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Pittsburgh Food Truck & Catering

Rodi, Pennsylvania


Pittsburgh Food Truck & Catering

Rodi, Pennsylvania


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Barbara Roberts

3 September 2019

Awesome food, great service and friendly people! Always grab this for lunch when they are here! The Rastafarian is the best!


Patti Killmeyer Frey

31 August 2019

Great and I mean really great food!!!!


Laura Daniels Cabe

11 August 2019

Burgh Bites was at The Bible Chapel tonight and WOW, that was great. The bacon chili dogs were great, we loved the torts. Thanks for making it a great night!


Jennie Armour Stephens

30 July 2019

Ricci and crew catered our wedding and it was fantastic! 3 years later people still talk about how good it was! He worked with us to manage an allergy we needed to accommodate as well as giving us vegetarian options. We loved everything! Highly recommend! More...


Jamie B.

20 June 2019

This is a food truck you must try! The pedro dog, truck pickles, and the salsa are all to die for! Prices are extremely reasonable too! Can't wait to come across this food truck again! More...


Colleen Collins Derda

4 May 2019

Great to have Burgh Bites in Regent Square today at Wilkins School Community Center!


Meredith A.

24 April 2019

Burgh Bites was at Biddles Escape tonight. I had the Kickin Cuban sandwich with a side of corn/mango salsa. The Cuban had a generous portion of meat which made it very filling. I don't like Swiss cheese which is traditional so the brick was a nice change!  The corn/mango salsa was very good. I was definitely full at the end and it was a good price for it all. More...


Tionti De La Rosa

10 March 2019



Lauren Anne

27 February 2019

I got the fun guy & it was delicious. the guy at the window taking the orders was cracking jokes & very nice.


Sara Mercer Avery

27 February 2019

Got the Hey Dude, torts and truck pickles. Absolutely delicious! Guy at the window was friendly and funny! Can’t wait until the truck comes back!


Foundwell Jacy

27 November 2018

I eat at the Brick and mortar weekly. Everything is fantastic. The mushroom soup is the best ever!!!


Nathan A.

3 November 2018

We had the Cuban and the Fun Guy and both were spectacular.  Great food, fast service.  Highly recommend.


Crystal R.

29 August 2018

Talk about good food!!! Wooh that was a damn good meal! I'd have to say it the best food iv had in the area! I'm so stuffed! Bleh lol


Troy B.

30 July 2018

I am a great fan of this truck, and it's "Brick n' Mortar" location in Heidelberg, PA (near Carnegie).  Yesterday I had the "Loaded Torts" w/pulled pork for lunch while the truck was parked at the Colussy Chevrolet 100th Anniversary Party.  The owner, Ricci, and his assistant were so pleasant and courteous, and we made some small talk while my order was being prepared.  Afterwards, they thanked me by name, and then I enjoyed my lunch, and it was delicious as usual.   I highly recommend this truck, and the sit-down restaurant is even better, because they have the full menu available, so you can't go wrong at either place . . . Cheers! More...


Mary M.

20 July 2018

Delicious food and superior service-I had a last minute catering order for a party that evening and they super accommodating even with dietary restrictions. Everyone kept asking where the food was from. I would recommend Burgh Bites to anyone! More...


Kat V.

1 June 2018

The service was wonderful and friendly. They got things out quickly, which was impressive with a large crowd. The food was really good. I'll definitely go back when they come around later this summer and next year! More...


Funtime P.

26 May 2018

Ate here for the Pittsburgh Food truck festival at the Meadows race track.I had the Latin influenced Pedro dog which was a Pineapple corn salsa with fresh made chips. It was delicious and pleasant to eat. Great flavor balance. And no, racists.... you can't call I.C.E. on me for eating Mexican inspired hot dogs More...


Christopher M.

