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Redwood City, California

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Redwood City, California



PSTI is a fitness family that empowers you to live your happiest & healthiest life through training, nutrition, & accountability.

We are diverse yet we are one family.
We embrace who we are, while striving to get better.
We trust the process & enjoy the journey.


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Samer Elbandak

30 June 2019

Amazing place. Not only a gym, but a lifestyle. Amazing coaches, and wonderful community.


Samer E.

28 June 2019

It has been a challenge for me for the last few years to get myself back into working out, I tried numerous times, paid gym membership for months and still did not do it.One day I see this ad on Facebook and something told me to check it out, so I put my info in, and I got call from Coach Darrin, few days later I convinced myself to try FitTRAC out.The first couple of days, I took 1/2 hours semi private classes, then started taking group classes, and both were great.This is not a Gym, it is a lifestyle changing experience.Started with a six weeks challenge. Not only I lost 20 lbs, but also 4% body fat, and more than 3 inches waist, so finally I am able to wear all those pants and shirts that I have not touched for years.As part of the challenge you get daily messages on their application were you start identifying what to eat and not to eat, and for me most importantly, I learned how important sleeping is, and I went from 4 hours of sleep to 7 hours of sleep, they even teach you how to sleep.So by the time I finished my 6 weeks challenge, i realized that I am addicted to this program and to this community, so I signed up for a year, and the day i do not workout, I feel something is missing.Coaches are the reason of the success of FitTRAC. They are amazing!Very helpful, knowledgeable, listen and advise, pay attention to each individual, keep changing workouts daily, actually hourly, yes believe it, constantly changing, so every workout is new and exciting.I have worked out with all the following coaches, and not once I felt that there was a bad coach.Darrin, JB, CJ, Alex, Jesus, Jia, all amazing coaches.I can keep on writing for hours, but I think I will wrap it up by saying I am so grateful for Fitrac for changing my life and making me feel 10 years younger. Also grateful for everything FitTRAC does to the community, and the donations to many great causes.I highly recommend this place, but it is not enough listening to me, you gotta try it out yourself and live this amazing experience yourself.Keep it up FitTRAC! More...


Jennifer L.

9 April 2019

I joined FitTrac on a 6-week challenge.  I was very diligent about going to as many workouts as possible, and also kept track of my calories on MyFitnessPal.  I lost 12 lbs total, and reduced my body fat significantly.  I trained at the Burlingame facility, and Coach JB was always encouraging, supportive and helpful.  It is a low-key, non-judgemental setting.  The coaches are all awesome - I had interactions either in person or online with JB, Ken, Darren, Erin, John and Jesus.  Whether in person, or via text/email - they are constantly asking if there is anything they can do to help you, how you felt after the first week, etc.  Coach Jesus gave me feedback about my nutrition.  The newsletter that Coach CJ sends out is full of information that sort of cancels out the noise of all the fitness information out there.  These guys know what they are doing.  I feel stronger (I consistently upped my weight lifting PRs) and the community aspect is bar none.  I would highly recommend to anyone of any fitness level - the coaches will assess you and can modify any exercises to suit you, but also challenge you.  I am trying to continue on my progress on my own, and I miss the FitTRAC family!!  I will be forever thankful for the mindset change I had while training with FitTRAC. More...


Smriti M.

2 February 2019

The thing that struck me the most when I started with PSTI (via their Groupon) was that they really do care about you and your personal progress. Apart from being great coaches and creating fun workout experiences, every single one of them took time to learn my name; those little things make a difference. Everyone in our center (Palo Alto) was extremely welcoming and encouraging, and that sense of community is what got me up at ungodly hours in the morning till it became a habit. I was so inspired by everyone and being a member of PSTI has changed how I think about exercising--it's not just about losing weight, it's about leading a healthier lifestyle (despite the occasional fried chicken binge). I never felt as energetic and good about myself as I did after I started at PSTI. They also do a lot of community service (fundraisers, blood drives, etc.), which I appreciate a lot. It's a great community of people and I cannot recommend it enough. More...


Tim B.

30 November 2018

My daughter and I really love this place. Darren and Dwayne are fantastic.The two of them have constantly motivated us with strong gym ethics while keeping a smile on our face and the faces of those of the people around us. Thank you so much for your guidance and useful advice.These two guys really go out of their way to get to know you . And they set up the routine's to fit everybody in the gym not just one single person. This gym is really designed for everyone.Thank You More...


Michele K.

30 November 2018

I have been working out with PSTI for about three years now.  I started when I finished breastfeeding my last child and just couldn't lose that last 10 lbs of baby weight.  The 6 week kickoff program was a perfect way to get started, and I loved it so much that I signed on for a year.  That was three years ago now.  I have been an athlete and dancer for my whole life.  I have tried just about every form of exercise.  I have a back injury that rears it's ugly head from time to time.  I love PSTI because the work outs are different every day, so I never get bored, but my coach also is really careful about where to push me and where not to to avoid issues with my back.  I can't imagine ever doing anything else.  For those of you who think you don't have time for a regular work out routine, these workouts take no more than 45 minutes.  I am usually done between 35-40 minutes from start to finish.  Who can't find 45 minutes in their day to improve their health?  Try it, do it, love it. More...


Jaimee T.

30 November 2018

I first joined PSTI about 6 years ago at their Redwood City facility and 6 years later I came back to their Burlingame facility. What made me come back? I have to say their exceptional coaching, comradery, and the best investment value you can ever do for yourself. Their tag line says it all, "Invested in your Success" and that they are! (Seriously, not to sound cheesy, but it's true, they're so good, I got my hubby and a few work colleagues to sign up with them). Sure, I lost some weight, but what I love is the strength and energy you gain from their work outs.You owe it to yourself to give them a try and be a better you! More...


Jenny Y.

