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Anne S.

14 September 2019

Used PCC for our wedding dessert bc the groom loves cookies. Our order was easy to place and  was ready on time for pick up. Our guests loved it! (We ordered three baskets worth for 120 guests). There were barely any left at the end of the the night! More...


Food L.

13 September 2019

The cookies here are amazing!!!! You can get a half dozen for 6.75 so very good prices. The minted cookies remind me of thin mint Girl Scout cookies!


Kristi S.

9 September 2019

Their snickerdoodle is one of the best snickerdoodles I've had!!  This Place was good.  I didn't love all the cookies because I'm a milk chocolate fan and they use dark/semi sweet.


Emma H.

4 September 2019

I love this shop. It is delicious and I go here EVERY TIME I'm in the area. I have yet to try a cookie that is disappointing. Even their day olds are scrumptious! Great deal. Worth the visit. Highly recommend.Notable mentions: almond joeMint conditionOatmeal raisin More...


Tom H.

26 August 2019

If you're looking for some really good cookies at a very fair price this is it. They make them right there on the premises they're fresh. The serving people are nice people they have a large variety. I'm into it very good thank you More...


E P.

20 August 2019

Okay, this is a local favorite. I think that beyond the various ice cream shops this is hands down a favorite of most Santa Cruzans.I remember taking my kids to the outlet/discards at the factory off Portrero and getting a bunch of cookies after swim lessons. My kids like the chocolate chip, lemon and I like almost anything with nuts. The cahootz are a nice mix of nuts, chocolate chips and cherries. More...


Elizabeth C.

17 August 2019

Love cookies!! I can't wait to try them! There are variety of cookies in the shop. Price were reasonable. Too bad they closed down in Berkeley.Anyway, I tried them. I bought the Mint Condition, Cahootz, Dark Chocolate Cranberry, and Dr.midnight. I've been searching and craving for Mint Chocolate Chip cookie all over Bay Area. Usually they are seasonal item  until my co worker recommended I try the Pacific Cookie Company. OMG! Delicious!!! One of the best cookies I've ever eaten. I usually microwave the cookie for 15-20 seconds eating, ahhh it melt in my mouth. So delicious More...


Chris H.

16 August 2019

This place was really cool! I enjoyed the fresh snickerdoodles and salted caramel ice cream in an ice cream sandwich. We bought half a dozen cookies and enjoyed the peanut butter cookies, the snickerdoodles, and the chocolate chip with macadamia nuts a ton. Good service, accessible location, and ample seating! More...


Sophie K.

11 August 2019

Fresh and delicious cookies! Snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate chip are abundant, as well as speciality flavors and dipped varieties. The cookie shop is located in fun and trendy downtown Santa Cruz. The workers are friendly and helpful. This place was packed on a Saturday night so we decided to check it out and were not disappointed! More...


Mia M.

9 August 2019

Delicious cookies and ice cream and the cookie with ice cream is the best combo.  They normally have cookies warming in the warmer and that goes perfectly with the ice cream of your choice.  The chocolate walnut cookie with coffee ice cream was my first choice. More...


Connie T.

27 July 2019

A Santa Cruz tradition since 1980, at least!  A family favorite anytime of year, they ship anywhere in the USA.


Andrea A.

24 July 2019

They have a great selection of cookies, our favorites are the macadamia white chocolate, snickerdoodle, mint chocolate, triple chocolate. I also like the almond joy one. Been there a few times and always good More...


Erin C.

22 July 2019

Love stopping here to pick up cookies on the way to the beach! Bring small bills and clean your hands before you get your cookies from the self serve shelves.


Perla A.

21 July 2019

My husband & I happened to be walking downtown & we stumbled across this place. As soon as we walked in. Boom! The AMAZING smell of the cookies kept us in. I ordered a Snickerdoodle cookie & an Oatmeal raisin. Wow!!! You MUST try them both. My husband also loved his cookies. Definitely recommend anyone to stop here. Cookie lovers dream! More...


Charley E.

21 July 2019

Delicious, Delicious, Delicious is all my done needs to say. We couldn't get him to shop for surf clothes until had got his sugar fix!  Great flaky cookies with good flavor choices. More...


Raquel B.

17 July 2019

Only cookies that are soft are the snicker doodle the rest are hard if you want soft ask for a for a doodle


Adam N.

14 July 2019

Very reasonable priced and the best white chocolate macadamia nut cookie ever! I've had a lot of good cookies in my life but that was the best ever! 10 out of 10 huge recommend would eat again! More...


Josh Harris

13 July 2019

I don’t know how anyone just walks past this place without buying any.


Anita R.

6 July 2019

Cookies, did someone say cookies?  How about discounted quality ones?  They use Guittard Chocolate and other fine ingredients.The cookies are over runs and some are rejects.  You may not find every type of cookie flavors here.  If you do, it will be discounted and taste great.  There are usually small cookies and regular sized ones as well.  Prices are typically 25, 50, or on occasion 75 Cents.  I believe the proceeds from their sales here are donated to the homeless.My favorites are the Chocolate Chip which are a little crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.  My other favorite is the Oatmeal which is soft.  When kept in a Plastic Bag they taste fresh for a few days.Check out there retail store at 1203 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz for fresh baked cookies.  They also sell cookies for shipments at pacificcookie.com. More...


Jess A.

2 July 2019

I'm so happy to find this little shop during my trip to Santa Cruz! They have a wide variety of cookies and even offer one free cookie when you check in using yelp! I waited to get back home to try them and they were so soft and good! I wish I got more. Can't wait to go back and try more flavors! More...


Alissa M.

29 June 2019

This was my first visit to Pacific Cookie Company but it will not be my last. I love a good cookie and these are top notch! They're fresh and chewy and super buttery. We tried the Dark Chocolate Cranberry and chocolate dipped Mint Condition...both were phenomenal! $1.25 per cookie and $2 for the dipped may seem pricey but they are decent sized and the ingredients are excellent quality. Highly recommend!!! More...


Beatrice R.

22 June 2019

I went to this location today for the first time. I thought the cookies were all delicious and fresh. The customer service was great and the location seemed very clean. The cookies seem to be of good quality. I live 40 miles away from Santa Cruz but would go again just for the cookies. More...



21 June 2019

These cookies have been the only reason why I'd drive to Santa Cruz from San Jose, and then drive back home after. I would definitely recommend the Lemon Drop and Mint Condition. Don't forget to buy a carton of milk before leaving! More...


Sara T.

2 June 2019

Absolutely a must-stop if in town or passing by anywhere near. Make a detour if you have to. It is right on the Main Street through downtown Santa Cruz. Friendly staff with amazing cookies made fresh daily. Seriously, so good!I love the chocolate dipped ones, but they are an extra $0.75 each. It is a thick layer of chocolate though. The cookies are a pretty good size too. Also available are delicious macaroons - chocolate dipped or not.Best deal for a half dozen, and you might as well because one will never be enough. More...


Ivan S.

1 June 2019

The cookies here would make Santa not want to leave if you left a plate out for him. I come here a few times before work to get cookies for the office. It always hits the spot.


Daniel R.

27 May 2019

Good prices, very fast, and very tasty cookies. The Cherry Bomb cookie (seasonal) is amazing. Highly recommend at least popping in if you're close by.


Lisa Rainer

23 May 2019

Cookies of course! They have the best cookies, except for one other person who made better cookies that I knew once that had better because he made them with love, or so he said. But yes very good cookies!


Tam M.

20 May 2019

Yummiest cookies . I tried the lemon drop when it just got out the oven and I was in heaven and should've bought more!


Susan W.

14 May 2019

One of the best cookies I have ever tasted. The perfect chewy texture with some minimal surface crunch. I bought "mint condition", which is a dark chocolate cookie with mint chip, and the flavor was rich without being too sweet. I regret only buying one cookie.


Dana L.

7 May 2019

Good, solid cookies. We liked everything we ordered, which included the cahootz, mint condition, dr midnight, peanut butter and a few others.  Some seating inside, would not suggest bringing a large group though. Will be back if I'm in the area. More...


Katrina C.

