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Stefanie P.

16 August 2019

I recently finished my first 6 week small group training session at PHB and can't wait for the next session to begin! I haven't worked out in years. Made every excuse in the book. Finally after constantly feeling like crap and not being able to keep up with my 4 yr old, I knew I had to do something. I discovered PHB while searching personal trainers in Harlem. I was in awe. Could this perfect pink heaven be real?! After reading all reviews, stalking their Instagram for hours - I signed up for my first training session.Like many other reviews mention, these trainings are for everyone no matter your skill set. It is a complete judgement free zone. It's a small community of women supporting each other. Each training session is intense, but in the best possible way. Each session focuses on a different part of your body and cardio is always included. You are also given at home workouts to do too. After my first 6 weeks I feel stronger, more confident and am exercising regularly on my own now. Pretty Hard Body has completely changed the way I look at health and fitness. They have given me the confidence I never thought I could get back. Not to mention their customer service and communication is beyond. Anyone looking to work on their fitness in the cutest gym with some amazing women should look into PHB immediately! More...


Madhuri J.

28 March 2019

As a former pro-athlete, it was tough for me to admit to myself that I needed a trainer after recovering from a difficult surgery. I contacted Nicole on a gut feeling that she might be the trainer/unicorn I was in need of, and my experience with her was nothing short of transformative. I personally trained with her for nine weeks, and she helped me to not only regain strength, but learn new heights that my body could reach. She is skilled and knowledgeable, and also an amazing and kind person. She really takes the time to know each of her clients personally and individually, and I can't thank her enough for giving me the push I needed to feel like myself again. I look forward to training with Nicole again in the future, and highly recommend her studio to anyone looking to transform their mind, body and spirit holistically. PHB is wonderful!!!!!! More...


Ivana P.

27 August 2018

If you're looking for a true judgement free zone, a boutique fitness studio catering to women, and an amazing personal Trainor, then look no further!!! I found Nicole, Trainor and owner of Pretty Hard Body back in April, when I decided that it was time to take control of my health and fitness again. I sent a message on Yelp, and was contacted by Dream, Pretty Hard Body's Community Manager within hours! The following day, Nicole reached out to me for a phone assessment, and within 2 weeks I was signed up for 18 one-hour private personal training sessions. After the end of those sessions, I lost 20lbs and 6 inches all around. Keep in mind that the results you get are also with the effort you put in. Nicole, and the #prettyhardbody team are there to guide you through every step of your way. I'm so happy I made the decision to join the PHB family. Nicole has now opened her own Pretty Hard Body studio in West Harlem. Hot pink, glitz and glam adorn every corner, and she's put her heart and soul, and personal touches into creating a studio comfortable for women of ALL fitness levels. Nicole is FULL of positive and encouraging energy. There's a place for you here whether you're a professional Olympic athlete, or have never lifted a 5 pound dumbbell in your life! Private and group training sessions are available, so you should go sign up now. The money you spend is well worth it, as it is a personal investment in YOURSELF. Do it for YOU!!! More...


Nikk B.

11 June 2018

With my previously being on Nicole's mail list, I totally and by chance opened an email for her new beauty bar/fitness studio. There was an extremely selective application process for the incubator program, and I was so excited to have made the cut. Nicole knows what the hell she's doing and actually cares about her clients. She has extended so much grace and has been super supportive during the training process, and even on a personal matter that has come up for me during our sessions. Person to person, she is fantastic and I am happy to be a part of the enormous thing she is doing: helping women develop better habits, creating community, as well as facilitating a safe space for ladies to workout. It is not a fad or the next best thing: it is a lifestyle and a commitment. The focused workouts are medium to hard intensity with emphasis on proper form. Do not underestimate the power of form while exercising: very important in order to maximize your workout, posture, and overall life. A friend who is a master trainer even commented on how sculpted my body is getting. Legit! LISTEN. I schlep from Brooklyn for this.Currently and three quarters through the 9-week body beauty program, I am down about 8lbs and counting. I feel stronger, more fit, and definitely more confident. I look forward to the end result. I am thrilled for the doors of the gym to be opened, and hope to be there for the tape-cutting. Pretty Hard Body for the win! More...


Nanette S.

30 March 2018

Nanette helped me get unstuck from a floundering state to one where I am now actually writing plays that sell! After we accomplished that goal, we worked on my deteriorating relationship. ThroughLearning to set boundaries with my partner, along with several communication tools I grasped in my work with Nanette, I now have a loving, thriving relationship. Thanks, Nanette- Jim, DHonolulu, HI More...


Kendahl L.

