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Eric Carbone

I have been coming back to PC Professor since I started there with my Windows 2000 / Windows XP courses. I've completed their DBA course and the Server 2013 course. Now I am back for the brand new Server 2016 track. David and John are top notch - they really know their stuff and each has a great way of teaching. Can't wait to see the new training center. More...


Esther Simon

I don't know what I would have done without PC Professor John Lombardi who came to my house and straightened out so many problems with my computer. He also showed me how to use my mini iPad. He was very clear in what to do and helped me realize that the iPad is much less complicated than I thought. I would definitely use PC Professor again and I would take their classes to become more proficient. More...


Shany Grosman

I took the MCTS .NET Framework 4 course at PC Professor several years ago and was very impressed by the level of expertise that was provided. The staff worked closely with my company to find the most suitable program to fit my busy schedule, and my instructor Trish was amazing at articulating the core concepts of the programming language in a way that spoke to her in-depth knowledge in the field. She was a pro at adapting her lessons to the different experience levels of the students in the class. The amount of information that was covered in such a short period of time was invaluable in boosting my development acumen, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to learn under their guidance! More...


Laura Fuller Apollo

PC Professor has always been my "go to" place for IT education. From A+ to the MCSE track, their instructors have always been extremely knowledgeable and approachable regarding the platforms they're teaching. John, my current instructor, has always lent his support as well as answered any questions I may have during the course of an average class. I couldn't recommend a better place to enhance your skills. PC Professor is top notch in higher education. More...


Anthony Wheeler

So, I took a course at this place. I was extremely impressed with the quality of learning and the ability to teach demonstrated by Julie, John and David. During my time taking this course I found Harry, Robert and Howard, in the front office, were very friendly and helpful. If you ever never need MCSA/E training this in my opinion is the best place to take it. More...


Ryan McConnell

I have been enrolled since April and look forward to my classes in both Boca and West Palm Beach every day.The instructors are committed to the success of all the students that wish to advance there careers in the IT field,Giving Real world knowledge along side detailed lessons with a hands on approach.I sincerely recommend this school everyone I meet that is interested in Computers.They offer classes AM/PM Monday thru Friday and even Saturdays for A+ and beyond!!! More...


Benjamin Boyce

David and John were great assets to my learning at PC Professor. Through Dave's lessons I could quickly skim the written material and get a good understanding of the content that was to be discussed for that chapter. With John, he implemented practical applications of the lesson content which led to more of a muscle memory exercise instead of regurgitation of knowledge. As a result, I've been able to pass my 901 exam and will be leading on to my 902 exam to be certified in CompTIA's standard for A+ computer repair! More...


Lourdes Soler

I became aware of PC Professor back in the late 1990s, when I purchased my second PC. At the time, they were advertising in the local newspaper, offering a free set of CDs for Microsoft Office Word or Excel. I ordered the Word set, and it promptly came in the mail (I still have it!). In the early 2000s, I went to work for an employer that had a Prometric Testing Center. PC Professor also had a Prometric Testing Center. As technology goes, we sometimes would experience technical issues, either with the computers or the testing software. PC Professor was within walking distance of our facility, so I would call them to see if they had testing availability, and would sometimes even walk the candidates over to their facility myself. They were always very accommodating and very pleasant. When Prometric stopped offering Cisco and Microsoft testing, we would send all our testers to the PC Professor Pearson VUE testing facility. And so, a relationship of over ten years was forged.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a class at PC Professor. There was a time limit within which I had to take this class. The registration process was flawless and took less than five minutes. When I arrived for my class on a Monday morning, I was informed that I was the only student in the class! Under normal circumstances, they would have cancelled the class due to low enrollment; however, they held the class, just for me, because they were aware of my time limitations! Folks, in this day and age, this is unheard of! Needless to say, I was more than impressed, and very, very grateful! The instructor was fabulous! The quality of the material and the teaching style were superb! Certainly not something I had ever encountered before in an educational institution! In addition, I get all the post-class help I would ever need, and I can retake the class at any time and as many times I want to, free of charge! This is also unheard of!

If I could, I would give PC Professor a ten star rating! They are courteous, honest, accommodating, diligent, professional, and their quality of education is the best I have ever encountered. I wholeheartedly, without any hesitation, recommend PC Professor to anyone looking to gain knowledge and/or certifications in the field of Information Technology. You can take as many or as few courses as you want or need. You are not tied to a nine-month or one-year program, taking courses you are not interested in and will never use. They also have a whole department devoted to fixing computers, not by students, but by professionals, so if you have any bugs in your computer, make sure and take it in.

Last, but not least, I would like to say: Thank you, PC Professor, for making a profound difference in my life!


Jose Segura

If you are thinking of switching careers to become an IT professional, or just want to update your professional skills by obtaining a certificate in networking, this is the place to be. I was referred by career source of palm beach to contact PC professor. I called them and made an appointment to meet with Robert Fellman, the director of this institution. Robert is a very professional and knowledgeable person who will listen and advice you on the right path to become an IT professional, very thorough with the schedule, the curriculum and financing. Their schedule is very flexible and offered classes throughout the year. The instructors are very experience and knowledgeable and provide you with the technical support needed to ensure students succeed in obtaining their IT certifications. Classes are available during the day, evening and weekends, their computer labs are complete and up to date, and provides the students with hands on experience on real networking issues. I signed up in networking+ and CCNA and successful completed the courses in 10 weeks.
I obtained the CCNA certification on my first try soon after I finished the courses. Having the certificate helped me secure phone interviews with great companies in Florida. I was very fortunate to have found a full-time position with Philips Healthcare as a remote support engineer. I highly recommend PC Professor for your professional IT goals.