6 May 2019

Whenever my boyfriend and I visit downtown Santa Cruz from San Jose, it's customary for us to stop by the Pacific Cookie Company. The ice cream is great, of course, because they carry Marianne's, a Santa Cruz ice cream cornerstone. Personally I only really go for the cookies. Pacific Cookie Company's cookies are absolutely fantastic, and they're made just the way I like them - soft, chewy, and packed with whatever yummy morsels (mint chips, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, etc.) that they come with. My favorites include the mint chocolate, chocolate chip, cahootz (white chocolate and macadamia nut), and lemon. The lemon cookies are particularly addicting! The reason why I'm giving a 4-star rating is because of the lack of transparency during my latest visit. My boyfriend and I haven't been to Pacific Cookie Company in a long time, so we were both excited to see that there were chocolate dipped versions of each cookie. We had ordered a baker's dozen, including the chocolate dipped versions. A baker's dozen is ~$13, but our total ended up coming around $20. I was really surprised by the jump in price, and it was only after we paid that the server mentioned to us that it's because the chocolate dipped cookies were premium. I wish she had told us that BEFORE I started ordering. Many places will advise in advance that some ingredients will cost extra, so I thought that wasn't cool of her not giving us the heads up. More...


Rachel M.

3 May 2019

Love supporting local businesses and the Pacific Cookie Company was my staple cookie spot in SC.  The main store was convenient if you were downtown but I also really recommend and appreciate the bags of cheap cookies you can get from the secret factory shop on Potrero Ave. that sold surplus or edible rejected cookies for 25 or 50 cents each.  Awesome deal.Anyway, just follow your nose and you will find the store.  The cookies are fresh, delicious and it's hard to just eat one.  My favorites are the chocolate chip (plain and with walnut), snicker doodle, peanut butter, there are also some fun choco dipped ones.  You really can't go wrong if you're a Cookie Monster like me.They also sell Marianne's ice cream if you wanted to make an ice cream sandwich or have it on the side. More...


Donna W.

26 April 2019

I ordered the Bold & Beautiful Cookie Gift Box as a gift of gratitude to a Texas company who had recreated old photos for me to replace those I had lost in the October 2017 California wildfires.  I was a bit skeptical about Pacific Cookie's ability to make and ship the cookies within two days, but I shouldn't have worried.  Here's the response I received from the recipient:  "We received the best cookies I have ever had today.  I put the beautiful box with your note in the back.  The guys were so touched."So thank you, Pacific Cookie Company, for providing the perfect gift to express my gratitude for their priceless gift to me. More...


Cassandra C.

26 April 2019

Best cookies out there ! All the cookies were delicious and moist. (I'm not a crunchy cookie believer) I had gotten the oatmeal chocolate, regular chocolate chip and snickerdoodle. Hands down snickerdoodle was the winner . Definitely will be coming again when I'm in the area ! And a little fun tip for those that are concerned over nutrition or like viewing nutrition facts ! They have a little nutrition guide on the wall next to the door . More...


Michelle H.

26 April 2019

Best place to get cookies in Santa Cruz! They are a reasonable price and have a good variety of cookies


Lela N.

24 April 2019

After my review the President of the Cookie Co. contacted me by the next day with an apology for the customer service and a promise to use the review to support employees . The quick and genuine response is the reason for my update of 5 stars.  The cookies are wonderful and the service is amazing. More...


Melanie N.

18 April 2019

I'm not too big on sweets, but when I get that craving.. 99.9% of the time it will be for a cookie. So I guess you can call me a cookie connoisseur, specializing in chocolate chip cookies. I live in San Jose and I WISH PCC was closer to me. Hands down, the best chocolate chip cookie I've had - first bite was buttery, crispy outer, super soft gooey inside. There's a piece of heaven in every bite! Just stumbled upon this place and the aroma of baked goods just lured me in. I only bought one for myself, but after the first bite I wish I bought a dozen to bring back home. People speak very highly of the Cahootz cookie, so I'll be back to try that baby out. $2 per cookie More...


Sandra N.

15 April 2019

THIS PLACE IS AMAZEBALLS. You really can't go wrong with any of the cookies here. Except if you're on a diet... PROS:* if you like thick cookies, THIS IS YOUR PLACE* The cookies taste so fresh and buttery! Even after a few days. Be sure to store them in an airtight container. * Nice crunch with a soft interior* Reasonable prices! * Favorites: Chocolate chip with walnuts - crunchy pieces of walnuts take these cookies to the next level. Mint chocolate - Mint lovers need this cookie! The mints are so refreshing and work well in contrast with the deep chocolatey flavors. Triple chocolate - straight up tastes like a brownie but in cookie form. Its amazing. CONS:* Cookies don't come in a box so they get broken up just sitting in the plastic bag. The cookies are really worth it. Our drive from San Jose was well worth the trip. Theres quite a bit of street parking even when we went on a Sunday afternoon. The metered parking is pretty cheap too- about $1 for an hour. Not to mention, this place is tucked away in a really cute part of Santa Cruz filled with boutiques, restaurants, and shopping. The selection is awesome, the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend trying this place out to satisfy your sweet tooth! More...


Jeremy S.

7 April 2019

I looooooove Pacific Cookie Company!!!!  They have a nice selection and they are always fresh. I always have to get the lemon drop and mint condition cookies. If your stopping in to get a cookie to eat on the go don't forget to grab some regular or chocolate milk out of their fridge. More...


Ralph R.

6 April 2019

Wow, the cookies here are really worth it. The flavors here aren't completely different from what you would get somewhere else. But even late at night the cookies are baked to just the right firm consistency on the outside but ooey gooey on the inside. Personally, I prefer the way Pacific Cookie Company does their cookies because if they were baked any longer they tend to be dry. The chocolate chip with walnut is a definite must try its that good. This place can get pretty busy so be sure to ask if you don't see the your preference in the display box. It's possible they might have some fresh out of the oven and still cooling on the racks. More...


Kacy K.

27 March 2019

If you're looking for a quick dessert or snack, go here! The cookies are consistently good and I haven't tried a flavor I haven't liked yet. Also, if you're a college student or don't want to break the bank, they have a great check-in deal where you get a FREE cooking with any purchase. ;) Note: Whenever you want to treat yourself, please try the cookie ice cream sandwich...happy calories, I'll say!!! More...


Jes W.

16 March 2019

I love my peanut butter and Carmel ice cream Sunday. The cookie was still warm from the oven, the ice cream was nice and tasty too. We checked in on yelp to get a free cookie - we got a cahoots cookie (macadamia nut and white chocolate.) Yum! More...


James T.

16 March 2019

easy accesstasty cookies with wide selection two cookies smashed together with ice cream in the middle- bliss!everything would taste better if they would pony up for a cookie warmer though


Tish L.

18 February 2019

I knew about this hidden gem a long time ago when I was a Banana Slug at UCSC.  My sister and I decided to have a downtown Santa Cruz date, and I decided to show her this wonderful place.She was dubious about entering until I showed her the corner to the left of the door with racks full of cookies for $.25 or $.50, and several employees smiled at us from the floor.  I explained the dropbox cash payment method and assured her that I had enough to cover a few dozen! I was so glad to find the factory still open to the public!  The entrance to the parking lot crosses the train tracks at a strange angle so it's easy to miss, but well worth the stop when getting into or leaving town. More...


Robby T.

10 February 2019

I love this place! You can buy the cookies or get it as an ice cream sandwich. You can even get two different cookies on the sandwich if you want. They have gluten free options as well. Not sure if I saw any vegan but I think they do. They have some changing flavors so you may find some different stuff on certain days. The service is good here too! It's not too pricey either. They're located in downtown near the parking garages so it's worth it to come by if you're in the area and you're craving something sweet! More...


Vivian P.

9 February 2019

Whenever I come to SC to visit my friends who go to the university, Pacific Cookie Company is definitely a must go-to. Nothing beats a deliciously baked chocolate chip cookie!


Steve G.

7 February 2019

Love this place!!  Have to get cookies from them a couple of times, each trip to Santa Cruz!  I usually take some home and heat them in the oven for a few minutes for that just baked taste!!  Kudos to Pacific Cookie Company!! More...


Madalyn A.

1 February 2019

Amazing cookies!!! Only shitty thing is if you want them warmed they can be assholes about it! This is my third time going & ask to get my cookies warmed & ive been told they don't warm any up! Was also laughed at when i asked if they could make a fresh batch for me. Overall really great cookies would just prefer them to be warm :/ More...