16 April 2018

After dropping my little brother off in East Liberty, I saw the truck parked on Auburn Street for a community event. It was the perfect opportunity for me to try out their food on a beautiful Thursday evening. I got there just as the truck was closing up so I'm thankful that they were able to slide my order in. I like chicken with a little spice so I order the Rastafarian wrap which came with a side of chips. Even though there were 3 orders ahead of me, I was able to get me order within 10 min or so. I was able to eat the wrap right away but the next day I found the wrap full of delicious flavor and freshness from the veggies and sauce that topped the jerk chicken (I refrigerated the wrap overnight and let it sit out for an hour or so before I was ready to eat it the next day) I know what I'll be getting the next time I see the truck around town. More...


Julia E.

14 December 2017

It was a toss up between a 4 and 5 star rating on this truck. The food was not out of this world but I certainly didn't have anything to complain about either. I got the Fun Guy with French Onion soup and my husband got the Rastafarian with potato salad. He loved his! My french onion tasted like regular french onion soup. The fun guy was really good if you are into mushrooms--- which I am. Great service and super friendly. May I add it was under 25 degrees and they were out there busting their butt. I felt so bad for the girl taking orders because she was freezing!I will add this one on my list of food trucks I will come back for. More...


Brigid N.

13 October 2017

Really nice guys running this truck. Best thing to order is the $2 torts! They are sweat salty tortilla chips, so addictive. I got the schmucker the first time and really like it but the 2nd time I got their gyro and it was so good! I don't think you go wrong - beans were tasty and dill potato salad was a good choice too. More...


Fran W.

10 July 2017

My daughters and I hired the Burgh Bites food truck for my husband's surprise birthday party at our home.  There are not enough good words to describe our experience with Ricci and Burgh Bites.  From the awesome food to the friendly, over-the-top attention to service, our guests were treated to a fabulous food experience.  Thanks, Burgh Bites, for making my husband's birthday special and memorable! More...


Jt V.

29 June 2017

The Rastafarian was excellent. Fresh, tasty, perfectly seasoned!  Can't wait till the next time their truck is in the area to try their other menu options



20 June 2017

Good sandwiches! The menu is a smaller version of Brick N Mortar. Some Handhelds & Dogs. Stop by the Heidelberg food truck Friday. The Guido & torts were very good. Just like BnM. More...


Angela J.

15 June 2017

The jerk chicken...to die for! And the torts are amazing! My husband and I tried them out today while they visited Mt. Lebanon High School. All of the food we had was amazing but we couldn't get over how great the chicken was. Not what we expected! And the torts are light and crispy and have a sweetness to them. Definitely recommend and can't wait to try them again. More...


Jamie K.

19 May 2017

This cuban sandwich was the highlight of my week! I discovered The Burgh Bites truck at the food truck-palooza in Homestead. It was raining and cold, and I was supposed to share the sandwich with my husband, but it was very hard to put it down. Even though I didn't want to, it was a decent size to share with someone if you were interested in trying more things from their menu. The chips that came with it were so good too, and the staff was super friendly. I will def be stopping by this truck when I see it again! More...


Ryan M.

29 January 2017

One of the best food trucks in Pittsburgh. Every ingredient is fresh. The folks that work the truck are awesome. Must try the Rastafarian. They recently opened up a restaurant in Heidelberg. The address is 1709 E. Railroad St Heidelberg, Pa 15106. It is called Brick & Mortar... They offer everything on the food truck menu, and then some. More...


Ben D.

9 January 2017

One of my favorite trucks around. I always get the Rastafarian... Jerk Chicken, Greens, Pineapple Salsa on  warm Pita. Phenominal. Their chips are a great side. Also try the Truck Pickles... Super tasty. More...


Jessica M.

27 December 2016

Burgh Bites catered a holiday meal for my party and it was exceptional. Food was set up and served on time, food was warm and guests couldn't stop complimenting us on the food. We will definitely use the Burgh Bites Team again!!! More...


Michelle A.