28 November 2018

I have been in/out of various gyms doing hours of cardio or group classes, or even youtube videos to save some dollars. PSTI has transformed not only my physical condition, but gave me confidence and a healthier outlook on fitness and body image. PSTI stands out to me because of their personalized coaching styles. They quickly customized exercises to accommodate various fitness levels and physical limitations. They made me feel confident when I thought I couldn't do it and even jumped in to exercise next to me for comradery! They check-in to see how you are doing after a workout and ask how they can further support you! You don't feel alone in your fitness journey, including how encouraging and supportive all the other members are for each other.   Most of all, I appreciate how personable all the coaches are. Even with a 30 min or 1 hour class, they know your name and genuinely get to know you. PSTI also provides comprehensive fitness assessments (e.g., measure body fat%) and guidance on nutrition, supplements, exercises, and stretching outside of the gym for FREE! I'm shocked that this wasn't an added service. But I can literally text a coach anytime to ask for advice. I'll sent them nutritional labels and ask if it's crap or not. They help to decipher any false health claims and offer healthier alternatives. Overall, I appreciate their availability, quick responsiveness, and expertise. You can tell they are not striving for perfection, but want to support people to engage in healthier, sustainable lifestyles even outside of their gym. Lastly, this has NOTHING to do with fitness, but shows the heart of PSTI. They are really committed to their members and the community. They host annual red cross blood drives, children's toy drive, and breast cancer research fund, which started because a past member lost her battle to cancer. They also like getting together with members for BBQs, hiking, bowling, holiday parties, etc. You can tell the coaches really care about you and make efforts to cultivate a wonderful community together. This is truly a unique gym and fitness culture! More...


Virginia @ innoworld SV

27 November 2018

This review is for the Santa Clara location - I love having Coach Jon at my fingertips for questions and workout ideas! Let me tell you, I've hired and paid for more than 10 different trainers in the last 10 years,so I know when I find a great personal coach!! Coach Jon is always positive and has a real passion for health and fitness. He never yells and only uses encouraging words to motivate you to push yourself harder! He is VERY knowledgeable and enjoys answering ALL your questions! I really enjoy the 6am bootcamp classes with him; my workouts are hard but I feel great and I'm already done for the day!!! Coach Jon is SO awesome that even after my 28-trial membership, I decided to sign up for a whole year of unlimited bootcamp!!! PSTI is the answer to my hopes and dreams; Coach Jon and myself are just the motivation to keep me focused to achieve my goals!!! Can't wait to reach my goals!!!! More...


Christine O.

27 November 2018

I have worked with the team at PSTI for almost 5 years.  In fact, both my sons and my husband are clients as well.  This is a place operated by well educated athletes, who know how to get you stronger, leaner and more agile.  They have helped my kids with speed and agility and been mentors for them as they developed athletically over the past few years.  I started with PSTI about 5 years ago, as a runner with a little strength.  And LOTS of injuries.  I was so out of balance athletically.  Ken Easter changed my way of approaching fitness.  We focused on strengthening my body equally, and increasing my upper body strength, and I have been injury free for years.  I thought I was in great shape when I started with PSTI, but it turns out I had a LONG way to go to get there.  I look forward to every session and knowing that I will be stronger and leaner every time.  My husband and kids have worked with Darren over the years, and have learned so much about finding newer better limits with each exercise and training program.  I know fitness, and I have joined countless gyms over the decades.  NOTHING compares to the passion, knowledge and experts at PSTI. More...


James B.

27 November 2018

I've been going to pee PSTI since January of 2017. It is by far the best fitness program I have ever been a part of. The coaches are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and always push me to go a little bit farther faster and deeper in my workouts. The result is I feel fitter than I did in high school. I especially like the variation of workouts on a day-to-day basis  you never get bored with the same old routine  since the workouts are always fresh and new. Additionally the other people who attend the workouts are very encouraging and it is very much a family-like atmosphere. More...


Yvette A.

16 August 2018

Going from couch to work out, this is the place!! The coaches are amazing, all of them in SC: John, Jesus, Alex, Andrew! They all do such a good job in checking-in with you and going over techniques. Amazing place! More...


Muzrob Ruziyev

11 August 2018



CJ Easter

11 August 2018

I heard this was a pretty cool place to workout ;)


Tony Dimaano

11 August 2018

So far, I've worked out here for 2 months. After each workout, I'm happy to say that I'm so glad I show up and push myself. The coaches are excellent. The workout buddies are encouraging. And, to top it off, I'm reaching my fitness and wellness goals. Looking forward to what is coming ahead! Thank you. More...


Serena Culmone Mysore

11 August 2018

So far this has been a wonderful experience! In my second week and I already feel healthier. I haven't really gone to the gym in 5 years since my son was born. Coach John checks in with me on a regular basis to keep me accountable and on track. Thanks for the reboot PSTI team!! More...


Jenny Lee

26 May 2018

Great coaches who are friendly and just pushy enough to help you reach your goals


Yian B.

8 May 2018

This place worked you hard in the 1-hour short-circut training that combines cardio, weights, and endurance. While some the workout really pushed my limit, it feels so great after the workout and I notice a loss of inches around my mid-section after going to PSTI 3 or 4 times a week over the last 3 months. The coaching staff are fun and really make an effort to correct inappropriate posture. Highly recommend it! More...


Maddy B.

4 May 2018

I joined PSTI in January for a 28 Day fat blast and couldn't be happier. I'm one of those people who never likes to go to workout classes without a friend, but all of the coaches have been so warm and welcoming. The workouts are also great. I'm definitely gaining muscle and losing fat, and the workouts are also enjoyable. There is a great community vibe here, where everyone is friendly and encouraging of each other. More...


Jesse L.

20 March 2018

Phenomenal staff and training regimen. The staff is well rounded and knowledgable in their individual and collective niches from CEO to PTs.


L M.

20 December 2017

I initially signed up for the 6 week plan.  I'm been so impressed with the coaches, the program is amazing, I've meet a nice group of fellow members.  Coach Darren and Coach JB are the best!  They are both very encouraging and ensure you are training correctly, I even trained with a broken toe, they modified the exercises so I could continue to workout. After 7 months I've lost 54 lbs, toned up and am getting stronger with each session. I would recommend PSTI above all other kinds of gym. Workouts are always fun but intense. More...


Liz S.

29 August 2017

My cousin and I signed up for the 28 day fat blast in June.  We were so impressed with the coaches, the program and how nice all the members are, that we both signed up for the yearly membership.  Coach Darrin, Coach CJ and Coach Ken are great!  They are very committed to your success and helping you train correctly and they will even modify the exercises if you need it. They are knowledgeable, funny and really make the classes interesting and fun.  I can honestly say we both look forward to our sessions!   We are both firming up, losing a little weight, and have noticed an increase in strength when doing other outdoor activities.  We both highly recommend PSTI if you are looking for a long term, fun training facility! More...


Eric Hassett

26 May 2017

Great community for exercise and fitness


Sandra V.

3 February 2017

I have been a member of PSTI for 5 years and really enjoy the all around workout.  I enjoy my workout partners as we hold each other accountable to show up and work hard.


Todd P.

