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Our team comes from a vast background in the Military, Security, and Investigative industry. Each of our founders saw how the industry was filled with warm bodies, or unproductive, archaic methods, and knew that it needed to be more than just lipstick on a pig.


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Jeff Ainsworth

25 August 2019

Our go-to for our investigative work in the State of Ohio. We operate in the state of Michigan and are always needing a helping hand with our files in neighboring states. He is able to assist us in our Insurance and Domestic (Cheating spouses.) cases by providing top quality work and has also been very speedy with Process Serving More...

Thanks, Jeff! We're always happy to serve you, and can't wait to work with you for the many years to come!


An unfortunately common occurrence today is cases regarding suspected cheating spouses. Having performed surveillance on numerous high-profile individuals to obtain evidence of infidelity, Pelta Protective Specialist, LLC provides the peace of mind our clients desire discreetly and professionally. Should you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, the team of expert surveillance investigators at Pelta Protective Specialist, LLC are waiting to assist you however necessary to provide the closure and answers you need.

When you need a reliable team to serve your legal paperwork, you can rely on the investigative team at Pelta Protective Specialist. Our process servers have many years of investigative experience, and have access to governmental, and private databases, should you need any skip tracing services.

Pelta Protective Specialist, LLC offers professional uniformed security services for Government, Commercial, and Private facilities. Our uniformed personnel are carefully screened, selected, and trained to offer the highest level of service. Among the comprehensive range of uniformed security services that we offer, Pelta’s Protective Specialists perform armed post/gate control, roving foot and vehicle patrols, management of central communications/security centers, CCTV and alarm monitoring, security escort, dignitary protection, threat assessment, emergency preparedness evaluation, vehicle and visitor screening/badging, armory management, and first responder emergency services, including emergency medical technicians.

We also offer a large range of plainclothes services including, Executive Protection/Bodyguard, Armed Courier, Chase/Escort Vehicle, Workplace Violence Protection, Anti-Piracy Cinema, and more!

Pelta Protective Specialists, LLC provides notary services for your car title, health care power of attorney, living will, affidavit, acknowledgment, mortgage closing, verifying your I-9, and any other legal document. We offer mobile notary services, where we come to you at the following prices. 0-30 miles 1-way $75, 31-60 miles 1-way $90, 61-90 miles 1-way $110. (After hours 6 PM to 9 AM, please add $50.)