Warren Nicholson

Convenient location and excellent job of 'teaching the task', NOT just reading the PowerPoint screens and reciting the text in the MIcrosoft books.

Instructor John Lombardi takes the lessons apart into relevant pieces and reassembles them in ways that make sense to those of us working in the industry and the nice folks trying to 'start from scratch' to break into the industry.

Practical labs and learning techniques in the classroom, and the certification tests are handled fairly and professionally.

The best way anyone could have structured upgrades to my MCSE certifications to the 'latest and greatest'

I heartily recommend PC Professor to anyone updating their Cisco, Microsoft or A+ skills!


Veronica Castro

If you’re thinking about furthering your Microsoft knowledge or a first timer trying to get into the field. Besides having great instructors, they can also help you finance your courses. Harry Draper made the financing part so easy he help me get on a payment plan that worked best for me. They made it so easy to get approved and continue my education. My MCSE instructor John Lombardi is an amazing instructor. He is very knowledgeable instructor. John has been doing this for sometime now and has tons of hands on experience. The best part about John is that he takes the time to explain in detail to the class so we all understand. More...


Oscar Alvarado

Ive been recently enrolled into PC Professor as of the beginning of the year and have to say was the best choice I could have made. My professor Dwayne Walker made me want more in the tech world and even tho I'm done taking his classes he still pushes me to excel and do better then him. You can't find that type of teaching anywhere. Highly recommend the school and my professor bar known if your new or have years of experience. Currently enrolled into MCSE with Rich who makes learning fun as well. More...


Vuedayja Grange

With excellent instructors, it is hard to go wrong. PC Professor is your gateway to get hands on and technical with everything computer! Do you want all the stuff that the text book preaches to come alive? Take a course with John. That's his expertise. Never a dull moment when John is your instructor. You wish there were more time in the day to do an extra lab! At the end of your course you'll have enough confidence of becoming IT certified! More...


Quinntina Hill

I have been attending PC professor since the start of my career in Information Technology. The staff are always very friendly and approachable. The classes are small enough to provide one on one attention and the hands on experience has always been great. I am currently enrolled in the MCSE program and my instructor John is awesome. He takes the time to address your questions in a kind and knowledgeable manner. His classes are fun and informational!!

I always recommend PC Professor to friends and family that are looking to get in-depth, focused certification training. I will be a student of theirs for years to come!


Gabriela Mora-Rintone

PC professor is an amazing choice if you are looking forward to acquire new knowledge in QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel (and many more courses). I took the Excel Course Level 2 and 3 with professor Julie, who is an amazing professor and super talented at what she does. I also took QuickBooks Couse Level 1 and Level 2 with professor Will. He is very good in teaching the class and he makes sure you understand the material. Both, Julie and Will, make their classes really enjoyable, meaning not boring at all; they know how to keep you focus while envying the class. The BEST part is that you can retake the classes, as many times as you like(no extra cost) if you want to refresh your memory or practice a little more. Thank you for having such an amazing team! More...


Benjamin Friedman

PC Professor has been a great place to help me excel my knowledge in the IT field! The new location is also state of the art and looks fantastic. John has been an enormous help in teaching me the specifics of Microsoft Server 20012, and has made it simple for me to understand. If there was more time in the day to spend here learning, I would do so instantly. I would recommend this place to anyone who looks to know everything they need in IT. More...


Ray Stanton

I think the new facility is top notch and the professors are very knowledgeable. I really like the teaching style that John gives with each class. He breaks down every scenario to "layman's terms" and makes sure that each student understands or comprehends the material he is teaching. John encourages class room participation especially if you do not understand the topic. John uses real world scenarios that helps me better understand difficult terms. I have been in the IT professional for 15 years and I prefer PC Professor as my only choice for learning. More...


Adam Karabachi

I have been taking classes at PC Professor instructed by my Professor John L. who is a great and helpful Instructor along with the rest of the staff which is amazing & helpful in so many ways. PC Professor is a great tech school to take a course for IT Certifications. You get the hands on experience you would not get studying on your own. Their school provides you with the equipment you need to practice on and a great learning environment. They take the time to help students understand concepts that may be difficult to grasp on their own. I am getting ready to take my first Certification Exam, I feel confident & ready. Thank you PC Professor <3 More...


Ricardo Cheing

I have visited PC Professor since 2011 when it was located just a short distance from the new facility. The new facility is wonderful with large windows which contribute to a bright and cozy setting which in turn helps set the mood for a great learning environment. The instructors are all knowleadgeable and know how to explain a complex subject as if they were "explaining it to a two year old." I love that they use real world scenarios and that everyone is encouraged to ask questions. PC Professor is also my number one choice when it comes to picking a relaxed facility for my IT certification testing. More...


David R. Berger

Very happy with the service I have received from this company. Besides offering a ton of different computer classes and certifications, they also are masters of computer repair. I had a pc that completely crashed and they were able to recover my data and reinstall it on a new hard drive. I thought it was toast but they really came through for me... More...

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