1 August 2016

Ricci and the Burgh Bites crew catered our wedding last month. Ricci was so patient and guided me through the entire planning process since I had never heard of a food truck at a wedding. They did our main meal and people are still talking about the food. We had the meatloafer, Rachel, insalata rustica, butternut squash and herb pasta, tator tots and green beans. Ricci worked with the hall coordinator about set up, presentation was great and service was amazing. Ricci even came in and explained the menu. I would recommend them to anyone for an event. Great people and food. Thanks Ricci!!! More...


Aviel S.

5 July 2016

Burgh Bites is simply AMAZING. Their food truck catered our wedding this past weekend and everyone raved about the food. Their homemade chips and salsa is fantastic - so fresh and delicious! Portions are just the right size and their menu is diverse enough for vegetarians and carnivores alike. We had the Rastafarian (jerk chicken wrap), falafeliciois, meatloaf sliders and the funghi (portobello mushroom). For sides we had their homemade chips and French onion dip, homemade tortillas and mango corn salsa, Apple jalapeño slaw and roasted beet salad - everything was fresh and well plated and soooooo good. They were also incredible to work with - Ricci and his team were wonderfully accommodating as we planned the day, he made great recommendations for the menu and every dish was a hit. I would recommend them for any event, or if you find them around town give them a try!!! More...


T S.

15 June 2016

Can't say enough good things about the staff, food, presentation and professionalism. The Burgh Bites Food Truck came for our son's 10th birthday party. Kids, moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles couldn't get enough of the delicious food!  We had so many compliments for our "great idea" and several people asked if they could hire Ricci and his team for their events. They gave us the left overs and made sure that everything was wrapped up nice and neat. I would HIGHLY suggest them for any event! The Pedro Dog, Pork Sliders, Torts w/Mango Corn Salsa and Peach Ice Tea are all out of this world!  Check it out for yourself. You'll be VERY HAPPY that you did. More...


Liz G.

11 May 2016

Ricci and his team are awesome. You can't go wrong with any of the food you order. Everything is fresh and made to order and you will loooovvvveeeee the food !!!!


Daisy C.

22 November 2015

Wow!  Best roasted veg sandwich I ever had!  Wonderful torts, too.  Truly tasted home grown and from scratch.  Great staff made suggestions.  I'll be on the lookout for them.


Angela B.

26 August 2015

Wow! I'm very impressed by the food from this truck. I'm usually not overly impressed with food truck food, the portions are usually a little small for the price and the food usually isn't amazing. This is not the case for Burgh Bites though! I got the Rastafarian and was blown away by the amount of flavor in the wrap. The jerk chicken had a great flavor and was cooked perfect. They used chicken thighs which really helped. The corn mango salsa was perfect as well, and the pepper aioli had a nice kick and added a nice creaminess to the sandwich. The price wasn't bad and the wrap was big and filled me up. It also came with a few of their homemade tortilla chips which very different, good different though, and a pickle, which also tasted homemade. The other dishes I saw from people looked delicious as well. I highly recommend this place! More...


Natalie L.

12 August 2015

AMAZING!! I got the veggie wrap with homeade chips and spicy homeade pickles! Delicous! The staff is very friendly and fast.


Danielle G.

11 August 2015

This summer I have invited numerous food trucks to my office complex in Charleroi, PA.  We have 150+/- employees on location and EVERYONE just loves when they show up!  Burgh Bites food is to die for.   I swear everything they make is fabulous!  I have personally tried the jerk chicken sandwich, tortas, & and the steak wrap.   Everything is so flavorful and perfectly seasoned.  A lot of the food is locally grown too!  The service is fast and friendly   A big kudos to the owner, Ricci for being such a successful small business owner.    His hard work is commendable. More...


Matt H.

20 July 2015

Was surprised to see them posted up on Butler Street in Lawrenceville tonight. Parked the car and gave them a try. Was really happy with the jerk chicken. Service was fast and friendly.


Megan K.