3 February 2017

How long have you been a PSTI client?5 yearsBefore finding us, what were your biggest struggles/frustrations? How did these struggle and frustrations affect your life?Prior to PSTI I was a runner for 25 years. After I tore my ACL running became more difficult and finally impossible. It was pretty frustrating and scary to not have an exercise routine. Describe what part of training with PSTI has made you the happiest.There are so many things I love about PSTI. The feeling of community in a group workout with people I get to know. Connecting with the coaches. Working out with my wife. Feeling the satisfaction of having finished a great workout. Getting to eat a lot because I burned a lot of calories. But most of all it's that my whole body feels fit. I never had that before.How did our program help you and how is your life different now?PSTI has really been a revolution for me. When I was a runner, it was the only exercise I did. Certain muscles in my legs were strong and I was aerobically fit. With bootcamp my whole body is strong. More...


Kady S.

13 December 2016

I signed up for the six week course, three times a week for thirty minutes each, at the Burlingame location.  The location is in a shared space with an indoor soccer facility.  It's enough space and they manage to get a lot of equipment squeezed in there.  Cameron was super flexible in scheduling the first appointment to get set up.  During that first meeting, you get weighed and measure your BMI.  You then discuss your eating habits and make commitments and identify strategies to eat healthier.  Cameron starts the expectations off so that they're attainable (e.g., if you usually eat dessert every day, then maybe only eat every other day).  Then, you're asked to do a series of movements (e.g., lunges, push-ups, etc.) to check your natural movements and how to correct them before getting started.  Each class never had more than 5-6 people, and three rounds of three different circuits. Cameron is super attentive and challenges you based on your own strengths.  So, everyone does the same exercises but perhaps with heavier weights or slight variations to make them more challenging.  I NEVER left class feeling underwhelmed... often, if need a minute or two before heading off to my car just to catch my breath.  You are guaranteed to work hard.  I never took advantage of the unlimited hour-long group classes, as the thirty minute classes were perfect for me... also, I was super sore after each class, I don't think I could have done the hourlong classes but there are many stronger people than me out there! In fact, in the class, the ladies were so strong!You get daily text messages checking in on you and the movement goals you've committed to as well as if you haven't shown up to a scheduled class. Cameron is friendly, knows when people miss a class and keeps everything feeling personalized.  I lost about 5 pounds and gained a lot of strength and visible muscle definition!  I have been able to keep the weight off and regularly attend other fitness classes now that I've built up the habit because of PSTI.  I wish I could've kept the classes up, but continuing the courses after six weeks was out of my price range. If you do best when someone keeps you accountable and doesn't let you wimp out... I often said, "I can't" with Cameron unflinchingly saying that I could, and to my surprise--I could!  I highly recommend this, especially with New Year's resolutions coming up! More...


Ági N.

8 October 2016

This place is AMAZING! I finally feel in shape and strong again. If you are an ex-college athlete, this is the place for you to get in shape again! Every single session reminds me of one of my old Volleyball strengthening practices. High intensity work-outs in each session. The coaches are great and they really try to push you. I always get a little bugging when i grab an easier dumbbell or KB. They will keep you on your those.  I especially like how they combine strengthening with cardio exercises! More...


Vidya B.

28 August 2016

I came upon PSTI after spending a few days researching good places to workout earlier this year. Came across their Groupon, and decided to try, and have absolutely loved it since. In the past, I have been a reluctant gym goer, making excuses, and ending up quitting in a couple of weeks. With PSTI, I look forward to going to the class every other day, and don't hesitate even for a moment to wake up early for the morning class (to make up for classes missed due to travel).  The classes are hard work - but the variety in workouts, the atmosphere, and how you feel after - makes it all enjoyable. I've really enjoyed working with Coach JB - he takes the time to explain the exercises, makes sure you are doing it right, pushes you, and works with you if you have any injuries. I wasn't looking to lose weight, but have seen improvements in stamina, strength, muscle tone, general energy levels, and even eating habits. Highly recommend PSTI, if you are looking for a new workout place that is both challenging and engaging. More...


Jeremy E.

25 August 2016

This place is a great find! Really good personalized training! I lost 20 pounds over a couple months, just doing weights and their specialized workouts. Would recommend PSTI to anyone for themselves or their child. More...


Christine D.

29 June 2016

I signed up through Groupon and convinced my colleague to join me.  I am so glad I did.  I was hopeful when I started...But it took a few weeks to realize that the class was very challenging in a good way. Every class is different so I don't feel bored with the same routine. After a few weeks, I felt a difference in my clothes and now have a lot of energy throughout the day.  The coaches are all great and help you achieve the right form throughout the workouts.  I would recommend to anyone looking to look and feel better. More...


Janice deFigueiredo

26 May 2016

I have never done this type of work out before but I love it. I am 55 yrs old and I work out 3-4 days a week at 6 am. I feel that I am being watched all the time to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly . It is a little expensive but worth it. They do offer help with your diet but I haven't taken advantage of it yet. There no time like the present to get in shape . More...


Cynthia L.

1 February 2016

I've been a PSTI client for approximately 9 months.Before joining PSTI my biggest struggle was going through cycles of dramatic weight fluctuations. It was really difficult for me to lose the weight and keep it off. Exercising was limited to running and I didn't have a regular exercise routine or a healthy eating habit. When I stopped running I would easily gain weight. I've tried all the different diet programs available (Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, fad diets, etc.) but none of these programs were sustainable. In 2013 when I decreased my running I eventually gained 15 pounds. I resorted to food for comfort, preferred staying at home watching TV, and avoided a social life. This impacted my mood, attitude, and motivation. I would put in the effort, start to exercise and eat healthy but wouldn't see any results. I was having a difficult time getting out of this funk until I joined PSTI. Now I am an overall happier person. I am able to enjoy running again and completed two half and one full marathons (within six month) after joining PSTI. I have regained my confidence, feel better about myself, and have a much more positive attitude in life. More...


Julie R.

22 December 2015

This Program has vastly exceeded our expectations!!My husband and I tried it out on a Groupon several months ago while searching for a means to get back in shape. Soo glad we did.We both feel more energized throughout the dayNoticeable visible improved muscle tone and strength! The Coaches are always watching to make sure our form is correct to maximize the intensity of the exercises- and to avoid injury. They also push us to add more weight and reps!They even check in periodically to ensure we are on track with our goals.The Santa Clara site is in an indoor soccer Facility- providing lots of flexibility in the different workout exercises- including the ever-challenging power sledLooking forward to 2016 PSTI challenges!. More...


Sonia C.

