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Melanie Stephenson

9 June 2019

Amazing singing. The best


Maelyn Oakes

26 May 2019

My two boys learned so much more than the music in the Phoenix Boys Choir. World travel. History. Foreign languages. Confidence. and life long friendships.


Janet Lynn Kroeker

17 November 2018

What is remarkable about this group is their history, and keeping to their core mission - teaching choral music to boys. What a gift


Gabriele M. Drewry

6 October 2018

This is such a terrific organization dedicated to promoting a long-established tradition of music that simultaneously teaches young boys discipline, self-control, independence and self-respect. We are so glad to be a part of it!


Rupal Mohan

8 August 2018

I can hardly express in words the great, positive influence the Phoenix Boys Choir has had on my son, Bobby. Ever since Bobby joined 2 years ago, the Phoenix Boys Choir has not only placed him in a loving community, but has also shaped him into the strong and confident young man he is today. My utmost gratitude goes towards Mr. Stangelberger and all of the formative members of the choir in whom we have full faith to continue inspiring personal growth in adolescents across the valley. More...


Heather DeYoung

24 February 2018

My son's confidence went from a 2 to a 10. He is learning so much more than singing, and I couldn't be more proud. Wonderful organization.


Linda Davidson

26 January 2018

My husband was an alumni all the way back to the 1950's. We went to an alumni gathering back in 2016. He was the oldest of the alumni present and was able sing with the group. A lady and her son were at a booth in in a safeway store and Stan was able to get his picture taken with this young man today. He was so thrilled to speak with her son about the boys choir. More...


Suzi More

17 December 2017

I saw this group late one night on public tv. A wonderful chorus and brilliant conductor. This is a wonderful organization in Phoenix. I spent thirty years in Newark New Jersey as a voice teacher at the Newark School of the Arts, a long time member of the National Guild of community Schools of the Arts, I taught several boys who went on to audition and join the Newark Boys Chorus School, a well known school where students go daily. I only wish that this organization could be funded well enough to have the same facilities as theirs. The possibilities for the talented boys in Phoenix could be endless. I think their director is very dedicated and has a wonderful background. I look forward to seeing more of their work. More...


Alicia Starr

28 June 2017

Great group of accomplished singers, under very good music teachers.


Dorothy Snyder

20 February 2017

It was awesome, I was really impressed with how well they sound. My grandson first year and he was awesome


Eileen Gleeson

19 December 2016

I heard the Phoenix Boys Choir at St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Scottsdale. The sound of their voices in this new Church with excellent acoustics was heavenly, literally, heavenly. Fantastic!!


Marisue Garganta

1 December 2016

Love the Phoenix Boys Choir. Talented young leaders of tomorrow.


Kim Balzan

14 May 2015

I Love the Phoenix Boys Choir!!! I also have been listening to the Cd I bought at a concert recently and love it.


Sharon Page

18 September 2013

Is someone recording our boys on fox 10 news this morning?

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