13 February 2018

My Life is Forever Changed!!! I don't write many reviews but I could not contain my excitement for Pretty Hard Body. I found Nicole of Pretty Hard Body through an IG post for a program called Body Beauty. Body beauty is a 12-week total body transformation fitness program. I felt very lucky and nervous to be selected to participate in the Body beauty program. I haven't worked out in a while and I have gained weight which is why I was looking for a jump start back into a more fit lifestyle. With the "I'm doing this for me" Mantra the over the top enthusiastic energy from Nicole and all the other ladies in the program I could not be more motivated or encouraged. I am 3 weeks in and can already see the changes and so do others who haven't seen me since starting the program. I am looking forward to finishing Body beauty and sharing my experience again. Oh and a side note.... Pretty Hard Body is Opening soon in Harlem NY. I will keep you all posted as soon as I get the juicy details!!! More...


Mohammad G.

18 January 2018

I just had a fantastic conversation with Nicole. I am immigrant from the middle east, working in the art world and all I have these days is anxiety and fear of future. In helping me, she was honest and clear about what I need to do and what I can do, and she helped me when I wasn't expecting any help from her. This is what makes me feel empowered and hopeful, and I believe over and above anything this empowerment is all we need! More...


Neha A.

23 October 2017

I highly recommend a session (or more!) with Nicole. I haven't had much experience with career coaches or even therapists to date, but felt this first dip in the ocean was so valuable and therapeutic. We did a 90-minute FaceTime session, which was comfortable and seamless. I was also able to take notes as we went along, which Nicole encouraged. Nicole was extremely easy to talk to and open up to. We touched on all the key topics that I wanted to talk about and I really just felt a sense of clarity, rejuvenation and confidence after our session. She helped me think about things in a more positive way. Nicole also followed up via email to hear how an interview went and went above and beyond to provide more thoughts and advice. I really appreciated when she would share her thoughts/advice and always offer me the opportunity to respond. I felt like we were really working through things together. And even when I felt like I was jumping around at all, she would go to there with me or bring me back when appropriate. Nicole definitely has a gift and I definitely plan to meet with her again in the future. More...


Jenn C.

13 October 2017

Wow I didn't know what to expect from a session with Nicole but I'm beyond grateful for it!! And I didn't know if I even needed to talk with her, I was on the fence. But I thought it could only be helpful. And come to find out, it really was life changing. Things that I have been dealing with for a long time became things of the past by just a few wise words from Nicole. Thank you so much!! I think every single person needs a session with Nicole! Ha I'm serious! Direction, clarity, extremely therapeutic. Thank you again, I feel free and reenergized :) More...


Daria R.

27 June 2017

Nicole is nothing short of amazing! She takes the time to really show you how to get the most from your workout without injury and helps you understand and do what will work best for YOU and get the best results!  Be sure to follow her! #prettyhardbody More...


Ruth C.

28 December 2016

I HIGHLY recommend Nicole's services! I've had the pleasure of working with her for the last several months.As a recent Harvard Business School graduate I've had the opportunity to work with multiple career coaches, mentors, and life coaches provided by the school however Nicole takes the cake! She is truly passionate about her work and it shows.After a number of sessions I have noticed that she is extremely professional, punctual, astute, one of the best listeners I have encountered thus far. Her analytical abilities in helping to assess my situation has been profound. I have vetted out other life coaches in the city and have not had as much clarity, drive, and results as after a session with Nicole. Her sessions feel personal and she focuses intently on what your saying. I came to Nicole in a tough situation with work. Not sure if I wanted to leave, start my own business, partner with a friend, or entertain 2 job offers. Her interview tips alone were original and refreshing. She not only helped me to determine the path that resonates with what I want in the long term but what resonates with all aspects of my life not just my career.As a result, I was more aware and prepared to take risks and start my own business which has grown tremendously and has paid for the three 1 hour sessions multiple times over. The ROI is incredible!I was also able to talk with her about leading an overall happier lifestyle, family, relationships, and health (she has great tips!). As a result I have been able to start traveling while generating income from my business, and feel overall content. This has been an incredible journey for me, I have gained so much. I am convinced that anyone who takes a full session with Nicole will leave empowered, excited, and with results! More...


Sheena G.

3 May 2016

So because there really hasn't been a word created yet for the level of amazingness, spot-on-ness, tell-it-like-it-ness, and overall perfection of Nicole's coaching, I will just say two simple things.1. Go!2. It is very much worth it and you will kick yourself for the amount of help you could have gotten in just an hour much sooner, had you not procrastinated on booking.I met with Nicole almost 2 years ago, after being unemployed (by choice) for a few months. She gave me great insight on my career path, goals and potential challenges I may face and ways to proactively prevent issues. She also prepped me for my 2nd interview and I got the job! Her coaching style is not like anyone else's you will find and is a rare treasure in a time where anyone can read a few books, take a course and become a coach. Her approach is tailored to you and your issue and you will without a doubt be taken care of.I recently revisited for follow-up coaching and it was probably one of the best conversations I have ever had in my professional life about what I need to do to be successful. Just a wealth of information, things to follow up on, advice, thought provoking questions leading to astronomical self realizations all in a very comfortable, open dialogue.We spend the majority of our lives at work and not every job or career is easy. There will be times when we need external and objective review of our situations to make sure we are heading in the right direction. Nicole is exactly that. More...


