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W L.

13 September 2019

So, we (wife, daughter, myself) decided to try this place based in large part on the reviews. We were not disappointed!Our server was a younger man, who was friendly. We were seated quickly and our drink orders taken, and arrived promptly. He also let us know about the specials. My wife and daughter ordered the pulled pork sandwiches, while I ordered the 2 meat plate (brisket and ribs, along with Mac and cheese and cole slaw as sides).The food arrived quickly. First impression was wow, portions are excellent, no skimping on food here! First bite into my brisket told me all I needed to know. Excellent flavor and texture. The ribs were also excellent! Cole slaw was refreshing, and Mac and cheese was also very good. My wife and daughter definitely enjoyed their sandwiches! I did include a photo of my plate, apologies though because I took it after I had already We will definitely return before leaving South Padre, and I will whole heartedly recommend this place to anyone looking for some great bbq! This place has definitely earned their 4+ star rating. Prices were extremely reasonable as well!!! So, our last day here and we returned! We were hoping the food would be as great as our first day here. We were not disappointed! Excellent!It was empty, surprising since it was Friday. Our waiter was not here, instead, we had a young lady as our waitress. No refills on our drinks, and didn't seem all that enthusiastic that we chose to eat here. Oh well, still a great meal, just a little disappointed in the service this time around.Still recommend this place just because the food is really good! More...


Kamron F.

5 August 2019

Wow!! Absolutely the best barbecue I've had in awhile. The service was on point and the ribs were melt in your mouth out of this galaxy. Thanks from a hill country Texan. If you want your belly full of yummy Barbecue then look no further than Porky's Pitt!!!! More...


Gigi F.

1 August 2019

Came out to visit far first time from Las Vegas the food was so amazing for the little price that we paid great healthy portions very little cost and those who are busy out here don't waste your time of those other restaurants... They were overcrowded, overpriced and then long long wait. Porky's was fast, efficient, and no wait time with excellent food!!! their sauce had this wonderful nice Tang with a small hint of spice to the back of your tongue and the brisket and fries  were so tender.... And they fill that basket with so much meat and cheese with their homemade fries... Oooweeee. Great representation of Texas BBQ!!! A definite place in coming back to visit on my travels More...


Clayton B.

1 July 2019

Great place to enjoy a nice brisket sandwich, i go here all the time now that I've found it. Highly recommended if you want some great BBQ.


Elizabeth C.

27 June 2019

Absolutely awesome!! Great service and the BBQ was off the hook!! Delicious. The only complaint, and it's a small one, the tea was a bit watered down. We will be back!!


Kale S.

26 March 2019

The brisket was really good and the people were really nice and the stuffed jalapeño was really good also


Bobby M.

16 March 2019

Had the brisket plate w/ cole slaw and charro beans. I am happy to report the new owners are getting it right. Nice crust and plenty smoky flavor. Made for memorable visit. Keep up the good work! More...


Jennifer M.

10 March 2019

Went yesterday and the kids had mac and cheese with sausage, brisket sandwich and chicken. I had the loaded potato and my husband had the ribs.  Everything was really tasty and reasonable prices.  Ended up going back tonight for some brisket to go. More...


Melinda B.

19 February 2019

We were spoiled to Bodacious BBQ in East Texas and let me say delicious!!!!  Large portion lean brisket as I requested. QUIET did you hear that you can actually have conversations More...


Cody C.

16 February 2019

Great food! Meats nice and juicy and tender. Beans are great and so is the Mac and cheese. Banana pudding is awesome too as well as the cobbler.


John P.

10 February 2019

Two guys, one from Philly and the other from Cheyenne walk into Porky's hungry. Greeted and seated.  Brisket and pork ribs were tender,tasty and juicy. The C beans were wonderful, more like a soup. All Priced reasonably. If you're traveling, hungry and like real smoked BBQ, you found a great local place. Pass it on. More...


Patsy M.