Helen L.

25 January 2019

What can you do with 50 cents? Buy a cookie.  Today we barely made it ( it closes at 4 pm). Good thing they can change a 20.00 bill.  I got 7 dollars worth.  Chocolate chip, peanut butter, lemon drop, midnight ( double chocolate), macadamia nut with white chocolate chip.  Mint cookie.  I love this place.  I scarf down two cookies in a matter of minutes.  The cookies are a meal in itself. More...


Abby Q.

24 January 2019

holy moly. if i lived any closer to this place, it would be the death of me.we found our way here thanks to yelp, and allelujah it was quite heavenly. we ordered half a dozen cookies: 2 chocolate chip, chocolate chip wirh walnuts, chocolate chip oatmeal, mint chocolate, and triple chocolate(they have their own names for some of their cookies, i used the generic ones).everything tasted great! slight crunch on the outside and chewy softness on the inside. O.M.G.. too yummy. i seriously devoured majority of it almost immediately. within the next few days, i felt a deep regret for not buying more that night :'(i will be back!!!!!!! More...


Diego R.

19 January 2019

We could smell the freshly baked cookies around the corner! Our favorite was the Almond Joe-chocolate, almonds,white chocolate with macadamia nuts.


Walter S.

19 January 2019

This place makes the best cookies. When I die I hope to be burried in a casket constructed entirely of their chocolate chip cookies. Well done PCC. We will be in touch. BestWalter More...


Aiza B.

9 January 2019

Cookies are fresh and cheap.  You can go down the street on the main strip and pay triple the price, or you can come here to see how the factory really works.  It's like elves m work here w how fast they work and the sweetness of their staff. More...


Ellen A.

26 December 2018

This review is for Stella. I wanted to order cookies delivered but the delivery website would not work and said the store was closed. I called the store and Stella answered. She was very helpful and patient and went out of her way to get all the right information so that I could buy and pay for cookies directly and then have someone else go pick them up. I don't think most people answering phones for a cookie shop would be so caring or kind as she was so I hope that her boss or manager sees this and rewards her in some way. She is thoughtful and capable and has good communication skills. More...


Amy C.

20 December 2018

I'm a huge fan of chocolate and have a sweet tooth, and the doctor midnight triple chocolate cookie here is really amazing. They have these chocolate dipped cookies from the previous day at a discounted price, so look for the basket next to the register. More...


Laiza E.

16 December 2018

Yup  stars!! If your into cookies this is your place to go to! MidNight Chocolate Cookie is the best,I always end up taking some back home.


Adele T.

14 December 2018

When trying to decide what type of holiday thank you gifts to send to clients and trade contractors, we worked with Stefani to take care of the 72 dozen cookies that were mailed to 65 businesses and individuals. They went out on time and we've been getting nothing but positive messages from the recipients!  This was the easiest holiday giving we could have asked for. In the past, we would spend hours assembling gift bags and more hours delivering.  The money spent on shipping was a fraction compared to the cost to do it ourselves.  AND we are supporting a community business.  WIN, WIN! More...


Hunter S.

8 December 2018

If your looking for some good cookies downtown or delivered from doordash this is your stop, I order a dozen snickerdoodles every week and they are gone by the morning, usually pretty fresh made and taste amazing


Caliber G.

3 December 2018

I really enjoy the employees at this location, the girl working on the evening of December second was extremely helpful with my inability to decide on cookies. It was my second time there and was almost lost on what to get but was given solid recommendations on what was good. Dr Midnight and a snickerdoodle made my night after getting off of work. I definitely recommend this spot to anyone who enjoys a good cookie in their day, I enjoy them with a cold carton of milk, 10/10. More...


Mar I.

22 November 2018

If you love cookies, this is an amazing, hidden gem! This location sells "irregular" cookies....not sure what that means exactly since the cookies look & taste no differently than what they sell at their Pacific Ave location.  They have all their usual cookies (choc chip, mint chocolate, double chocolate, snickerdoodles, oatmeal raisin & peanut butter) but no speciality cookies (chocolate-dipped/covered, etc).  The smaller cookies are $.25 each and the larger ones are $.50.  Whenever I'm in SC I stop in for my cookie fix :) More...


Sean F.

20 November 2018

If you like cookies...this is your jam. The cookies here a delicious and make you want to do a "I just got a cookie dance". They have a nice crunch with a soft inside. Amazing when fresh out of the oven. I can't remember the name of the cookie but the one with coconut, almonds and chocolate chips is fantastic. Their chocolate chip cookie is all butter..ALL BUTTER. They have a solid oatmeal raisin and a nice snicker doodle appropriately sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  They aren't too expensive and you'll be able to find a deal that suits your sweet tooth. I went with the bakers dozen...my inner kid couldn't resist. I don't even know what else was on the menu but check it out and you'll find yourself in cookie euphoria. More...


Emily M.

15 November 2018

Kinda disappointed that we got there shortly after they opened and a lot of the cookies we wanted were unavailable with no information about them coming out of the oven anytime soon. The staff was really nice and helpful and we still walked out with a bakers dozen bag of cookies so we'll be back when we're in the area. More...


Andrea A.

30 October 2018

I had a milkshake here and it was a little lackluster - not enough flavor for my liking. Ended up ordering a dozen cookies after my unsatisfying shake and ate them all with my bf in one sitting. The cookies here are phenomenal. Probably the best variety of crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, perfectly balanced flavor that I've ever experienced. The lemon and snickerdoodles were my personal favorites. More...


Mary Ann M.

30 October 2018

Really nice staff, bought some cookies for me, next visit, I'll buy cookies for me and  treat those in need on my walk through pacific mall.


Ashley N.

27 October 2018

Stopped by for the first time today. Got service immediately and got great recommendations. Loved the lemon, chocolate chip, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Got 6 for $6ish which is a great. All of the cookies looked awesome! More...


Dan H.

17 October 2018

When I first had a mini cookie in plastic wrap at brown box lunch event at work, I loved it, but I did not know they had a location on Pacific Avenue. These guys are everywhere now and rightly so.They've got an amazing cookie-junkies' delight of fresh, chewy diet killers. I love their snickerdoodles, gingerbread, and PB cookies. But don't take my word for it, I'm just a junkie. Go once like I did, and you'll be hooked.Then, you'll likely be scoring oatmeal raisin cookies on street corners. More...


L T.

13 October 2018

Pretty amazing cookies!   I had seen them on Facebook for years and finally got to go there.  Had snickerdoodle and chocolate chip peanut butter and a chocolate dipped macaroon.   Perfect!  I will be back for more! More...


Estefania M.

8 October 2018

Theres been a few times that i've gone and they never fail to impress with their cookies! I always get cookies and milk and the cookies are delicious!


Zach H.

5 October 2018

Such wonderful cookies at wonderful prices! The employees were great and honest too. I highly recommend the chocolate mint one it's like a thin mint but better it will blow you away! Use yelp check in for a bonus, thanks yelp! More...


Anna N.

5 October 2018

My cousin went to UCSC and recommended this place to me for amazing cookies. She was right. It's delicious.I find Pacific Cookie Company to be reasonable in price compared to places in SF or San Jose. Whenever I'm in Santa Cruz, I usually get the baker's dozen to bring home. Always get the chocolate chip cookies. You won't regret it. My sister enjoys the almond joe & mint condition, both very unique and good.They do sell day old cookie for cheap, so look for that by the entrance. There's also a combo deal for cookies and milk (genius idea)! More...


MaryJane Q.

28 September 2018

We haven't been to Santa Cruz in quite some time. So, we went on a whim to have lunch at one our favorite places, Gilda's. Then hubby says, "I want something sweet". I looked on Yelp ans boy, "Great Cookies"!!! We took a Baker's dozen plus home...definetly homemade at its best. This will always be a stop before home!!! More...


Cindy D.