Emily W.

4 February 2016

I decided to meet with a career coach after a year of interviewing and not being able to "seal the deal" within those interviews. I found Nicole via Yelp, and she was absolutely wonderful! I spoke with her twice before my interviews (both within the same company). She helped prepare me and put me in the right mindset to prove to my interviewers that I am the right fit. Needless to say, I got the job!! I couldn't have asked for a better person to help!Nicole was also very helpful post interviews/ and my sessions with her. She was very attentive and followed up to see how things went. She was genuinely happy to find out I was offered the job. I am so appreciative for her help in this next chapter of my life. More...


Alissa J.

11 November 2015

I located Nicole using Yelp.  I was seeking a life coach who would fully listen to my concerns with open yet discerning ears, an open heart, as well as, provide concrete strategic and tactical advice.  I got it right. Nicole was exactly what I was looking for. I am so happy that Nicole has decided to pursue life coaching as a career, I am sure that she will help so many people as much as she has helped me in my pursuit to live my best life. More...


Hangryland L.

12 September 2014

This morning, I had  "The  Explorer" session with Nicole. It was my very first time meeting with a career coach, and, I have to say that I am pleased as punch that I struck gold the first time around. Nicole has such a welcoming presence and non-judge mental demeanor that you can't help but feel comfortable around her. She really listens, and you can tell that she enjoys helping others find their wings. Nicole is a also whiz at coming up with ideas for you. She is so incredibly positive and encouraging; I look forward to continuing my sessions with her. I'm confident that Nicole can help me to make my dreams a reality.  Even after only today's session, I feel that I am well on my way! More...


Sarah H.

28 August 2014

Nicole is amazing! She really helped me with job transition advice. Now, I have much more clarity and confidence with my decision. She also arranged to speak with me ASAP when I was pressed for time . She is very understanding, attentive, intelligent and affordable. She also is very caring and followed up after the session. She was my first experience with a career coach and I will definitely use her service again when I need it. I highly reccomend her. More...


Nicole A.

20 August 2014

My time with Nicole today was PRICELESS.  She has such a cool way of thinking and you can't help but be excited in her presence.  I recently lost my job and I was absolutely devastated.  She helped me to see it was meant to happen - so I would be forced to re-evaluate my priorities and live a more honest, open, and happy life.  I would recommend her to anyone.  Nicole, if you're reading this, thank you!!! More...


Laurie D.

22 January 2014

I've only ever worked with one career coach, however I am quite confident in my guarantee that Nicole Orisich is unlike any other coach you'll encounter in the NYC area.After researching many career coaches and not connecting with any of them during consultations, I found it refreshing when I finally spoke with Nicole for the first time. She kicks the sales pitch to the curb and gets down to business immediately, just by being herself, which made it easier to be me in return. I met with Nicole because I was interested in transitioning careers, but was also facing a lot of personal hurdles and didn't know how to tackle it all. In my sessions with her, we worked through the obstacles I felt were most challenging, doing so at a pace and comfort level that felt right for me. Her open and earthy approach and her comfort in sharing her life/work experience made it easy for me to communicate what I needed, and easier for her to help guide me through appropriate next steps with my career and life. Having completed my session time with her, I can honestly say that the journey - albeit startling and sometimes painful - was worth every moment. If you are looking to make a positive change in your life and within yourself, I highly recommend reaching out to Nicole and setting up a consultation. Be ready to put in the effort, as what you put in will really be what you get out of it. Nicole's energy and enthusiasm are characteristics that merely scratch the surface of her incredibly deep and wonderfully layered personality, and that's only the beginning to what you'll discover when working with her. Thank you always, Nicole! More...


Rasheeda Z.

6 November 2013

My career coaching session with Nicole was both eye opening and inspirational.  I was facing a crisis situation in both my professional life and it was taking a toll on my family life-- something had to give!  I hated the idea of talking to clinical psychologist whose first thought is sending you to a psychotherapist for medication so I realized I needed fierce advice from someone who knows corporate America and corporate politics.  Talking out my concerns with someone that's unbiased was extremely helpful and made me see what my weaknesses were which ultimately encouraged me to take a bold step that I was absolutely dreading but ended up doing.  Nichole gave me the lending ear that i needed....her advice inspired me to step out of my comfort zone at work and ultimately helped me get out of the rut that I was stuck in.  .Now I can have a peace of mind and feel happier about life and about work.  Thank you so much Nicole:-) More...


Judith W.

7 October 2013

Nicole is compassionate, and tough coach. She always gets her clients to where they want to be.  She has insights into people and how the world works that are very useful to clients that needs help in seeing their own vision through.I would recommend Nicole Orishich very highly for her integrity, intelligence, understanding  and  her ability to get the job done. More...