11 November 2015

What a great place to get a REAL workout!  I signed up as a member after trying out the Groupon deal.  This was the best decision I've made in a long time.  I usually attend the 30 minute evening group training sessions.  Coach JB is a great motivator.  Doesn't push too much, just enough to motivate you and get you to your goal.  Everyone should check out this hidden gem if you are serious about making a change. More...


Sandee H.

5 October 2015

For the last 5 months, I've been working with Coach Cameron at the Burlingame location. He honestly pushes everyone to do their best and motivates you to not give up. Everyone has their own weakness and he pinpointed what my weakness was. The workouts are always changing up and every coach is different in their own ways. This is what makes it fun and makes me want to go to class. I came in not out of shape and could not lift well. I felt weak and I've tried many other places before PSTI, but nothing worked. It was truly the environment of PSTI and the coaches that really pushes you to do your best. They supported me and that's why I keep going back to them. Until I achieve the results I want, I am definitely going to continue at PSTI. More...


Kaori T.

17 June 2015

Definitely got really good deal through Groupon! I went to burlingame location 7 pm class. Coach Fox is really great, his workouts are fun and pays attention that everyone is using correct form. The 28 day program is great way to get back into healthy living. More...


Vidhi M.

18 May 2015

This is definitely the best place to go to accomplish your fitness goals. A myriad of so many different work outs and exercises gives you a great full body work out and toned look.  And the main thing.. it makes your workouts so much fun that you would want to do it every day. The trainers at Burlinghame are just so awesome and always motivate you to give your best. Indeed, this gives the best results in your fitness goals and I lost several pounds in just few weeks. Before PSTI, no other gym or classes helped me achieve my target. The trainers are very nice and friendly and provide proper guidance Thanks to them for making me reach at this level. It is definitely the best to go to for workouts and no one will ever regret it. Highly recommended!!!! More...


Al T.

9 May 2015

I've been training with Coaches Ken, Darren and JB for three months now.  I was already pretty fit but couldn't get to the next level of my sports fitness without proper guidance on strength onditioning.  PSTI's program really made a difference with some serious conditioning and know-how that you're not going to find with just some weekend certificate physical trainer.These guys get it - why?  Because they play sports at a competitive level themselves, have been in physical training and have backgrounds in being able to coach, motivate, understand limitations and push you to maximize your time and results.  I can't speak highly enough of them and would recommend their program to anyone who wants to get a leg up on stepping up their game. More...


Mary M.

29 April 2015

I've been going to PSTI for about 3.5 years now, and I love it! Mariah is awesome!!! I injured myself recently by slipping at home and suffered a foot injury as a result. She customized my workouts each session separate from the group and checked on me daily to see how I was progressing. She really cares about her clients. I've also trained with Cameron in Burlingame. He's really good and pushes you to do your best. Love his workouts as well. More...


Diana S.

9 December 2014

If you're ready to accomplish your goals this is the place to go. The coaches (the trainers) really do care about helping you with whatever goals you would like to accomplish. I was struggling with some weight issues associated with being over weight. Just recently I did lab test and they came back normal. All thanks to the support of the coaches with their fitness plans, and nutritional plans. I also have a bad back, they have gotten me to a point where I can jog again. I really like that whatever injury you have they will work with you at your pace to still give you a good work out without injuring yourself. More...


J I.

3 December 2014

I recently joined PSTI and I am really impressed not only by the workouts, but by how dedicated the coaches are. They take the time to follow-up with all their clients (weekly!) and the classes are welcoming and fun. I have worked with Coach Rob, CJ, and JB and they are all professional, kind, and knowledge. I would highly recommend PSTI to others looking to make a change in their lives. I'm glad I took a chance and joined! More...


Karen H.

26 November 2014

II just got back from Nepal where I trekked to Everest Base Camp (about 80 miles over 12 days) and I couldn't have done it without PSTI boot camp!  Although I was 20 years older than the others in my group I was able to keep up with them and made it with extra energy to spare.  All those squats and burpees paid off.I've been going to PSTI boot camp for 10 months at the Foster City with Coach Mariah.   Great cross training workout! More...


Felicity H.

21 May 2014

While at PSTI:  I lost 40lbs.  I am 10lbs lighter than I was in high school.I did the first pull-up I've ever done in my whole life.PSTI changed my life.  I've always been chubby and tried dieting and exercise time and again.Here, the classes are actually fun and I look forward to them and the trainers are incredibly knowledgeable, fun, supportive and encouraging.  The community of people has been a great support system.  I can't say enough about what good and thoughtful people this company is comprised of.  I miss this place!! I went to PSTI for several years and not being able to go anymore has been one of the saddest parts of moving away. More...


Jason M.

25 March 2014

Some real down to earth folks at PSTI. I've only attended the Palo Alto location recently.. Great workouts! Very happy with the results I've achieved by attending 3 mornings a week. I'd definitely recommend anyone to give em a try. More...


Jennifer T.

14 February 2014

I'm really happy our pediatrician told us about his son's business! When we saw a groupon for a 28 day fat blast program here my husband and I signed up not really to blast fat but to see how their workout s are. They are hard, they are targeted and you get results. It was either join a gym and pay for a trainer or just go to these classes. These classes win! Very happy I tried it and now we signed up for a year!  I am in the process of gaining core strength back after 2 c sections, and slowly but surely I can do push ups! I love that every class is different, the teachers remember your name and you push yourself as hard as you want, it's all up to you! More...


Ashleigh O.

11 February 2014

I really love PSTI. I heard about them through their Groupon coupon. One of the best decisions of my life was made when I purchased that groupon. I joined the PSTI family in November of 2013 and I have enjoyed it ever since. CJ, Mariah, and Darren are the best coaches ever. They tell me when I'm doing something right or incorrectly. All of the exercises get your blood pumping and get your heart racing. Good workouts with great people. At PSTI it is not a competition it is simply a lifestyle change that you make with yourself to better your life and feel better. You get to set goals and they help you achieve them and push you through it. I cannot say it is easy but I can say that you will feel much better at the end. I'm so glad to have found the PSTI family they are a great asset to my life. More...


Virginia L.

