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Celeste Finn

18 August 2018

I have never been to such a warm (friendly), fun and safe-feeling concert in a large outdoor venue where liquor is served all day. I challenge fellow Northerners to say otherwise. While it’s common to experience an event with two out of that list of descriptors, you never get all five together.

I understand the high ticket pricing since attending. It’s actually worth it just for the atmosphere. As the city is a beneficiary, in part, I could recommend a way to beef up revenue further: more bar staff, more facilities (toilet trailers), and more food vendors. The reason is that the demand far outweighs the available resources. The lines are so, so long. With pricing this high (it’s $5 cash to use a trailer toilet instead of a port-o-john, for example) then faster, more efficient service would make much more sense for everybody involved.

I saw people wait for a half hour in the bar line to buy a $5 cup of ice. First of all, this is inhumane; ice and water (also $5) are necessities in the heat and people are dancing. When somebody really needs something you have to think about ease of access. So, offering these in the same line as a full bar is silly. Bar orders take way more time, so long as there is a selection. There should be an ice and water express lane and it should cost less. More would sell. Of course they should be available at a full bar too, but I saw some obviously dehydrated people waiting too long for a very simple order.

The ample talky bits between acts was far too long to cover for break down and set up/run crews. I was thinking: I guess they are giving so much extra time because they want people to be able to get through the service lines between acts? But the DJs work better than the sustained forced stretching, even though the mc was fun.

Sound great. Jumbotrons great. Crowd extremely lovely. Talent supreme.


Biancs R.

28 September 2015

Great people, great energy, beautiful office, great work :)