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Arlene M Fisher-Olson

30 May 2018

Karen is my daughter. She has been a dog whisperer since she was two years old and picked up her first puppy out of a momma dogs litter box. The mother dog never made a fuss but identified with this small child and knew she loved her puppy. Karen has had a special bond with animals, dogs in particular, all of her life. She will train you dog with discipline and love. I am very proud of Karen not only as her mother but as her friend. More...


Miren Avalle-Arce Armenta

23 October 2017

We love Paws at Play and Karen! She’s awesome and knowledgeable of all breeds (who knew a Great Dane could do so well at agility?!! �). Both my dog and I look forward to each and every class. More...


Fran Robertson

26 September 2015

This is an exceptional place and program for all dogs! The instructor is fabulous! I've never seen so many dogs accomplish so much just by having fun. The course for agility is fantastic and it's very satisfying learning how to communicate with your dog. More...


DeeDee VanFleet

17 February 2015

I love Karen's classes - she is always prepared with well-planned courses. Even in the group setting I receive lots of individual instruction, and she suggests exercises to work on while others are running. Dinah and I have gained confidence and learned a lot in just a few weeks. The others in the group have been most helpful and encouraging as well. The atmosphere is relaxed and positive. I highly recommend Karen and her beautiful facility! DeeDee VanFleet More...


Ayres Mitchell

21 July 2014

Ginger and I love Karen and Paws @ Play!! Ginger is a Dalmatian who is not always focused in the task of agility :) Karen helps me stay focused and supports me when I am frustrated with Ginger. I never thought I would be doing anything like this and thanks to Karen as well as the support of all of her other students we are our there having fun! Try it for yourself!! I promise you will have lots of laughs and fun with your dog :) More...


Joni Miyoshi

8 May 2014

We started Beginning Agility this year at Paws at Play. Karen is an excellent instructor and makes our training fun and challenging. She has 2 awesome private training fields, which are both grass. I personally think this is important and makes softer landings. We're looking forward entering future Agility Trials. More...


Laura Ramirez

5 May 2014

Teddy and I love going up to paws @ play. Karen is always challenging us which is great. Her facility is awesome with great equipment. Karen treats us like family and we love her very much! More...


Jackie Levy Gruendyke

3 May 2014

Paws at Play is a beautiful facility!!! If you are thinking you might want to try agility or even if you just want an awesome place to practice, you are going to want to visit here.....I have rented field time and Karen has been most helpful and kind always.... More...


Lynn Moore

1 May 2014

What great facility and fabulous for a dog that needs a job, exercise or an intro to agility! Karen is a doll and very knowledgeable and professional. Pleasant and patient with crazy corgis that bark and make a fuss!!! I would like to retire and take my two pups to Paws at Play a lot more! For anyone wanting to interact with their dog on a one to one in a fun positive environment, I would recommend Paws at Play! More...


Sue Holland

30 April 2014

Karen is a great teacher of both dogs and humans!! The fields are very well maintained and the equipment is always in perfect order. Its always fun no matter how hard we work! The time just flies by. What a great way to connect with your dog!! More...


Ashley Salter

10 June 2013

I love paws at play and so do my dogs! Karen is a fantastic teacher and she makes learning for the dogs fun! My dogs start whining when we drive down the driveway they are so excited! I highly recommend paws at play for you and your dog it's a lot of fun! More...