11 February 2014

This review is for the Santa Clara location - I love having Coach John at my fingertips for questions and workout ideas! But even more, I especially appreciate and Love my personal Coach Will; he is the best trainer! I have EVER had. Let me tell you, I've hired and paid for more than 10 different trainers in the last 10 years,so I know when I find a great personal coach!! Coach Will is always positive and has a real passion for health and fitness. He never yells and only uses encouraging words to motivate you to push yourself harder! He is VERY knowledgeable and enjoys answering ALL your questions! I really enjoy the 6am bootcamp classes with him; my workouts are hard but I feel great and I'm already done for the day!!! Coach Will is SO awesome that even after my 28-day Groupon deal I decided to sign up for a whole year of unlimited bootcamp!!! PSTI is the answer to my hopes and dreams; Coach Will and myself are just the motivation to keep me focused to achieve my goals!!! Can't wait to reach my goals!!!! More...


V S.

7 February 2014

I first heard about PSTI on Amazon local for the fat-blast coupon. I wanted to try something different outside of just lifting weights. I am glad I found this place. I started this year in January and I can truly say how much I felt the difference (In a good way) the first week there. I never enjoyed working out as much before as I am now just because the results that I am getting. I feel great. The coaches are Awesome Mariah, Darren and the Founder himself CJ. They really know what they are doing and also care and enjoy what they do. They also helped me a lot with my form letting me know when to correct it. I am recommending this to all my families and friends to try it out. More...


Euni K.

24 December 2013

I first heard about PSTI on Groupon.  I was in a workout rut and wanted to be challenged in a new way.  I am really glad I tried it out at the Burlingame location.  The sessions are really challenging and always different.  I also particularly like the instructors.  They are very attentive and are quick to correct your form and alter your workout based on your fitness level.  Highly recommend!!!! More...


Jill E.

2 December 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed Boot Camp.  Byron was awesome.  I injured myself the first day and he showed me how to do some modified moves so that I could get the most out of my workout without irritating or exacerbating the injury. I can happily say that I not only improved my strength and balance but lost 10 pounds as well and I am very happy with these results.  Thanks for getting me started on the path to my weight and fitness goals. More...


Kelly B.

2 August 2013

Back to write my second review of PSTI. This time for the human billboard program with Ted in Burlingame. I have attended bootcamps for two years and those classes combined with ted's workouts have really helped take my strength and agility to the next level. Ted is an amazing coach and I am so thankful for how hard he pushes me every session. My roommate and I train with him 2x a week & we are constantly amazed by his energy, passion and drive. You can tell he really cares about each client and will do anything to help you reach your goals. Love PSTI! Really appreciate all your hard work guys :) More...


Tanya R.

25 July 2013

I just wanted to update my review and say Ted rocks!  I am still going to the bootcamp and loving it.  I have become stronger, and along the way, Ted has made sure to increase the intensity of my workouts.  Although the classes are large at times, he always makes sure to attend to everyone to optimize their result. More...


Anela E.

1 July 2013

I started going to RWC place after my purchase of Groupon deal. I fist started with Darren & after I had different coaches. Darren was an awesome couch & that's one of the reason I joined and I knew that the program would benefit my goals. All the other coaches were very nice as well! I would definitely recommend the program to all my friends & everyone that wants to reach their goals in a friend and helpful environment. Thanks  for all the help & encouragements I will see all of you after my trip :-) More...


Rachel M.

14 May 2013

This review is for the Burlingame location with Ted.I first found out about PSTI through their Groupon "Fat Blast" coupon. I am so glad that I purchased this. I have taken other boot camp classes and can honestly say this has been the best one I have ever taken. Ted is very attentive and makes sure that your posture is correct and that you are doing the exercise correctly. If something is hurting or just doesn't feel right he will give you a different work out. Every class you can expect to leave feeling like you worked out much longer than an hour! I like that the classes are small so that you feel like your getting 1-on-1 time. I don't feel like I have lost any weight just yet but I do feel a bit tighter and toner in some areas. I will always recommend them to others (and have already) and will most likely sign up to be apart of their program. Thank you Ted! More...


Lenore C.

13 March 2013

I want to thank the two of your a very worthwhile month of exercises.  My first goal was to just get up and get there a 7 am....... which I accomplished.  Getting to class had it own rewards as this was one of the best series of  classes that I have taken.  Great variety of exercises and I appreciated the personal attention to making modificationsso that I could avoid hi impact on my back.   Your classes will be (and have been) recommended to others.  If the budget would hold it, I would definitely be back.The two of you are great - know what you are doing and a pleasure to participate in  your morning torture all for the good!!!TXS More...


Jerome H.

4 February 2013

This review is for the Burlingame location. I recently purchased a Groupon for the Bootcamp class and I am so glad that I did! Ted is a wonderful teacher! He works on your individual fitness level and finds ways for you to have a routine that works for you. He is easy to work with and personable. The setting is perfect, its located in a soccer gym so you'll have a few soccer sessions while your class is going on, but I found it to be non-distracting, The facility itself is very clean and parking was easy. Every class has been different and I can honestly say that I'm stronger, leaner and..still hate burpees! But hey, I lost some weight so I shouldn't be complaining. I definately enjoyed the classes and have even told some friends to join too! More...


Karen W.

10 October 2012

My sons, ages 11 and 8, attended the Flag Football camp this past summer.  They had a fabulous time and as soon as the camp was over, they were asking to sign up for next summer's camp.  And that has never happened before!  The camp was super organized.  They worked them hard, but they balanced it nicely with fun games too.  C.J. and his team treated all the boys with respect.  We are big fans of these guys and would highly recommend this camp! More...


MapleLeaf M.

18 September 2012

I'm reviewing the Foster City PSTI 6am boot camp class.  I found out about PSTI via Groupon last year during their Holiday Fat Blast promo.  Coincidentally, I had made some weight loss bets with 2 friends.  So this was great timing.  I was able to lose 8 lbs in about 8 weeks and now I'm on maintenance mode. Please note that I only attend twice a week.  There is one bootcamper that goes everyday and he's gotten really toned.  You get as much out of the class as you put in.The workouts consist of a warm up, cardio, ab work, weights and stretching.  The hour does go by quickly.  There's always a variety of "toys" to use: medicine ball, stretch bands, sack of flour, ropes, kick bags; just to name a few.  Although it's really tough for me to wake up so early, I always feel like I've accomplished a lot after each workout.  Over the course of the year, we've had different instructors.  I have to say I enjoyed Karin the best.  She pushed you and she would notice if you weren't working to your full potential.  Plus she was funny and personable.  Although the other instructors are all professional (they'll suggest alternatives for those with pain issues, they'll correct your form), they don't have that enthusiastic vibe that I'm used to from other group exercise classes.  Maybe because it's 6am in the morning but all the more reason that I feel the need for a happy, "glad to be here and glad you are here" attitude from instructors.The venue takes place at a martial arts studio.  It's very clean, well lit and new.  Easy parking too. More...