23 June 2015

We found the Burgh Bites truck at the last Food Truck Round-up in Lawrenceville at the end of May.  They had several sandwiches and hot dogs on the menu, and we went with the Cuban and one of the specialty hot dogs.  Both were fantastic!  The Cuban had ham sliced from the bone that was melt-in-your-mouth, and the pulled pork was flavorful, tender, with just the right amount of juice.  The hot dog had bacon and the same pulled pork that came on the Cuban.  The hot dog itself was beef and tasted high quality, lots of flavor.  Can't wait until we find this truck again and see what they have to try next! More...


Simone H.

4 May 2015

Food trucks are Pittsburgh's new obsession and when you come across this one you can absolutely tell why.This wonderful truck was camped out at Grists in Millvale on Saturday when I wen to support my friends who were the live entertainment for the night [Houdini's Psychic Theater with a side of Pittsburgh HappyHour]. Having a new found love for food trucks and being in need for some food from daylong shenanigans I needed to wander over this big blue beauty to get a better look.For that day the menu was simple yet compact for the occasion. Grists Brewing House is a small craft brewery, family and dog friendly. Burgh Bites Cart was there to supplement the lack of food menu. This time they had 3 of their staple Dogs [the Naked, the Pappy (with Chili) and the Pedro (mango salad, chili aioli and crushed tortillas)] and both sorts of their signature Torts.I opted for the loaded Torts and was not disappointed. You are served up a large helping of their homemade crumble seasoned Tortillas chips which are light dipped in the deep fryer. they are so delicate that you need to spoon on the toppings as your chip may crumble when you try to use it scoopingly. On top of the torts you have an array of goodies. Melt in your mouth pulled pork, sour cream, cheese, jalapeños, charred chili pepper aioli and corn mango salsa and some pickles [ala Pittsburgh style]. To help out the customer who may not like all on their plate the ingredients are separated out in the various corners so make sure when you are scooping them on the tortilla to mix it up. My little favorite tidbit for this truck was that they understood their audience. Grists is known as a "Dog-friendly" environment and we are not talking about the food selection for just one second. I'm talking our 4 legged man's best friend companions. Burgh Bites had something for their four legged companions also. Small treats so you and your pup will both be happy. For the entire time the staff is beyond friendly and will sometime will even let you know the best local selection of beer that went with each dog. [At least I was recommended an IPA style :)]Love the attention to local taste and the concept of getting fantastic food and breaking the mold of a dingy old food truck. Will be seeking it around town at more locations. More...


Sarah A.

15 September 2014

I love love love this food stand/truck! I've only tried the Pedro, and I can't get myself to try any other items in the menu because I am always craving the Pedro. It's an amazing hot dog with very yummy toppings! My friends who tried the other items said everything was fresh and delicious!!I don't hangout in Shady Side that often but I drive to Shady Side at 2am for the Pedro even if I was hanging out in a different neighborhood! :)The guys who run it are very nice, and passionate about what they do. What a great addition to Pittsburgh street food scene! More...


Elliot F.

13 September 2014

They just got a new bright blue food truck.  I can t wait to see what new delicious items they come up with.  Seriously awesome  gourmet dogs and sandwiches!


Kerry H.

16 August 2014

I love this cart anytime of day.  Great hotdogs, nice guys.  But it is especially good at 2am when you're with a group of rowdy drunk dudes who need to sober up enough to walk home without supervision.  And if those are your friends too--make sure to tip the nice men with the tater tots. More...


Key S.

3 June 2014

I used to live in Shadyside and had frequented this cart a few times and enjoyed their food immensely, and was sad to move away and no longer have their food down the street from me. So when I found out they'd started catering events I decided to give it a go, even though I did have reservations. It's always a bit worrisome for me trying a new catering vendor for groups at my work, but the food and service couldn't have gone over better. Ricci is great to work with and the food was great (as usual) and the portions were extremely generous. I'm in love with this business, wish I could give it more than five stars! More...


