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Positive Pest Management is a top rated and well respected NYC based Exterminator, that provides industry leading service at competitive prices. Positive Pest has been committed to excellence since our beginnings in the year 2000. They have built a premier company with the personnel, equipment, and experience to handle clients ranging from Homeowners, Apartment Building Complexes, Coops, Condos, Restaurants, Hospitals, Elder Care Facilities, and Commercial Establishments.

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Robert Levin

23 July 2018

The best in the industry. If you have chinchas you need to call them. They are the BEST!


Sondra Krinsky

23 July 2018

Very reliable and quick to solve your bug issues, I highly reccommend Positive Pest Management! Thanks for getting here quickly and doing a professional job!


Charlie Sanabria

23 July 2018

I've been using positive pest at my building for over 8 years and would highly recommend them. My building is emaculate and rodent free due to the proffessional and effective methods used by their staff.


Amy Simmons

23 July 2018

I couldn't recommend Positive Pest Management more highly! They were just terrific, every step of the way. Larry, my technician was prompt, pleasant, professional and polite! He was incredibly thorough and really knew what he was doing.
I had a moth infestation and had used a different company to inspect my apartment and was planning to also hire them for extermination itself. However, as I educated myself, I began to realize that they were treating my infestation as though I had bedbugs and were requiring me to follow a bedbug protocol instead of a protocol for moths. Stressed out of my mind and very short on time, I searched the Internet and found Positive Pest Mgmt. Initially wary of going with a company I had never worked with or heard of before, I began to become more confident as I studied their site and saw how they differentiated among different types of infestations and seemed to really know their stuff. So, I called and left a message. My call was returned within the hour. The woman I spoke to was professional and knowledgeable but said they were booked solid the next week (it was a Friday morning). She then mentioned she did have one fellow who actually liked to work on Sundays, if that was of interest. I replied that I would actually prefer that, so we set something up for Sunday and she explained how to prepare properly. Larry came, as planned, and was just wonderful. He left me with pheromone traps to monitor for any moths returning but I haven't see a single one. My life's back to normal and these guys are awesome! - Amy, Chelsea, NYC


Billy Solko

23 July 2018

Positive Pest Management handles the extermination needs at my rental properties on a monthly basis. They are reliable and efficient and my tenants often compliment me on how friendly and professional their technicians are. Finding a competent and reliable exterminator is not easy, which is why I highly recommend them for all your exterminating needs. More...

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