Amber R.

3 May 2012

I love this program.  I work out at the RWC location, and yes, will agree with the other reviewers that it is smelly and the floor is disgusting.However,I don't care because I achieved real results in just 4 weeks! I will disagree with other reviewers about the motivational aspect.  Jose is an amazing instructor, provides plenty of motivation and feedback.  As for the social aspect ... I'm there to workout.  If you are doing the classes right, you can't chat exercising.  If you want social, try speed dating, not boot camp.HIGHLY RECOMMEND! More...


Krystal T.

22 February 2012

I purchased the Living Social Deal for a 1-Month Boot Camp trial and enjoyed the couple of classes I was able to take in near my job Palo Alto.  As with everything in life, you get what you give-- so if you're willing to put in the hard work, PSTI can provide the results. I hope they expand to the south bay in the future so that I can work out closer to home! More...


Monroe L.

5 February 2012

CJ and Jose are a lot of fun to work out with, and you will get a GREAT workout. Truly one of the best exercise experiences I've ever had, and I've had a lot. The team at PSTI are world-class, great athletes, and just good guys. Very reasonable to deal with on administrative, billing, etc. as well. I highly recommend. More...


Andrea B.

2 February 2012

I had really good results with the Holiday Fast Blast at PSTI, and I enjoyed 7am boot camp in Redwood City. However, I can empathize with some of the more negative reviews about the RWC classes. Here's my take: Groupon Deal: Awesome - for the price, total steal. If I hadn't moved from Mountain View to SF, then I may have considered staying with the program. Believe me - they give you plenty of opportunities to continue on after the deal. Location: Springy gymnastics studio - nothing fancy, but it got the job done. My balance was sometimes a bit off, but overall I had no complaints about the venue. There's also tons of parking. Driving from SF to RWC at 6am on 280S, there was never any traffic, too. I chose RWC over Foster City and Palo Alto to avoid 101. Trainers: Jose was our regular instructor, and I got to try Darren a few mornings. They were both great trainers with very different styles. I'm the kind of person who really doesn't need much chatter or motivation - really difficult workouts and working in groups are enough for me to keep myself motivated. Some of the other reviewers hated how quiet or serious Jose was, which is true, so I might try another location if that's important to you. He was helpful and understanding to new people or people with special needs. Darren was definitely more chatty and motivational. Workouts: Expect an active warm up and a really intense cardio and strength workout. Everyday was different, and it was fun not knowing what to expect: laps around the block, timed circuits, or just classic stations. I was sore in the beginning, but after a week, I hardly got sore. After the workout, expect a nice stretch session. I never injured myself. Program: They weigh you before the program and make you set some realistic goals. They also call you to consult during the program. This was very good . Most boot camps and fitness programs are sales-pitchy, and PSTI is no exception, but no worries - I was never pressured during or after a workout. I just got emails, and they were promoting some pretty great deals. Anywho, I lost about 7 pounds, gained a bunch of muscle, and I would recommend anyone in the South Bay to check them out. More...


Christina B.

27 January 2012

These guys are pros.  Originally inspired by a Groupon around the holidays, I'm just finishing my 2nd month of boot camps at the PSTI.  After one week of boot camps, I felt awesome.   Now that I've been attending regularly (3x/ week for 7 weeks or so), I feel fantastic.  My fitness level, core strength, and posture are greatly improved.  Before I started the PSTI's boot camps, my weekly fitness routine was a little less than I needed for "maintenance" and it was pretty stale.  Jogging with the dogs 4-5 days a week and dragging myself to yoga or Pilates when I could.  My weight was creeping up and I wasn't happy with how my body looked.  The night before my first boot camp, I could barely sleep.  I was nervous that I wasn't going to be able to cut it, or worse, that I'd hurt myself.  The workout was challenging, but not discouraging, and the trainers are no-nonsense, but not demeaning or critical.  Sure, I was nauseous a couple of times those first few weeks, but only because I pushed myself, and I am glad I did.  I feel kind of cheesy for saying it, but I really feel like the PSTI has helped me to get my life back.  I feel strong, healthy and confident and I have more energy than I have in years.  I actually don't think I've felt this good in about a decade!  I've only gone to morning classes in RWC.  These are usually led by Jose, and I think he is fabulous.  His workouts are well paced and never redundant.  It's never the same routine twice.  He seems to effortlessly put together a combination of exercises that give you a full body workout that feels balanced and natural.  The gym in RWC is a little gross, but I figure, hey, it's boot camp, not the Ritz!  On the plus side, since it's a gymnastics gym, the floor is carpeted and super bouncy, so I think it probably helps to reduce impact.  I can't recommend the PSTI enough.  If you want more details, feel free to message me! More...


Conny L.

19 December 2011

I started with PSTI boot camp workouts about 3 weeks ago, when I purchased a Groupon for their "Holiday Fat Blast".I was impressed from the beginning on, when I received my free nutrition guide (1300 cal per day), and was asked to define my personal goals. This helped me a lot to identify what I actually want to achieve within 4 weeks, rather than saying "I just want to fit this jeans again".All participants had a mandatory weigh-in session, where trainers ask specifically about any injuries or health problems, go through the goals with you, weigh you and answer any questions that you might have.After that, the training starts. Usual training is 3 times a week (I chose evening classes), but in principle one could join other classes (morning or evening sessions) in other locations to work out even more. My group is held by Darren or C.J. in the dance studio of Jordan Middle School, a very convenient location with plenty of free parking spaces. Groups are small (usually around 8-12 people), which allows for personal interaction. I love working out with PSTI. All muscle groups are trained, and the trainers make sure to include a great warm-up and stretching before the training, as well as cool-down and stretching after the workout. The bootcamp training lasts a total of 60 minutes, including 10 minutes warm-up and 10 minutes cool-down.During the 40 minutes of varied exercises, participants of all fitness levels are challenged. The trainers always offer alternative movements if the exercise is too hard for anybody (instead of jumping you can do squads or similar). The workout is always different, but includes all muscles: arms, stomach, legs and everything in between. =)The trainers are very creative with the routine, so training sessions are never the same, and never get boring. Throughout the whole session, they motivate you to give your best and don't give up.After only 3 weeks, I have lost a few pounds already and feel much fitter. The small groups and the trainers keep me motivated and wanting to push more. I feel that I am in good hands here, and the trainers care about me and my health. Throughout the program, you will receive useful e-mail information on the program and even personal calls from the trainers asking how you feel about the workout, whether you follow the nutrition guide, if you have any pain (apart from muscle aches, which you will have for sure =), etc.After my positive experiences with PSTI, I have decided to stay in the program to improve my fitness even further, lose more weight and keep feeling energized. I'll keep updating my review to share my experiences throughout the next months. More...


