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Amaze your guests with a profound new form of entertainment: Virtual Reality. Premier VR provides a fully serviced Virtual Reality experience for events of all types.

We keep our model simple and straight-forward. We learn about your specific event needs, and we customize our services accordingly to give you and your guests a personalized virtual reality experience.


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Lisa Nicol Johnson

7 August 2018

Wonderful. If you want worrie free entertainment for your next event, choose this company. No hassle, they take care of everything. Easy to work with and knowledgeable. Everyone enjoyed it. They offered games for every interest and age. They will not disappoint! Book them! More...

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One of the most rewarding things for me is seeing the expression of pure awe on people's faces when they try virtual reality for the first time. Not only are they having a great time, but their family and friends have just as much fun watching them navigate their experience.

Also, often times people ask me during or after an event about the different technologies used that allow the virtual reality to work, or how they might acquire it themselves to use. Being able to provide an experience that fosters an interest in technology and then share what I know about it is incredibly rewarding.

I've always liked the notion of being able to make my own decisions as well as have responsibility for creating value to stay relevant. If I can't provide you with the highest quality service, I might not be around long. Knowing this keeps me in a growth-state, where I constantly seek to improve myself and what I can provide. I find the blend of responsibility and freedom being a business-owner provides to be liberating.

Premier VR is one of the only companies in the country to provide all of the equipment to use virtual reality AND a personal technician to guide your guests through their VR experience. Moreover, we take a customer-centric approach with everything we do, meaning you and your event are our highest priority, which everything else revolves around.

Plus, you'd be supporting a local business! We're founded in Columbus, OH and currently service exclusively that region. We aim to build long-lasting relationship, which starts with exceeding your expectations in every way we can.