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Lynn Mahar Holmstrom

My sister and I had lunch there today, it was outstanding. Meats and cheeses imported from Italy and boy what a treat! We will return. Thank you Marco for the great service! More...


Kendall G Hardy Jr.

These guys are doing food that is awesome. I encourage everyone to try it. So good it's decadent. Meats are thinly sliced. The cheeses are savoury. The veggies grilled. I hope that they become a successful. More...


Gevork Greg Khachatrian

Definitely recommend this place. The pizza was great and the staff, Kelsey, Agnus and Mike, was very friendly and helpful.


Jena Persia

This place is amazing!! I love the quality of the food and service was impeccable!! Perfect lunch or dinner spot while wondering in St. Augustine!! Highly recommend!


Mark Mayhew

Good � � and friendly staff I'd highly recommend it


Cindy Musgrove

The pizza was horrible. I ordered the white pizza and it was bland and rubbery. It was highly over priced for the quality of the food. Won't ever eat here again!


Raymundo Morales Andreu

Meh. Good, but nothing to write home about. You think 🤔?


Addi McDaniel

Besides the fact that these "Italian quesadillas" are just delicious, this is a really cozy, friendly place to grab a quick lunch!! It's worth it just to try the semifreddo- basically coffee ice cream godliness ��� More...


Phil Lennie

I think this place has the best pizza! Have eaten here several times, and have always taken some home. Their portions are immense! We have since started ordering by the slice.... More...


Jina Stumbo Fields

Great pizza and friendly staff.


Courtney Woodroof

The garlic rolls were just alright but the pizza was AMAZING!! Staff was very helpful and nice. We will definitely be back!


Dixie Maloney

We each had a different choice of Pizza, each was delicious. Staff was great. Definitely going again, on every visit to St. Augustine.


Lillian Brady

Actually, a "hidden treasure" Clean, delicious, fresh, with a very friendly and knowledgeable young man, behind counter.
Even though he was working alone, he spoke about what he was doing, why some of the ingredients go on first, why ..some last..Made you feel important, when the food was complete. The outside is sheltered from the sun, quiet with some Italian music, lightly playing. We had a taste of dessert, complimentary. Great lunch...to go...


Lisa Casimiro Hershkowitz

Beautiful and fresh pizza ... delicious cheese and pepperoni. The sauce was great and lovely thin crust , olive oil after the pizza came out to finish our hot fresh pizza and it was yummy 😋


Gail Taylor Pearson

I absolutely loved it! I have a store in the next hall and I was experiencing low blood sugar. I had never been there before and I was fading fast. I asked him to make me a slice of pizza I didn't care what was on it....I just needed it fast! I walked over to the snack shack real quick and got a candy bar...and he had me an amazing piece of pizza ready and got me some water and made sure I was OK. Thanks for helping me! More...


Ana L. Ruedaquintero

The flavor, the dough, the crust, the cheese, the service ���...it was such an incredibly delicious an authentic Tuscan Italian pie. I can't say enough about it.
We took the left over with us and even the next morning the pie was still crunchy and delicious as the night before. This is a must if you live or visit the Saint Augustine historic part of the town. LOVE IT!!


Christy Banks

great pizza.. little more cheese than I'd typically like but it was great. they had Jolie singing who is AMAZING and the girls at the counter were so friendly and sweet.


Dina Davis

Definitely recommend this place! We got the first slices around 11 am one morning and it was fabulous!!


Harold Garcia

Reallyyy?? The cashier has to charge and make pizzas in the same time.. really guys?? Who ever is the owner .. gotta come and have to know that it's be harder to be successfully when u have no workers .. take care ur employee but russsh.������ More...


Joel Morris

Perfect alternative to the busier pizza spots downtown. On a Friday night on St George St we ordered a slice for each of us in the family and waited maybe 5 minutes for it to arrive at our table. Everyone enjoyed. Delicious.