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Plainwell Family Fitness

Watson's Mobile Home Park, Michigan

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Plainwell Family Fitness

Watson's Mobile Home Park, Michigan


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Isaac Davis

27 November 2018

Great gym with great trainers/ helpers. Always greeted and talked to when I come in. Clean and orderly as well


Nolan Troff

27 November 2018

It's a great gym with helpful workers, clean weights/machines, and a friendly atmosphere. Also very affordable.


Ryan Johnson

29 August 2018

If your looking for an affordable gym in the Plainwell area this is a good option. 24 hour access via key card means you can go on your own time. Best to go in off hours as it's not an overly large gym. A designated woman's fit zone offers a bit of privacy for those that fear being judged. More...


Olivia Deckert

30 June 2018

Has almost all your needs. Helpful staff. Could use an interior update to be more energizing. Worth the membership.


Greg Bliss

26 May 2018

Great place for both classes training and open gym time. Personal training with Katie Glover. Outstanding.


Brian Eves

9 March 2018

Needs more free weight accessories. And a bit pricey but expected in a smaller community.


Chrissy Campbell

13 April 2017

I LOVE THIS GYM. The friendliest staff, fun classes, open 24/7, clean facilities, a tanning bed that actually works. They have raffles that are worthwhile and give away free stuff all the time! In the long run I have saved money coming to this gym. The staff is so knowledgable and welcoming - the manager Dennis makes you feel right at home from the beginning! I wouldn't go anywhere else. More...


Colin Marcott

22 March 2017

Just graduated college where I would always workout at the rec center. It would always be packed in there and I could never get to the exercises I wanted to get to, unless I wanted to be there for hours. That's what I love about this gym, there's never been a time that I haven't been able to get done what I wanted to get done. Not to mention I can go whenever I want with 24 hour access, which my school's rec center could never do! Awesome place! More...

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