24 September 2018

I was trying to find a place to grab dessert before leaving Santa Cruz and I've been craving a good snicker doodle cookie for a while. Stupid me, only got 6 cookies TO SHARE. I didn't know better. I should have known by the way the shopped smelled. There were many cookie options but they were all classic flavors and the choice of 6 of my favorite cookies were not hard. I got a snicker doodle, oatmeal chocolate chip, coconut macaron, oatmeal raisin, gingersnap and peanut butter. They were all perfect. Crisp on the outside and soft towards the middle. I only wish I got more cookies and some milk. Now I know that this shop will be a definite stop every time I go to Santa Cruz. More...


Ralph F.

23 September 2018

OMG this cookie store is pretty sweet! Yes, it is a little bit the pricey at $1.25 for a cookie and $2 if it's chocolate dipped!We tried the regular chocolate chip, a chocolate chip dipped in chocolate, snickerdoodle, peanut butter chocolate chip, and the white chocolate macadamia. All of these were pretty good choices. As you bite into the cookie, you can tell it's not your regular chips a hoy. It is soft and breaks apart easily. It has the right amount of chewiness for me. If you want really chewy cookies this isn't it. I wish it could've been fresh hot out of the oven but it's not. If you're feeling splurgy for a cookie, go for it. Your taste buds will be glad you did. If for some reason you want to save a dollar, get the 1-2 day old cookies by the door. More...


Karen R.

22 September 2018

Wow, really good cookies. Chewy inside, crispy outside. The lemon drop and almond joe are the best! No artificial colors or flavors (except for the green mint chips,) which is a nice bonus. Bought cookies for office birthday party, all gobbled up or grabbed to take home. More...


nausher c.

9 September 2018

Very tasty cookies, baked fresh. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I liked the snicker doodle, macadamia nut and chocolate chip.


Karen L.

31 August 2018

Dr. Midnight a must have! The lady who helped me with gift option is so nice and helpful!


Shane H.

25 August 2018

Came here when looking for a late night snack. The cookies and milkshake were great. I would've given it 5 stars had I not discovered after leaving that I had been charged for 3 cookies and a milkshake after only requesting 2 cookies and a milkshake. Being my usual fat self, I wasn't too perturbed and ate that extra cookie, as well as the small cup of extra milkshake I was given when they realized they had mixed too much when making my shake. More...


Rocky Stevens

20 August 2018

Fresh, fast, and ultra friendly. Loved it. Wish we had one in Wisconsin hehe.


James Teeple

20 August 2018

I go there more than any other place , best service ice cream and cookies.


Margaret Bustillos

20 August 2018

Today we went to the Berkeley Location because i wanted some cookie and was so disappointed to see that it closed down. : (


Manuel Ancira

20 August 2018

Delicious cookies, really great texture crunchy on the outside and warm and chewy at the same time with the right amount of chocolate chips


Sara Leathers

20 August 2018

I'm so obsessed with these cookies! I had one in Santa Cruz on my vacation, and had to go the next day for six more! I'm contemplating ordering 8 dozen...I just need an occasion to share the love, so I don't eat all of them myself! More...


Marlin Arceneaux

20 August 2018

Ummm... if you dodon'tnt stop off at Pacific Cookie Company before getting back on the 1 or the 17, IT WAS A WASTED TRIP! My personal favorites are the Oatmeal cookie BUT make over the top favorite are Chocolate Chip or the Triple Chocolate chip cookie because of you put them into to the microwave for 30 seconds and then throw a couple of scoops of Vanilla Bean ice cream over the top of them... HEAVEN... shh.�


Lorna Handa

20 August 2018

My favorite is the Almond Joe, Peanut Butter chocolate chip and Regular Chocolate Chip.
It's a must to get a cookie or three before I go home!


Immanuel Williams

20 August 2018

Amazing... Absolutely one of the best cookies I have ever tasted... If you are in Santa Cruz you must go... You must


Cathy Fischer

20 August 2018

Still the best cookies ever! Every time I come home to visit I have to stop and get my cookie fix! I use to get a chocolate chip (fresh hot) and a coke after school (Santa Cruz High '86) and watch the ppl..... Oh the memories


Jena Fell

20 August 2018

My family and I love this place! We always stop by before heading on our hour and half drive back home! Perfect with a cup of coffee ❤️


Noelia Johnson

20 August 2018

The cookies are always delicious.


Marilyn Williams

20 August 2018

I thought the young ladies working there were absolutely amazing very helpful very charming happy to be working there made my time they're very fun and enjoyable I got the spice cookie and peanut butter cookie with the pineapple chunk ice cream delicious


Tom Hail

20 August 2018

Best cookies on the planet. Period.


Brian King

20 August 2018

Summer tradition at the Santa Cruz boardwalk and always gave to stop at the Pacific Cookie company.


Lisa Silva Mazzei

20 August 2018

Kudos to the cool peeps at Pacific Cookie Company. I send out monthly cookie gifts to my clients and pop into the office once a month. Stefani and the employees in the office are always fun and helpful. Who wouldn't love working there amongst fresh baked cookies all day?! Plus the single cookies you can buy on the honor system right there are a nice treat. Check it out, down at the Sash Mill. More...


Ana Andrade

20 August 2018

Ordered these cookies about 4 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Love the Almond Joy Cookies!


Rich Veum

20 August 2018

My favorite cookies in the WORLD. Perhaps even the universe.


Donna Maurillo

20 August 2018

When Larry and Shelly started the business, I think I put on five pounds. Walking two blocks to the store every day did nothing to burn off the calories. But you know what? Every one of those cookies looked great on me. More...


Matthew Christopher Taylor

20 August 2018

The pacific cookie company is epic and over all good Exallent and awesome cookies yummie yummie in my tummie


Jennifer Custard

20 August 2018

Honestly, this is the best cookie shop I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. If you go to Santa Cruz and don't stop here, you're out of your mind. The cookies are always fresh and I love that you can get their little "meal deals" -- cookie and a glass of milk. Love it!

My absolute favorite is Dr. Midnight that sexy beast! Dark chocolate cookie, with chocolate pieces, which seem to melt in your mouth. Oh my heavens! ❤️


Vickie S.

12 August 2018

Delicious cookies and for the most part good customer service, I say for the most part because occasionally you run into a smart ass behind the counter; last night after dinner we stopped by and picked up our usual assortment, Dr. Midnight's, Oatmeal,  and Chocolate Chip, the cherry bomb caught my eye so I asked the clerk what was in it and he looked at me as though I was stupid and sarcastically responded Cherries and Sugar...I ordered one anyway and it was delicious, although the clerk in his sarcastic attitude filled description failed to warn that there are also cherry pits in the cookie! So warning to you all beware of cherry pits in the delicious cherry bomb cookie! More...


Diana G.

2 August 2018

Oh my goodness, these are amazing. I wasn't even planning on buying any, but I went in with a couple of friends and walked out with six of them. So far, I've only tasted the all butter chocolate chip and it is decadent. More...


Inconspicuous V.

30 July 2018

Loved this place after dinner.  Almond Joe cookie with chocolate chips, almonds and small coconut pieces. Snickerdoodles were wonderful too as was the lemon and chocolate chip cookies.  The cherry explosion was a little bit more like a scone but OK. More...


Benny W.

25 July 2018

We bought a bakers dozen. The cookies were so delish that we ate four of them in the car before heading home.Don't forget to check in on Yelp for a free cookie with any purchase.


Dan H.

24 July 2018

Okay, if you are lucky enough to be there when they have dipped the coconut cookies into dark chocolate, then you better buy some! But those are gone by mid-day it seems (we've been there a few times). All of the products we've had there have been very good. And friendly staff, too. More...


Brenda V.

14 July 2018

The BEST...freshness and perfect not so sweet.  The perfect bite and even goodness throughout every bite. I'm from San Francisco and will order when we have cravings for the BEST cookies in the world.


Kristine F.

