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Our firm offers virtual services to include full bookkeeping, live and after-the-fact payroll services and individual tax preparation. We specialize in clean-up and can get your books ready for your accountant (or the accountants we are partnered with if you don't have one) to prepare the annual tax return and financial statement.



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Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
Enter all Check and Deposit activity into our QuickBooks Program
Close books on Monthly, Quarterly and/or Year-End intervals
Compile a packet for you to take to your accountant (or we can coordinate with your accountant on your behalf)
Have your information entered? No problem. We can work with your QuickBooks file or with reports you print if you use another software. Our goal is to save you money in any way we can. We do not 'double-do' work you have already completed.

Live and After-the-fact payroll
Quarterly Payroll Tax Reports
Report New Hires
Annual W-2s and 1099s

We love sole-proprietors

In a nutshell, a great accountant will do everything possible to guide their client to maintain compliance in all accounting areas of their business and keep them out of trouble with the state and the IRS. We understand you did not get into business to just do books and payroll and that is where we come in. An accountant or bookkeeper can not do everything, sometimes there are tasks a business owner will have to complete due to the nature of the task, but a good bookkeeper will fully explain these tasks and get the business owner the information needed in order to get them done as quickly as possible.

I love that I can help businesses get caught up and back on task. So often I work with businesses who haven't done their bookkeeping all year long because bookkeeping is not their focus. I love helping them get everything on track and keeping things on track. I specialize in clean-up/catch-up, but generally clients stay with me beyond that initial job and that is okay too. I just like to see things clean and in order so my clients can see their financials and determine what is making them money and what is costing them too much. It is a headache for most business owners to get to this point and I like to think of myself as the aspirin that takes that headache away and presents their accountant with a finished product ready for the annual tax return and financial statement.

I was inspired to start my own business to both survive and fulfill a need. The CPA I worked for for 15 years retired after almost 50 years of service. Most of our clients thought he would never retire and when he did, panic ensued. Many of our clients (both businesses and individuals) asked me to please continue doing their work and I ultimately made the decision to do just that. I have not looked back since. Owning a business is hard, even for me...a bookkeeper. The difference is, I understood exactly what I was getting myself into, but took the plunge anyway. Probably the biggest part of a successful business is the bookkeeping. A business must understand what is coming in and what is going out. That is impossible without all the business financial activity entered into some type of software. So many small businesses fail in the first year and this is the biggest reason why - hands down. I love to help clients get their books in order and provide whatever help I can invest in them understanding their financial picture and what possible changes should be made.

If you are a business or an individual who requires honesty and integrity, that is exactly why you should choose us. My staff and I will work hard for you and if there is something we do not know, we will find out. Since, our firm is virtual, we offer flexibility and are available for extended hours on most days constantly working outside of the normal business hours to help meet your needs.