Corey S.

24 May 2014

The menu is simple yet unique and the guys working are super friendly.  The spicy veggie pita is pretty much as special as a monkey riding a dolphin in the Caspian Sea.  Even if you are not vegan you will surely enjoy it. More...


Khai Lonewolf

19 May 2014

Awesome chef with a mobile restaurant. Love it !!!


Kaitlynne Brock

2 March 2014

Quality addition to the walnut street scene!


Joe H.

31 January 2014

Burgh Bites Cart is an eccletic take on traditional street vending, customer service, and creativity.  I make it a point to stop here every time I go out in Shady Side, and hell,  sometimes I make the trip regardless.  Rarely do you hear about a food cart that surpasses the quality of most sit-in restaurants, yet this one does.  Pulled pork, soups, chicken sandwiches, and an every changing menu are what makes this little slice of culinary genius a staple in my diet.  The staff is appreciative and the head chef has set reasonable prices, which in my opinion is truly a great deal considering their generous portions and quality.  I have nothing but good things to say and will continue to eat here.  Keep up the good work guys More...


Nick K.

15 July 2013

I love good local food, and I especially love food carts run by scrappy young entrepreneurs who have such a passion for good food that they drag a cart or truck around to events to share their wares. This past weekend, I came across a new favorite- The Burgh Bites Cart. We came across these guys at Night Market V when I overheard someone say there was a food cart with tater tots. DING! At the top of my potato hierarchy (my list of favorite fried potato products) the creme de la creme- tater tots. We made a bee line in the direction of this magical tater tot cart, and I was not disappointed.First off, you may have heard of this cart if you've ever been in Shady Side on a late night. Legend has it that a magical food cart appears on the streets of Shady Side when the sun sets, rising like Shangri-La or Brigadoon from the mist, to sell tater tots to weary bar travelers. Drinkers still tell stories of a tater tot cart that can only be found after a few adult beverages, and then is gone when the sun rises. I have now confirmed that this mysterious cart is indeed the Burgh Bites Cart.We started with the Bucco Tots- a huge load of tater tots topped with their own pulled pork, smothered in BBQ sauce and topped with onions and homemade pickles. The pork was lightly seasoned and moist, the sauce had a nice bite, and the taters were gloriously fried to perfection. Can I get a hallelujah! It was so good, that later that evening, I went back for more. This time, I had Loaded Tots- another boatload of taters, this time smothered in chili and topped with cheese sauce. OMG good, and the chili had a nice mix of big beans and ground beef that wasn't too spicy.If I died that night (and there was a good chance of cardiac arrest after eating 2lbs of tater tots), I would have died happy, floating up on cherub wings to the afterlife, where angels sit on tater tot clouds, ketchup flows from a waterfall, and a lake of chili waits for me to take a dip... sorry, I spaced out for a second.The other food  flowing from this cart looked awesome as well, like the Falafeliscious sandwich (a falafel patty on a bun with pineapple sauce and banana peppers), smothered hot dogs, and lots more like their homemade pickles or mac n cheese. Wash it down with a refreshing Watermelon Fresca and you'll see why this i my current favorite food truck.Keep an eye on the Burgh Bites Cart Facebook page for where they are next and see what else they are cooking up-- and get your tots on! More...


Phyllis K.

10 April 2013

At first glance this place seems like just a drunk haven where goofs like me can stumble to for grub after a few too many drinks on Walnut, but it's that and so much more. Where else can a sister get some good ole pork belly at 2 in the morning? Or a bacon dog with mac and cheese? Melt in your mouth pulled pork? I wasn't 100% convinced though until on a quiet Friday night at home, friends and I drove out to Walnut to endure the line with drunken floozies just to get some pulled pork and tots. Though we were probably the only sober ones there, we devoured our food and I can now report it as one of my favorite Pittsburgh Eats.Kudos to those young entrepreneurs for making our city a more delicious place. More...