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28 January 2019

Dont mess around with liberty, HR, Jackson etc. When I use to use them I always missed 1000 plus or more using them. I go to actual CPAs. Always get me more money. Usually their prices to file are very reasonable here as well based of past experiences. I didnt use Deb I used another lady and she was very nice and fast to prep. No one likes doing taxes its high anxiety. Especially this year. I was treated well here. I will be returning. More...


Patricia Bills

30 October 2018

We’ve been using Phases for over 15 years and we couldn’t be happier with their services! We use them for both our personal taxes and my business taxes & payroll services! We highly, HIGHLY recommend them!!! More...



30 October 2018

We love Phases Accounting & Tax Service. For over 7 years now we've worked with Debby Miller and her team through three businesses. Within each business, Phases played a critical role in allowing us to do what we do best and not be paralyzed in stressful situations such as compliance and other taxes. Phases has also served as a guiding light for us and the direction we take our company, giving us goals and boundaries to be as successful as we can.We confidently recommend both start ups and established business to visit with Phases and learn about their experience and services. More...


Caroline Lombardo

30 October 2018

Thank you Debby for over 18 years of professional service. No matter what state I am in I will always call you. You handle all question and stressful tax time. Folks go see Debby she truly is the best!!!! More...


TurningPoint Medical Group

30 October 2018

Debby is the best person to have your taxes done. Check them out, there is no better place to go in town!


Noreen Colonese

1 August 2018

We have been clients since 2001. We are very pleased with the professionalism of the whole team at Phases Accounting & Tax Service. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for quality service to see Debby Miller and her staff as you'll be happy when you see the results. This corporation has been preparing our corporate tax documents and personal tax documents for 17 years. This is a group of knowledgable and caring individuals who believe their responsibility is to help you, the client. Their response is very timely and they don't leave any loose ends. We strongly feel we are in good hands. More...


Brian MacDonald

2 October 2017

I don't know of another insurance person what that knows their stuff like Jacquie does. We're excited to see our financial plan come together!


Patrick Wagner

28 May 2017

I was so impressed with the level of service I received on my last year tax preparation I'm going to continue to go with Phases Accounting! The attention to detail and knowledge on all levels was superb. The pricing is reasonable compared to anywhere else. Highly recommend More...