S s.

13 November 2011

CJ leads bootcamp at my office - he is fantastic! He's funny, easy going, flexible, accommodating, and very serious about fitness. He leads varied sessions which keep it interesting. Be ware of "challenge" days - the 300 push-up challenge is killer - but you get bragging rights all day. I highly recommend him. More...


Sue D.

13 November 2011

I pretty much never exercise of my own accord, but when my company signed on for a few weeks of PSTI's Boot Camp, I gave it a go. I ended up attending each and every class (when I was in town) for the full 12 weeks. The quick variations from exercise to exercise kept me engaged, I felt healthier, my mood improved, and I enjoyed the convenience of classes being held at our office - it was fantastic! More...


Theresa J.

18 October 2011

Results, Results, Results!  For me that is the most important factor in a training program.  I've been working with Jose and CJ in their small group sessions for 6-weeks now and I'm impressed by my 2% decrease in body fat percentage and my increase in fitness level.  I wanted to cut body fat for the beginning of the collegiate triathlon season and also increase my power and endurance for the sport.  I've accomplished both and am still making gains.They have a well defined program that includes 3x weekly HIIT training sessions, prescribed at home workouts, a meal plan and weekly coaching calls. The wholistic nature of the program has been critical to my success.  In the past, I've worked out hard for weeks at a time while training for triathlons and half-marathons and even with a personal trainer, but ended up eating more to compensate. Or I've gone on a low calorie diet and ended up losing muscle as a result.  It was critical for me to incorporate both in a healthy way in order to achieve both my fitness and performance goals. They are incredibly knowledgable and that carries over to real, measurable results.  In terms of motivation, they've done three critical things to keep the motivation high. 1) Tiered goal setting 2) Weekly coaching calls 3) Accountability partners.  With the tiered goal setting, they had us define our goals very specifically as well as sub goals that must be met along the way to get there (e.g. Goal -Reach X lbs by Y date, subgoals - 3x week workout, 1400 calorie diet further subgoals - shopping for food on Sunday, sleep on time).  This prevents me from following my normal pattern of giving in when I feel like I've done 'well enough'.  With this plan, I know I can't stop until I've met the final goal and weigh ins every two weeks make sure I'm on track. On the weekly coaching call, we're able to make small tweaks to my diet, schedule and workout plan as new things come up.  Am I getting enough protein?  How do I deal with soreness? These things are addressed in the weekly call. And finally, they assigned accountability partners among our small group.  Mine really helps me stay on top of my at home workouts -- we meet once a week to work out together and this helps me stay motivated as well. All in all, a very forward thinking and customized solution.  Short of getting on Biggest Loser, these guys are it! More...


Allison I.

17 October 2011

if you're looking for a challenging workout with variety every day you show up PSTI is the choice for you. Enthusiastic instructors correct your technique to maximize the exercise and encourage you throughout the class. The warm up and cool down save you from getting sore or injuring yourself. I am seeing results that I am very pleased with and look forward to going to class. Very organized staff and worth trying out! More...


Sena F.

3 September 2011

I have to sing the praises of PSTI both for their kids sports camps (Football and Speed and Agility) and for their adult  Boot Camps.  I sent all three of my kids to their very first Speed and Agility camp and have continued to trust CJ and his team to train my kids for various events and sports seasons over the past two years.  My son loves CJ, Bo, and Jose and has learned so much from them regarding football and getting faster.  Working with the PSTI team over the summer and during holiday breaks has given him a physical and mental edge that shows on the field.  They are great at teaching kids to set goals and encouraging them to work hard to reach and surpass them.  PSTI takes an interest in knowing your child and providing positive encouragement. They are wonderful!!As for their boot camps I love them.  The concept is simple...work your butt off for an hour three times a week using basic exercises and then wake up the next day knowing and feeling every muscle you worked the day before.  There is nothing fancy about the workouts but  the results are great!!!  The trainers definitely push me more  than I would push myself and I enjoy working out with a group.  The instructors keep me motivated and challenged. I have had classes with Bo, Jose, Ryan, and CJ and I have enjoyed all the workouts.   I have lost 2 clothing sizes and have muscles in parts that haven't been muscular for quite awhile.  I feel great and have more energy.  The best part is the compliments you get when people start to notice that there is something different about you.  I LOVE it!!If you are ready to challenge yourself and start changing your body, then get to a PSTI boot camp ASAP!! More...


Val R.

27 August 2011

I started this program in Palo Alto through the Living Social deal, and it has been much more fun than I expected for a "boot camp."  The coaches Bo and CJ are serious athletes having played football at Stanford.  I also appreciate that they are committed to supporting youth sports and serving as role models in the community by serving as football coaches at the high school and middle school levels.Expect an hour of high intensity plyometric drills and strength training. Lots of squats, lunges, pushups and abdominal work interspersed with shorts sprints and jogs. This will get you in shape fast!They are awesome for letting me bring my kids along (and making them feel welcome) on rare occasions when I don't have anyone to watch them but I still want to get my workout. More...


Lydia G.

22 August 2011

Reading the reviews here was interesting as you realize how people experience things so differently.  I love my three times a week workouts at PTSI and think Jose is terrific. I guess it all depends what you are looking for and for me, this place works. In particular, I have gotten much tighter abs and a stronger core in the past few months, which has really improved my posture. The first two weeks were hell, so give it a minimum of a month if you try it out.I hate fitness gyms, am not motivated to exercise and have a lifestyle and career that is based on brains not brawn. I appreciate Jose's low key manner, sunny disposition (better than an SSRI), and very clear instructions - he is an ex-football player and I have learned a lot about discipline, persistence and the importance of showing up by participating in his class. The instructors at PTSI are ex-athletes and I prefer their style to the typical gym instructors who seem to have a contrived, artificial perkiness. I also think Jose has become more motivating recently, perhaps in part of some of the reviews. It does help to hear that "Good Work" or "Fight that Little Man on your Shoulder" when you want to quit.Since I am not very kinesthetic, I like the fact that the exercises in the PTSI routine are simple and straight forward - Jose keeps you moving the entire time and its surprising how tired and sweaty you can get from his routine. Because my knees are bad, Jose gives me a modified version of some of the workout moves. Yes, the facility is a little run down however it's close to my house and has ample parking. And if you stick around, your fellow boot campers are friendly although not effusive, which is fine by me. More...


