

I chose Price Brothers Garage based on positive reviews on Yelp and having a terrible time dealing with BMW of Bellevue's arrogance, ridiculous pricing and schedule.  They were fast, courteous and reasonably priced.  A simple repair to a battery cable which my BMW SA quoted at over $900 cost me about $170.  Fair, honest and most of all extremely competent. More...


Troy M.

1 December 2011

I have been going to Price Brothers over the years and I recommend them always to my employees, friends, people I meet on the street, anyone and everyone.  After going through many shops over the years, I have never seen another shop as trustworthy and honest.  Doug's integrity is unparalleled in this business.  It's often a difficult drive to get my vehicle's over to their shop but it's always worth it.  I recently took my wife's truck to another shop as I just didn't have the time to take it to Doug.  In the end, I realized that I wasted a ton of money and I didn't actually need the work they provided.  $300 mistake.  I won't make this mistake again.  Thanks Doug and Co. for all the great work you do! More...


Jerry M.

23 October 2011

Great group of guys. Very trustworthy and honest. I'll be back.


Chad S.

17 October 2011

I've been going here for a long, long time.  They made a small mistake--once--and corrected it for free right away.They are not the cheapest; but their prices are very reasonable, and they are very trustworthy--which ends up being cheaper in the long run.  They seem to be able to hire and hold on to better techs than most places. More...



18 September 2011

Doug, the owner, runs a business with exceptional service. I've taken many cars to Price Brothers for over 11 years. We've always been given honest estimates and the work was done to expectation. We have never been over charged, charged for work not needed or experienced any unethical business practices of any kind. If they can't fix it they have always offered recommendations that adhere to the same level of quality that we've experienced from Price Brothers. They More...


Craig F.

21 April 2011

No one likes to have their car repaired, we all wish they would run forever and we just have to drive them.  In dreamland that would be true but in reality that is not the case.  So I had to take my car in for some repairs to a repair shop and I was looking for repair shop and went to friends and neighbors and they all told me of the same place, Price Brothers.  So I called and their prices were about the same and maybe a little lower than most repair shops.   I dropped my car off in the morning and received a phone call shortly thereafter telling me that I did not need all of work that I thought I really needed.   Wait, a repair garage telling me that I did not need to spend more money?  I was impressed, they could have installed the parts and charged me the quoted amount and I would have not been the wiser.  The best part is that I received a phone call a couple of hours later telling me the aftermarket parts that I had requested would not fit properly and they wanted to do the job right  and that would save me another couple dollars.   I do know where I am bringing my cars in the future for repairs.   I would recommend them to my friends and family members for their honesty, integrity and great work. More...


Todd Van Cise

21 January 2011

I have been taking my car to this garage for about three years. I drive from Snoqualmie because I know I'm getting quality work from honest people.


Chris D.

5 August 2010

I went to Price Brothers based on a recommendation from a collegue who took his wife's car to 1 garage and received a quote, then went to Price Brothers and received the quote, "It is covered under warranty".   Off the bat, I had a good feeling about these guys.Doug inspected my car for the 3 issues, told me what he thought it was, asked me the mileage of my car, and told me that 2 of the issues were covered by the warranty. I was wrong about the mileage (after checking the odometer to verify) so I had to pay for all three repairs, although I appreciate Doug trying to help me avoid paying out of pocket for repairs that might have been covered.The only con to Price Brothers is their reputation is sterling, so they are always busy: you have to schedule your visit to them in advance. More...



9 July 2010

My friend referred me to Price Brothers & I've been going to them for years. They did a lot of work on my old car & they never did work that didn't need to get done (I always call my Dad to verify as he's a mechanic). They have also worked on another friend's car & it took them multiple times to fix the issue but they finally resolved it (no one else was able to fix it). I have them do all my oil changes on my new car & they also did my 40K mile check up for at least 50% less than the dealership was going to charge me. More...


Kim S.

9 July 2010

My friend referred me to Price Brothers many years ago.  They've worked on my old cars & were always fair (I would verify what they told me with my Dad who's a mechanic).  They also worked on another friend's car and she was there multiple times but they were determined to fix the issue & finally did.  As a woman, I really hate dealing w/ car dealerships or automotive places but completely trust Price Brothers.  I have them do all my oil changes on my new car & they also did my 40K check for at least 1/2 the price of the dealership.  I cannot say enough good things about Price Brothers. More...



24 June 2010

Price Bros. has done work on my niece's dilapitated minivan on 3 separate occasions, including replacing the radiator and replacing a brake cylinder. They started working on it right away, got the work done quickly, the estimates were more reasonable than others and the final charge was right in line with the estimates. The work appears to have been well done, as there have been no problems since. They were friendly and very professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. More...


Sasha R.

2 September 2009

This is the best autoshop I've ever experienced and would highly recommend it.  They are honest, quick, and communicate well(especially when you don't know all the inner workings of a car).  Don't waste your time anywhere else! More...


Jasmine L.

16 June 2008

I was convinced there were no honest mechanics out there till my family and I found Price Brothers Garage.  They always tell me what needs to be done and what can wait.  I never feel high pressured sales like some places I have been to.  One time they told me I really needed new tires.  I asked them what tires they had there, and they said their tires weren't compatible with my car.  They referred me to Costco to buy them.  Most places try to get you to spend money with them even if it isn't the best for your car.  I always get great service, and I am now convinced I have found a place to take my car and future cars to because of the way they do business.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are searching for honest mechanics! More...


Tim A.

29 May 2008

Great Service!  and at a Very competitive price.  I switched to Price Brothers from taking my Lincoln to a dealership for maintenance.  I get better quality at a much better rate.   So far they have been fair about extimating future repairs for my older Blazer, too.   I know, Upsale, Upsale.  NO.  They have never pushed anything, just gave me a heads up.  This father / son business is a well run, Kirkland auto shop. More...



24 March 2008

I really have felt led to recommend this autoshop/garage to everyone. It is hard to find honest mechanics and I am more than pleased with their services. We recommend all of our friends because integrity is so hard to find in this industry. We brought our car there after getting a crazy quote from the dealership with a long list of services the dealership recommended with over $2000 in repairs they claimed. After dropping it off at price brothers with the list the dealership gave us Price Brothers told us it would be $450 in repairs and said the list the dealership gave us was not what our car needed. Not only did they save us a few thousand dollars, but they also fixed our car back to tiptop condition. Price Brothers said we did need tires really bad so we asked them what tires do they recommend that they sell in their shop. They said none of them and recommended that we go to Costco and get the tires they sell there because it was more compatible with the car we had. So they weren't sleazy selling us tires they knew wouldn't work just to get a sale they recommended us to Costco for our tires. When I saw they weren't in it for the money they really want to do great service and do best for the client we said this is our place. We live close to N. Bend and we travel in to Price Brothers in Kirkland because it is worth it to have honest and great service. More...

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