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William Coleman

29 March 2019

Excellent cross training facility. The trainers J.D. Davis and Shannon Greene actually care about the clients success in their program.


Patricia Deese

28 May 2018

Shannon and JD are the greatest trainers. If you are looking to lose weight and want great results, become a Believer!


Darryl Frost

28 May 2018

Shannon will work you out! If you are not a believer when you go in...you will believe when you come out...Lol!


Danielle J.

12 January 2018

I loved going to Please Believe while I lived in Charlotte. JD and Shannon legit care about the health of their clients, which you don't always see at other gyms. They have classes M-Thu at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm. Friday class is at 6am and 10am, and Saturday is Beastmode at 10. Each class runs about 40 minutes and is usually a circuit of stations (schedule is posted weekly in the private Please Believe Facebook group). Sometimes they'll change it up and play a game like roll the dice (where each person in class rolls a die and the entire class has to do whatever exercise comes up) or the name game where you write your name and each letter corresponds to a different exercise. Classes were always challenging and exposed us to a wide variety of exercises. Weigh-ins happen every other Wednesday, and everybody who loses five pounds or more gets their picture taken and posted in the group. Getting a sign is a nice source of motivation and encouragement- I appreciated that a lot. In addition to group classes, JD and Shannon also offer personal training. I was on the $20/wk plan, which allowed me to attend three classes per week. They have more expensive plans for people who want to attend class more often. There's also the Facebook group where they track everybody's meals, encourage folks, and post Sweat Check photos after each class. It really did feel like a family, and if you missed a few days they were asking where you were and when you were coming back. I will say this isn't the gym for you if you want to just come in and use machines on your own. It doesn't really work that way, and it's not set up to be that kind of a gym. Go to Planet Fitness for that lol. Also, I did have one minor gripe- and it's why I deducted one star. Sometimes the music played during class contained explicit language. It wasn't an issue for me, per se, but I could see patrons who aren't used to that being turned off. Overall, it's still a great gym run by folks who really care about you. Yes, it's more expensive than many larger gyms, but you get what you pay for. The encouragement and support at Please Believe is worth it. Definitely check them out! More...


LaReuance A.

30 July 2017

Wonderful trainer that care about your overall well being. They create a fun and hard working environment, were like one big happy family #PleaseBelieve


Tawanna D.

25 March 2017

Once I drag myself to the gym I always Ieave energized!! Great place you feel like family

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