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Peak Performance is a gym that combines many fitness philosophies. From traditional lifting to TRX, Bootcamp style, p90x, and so much more. We found styles that are valuable from each fitness genre and combined them to offer a fun and inviting space to pursue your fitness and health goals.


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Brooke Nelson

24 June 2019

This place is awesome. Matthew seriously knows what he is doing. I can’t wait to go back! Do yourself a favor and check out this place!


Christina Gonzalez

13 June 2019

I’ve known Matt since he was a personal trainer at another gym. He is an incredible trainer and creates great workouts for any level of training a person is doing. Also his workouts are tons of fun!


Paige Gerbitz

2 May 2019

I've been training with Matthew for 3 months and it has been one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. He takes the time to listen to your goals and his passion to help you achieve them shows! He is very motivating and makes the workouts enjoyable. I've already lost 30lbs, am gaining muscle, energy, and confidence. Lasting results don't happen overnight, but if you are willing to listen, put in the work and trust the process, he will help you reach and maintain your goals! Matthew is smart, caring and an all around incredible person and trainer. Highly recommend! More...


Kari Caudle

4 January 2019

The knowledge behind fitness and Matthew is just great!


Jeff Richardson

31 December 2018

Just finished a workout Matt worked out for me. If you want to lose weight or build or just build endurance. GIVE Matt A Call he will get you fixed up but be ready to put in work!!! Thanks Matt


Caleb Slate-Story

15 October 2018

just started training with matthew...he is so knowledgable and works well with whatever skill level you are at...pushing you to better yourself but not overbearing like some trainers!!!


Jentry Mills

30 August 2018

Loved my first workout here! I got in and out on my lunch hour and the workout was amazing! It's great that it can be tailored for different fitness levels and the level of support from both the other participants, Cole and Dave was fantastic! It very much felt like a family when I walked in. I will most definitely be going back and we can't wait for our patients at Epoch Health to start working out here too! More...


Jenny Hays Campbell

30 August 2018

It's like a family reunion every time you go. Support & encouragement! Such an asset to our community!


Cole Webb

30 August 2018

Definitely a place to go when you want to see improvement and amazing results in different areas of your health; strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility. The list goes on!


Nicole Couey Claesen

11 May 2018

Matt is AMAZING! Incredibly knowledgeable and he makes it fun! My 3 week boot camp gave me results and I looked forward to challenging myself and the encouragement of Matt.


Toula Abu-Hamdan

19 March 2018

Matt is awesome! Very knowledgeable and motivating. Matt can advise on nitration and can customize a work to fit your needs. He is very respectful and easy to communicate with. I have been working with Matt for a week and I’ve already noticing a great difference in both my energy level and on the scale! Don’t waste your $$ on a gym membership, Contact Matthew now! More...


Marci Owens McEvoy

17 February 2018

Matthew cut my daughter’s hair tonight and did a fantastic job! She is trying to grow out super short hair and it needed lots of TLC! Totally recommend him!


Justin Pfeiffer

29 January 2018

Very Knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and wellness. A great choice in a personal trainer.


Alexa Smith

17 January 2018

Matt has been my favorite trainer hands down. He is always respectful, but he is honestly going to be brutal to make you better. He assists in workouts, and he will accommodate injuries in workouts. I strongly recommend him if you are willing to put in the work and commitment! More...


Andrew Pritchard

8 June 2017

Great environment. Fun place to workout.


Addam Maxwell

9 June 2015

Family friendly - Family engaged. Peak offers a place to work out, stay motivated, and meet friends

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