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Palms Dental Care has a belief in honesty and education so that every patient can feel comfortable making informed decisions about their dental health.

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Jeff F.

17 September 2019

Great dentist office. They always are friendly and welcome you with a smile.Our hygienist Jen is wonderful. Missed her my last visit when she was on maternity leave.would recommend to all this practice More...


Lady T.

14 September 2019

So happy I found you!  Your hours, your professionalism and your caring staff is a "breath" of fresh air. After leaving a previous dentist in Boynton for horrendous service and professionalism, I was very concerned about finding a new one.  I shouldn't have been, you guys won me over the minute I walked in the door.  Thank you for all that you do and for all the wonderful care you provide your patients. More...


Robert A.

5 September 2019

Awesome place. Very professional. Always do the most to make sure you are comfortable. Never have to wait either.


Glenn G.

19 July 2019

I'm not saying Dr. Kyle Kromrey graduated top of the class but I'd like to think he was.... how else could someone explain how top notch this dentist is. Not just with his bedside manner, knowledge and patience but also the support staff he employs. I first came to Palms Dental Care because I needed to see a periodontist; one of the best parts of this practice is they offer so many services beyond the dentist. After my initial periodontal treatments I never left and continued my regular cleanings under the watchful eye of Dr. Kromrey. I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled; no need to find another specialist (once again done in-house)... then I needed a root canal... no need to find another specialist (once again done in-house)... see the pattern; everything can be handled here (without being one of those dental chains that seem to have a replacement doctor every other week)Going to the dentist may suck... but if you have to go, why not go to where they make you feel welcome and very professional; see Dr. Kromrey (and it doesn't hurt that he and many of the other doctors graduated from University of Florida... Go Gators) More...


Dimitri Draves

23 July 2018

Great Dental office! Everyone is friendly and caring from the front desk all the way to the Doc!


Charlene Rothe

19 July 2018

Not many people look forward to going to the dentist but this experience was a delightful one and we will definitely be back!


Jennica Lincoln

29 January 2018

Thank you for getting my husband in today and giving him relief for his toothache. He was really pleased with the dentist and the whole staff. Looking forward to having them as our family dentist now. More...


Colleen McNally Axtell

28 December 2017

Dr. Kromrey is just wonderful..he has the best attitude and personality ever. He's knowledgeable and courteous. I would never go anywhere else for my dental care. The staff there, from Lena, Jenn, Dana and everyone else..there are just the nicest girls on the planet and know what they're doing. The office is clean and smells amazing. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. Happy New Year! ������ More...


Charles-Antoine Louis Jr.

28 August 2017

I have been suffering from pain from my wisdom tooth for over 7 days now and we found this place on Google for same day assistance, and I went there and this was a very pleasant experience, the staff is very kind and welcoming, very knowledgeable and the doctors are very attentive. I will definitely come back and refer others to this place. More...


Rebecca Rickerson Kiser

16 August 2017

Best Dentist in the World!!!! If you are in search of a new dentist and wondering if Dr. Kromery and his staff would be a good fit for you....look no further!!! Professional & friendly staff! Great location! Call and schedule today you will not be disappointed!!! More...


Brian Michelle Matzen

25 July 2017

Love them all so much. I actually look forward to going to the dentist. Great staff, great care, always a good time. They don't have to ask to see you teeth since you will be smiling already.


Maddie Cruz

5 July 2017

What a wonderful office with a great and friendly staff.


Kathy Johnson Kornet

14 March 2017

If anyone needs dental work done, you need to go to Palms Dental Care. What a fabulous dental office. The doctors are amazing and the dental assistants and office staff are very professional and willing to work with you to get whatever needs to be done. I had to have a tooth pulled to get ready for an implant and everything went so well, I was impressed! Dr. Noorthoek did a great job, I never felt the needle when he numbed me for the procedure. Then he gave me his cell phone number in case I needed to speak with him if I had any concerns. Shortly after I got home, Dr. Kromrey called me to make sure I was ok and find out if I had any questions and to remind me that if there was any type of problem to make sure I called them. More...


Ive L.

14 February 2017

How often does someone say,  "I love my dentist"? I imagine many people at Palms Dental do say that. Every single person working there is friendly,  caring and responsive.  From routine appointments to the emergency that I had today,  I am always satisfied.  It's a full service practice,  so besides general dentistry, there is a surgeon and periodontist.   All of the care is well coordinated,  avoiding excess photos and running around. Dr Kromrey is gentle,  takes time to explain before and after and the office has great follow up. Dr Kromrey is young and seems to be savvy about current technology and treatments.   I think they are priced very reasonably for the services and don't oversell.  I would give an unqualified recommendation (and no,  I am not related to anyone on the staff. ) More...


Priscilla Weingarden

25 January 2017

Excellent service and care . I felt very comfortable my best dental treatment , no pushy treatment extras that I didn't need at the time


Michael Fabiano

29 December 2016

Excellent Dentist.Great staff. Very Professional. Excellent Work. Highly Recommend.


Jackie De Vroomen Veneziano

18 November 2016

From the time I arrived I felt very comfortable! I'm terrified of going to the dentist. They put me at ease. I had my exam and 2 weeks later came to have my Wisdom tooth out. They took fantastic care of me and put me at ease. After my procedure they called to check on me. They really care! Found my new dentist!!! Thank you to everyone at Palms Dental!!! More...


Ibadete M.

5 September 2016

Dr. Kromery is the best dentist I have been to in a long time. His staff is supper friendly, always more than willing to go out of their way to help.


Terry Goldman Kline

1 June 2016

From the reception desk to check out, every staff member was both professional and friendly. I was surprised by Dr. K's youthful appearance, but immediately felt confident with his level of expertise. He carefully accessed my situation, and gave me answers and options that were sensible and cost-effective. He conservatively filed down my chipped front tooth, after another dentist made several failed attempts at bonding. I will be returning, next week, to have an old, cracked filling replaced with a crown. If that's not a sign of trust, what is? More...


Paul M.

13 May 2016

I highly recommend this dentist office. I started there over a year ago and continue to have great experiences starting with Lina (the receptionist) and with Dr. Kromrey, and Kathy his assistant. The hygienist even went out of her way last time to advise me that I would have a different, but wonderful, hygienist the next visit as she will be on maternity leave. I have sent many friends to this office and will continue to do so knowing that they will be happy with the Palms and with me...I could go on and on, but no need, you can trust this dental group and know that they really care. More...


David Demyan

4 October 2015

Always professional, gentle dental care from a pro doctor and attentive staff.


Mary Ann Naulty

25 June 2015

Dr. Kromrey and his staff are awesome!!!!! Looking forward to my next visit!!!


Heather Sullivan Portnoy

13 October 2014

Wonderful first experience today! Everyone made me feel so welcome. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the office. I have very sensitive teeth and every step was taken to make sure I stayed comfortable throughout my visit. Such a relief! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for an honest, knowledgable and gentle dental office. More...

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