11 January 2019

Being from NC is the best reason to be a barbeque snob!!! Thus restaurant gets five stars for 3 three reasons: 1. Excellent brisket and sides; 2. Clean and neat environment; and last but not least, the friendliest people who know how to make quality service real. You will be happy to chose to dine here!!! More...


Jen M.

7 January 2019

Everything was fantastic!! The brisket, pork and ribs melt in your mouth, the Mac n cheese, beans and yams were amazing too!!


Kat M.

3 January 2019

So happy this place has new owners!!!!!! I've ordered from here countless times but I've never ate in the establishment mainly because I'm always working, my husband wanted something different from the ordinary tacos and seafood etc....and since we don't have a great selection of BBQ places  we have them a try together. We liked it.staff is friendly and good prices for the area. More...


Oliver W.

23 November 2018

If you're looking for real,real good BBQ no need to look any further. Porky's Pit is where it's at. I ordered the moist brisket and I tell you it melted in my mouth. The ribs are fall off the bone tender the tea is sweet the beans are delicious. The staff is wonderful friendly helpful knowledgeable. The owner is not shy about coming out and greeting his customers making sure your happy and satisfied. Do I need to say that I highly, highly recommend this BBQ RESTAURANT. I drive about 25 miles one way to eat here More...


Nelson M.

16 November 2018

My wife and I ordered two slabs of ribs to go yesterday (November 15, 2018) as one of the main food items at our dinner get together with some friends on South Padre Island.  They were fantastic!  Everyone loved them.  The friends who were locals all knew about Porky's and had nothing but great things to say about eating there.  The ribs we ordered came fall off the bone tender and juicy.  They were as good as any we have ever eaten!  The ribs came with a fantastic sauce which our guests could apply separately as desired.  The people at Porky's were great to work with.  They were helpful telling us what we would need to feed our crowd.  We ordered and paid in advance and so all we had to do was pick them up an hour or so before the party, place them in a warm oven until it was time to dig in!We will definitely be back to eat there and try other items! More...


Mary V.

21 October 2018

Super delicious! I had the pulled pork entree w/coleslaw and charro beans. The pork was juicy and flavor able, loved the bark and their sauce is perfectly seasoned. Coleslaw was just the right amount, the cabbage was crisp and sauce was good taste. My husband had the loaded baked potato with chicken which was really big! Chicken was juicy. We both also had the charro beans, just the right amount of spice. Definitely recommend this establishment! Staff is friendly, welcoming, and attentive! More...


Robby D.

14 October 2018

At at porky's today. My mind was blown away!!! Had the family dinner special. Pulled pork, sausage, ribs, brisket. For sides we had fries, onion rings, Mac n cheese, Charo beans. Everything was outstanding except the brisket. The brisket had a lot of fat in it and I mean a lot. Only about a 3rd was edible. The waiter gave the best service I've ever received since living here. The place was very clean and well kept. Only thing I think needs to get fixed is the pressure the place has. The door is really hard to open and when it does it pops your ears and the wind goes blowing through. Had been craving this place since a parade the other day when who I believe the owner was, was out front hollaring at us in the fire truck. (I was in the military truck)We can't wait to return. More...


Candie V.

12 September 2018

Please eat here if you love your taste buds!!! Living in Texas we've all had our share of BBQ but this place was sooo delicious, I actually stayed thinking about my meal hours later. I had the brisket loaded baked potato and collard greens. My husband had pork ribs and brisket with a side of macaroni and baked beans, everything was well made and flavorful and the service was just as fantastic. This place was desperately needed in Port Isabel! More...


Harry S.

12 September 2018

9/11/2018My wife and I were pleasantly surprised when we entered. The interior has great seating and we really enjoyed how it was decorated. But the star of the evening was the food! I had the brisket plate with baked beans and coleslaw. The beans were great, the coleslaw was delicious, the brisket was so tasty and tender and the barbecue sauce was the best. My wife had the brisket sandwich. It was also excellent. For dessert I had the peach cobbler  alamode aaaland she had banana pudding both outstanding. The owners are a couple who gave excellent service and were a joy to talk to . This is the best barbecue restaurant we gave eaten in. More...