12 July 2018

4.5 Wow oh wow I'm in love with Mint Condition!! Just look at all of those dreamy green chips embedded in that double chocolate cookie. Wide eyed and drooling. Kinda like when you see your celebrity crush in person. Haha! Too bad my cashier encounter soured my experience a bit. More on that later. First, we celebrate cookies! And they generously dip those bad boys in chocolate more than halfway! That is, if you choose to dress your cookie in more sugary goodness.I was able to visit PCC in Berkeley before they closed. Major eye candy handling orders there, btw ;-) That nighttime visit had me buying the last two mint condition and one lemon drop. Check in before walking in to ensure you get that free cookie offer! I missed it back in Berkeley but got it here in SC. I bought a 1/2 dozen of Mint Condition and made sure to give my sis 2 of them because I may have, ahem, accidentally eaten both that I got my first visit. Sooo good!! I had one the day I bought them, another the next, and valiantly attempted to save two for my friend and his bf who both love PCC. Sorry, guys! Way too tempting seeing them in my locker at work. It's the work stress lol! Anywho, if mint choco isn't your thing, I also tried the walnut choco chip and ginger spice dipped in chocolate. Antoine's in San Mateo makes my fave walnut chip so I was comparing it to that. His cookies are chewier, softer than PCC's, which has a bit of a stiff, thicker exterior. Still pretty good though. Ginger spice is different from your average cookie. I love the Spice Girls, but wasn't a huge fan of this cookie. Crystallized ginger isn't my thing. The chocolate dip saved it for me. Not saying it's a bad cookie, definitely well made, just not my preference. 3x the ginger! Crystallized & ground ginger w/ ginger sugar up top. I remember the lemon as refreshing.So what happened with service? I felt a bit rushed.It was noon on a Saturday, maybe one group ahead of my friend and me. The elder cashier lady was behind the counter, huge location btw! I could feel her staring at me, waiting for me to order so she wouldn't have to wait on me anymore. I wanted to see what PCC had to offer but felt compelled to order what I had planned out at the top of my head, which was mint condition, and ginger spice caught my eye. I couldn't give the other cookies much love,  not even a second glance. I noticed walnut choco chip at the last second. She kept asking what else. Erm, maybe if you gave me a chance to peruse, or even told me to take my time deciding, the process would've been more pleasant.They serve ice cream! So grab a scoop or get it stuffed between two cookies for a good ole fashioned sammich! The name Cahootz sounds funny but cool-- white choco macadamia w/ a hint of coconut. Dark choco cranberry, anyone? If only they had white choco instead, lots of college library cafe memories. I think they've got 13 different kinds of cookies:Almond JoeCahootzSnickerdoodleDr. Midnight 3x chocoMint ConditionLemon DropGinger SpiceChocolate ChipWalnut Chocolate ChipOatmeal RaisinPeanut ButterPB w/ choco chipsDark Choco CranberryI'm pretty sure all can be dipped in chocolate.They sell day old cookies & choco dipped ones at a discounted price! Good thing PCC is so far away from me. I'm gaining a pound just thinking of another Mint Condition. More...


Marcy A.

1 July 2018

I really enjoyed my trip here. I'm a Santa Cruz native who moved away, and one of my favorite memories is sneaking a lemon drop cookie from my grandmas. So I recently took a trip to Santa Cruz and decided to see if the cookies were still as good as I remembered. They were! I went ahead and bought all the lemon drop cookies they had. Only downside is that they only have 6 left, wish they had more but I'll be back for a restock. I tried their other cookies as well and I wasn't disappointed. Really great cookies and the people who worked there were friendly too. More...


Austin P.

30 June 2018

I stopped by this place after going to the beach for the day. I got the snickerdoodle cookie and it was one of the best ones ive had. It was soft and chewy but still kept its shape when you eat it. Would definitely recommend for people in the area looking for desserts. More...


Scott J.

30 June 2018

Very friendly, helpful staff. Our family had 3 different ice cream sandwiches. Each one was amazing. Cookies were very fresh.


Tim T.

28 June 2018

For those in our community that are looking for a real treat for an event or for your employees, I can't recommend more strongly that you stop in at Pacific Cookie Company, as their employees are as good as their cookies.I needed something for my wife's Open House, and I was given great suggestions and help by super welcoming staff.Yes, I snuck a peanut butter cookie for myself, since my mama didn't raise no fool, as I know how good their cookies are, so don't miss out on this local treat!! More...


Tony N.

24 June 2018

Best cookies. Very fresh and even the one day old ones which come as a discount are extremely good. A lot of choices here


JoAnna V.

24 June 2018

Great tasting cookies. And used my free Cooke promo. Great location. Downtown Santa Cruz strip


Alyssa W.

21 June 2018

The ginger soccer is great for anyone who loves ginger, and I don't think you can go wrong with a Mom's Special while on a date!


Olivia O.

20 June 2018

This little cookie shop is absolutely wonderful! The cookies are delicious and the shop smells amazing! My favorite cookies are the mint conditions, which are chocolate cookies with mint chips. I would definitely recommend going here when you're in the mood for a soft and delicious cookie! More...


Jo C.

16 June 2018

I love their cookies! I got a dozen and got 1 free. Their mint cookies are so good! Not too minty. Too bad both Mutari Chocolate House and Factory weren't open yet. I would have loved to have tried their hot chocolate with Pacific's cookies. Their tip jar was interesting. I was hesitant putting my tip since it was filled with water. I didn't believe my sister's bf when he told me to put the tip in the jar. I thought he was playing a trick on me. More...


Kimberly B.

12 June 2018

Best cookies in the world. Mint Condition is the best. Even if I'm in SC and have nothing else to do in downtown I will swing by PCC on my way out. And then I have to get a bag for everyone at home or they will be mad I left them out! Small carton of milk and 2 cookies=perf. Even the day old ones are super delicious and a steal. More...


Beverly H.

4 June 2018

The cookies here are very good and the people are always friendly.  If I had any complaint it would be that asking them to warm up the cookie only gets you a lukewarm one...but the chocolate is still melty and what more does anyone want?  :) More...


Kait P.

1 June 2018

My boyfriend and I were wandering down the street and HAD to stop in because the smell of this place was AMAZING. We went in maybe an hour before they closed and grabbed a few cookies. The girl helping us was really nice and gave us some good recommendations.Store was very clean and the cookies were delicious!! Definitely will stop in again when I'm in the area More...


Anna S.

24 May 2018

Oooooooh Yes, Yes, Yes !!!!Their white chocolat macadamia cookies are serious. They are called " Cahootz" and have this thin layer of crisp on the outside and softer inside and a ton of nuts.They sell 1 day or cookies per 6 in a bag, located on a shelf in the store. Perfectly great still and about half the price. Nice people More...


Rachael S.

22 May 2018

Definitely didn't have the issues other reviewers complained about with hard cookies.  I came in for one post lunch cookie on a day trip, solo. I saw the check-in offer, heck yes!!! Amounts to bogo, but I got 3 because I couldn't choose. Mint chocolate was probably my least favorite but not because it was a bad cookie, just because the other two rocked my mouth! Chocolate dipped almond joy (?) Was so freaking good. And the snickerdoodle was better than my mom ever made. I even waited to eat the other two with a friend like 8 hours later and they were just as good. Service was prompt and friendly. I'd totally go here again if I were in town! More...


Michelle N.

13 May 2018

I was craving cookies and visiting downtown Santa Cruz around 11pm. To my surprise, I found this place on Yelp to be open and the cookies were so good. With a fresh selection of around a dozen flavors, I was delighted to say the least. Excited to come back the next time I'm in town! More...


Amy J.

1 May 2018

These cookies are amazing. We usually get a half dozen. I have yet to try the cinnamon butter but I'm determined to try them soon. The staff are friendly whenever we come in. It's right in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz. If you have a cookie craving, this is a must do. More...


Lianne W.

24 April 2018

If you are in the Santa CruzArea, you must try out the Pacific Cookie Company. It's equally rated as high as Honolulu Cookie Company is in Hawaii. There's just something about this place that brings out such a great experience with their cookies. Just like how the food critic's reaction was in Ratatouille, this cookie company really knows how to make a mean cookie. I highly recommend their chocolate chip,lemon and midnight chocolate cookies. Also, if you'd like, they can warm it up for free or dip it for an extra $0.75. It's a great stop for some sweets at a great price! Check in for a free cookie!! More...


Tatiana P.

22 April 2018

Delicious cookies and ice cream! Great little spot! Got a scoop of Heaven on the Dr. Midnight (triple chocolate) cookie! Highly recommend!


Lacee S.

