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Andre Seaton

28 May 2018

I thank and praise the Lord for allowing me to cross paths with Shabaka. I had the pleasure to be under his guidance for one month. In that month we totally turned my type 2 diabetes around. My blood sugar were in the 500's and I was consistently feelings awful. Inject Shabaka's meal plan and training,the vegetable juices, now my blood sugars are in the normal rate.... This 30 experience has totally changed my life for the better. My body and mind is so thankful Mr. Amen. Brother I salute you. You'll always be a ace in my book More...


Diane Bishoff

28 May 2017

I came to Shabaka very unhappy with my physical appearance. At 44, nothing I was doing was working & I hated my body. He changed up my meal plan, & added breathing excercises & positive thinking/affirmations that helped me see changes in the first month. The mind & body have an amazing connection! Shabaka helped me get rid of all the negative thoughts & that is when changes started for me. I am a long distant client & I can say he keeps in touch! I appreciate all the texts, emails & calls. Trust Shabaka, he will get you to where you want to be? More...


Carell Houston

28 May 2017

Learned a lot about eating healthy and how food is the largest part of training the body. In 30- 60 days sticking to my meal plan and workout improved my digestion, I lost 10-12 pounds and I quickly saw my definition in my muscle tone.


Matt Olin

28 May 2017

Shabaka got me into the best shape of my life. Period.


Edward Petty

28 May 2017

Really amazing 4 week experience, noticed initial results after a week, great tough workouts and an energizing eating plan


Gerri Mungin

28 May 2017

My husband and I worked with Shabaka for a year and the results were astounding! We lost weight, gained muscle, looked and felt better than we ever had and my doctor was so excited and pleased at the difference in my CRP level (measures inflammation in the body) and my A1C level (measurement of pre-diabetes). She said she'd never seen such improvements in a year. Shabaka is a great motivator and is very knowledgeable about the body and how plant based nutrition is better for your body than any other diet. I highly recommend Shabaka and his plant based approach to personal training. More...

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