Chris F.

8 September 2018

We were on a short 2 day trip to South Padre and read about this place in local paper. Came in for lunch the Tuesday after Labor Day. Very glad we did. Brisket and pork ribs were great. Our server was Juan and he was very friendly and attentive. Looking forward to returning and trying more of their menu. More...


Steve L.

18 August 2018

Great experience, very nice people, good food!I ate there yesterday & hadn't realized there was new ownership. Very good improvements. Especially in service. Now owned by an Army vet helicopter pilot & his soon to be wife. They were kind enough to show me the pit & kitchen after our lunch. I grew up in KC, lived in NC and now TX. I can be pretty picky on BBQ. I will say everyone has their own taste. I ate a little of just about everything on the menu and here's how I would rank their items on a scale from 1 to 10. Pulled pork - 10 (would hold its own in NC & not often found down here); Sauce - 9 (right mix of tangy & sweet); Charro Beans - 6 (just not Charroy enough); Sausage - 8 (could be a little more spicy); Baked beans - 4 (nothing special); Ribs - 7 (suggest they go to baby backs vs. spare ribs, more apple cider & sauce); Brisket - 7 (this is hard growing up in KC. It needed to be a little more moist and have a better smoke ring. Overall, this place is a keeper and we needed it. Everyone will enjoy. More...


Mauricio C.

15 August 2018

Great brisket. The loaded potato with brisket is great too. Bbq sauce is delicious. The place is very clean.


DeeDee B.

8 July 2018

Great Service!! Delicious BBQ! Yummy desserts! Nice atmosphere. We will definitely go back for more.


Shawn V.

2 July 2018

Haven't been here before and am very skeptical of 'BBQ' joints as many just aren't good.  We stopped by at 7:00 pm (they close at 8:00) and sadly (but not unexpectedly for a good BBQ joint) they were out of the ribs (another excuse to stop by again).  I just wanted protein so I ordered a pound of brisket - half moist and half blackened. I was pleased both that our waitress knew the difference and that my order came exactly as ordered.  The brisket was perfectly smoked!  The sauce was actually very good - had a bit of a molasses taste (which I normally am not a fan of) but it was really good.My wife had the loaded potato with brisket which was very tasty as well.  For the side she had Mac and cheese - not the best she's had but not bad either.We were too full for dessert but the peach cobbler and banana pudding both sounded good!The staff were very friendly and checked on us several times - but not too many.We will most definitely come back the next trip to SPI - and we'll come earlier in the day to make sure we get some of their ribs!! More...


Travis H.

2 July 2018

The food was excellent. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Overall the experience was amazing. Can't express how awesome this place is. It is a small establishment, but they were able to accommodate 17 people. More...


Sarah S.

13 June 2018

Our favorite restaurant in/around SPI. The food is great and very reasonably priced.  Brisket is our favorite but we also tried the pulled pork and we were pleasantly surprised by how great it was!  I'm also a big fan of their baked beans. More...


Vanessa S.

17 May 2018

This place has family friendly setting.  The bbq sauce is homemade and so tasty.  The meat is tender and flavorful.  I recommend mac and cheese.  Big portions and small price.  Liked it so much took some to go for condo. More...


Nastya R.

15 April 2018

Great atmosphere, loved the interior inside - vinyl disc covers in frames around tables, 50s music playing, such a cozy vibe, friendly service and, of course, good food! Menu seems simple, but everything is great. Prior to visit, had some doubts, but we've made it and no regrets! More...


Elizabeth G.

24 March 2018

Porkys pit! I came here when it first opened and i fell in love. I got their brisket sandwich and it was delicious! The prices are good and I made this a usual spot for my lunch hour. I usually liked sitting in the area with the y'all chairs right infront of the window and just watched traffic pass. I highly recommend to try this place More...