13 April 2018

As someone who has a mom with issues with gluten, sugar, and dairy you do not understand how amazing it was to find Pacific cookie Company. I walked in and I was so ecstatic to see the options that they had. I was able to get cookies for my mom and it is so amazing the cookies are reasonably priced and the people are so nice. I love it so much and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants gluten free or gluten filled cookies! More...


Michael J.

13 April 2018

Great cookie. I ordered the snickerdoodle and it was fantastic. Can't wait to get more.


Katrina L.

9 April 2018

Best cookies in Santa Cruz!! Sometimes you get lucky and they're still warm. You can also ask for your cookies warmed. Sam V. has helped us out a couple times, she's the sweetest!! Highly recommend checking it out. More...


Bruce B.

8 April 2018

Irresistible kwik dip on the daily aftr gettin blazed. Delish yum yums & macs n town. no way to frown abt dat. Wood b da spot if the sell blazin accessories with their yum yum for your tum tum goodness


Kay L.

7 April 2018

Customer service wasn't that great but the cookies were good . ...just wish they were warm...i would go back if a cookie craving ever hit and I'm in the area


Pau L.

25 March 2018

Stopped by because my girl and I were craving some cookies and it turned out to be one of the best places to get them!


Vanessa A.

24 March 2018

LOVED the mint condition cookie. My boyfriend got chocolate chip and a few others. He said they were ok. But I really loved mine and wish i purchased more. Would of gave 5 stars but the staff all seemed like they lacked some motivation. Otherwise place was clean and cookies were 1.25 each. More...


LaNea M.

23 March 2018

After a leaving a two star review, detailing the toughness of their cookies, I was contacted by the owner. She was so kind and offered to send me a batch of fresh cookies.Of course I was excited. I love free things. I wasn't expecting the cookies to be soft and delicious!Maybe the cookies I tasted had a bad night, tough morning, whatever. The cookies they sent me tho! Delicious. I don't even wanna share them with anyone. I just wanna be greedy. Thank you so much for listening to my feedback and doing what you can to make it better, even though a "sorry you had a bad experience" would've worked just as well! More...


Marlene B.

16 February 2018

If you LOVE cookies I would definitely come here! Super inexpensive, but super delicious fresh baked cookies! Every time I'm in downtown Santa Cruz I stop by to grab a few cookies! Can be busy but lines go fast


Sierra A.

8 February 2018

Delicious fresh cookies and ice cream sandwiches with the 1020 bearing a favorite, we always come by for a little dessert


Abby J.

5 February 2018

Nothing like an amazing cookie to end the evening, or start the day, or have for lunch. These cookies bring on all your happy memories with the perfect amount of baked goodness. My go to for presents and sweet treats. More...


Michelle B.

27 January 2018

This place will satisfy your sweet tooth! :) Parking: Paid street parking Ambience: There are a few tables, but most of the footprint of the store is for the bakery. Service: The person who served me was friendly, and b/c it's cookies that are already baked and ready to put in the bag, service was fast. Order: 1) Chocolate Chip Cookies: Perfectly sweet. The center was so soft. The edges were crunchy. It was the perfect cookie for me. 2) Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts: This is similar to the chocolate chip cookies except with a crunch from the walnuts. Verdict: 5 b/c I had no complaints of this place. The cookies were well-priced ($1.25) and delicious! More...


Daanyaal K.

20 January 2018

I came here accidentally thinking it was the main shop on Pacific but its actually a factory! You walk in and go to the left side and tada, all these cookies for quarters!The small cookies are $.25 and the bigger cookies are $.50, they have an honor system so theirs no cashier or nothing, just slip in the cash in the box. If you need change go upstairs and the ladies will help you out. The chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, macadamia, and lemon cookies were amazing. Honestly this spot is a gem, and if you only care about the cookies and nothing else, come here rather than the other spot. More...


Poornima B.

19 January 2018

I dropped in here while I was here on a work trip. Being right next to office was a perk. A cookie shop with different flavors of ice cream and about 10 different versions of cookies.I picked up dark chocolate and white macadamia nuts. Both tasted great but for a chocolate lover I was surprised at my inclination for the latter.If you do checkin on yelp, you get a free cookie on every purchase.  So make sure to get on that for extra joy!...Value for money: excellent!! I paid $2 foe two cookies. More...


Gayle G.

19 January 2018

We had tried their cookies multiple times through the years. They had a Yelp coupon, buy one , get one free.I love their chocolate chip with walnut cookies and their macaroon cookies dipped in chocolate.


Charlotte G.

17 January 2018

If you are looking for the perfect cookie, then the Pacific Cookie Company is the place for you!  If you are on a strict, sugar free diet, carbohydrate free diet, then I advise that you walk on the opposite side of Pacific Avenue because this place is too big of a temptation! The scent of freshly baked cookies is so strong that you catch wind of it about ten paces before you pass the building! The cookies they produce in this little bakery are so packed with flavor and are the best I've ever had! Many have searched but you won't find a cookie that even comes close to the deliciousness of the cookies made by the Pacific Cookie Company! Yes the cookies are available at your neighborhood Nob Hill grocery store but there is just nothing that compares to your receiving it baked, fresh out of the oven! I have only tried about three of their cookies but my favorite by far is the Cahootz.  I don't usually like white chocolate but their white chocolate is so milky and when paired with toasted macadamia nuts and a hint of coconut, it creates the perfect flavor profile! Don't believe me, the numbers don't lie because you will notice that the Cahootz has the least amount of cookies left on their baking trays!As for the customer service, well it's standard and not as spectacular as their product. You are usually helped by young people that are probably working their way through school. So don't count on it being the best when it comes to customer service. The last experience I had with a cashier (unlike their cookies) did put a bad taste in my mouth. (Pun intended.) It's not like I'm a difficult customer. I always know what I want to order before I even approach the counter. But this place is very busy and they appear to have a high turnover when it comes to their staff. It seems I rarely see the same face more than once. It's unfortunate that the cookies themselves and the scent of cookies baking is so welcoming but the staff, well...not so much.The inside of the building has a seating area with tables but it's pretty small and tight, so don't plan on bringing large groups here. Well unless you don't mind being crammed and standing up. Most people take their baked goodies to go and I suggest you do too.In conclusion:  If you are looking for the perfect cookie, go to the Pacific Cookie Company. More...


aaron l.

4 January 2018

This is my all time favorite cookie place!  The staff are friendly and the cookies are awesome.  My favorites are the lemon drop and the chocolate chip. My only feedback is that they cut reduce the sweetness a tad. More...


Kevin L.

1 January 2018

Great friendly staff.Cookies are fresh baked, the cranberry, mint chocolate chip, and lemon cookies were the only 3 that stuck out.They use plenty of butter and you'll taste it. Great place for a treat in downtown SC. More...


Fe L.

28 December 2017

I love getting cookies here. The first thing I do is check what cookies are available that are a day old because it's still worth it. If there isn't anything I like, then I'll get fresh cookies. Since I come from out of town, I usually purchase half a dozen and that satisfies my craving. Chocolate chip walnut, oatmeal, and midnight cookies are my favorite. I highly recommend a visit to this place when you are in the area. More...


Emily C.

10 December 2017

I love their cookies. Always a good treat when strolling through downtown. If te cold at night you can ask them to heat the cookies up, which I recommend. It'd be cool if they added more drinks like perhaps a soy milk option. Nonetheless, I love this place. More...


Manick K.

25 November 2017

Cookies are delish after all this time. Check in to get a free cookie with any purchase!


Ali F.

12 November 2017

Great place to get some cookies and coffee.  Not expensive and various flavors to choose from. We had in order of deliciousness: chocolate chip (ok only, not too notable), lemon drop (special and sweet lemonny goodness), and midnight (excellent,  tastes like the edge of a brownie). Their coffee was great too.They need to do something about those little flies buzzing around though. More...


John R.

5 November 2017

Stumbled across these guys after a movie Halloween night. The city had the street completely shut down for the kids and families so we walked down to people watch for a bit. Cookies were delicious, staff was friendly and quick despite being slammed, and we had zero complaints.TIP: Check in on Yelp and sometimes they do free cookies with purchase! More...


Anna S.

28 October 2017

Jessie is such an excellent employee. The cookies are fresh and warm. 100% go here. Fresh baked warm cookies that will make your night so much better. Jessie rocks, best employee!


Elena N.