Doodle S.

22 August 2011

I love the PSTI bootcamps.  I go once a week to CJs class in Palo Alto.  It's fun and motivating.  CJ is enthusiastic, friendly and dedicated.  Each workout is a little different so I never get bored.  And sometimes we go outside, which I really enjoy.  CJ always demonstrates the correct form, gives feedback when your form is off and always answers questions. He keeps us moving and we get a great workout. More...


Katie K.

19 August 2011

I found PSTI through Groupon this past Spring.  I was immediately hooked to the hard yet fun workouts.  The workouts are constantly changing making each workout unique.  I have seen a noticeable difference in my energy level over the last few months.  I will agree with a few of the reviews that there is a lack of feeling part of a group (more so in RWC vs. PA).  It really is a structured one hour workout.  I appreciate that the sessions start on time and end on time and there is no down time in between.  It shows professionalism and care for our time and money.  I had a personal trainer last year that did not come even close to pushing me like Jose and CJ do.  I highly recommend PSTI - I don't think you will be disappointed if you are looking for a great workout.  I know I liked it enough to continue after my Groupon expired. More...


Jared B.

3 August 2011

These guys are great.  Their workouts are well-organized and left me sore, sweaty and stronger.  Also, they arranged a special deal for me while I was visiting the Bay Area on business so that I could continue my NY workout schedule.


Hannah W.

28 July 2011

I love this boot camp. I think the instructors have the right attitude and approach to fitness, and I certainly got my butt whipped into shape. I have been going through a big life transition (getting ready to move for grad school), and normally I would gain weight during that stressful of a time and basically stop exercising. Instead, I maintained a steady workout schedule, lost a little weight, gained muscle, and felt more healthy overall. CJ and Jose are great and motivating instructors! More...


Janelle T.

10 June 2011

AWESOME workouts. I did boot camp for 6 weeks and if I weren't leaving the area, I would've kept going without hesitation. I joined mostly out of curiosity and now I can say that it got me into better shape than I've been for a while (I run about 15 miles a week, but started getting bored of that). I get compliments about looking jacked (but not scary steroidal jacked, in case that scares you), when I'm 5'0 and the smallest out of my friends. I feel so much stronger and healthier now.The workouts are challenging, but that's exactly what I came for, and the trainers have been great (Bo & Jose). CJ runs a legit program and Darren is on top of keeping things running on the biz side, too. I'm definitely hoping to start up again when I come back to PA next year. More...


ruth s.

24 May 2011

Great, no-nonsense sessions that really work you hard. Classes are not competitive so you just push yourself and can work out at your own pace, even if you are not at the same level as some of the others in the class. Jose in Redwood City really focuses on core, stamina and balance, not just strength. I also like that there is minimal chatter, so we can all just focus on the workout. Highly recommended and greatly motivating. More...


Gemma S.

20 May 2011

I have been working out with PSTI for 4 months now.  It's effective and fun exercise in a manageable 1 hour session.  Jose makes an effort to mix things up so that we don't get "used" to the exercise and is also really considerate of people's different needs and fitness levels.  The times that they offer are also very convenient.  Before PSTI, I had a hard time sticking to workouts because of my busy schedule -- but now I have a choice between morning or evening. More...


Kira M.

12 May 2011

Best training I have ever received! Everyone is very knowledgeable, and knows how to give us the results we want! Love PSTI


Nancy D.

11 May 2011

The boot camps that the PSTI offers are great!  Through Groupon PSTI had a intro. Since I have never exercised in a bookcamp class decided to try it out. First the Redwood City studio is very close to my home and they offer 7am classes which are hard to fine.  Jose leads a  good class that makes one work hard but keeps it changing and fun.  The hour goes by very quickly. If you want to have fun and see results I recommend PSTI. More...


Amy N.

29 March 2011

I'm almost too sore to raise my arms to write this review, but that's a good thing when reviewing a boot camp!  The workouts are a great, fast-paced, continuously-changing cross-training hour. Jose at the Redwood City boot camp is a wonderful albeit tough coach.  He's an athlete who knows how to motivate the group while still providing a fun and challenging workout.  The hour flies by!After faithfully going to boot camp for 2 months, I lost 10 lbs and ran a marathon!  I would highly recommend PSTI for anyone who wants a great total body challenging workout! More...


J B.

28 January 2011

All I'm going to say is that I now wake up at 5:30am (willingly) three times a week to get to their 6am class and can see my abs (yes, in the plural) for the first time since having two kids.Both CJ and Jose are encouraging and thoughtful about your fitness level and will tailor your workout even during group classes. These guys are definitely new to the business of fitness, but they are motivated to learn and they listen to their clients.  Love them. More...


Ron G.

1 December 2010

This place is great. I take the bootcamp class from CJ and love it. It's a great workout for strength, cardio, flexibility and more. Really all around good workout with lots of variety and something new each time. Never gets old. And CJ is great. Really encouraging and always well prepared for each workout. I love this place! More...


Melanie H.

7 October 2010

I love this place!  I started off doing training once a week to help support my son after football season to prevent him from gaining too much weight.  My boys have used their football camps and found them insightful and exciting and wanting to play football immediately.Then, they started in with adult book camps.  I went on day 1 and can't imagine not going.  I'm not a disciplined person when working out, yet I will get up and go do this first thing in the morning. I love the variety.  They push you, but if you just can't perform the task at hand, they come up with an alternative so that you don't hurt yourself.  I've lost over 10 pounds and receive compliments about how trim and fit I am looking.Anyone thinking about starting up a fitness routine, or an athlete looking for a change in routine, should seriously look into D1/PSTI!Thank you CJ & Jose! More...


Adam T.

21 July 2010

These guys are amazing.  I've seen great results, yet had a ton of fun along the way. I trained with CJ, and he knew exactly what exercises would cater to what I wanted to do. I went to them as a teenager who had never lifted weights before and wanted to learn a workout routine for water polo, and with a few sessions, I had a sustainable routine that I could repeat on my own. He was a Stanford football player and had a lot of knowledge on diet, health, exercise, you name it. He worked hard to find exercises that would help me get more sport-specific fitness as well as life fitness. You know they know what they're doing if you walk out of there sore as heck and pushed to the limit, but not over-exerted. On top of it all, they're all great people and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend training with D1 Performance Science, and it's probably among the best money I've ever spent. If you want to get in shape, this is the way to go. More...

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