Bill D.

18 February 2018

Excellent BBQ.  The only thing for improvement are the fries.  They are not left in the fryer long enough, in my opinion, and come to table soggy and limp, not crisp.


Joanna F.

3 February 2018

I loved the brisket they served. We also ordered chicken and sausage and everything had lots of flavor. A must place to eat!


William K.

15 January 2018

Great friendly staff, fast service and good bbq. What more could you want. Enjoyed ribs, and brisket and the Mac and Cheese. Definitely recommend. And the The sauce is spot on with heat/sweetness. More...


Chrissy S.

13 January 2018

Great food! Reasonable pricing. Great sauce that they sell for $5. If you like BBQ I would make Porky's Pit a must.


Nicki A.

1 December 2017

Yum. It's really hard to find a good bbq place but toys one was really good. Husband got brisket and I got ribs. Both plays came with 2 well portioned sides. I got candied yams and greens delicious and I'm country. He got mac and cheese and banana pudding. Good enough go back. Ate for around 40. 2/1 beers More...


Timothy D.

12 June 2017

Stop whatever you are doing and come eat ribs at Porky's right now.  Everything is done with care and you will leave in Hog Heaven!I personally recommend the charro beans but the macaroni is also creamy and delicious.  You wont be disappointed.  You dont need teef to eat this beef. More...


Leah G.

2 June 2017

Fall off the bone ribs! Awesome sauce! Best peach cobbler per my son. Price is reasonable... love this place!!!


Don Z.

21 February 2017

We had dinner here tonight. Have eaten here before and it was really good. But it was truly awesome!!!!! Waitress helped us right away and our order came in about ten minutes. The loaded baked potato is scrumptious. And the brisket is fantastic. The churro beans were perfect!!!!!!!!!We definitely plan to eat a lot more here. It's fantastic BBC. More...


Simon S.

26 January 2017

I wasn't expecting much since most of the restaurants in the Port Isabel area aren't great, but I was pleasantly surprised. I got the 3 meat plate with ribs, sausage and brisket. First the service. There was only one girl working the floor and the counter and the phone. There were about 5 tables sat there and the phone was ringing quite often and she still took my to go order right away. From what I could see, she was handling all the tables and the phone and no one was unhappy. My food was ready in less than 10 minutes, I paid and went back to my hotel. The cost of the 3 meat plate with 2 sides was 20 dollars, which I did not find unreasonable. The sausage was really good. Nice little spice to it. The ribs were so tender and practically falling off the bone. The BBQ sauce which came in a separate container was good also. Tangy, a little sweet and a little spicy. The brisket had good flavor but wasn't falling apart tender so it was just okay. The charro beans were very good.The only complaint I had was that there was no sliced onions or pickles included in the to go box. Two slices of brad came with the meal, but I'm not a white bread person so that was trashed. More...


Leo F.

5 January 2017

I'm an out of towner but the BBQ is absolutely amazing.  The staff was very friendly and sweet and we didn't have to wait long at all for our food. It came out very fast, and was delicious!! The brisket was so good. They serve beer as well and we had no issues finding parking. They have a lot with decent off street parking. Only about a 5-10 minute drive from South Padre Island. Right over the bridge. More...


Gary T.

28 September 2016

Good BBQ!  Ribs were tender and meaty with a just right flavor of smoke. The sides are excellent. Great candied sweet potatoes. Good Cole slaw. Stuffed baked potato looks awesome. Best is the charro beans which have lots of brisket. More...


Tarya M.

3 September 2016

Pretty darn good, people. I had the loaded baked potato with chopped beef. It did not disappoint: loaded with meat, cheese, and butter. Sour cream, extra sauce, and onion/jalapeno/pickles in the side. Huge! The boyfriend had moist brisket plate with Mac n cheese and charro beans. He loved it! Kiddo had the Mac n cheese. Homemade, btw. Try it-you'll like it More...