27 October 2017

I'm a huge snacker. When a talent of ours brought in a big box of cookies, I was super excited. A sweet afternoon treat! She arrived on Wednesday, October 11th around 3pm.*Lemon Drop: A tangy variation of the classic sugar cookie made with creamery butter and pure lemon extract*Oatmeal Raisin: Just like Grandma used to make. It's a delightful old-fashioned classic made with plump California raisins*Snickerdoodle: Cinnamon cookie with a whimsical name, A product of the American farm made with creamery butter and cinnamonThe box had a variety of cookies, but these were the ones I tried. They were all soft with a nice chew. Some varieties were slightly crumbly which I don't prefer, but they all had great flavor. Especially  the snickerdoodle. If I had more stomach room, I probably would have tried even more cookies. Unfortunately, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach.Glad we got to try this bakery in Santa Cruz. I do love my cookies! More...


Matt C.

14 October 2017

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies. This place has really good cookies and ice cream. I love the hospitality and friendly service of the servers. Generous portions, cheap prices, and good desserts makes me always save room for Pacific Cookie Company. I will be coming back in the near future. More...


Megan K.

13 October 2017

The possibilities are endless at the pacific cookie company!! Ice cream Sando: Dr midnight (triple choc) with their peanut butter ice cream and white choc macadamia nut cookie on the bottom. That's just one combination! The cookies are great, I have a feeling they used to do a lot more business when gluten wasn't considered the plague. They do offer a few gluten free options, and it seems like it's a company they buy from, so they don't make gf in house. More...


Kirstin L.

28 September 2017

I went to Pacific Cookie Company on a Saturday afternoon. I had been wandering up and down Pacific and was in the mood for a sweet snack. I came in and wasn't too sure what I wanted. I opted for the Chocolate Dipped Macaroon. In hindsight, I think I should've gotten it not dipped in chocolate, because I really preferred that half of the cookie. I felt like it was a pretty good deal, as the cookie was about the size of my fist and under $2. It's probably about what I would pay at a bake sale, only better quality and a bigger cookie. I'll definitely be coming back to try out their different cookies and find my favorite. Then walking up and down Pacific Ave to burn of some calories. More...


Anthony T.

27 September 2017

Always a good spot to get a solid cookie at even a cookie sandwich! This one was out of quite a few cookies when we went. About the same size of other locations and the employees where nice and fast paced to get the line moving.


D. H.

23 September 2017

Bought the yesterday cookies they have on display rack as you enter the door. Great value 6 for $5.50I alway tend to get the Dr MidnightChocolate, chocolate chip cookiesYummy


Earnest P.

18 September 2017

The cookies were pretty good. I really liked the service but, the peanut butter cookies were super hard. I would definitely, definitely recommend getting the "ginger spice" cookies!!


Alyssa B.

12 September 2017

The cookies here are just too good. I love the chocolate-dipped cookies, my favorite being the mint chocolate one. This is definitely one of my guilty pleasures whenever I end up in the downtown Santa Cruz area. The line moves quick. The staff is friendly and efficient. Don't forget to use the Yelp app to check in for a free cookie with your purchase! More...


Jenn W.

6 September 2017

This place is awesome!  I love sweets and cookies are definitely a favorite of mine.  They have so many choices that the only logical thing to do is get at least 6 or more.  All 6 of the cookies we picked out were soft, chewy and delicious.  I am slightly sad we didn't get a dozen.  They also have day old and two day old cookies for a discount.  I will definitely be back. More...


Ashley D.

20 August 2017

I love coming here any time of day in any weather! Cookies are baked to perfection and the service is awesome


LeAza D.

16 August 2017

So yummy, hands down! Went, to walk around and came across this gem!! Let me tell you, the cookies are boom! Even better with there ice cream!!! Plus when you check in, on Yelp you get a free cookie.. haha. The employees are super friendly also... i honestly can't wait to come back here. It's so worth it. More...


Elizabeth Y.

6 August 2017

LOVE these cookies. I make it a point to come here every time I'm in Santa Cruz. My only complaint is that my stomach is not large enough to consume the amount of cookies I want to eat when I visit!


Josh N.

15 July 2017

If you find yourself in Santa Cruz and need a sweets fix, I highly recommend a trip the Pacific Cookie Company. We were wandering downtown after my daughters soccer game and you could smell the cookies baking a block away.Once you enter the cookie counter is right in front of you and there were plenty of attendants to assist.  The line went super fast. They are very generous with samples, dare I say, too generous. Very nice staff. If you are not into cookies they do scoop Marianne's Ice Cream.We ordered a twelve pack of cookies to go. I did eat a cookie in the store, the Cahhootz (white chocolate and macadamia). The cookie was buttery and moist and quite large. The white chocolate and macadamia were generous. Just an outstanding cookie.The rest of the cookies, even though they weren't fresh out of the oven,  were just as fantastic. Do yourself a favor and give this place a chance. More...


Lyrissa R.

6 July 2017

I'm a Diddy Riese yelp.com/biz/diddy-riese… (LA) kinda gal, but I can't really play favorites when it comes to cookies. We ordered:- Snickerdoodle- Lemon Drop- Chocolate Chip- Peanut Butter- Peanut Butter w/ Chocolate ChipO M GI loved all of them, except for the peanut butter ones. But that's more so personal preference.We were lucky enough to get Snickerdoodle freshly baked right off the rack and it was amazing. Soft, chewy and moist. Lemon was amazing too with great lemon flavors. And you can't go wrong with the classic Chocolate Chip. All of their cookies are on the soft side, which is my favorite. Their prices don't beat out Diddy Riese, but they're not too bad.20 out of 10 I'd come back. More...


Karli D.

23 June 2017

ABSOLUTELY BEST COOKIE SPOT EVER!Always fresh cookies and a huge variety at that. They even sell ice cream and milk in case you need those too. Friendly staff and super fast service. I always stop in for a macaroon or a chocolate chip cookie !Yum!!! More...


Auriyon J.

21 June 2017

The cookies here are lit! Sooooo good and soft!!! Everytime I'm in town, I must visit!!!


Krystle T.

19 June 2017

FREAKING AMAZING. WE HAD TO GO FOR SECONDS.YELP CHECK-IN BOGO, bruh. Do it.Can't go wrong with...- Mr. Midnight- White chocolate mac- Choco Chip Walnut- PB cookieWill come back to SC just for this.


Daniel I.

11 June 2017

These cookies have become a necessity in my everyday life. Especially, their ice cream cookie sandwiches. Better than CREAM. Best place downtown


Catherine V.

2 June 2017

Seriously the best cookies you will ever eat! I'm obsessed with the #chocolate-chip but have tried the Almond Joe and Dr. Midnight, both of which were okay. There cookies are also amazing paired with a scoop of ice-cream-- Heaven!!! I am really going to miss this place when I move back home! More...


Marge C.

31 May 2017

Good cookies, the coconut macaroon was great. The cookies aren't the best texture but they are pretty good. Lots of different flavors


David T.

21 May 2017

I happened to be in town with a school group and we ended up here for dessert. I now remember I have ordered cookies from this company before when I lived in another state. I was reminded that these are probably some of the best cookies you will ever eat. I had the walnut chocolate chip today. I think I will go back tomorrow for the peanut butter chocolate chip too. Fresh and yummy! Order some, you will thank me later! More...


Efrain T.

20 May 2017

I've been coming here for years! I enjoy a nice warm chocolate chip cookie with some milk but lately the milk has been spoiled on a few occasions. Nothing like taking a swig of rotten milk... Cookies are great though! More...


Laurel H.

16 April 2017

The cashier was very understanding of my partner and I having to trade places so one of us could stay with our puppy. Love the cookies but even more I love the ice cream. The name doesn't lie, the heaven flavor really is a scoop full of heaven. More...


Cap P.

10 April 2017

YELP Check-in and get 1 free Cookie with any purchase!!!!Really, every time you go there you can get two cookies for the price of one.Outside of that, the cookies are great.  Especially with a scoop of Marianne's ice cream.I have been coming here the late 90s and always make it a stop when I am in town.  The service is already friendly and helpful and the prices are great. More...


Adam F.

9 April 2017

Just figured I'd update, so the review looked newer, though I don't *actually* have any updates, except that I was back downtown while visiting family in Santa Cruz, and had to pop in here and get an ice cream sandwich yesterday, and they are still just as fantastic as I remembered them being growing up here. They haven't changed really at all - still amazing delicious cookies, still way too many choices if you're going for an ice cream sandwich (which uses Marianne's ice cream, which is also independently fantastic), still great prices (obviously the prices are up a bit from when I was a kid, but still - 3.50 for two fantastic cookies of your choice, with fantastic ice cream of your choice in between, that's a fantastic deal, especially in a place like Santa Cruz.) I had coffee fudge ice cream between a mint chocolate and a double chocolate cookie, and it was pretty much heaven, just as I expected it would be. More...


Vito S.

21 March 2017

Cookies cookies cookies   the best in town!!!! They are a really good deal too... The to go boxes are fabulous for holidays and parties... The staff is always nice too!


Adam N.

19 March 2017

Delicious cookies. The chocolate chip cookie is soft to the touch, and the chocolate melts in your mouth. I also ordered a hot chocolate that paired really well. The prices are also fairly reasonable. Location is located in downtown so I would recommend stopping by for a quick snack or dessert! More...


Nina E.

15 March 2017

These are good cookies. I highly recommend the classic chocolate chip and snickerdoodle. As a chocolate lover, I also got the Dr. Midnight. I'll probably just stick to the chocolate chip next time, as the Dr. Midnight cookie itself wasn't super flavorful. Can't wait to come back and try different flavors! Also, the man working there was super polite and cheerful. Not a bad touch. More...


Shubhi T.

11 March 2017

Lots of varieties of fresh cookies served hot. They also have coffee and ice cream. The guy who helped us was very nice and courteous as well which always enhances the experience. We got triple chocolate and snicker doodle and both were great! More...


Son W.

27 February 2017

The cookies were delicious!  Truly a staple visit when in Santa Cruz.


Jenelle A.

22 February 2017

I called in to have a same day COOKIE DELIVERY to my bf who lives works in Capitola. From start to finish, my last minute request was met in the most professional yet friendly way. Not only are these the best tasting cookies I have ever had. But their staff offers TOP OF THE LINE customer service! More...


Lee O.

11 February 2017

I have been coming here since a UC student back in the 80's. The aroma of the freshly baked cookies is what always draws me in. I love the day old cookie bags (reduced price) on the shelf by the front door. Yesterday I noticed a '2' on some bags. Those are the two day old ones which are even cheaper. I can eat the half dozen oatmeal raisin cookies in no time. So many great flavors. Haven't tried the ice cream--too busy with the cookies. Def a Santa Cruz institution. More...


Renee F.

3 February 2017

PCC is one of the few reasons why I lived in Santa Cruz. Before I leave SC I have to make a stop over here and buy at least a dozen. I also buy these cookies right before I go to the movies down the block. Two cool things about this place are they have a sale for the day old cookies, that way you know they don't use old batches, and they also can chocolate dip your cookies I believe for 50 or 75 cents more. :-) More...


Spencer C.

24 January 2017

Best cookies ever. The lemon one is specifically amazing. The edges are a little crispy with the middle being tender, and a sweet sprinkling of sugar on top to round it out. If you're able to, you can grab a bag of 6 day olds for a little over $5, which is the way to go. More...


C. M.

19 January 2017

I rarely buy cookies because I'm almost always disappointed but my cousin recommended this place to me and cookies had been in the back of my mind for a few days. I tried the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie (the "cahootz" I believe ) and immediately fell in love. I was pleasantly surprised by this cookie shop, really. The prices were a bit unpleasant for my tastes (over $1 for a single cookie; I'm a cheapskate), but I loooved the cookie I tried regardless. That's always my go to cookie, when I do choose to buy one, and if a place can make that one well then it's a new favorite place to buy cookies! Here's to a new favorite place! More...


Kevin S.

9 January 2017

I LOVE the chocolate dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies! ANY of the flavors are good with the chocolate dip! I bought 13 dozen or so of mixed flavors for Holiday gifts. Cher and her staff were very helpful. I bought a couple dozen chocolate dipped for our counter! Good stuff! A no miss stop every time I am down in Santa Cruz. More...


Kim F.

7 December 2016

Great place to grab a cookie or a baker dozen. They have lots of flavor and coffee to offer. Nice young people work here. Will return when I visit again.


Shannon N.

26 November 2016

Love their MINT CONDITION cookie - dark chocolate cookie with mint chocolate chips in there.  And hey, free cookie with purchase and check in on the yelp app ;)  Husband gave their ginger cookie a big thumbs up More...


Mieshia N.

13 November 2016

So so good. One of our must stops when visiting the area. Simple and fresh and just rightly priced. They also offer "day old" bags and deals for Yelp check ins. Can't wait to go back!


Steph G.

2 November 2016

[Out of Towner Review]No one NEEDS a choco dipped cookie.....but everyone WANTS one! Duh! I knew a cookie sounded amazing after a nice lunch. So we walked over and headed in, to find that they are all about dipping cookies in chocolate.We aren't ones to turn away from that. We perused the cookie case, asked a few questions, then both made our decisions. Him - Choco chip dipped, Her - Peanut Butter dipped.Both were amazing and they weren't too pricey. We did get a kick out of the fact that their tip jar is full of water (and money) so that people don't steal it. I guess they've had issues, so sad!The staff were sweet, quick to help, and easy to chat with. They did laugh at our suggestion of having samples ;)Cookies how you didn't know you needed them! More...


Steven W.

3 October 2016

This is just like it says in the name a cookie specific bakery located right on the main drag of pacific ave (downtown santa cruz).Parking is street only, which means there is no parking. You'll be better served (parking wise) by selecting one of the many surface lots/parking garages scattered around the block.There is a small seating area inside, about a half dozen unremarkable table and chair options. Most chose to stroll outside with their cookie of choice. As far as the menu goes it's cookies. Sure there is a small selection on ice cream and coffee, but this place is all about the cookies. There are not quite a dozen not terribly adventurous cookie choices-chocolate chip, chocolate chip with peanut butter, chocolate chip with cranberry, mint chip, white chocolate chip, chocolate chip with almond.........you get the idea. Snickerdoodle, sugar and chocolate  w/o chips are available for you communists what don't like chocolate chips. While the selection isn't any too dramatic they do the basics very very well. The cookies run just over a dollar each with slight discount if you buy three or more.  It's possibly the best  way to spend a dollar on the downtown strip. More...


J N.

30 September 2016

The gluten free cookies were just alright. I've had better and that we're a couple cents cheaper. Hands down to their snicker doodle cookies. They were soft and just the right amount of sweet. More...


Evelyn R.

15 September 2016

I LOVE their cookies!!! The Cahootz and peanut butter are my favorite. I went in there and bought them all. The chocolate chip walnut is very good too. They are soft, chewy, and just an overall very good cookie. I will be going to the wholesale location next! More...


Judy M.

12 September 2016

The smell of freshly baked cookies drew me in and I'm happy I did. I saw the yelp check in for a free cookie with purchase so I decided to give them a try. I'm very picky when it comes to cookies and I'd much rather bake them at home.I picked one and my boyfriend picked two (he couldn't resist). First you have to know I'm a chocolate lover and I thought the mint chocolate was perfect! The chocolate wasn't too sweet nor too bitter. Almond Joe- almonds and milk chocolate chipMint condition- chocolate cookie with mint chipsCahootz- white chocolate and macadamia nutsThe consistency of the cookies were in between soft, chewy and crispy. After a day in an air-sealed container, they still tasted fresh. More...


Nathaniel K.

2 September 2016

We ordered a snickerdoodle, peanutbutter chocolate chips and regular chocolate chip cookies. The snickerdoodle was really good, it's soft and chewy. Plus it had a lot of cinnamon flavor in it. However, the peanutbutter one wasn't very good, it was too crumbly but it did have strong peanut flavor. And the regular chocolate chip, I think it's ok but my wife liked it. Generally the staff are super friendly and the price is pretty reasonable as well. They carry lots of other flavors and combination in the store, will definitely come back to try the others if and when we come to Santa Cruz. More...


Alyssa F.

21 August 2016

Cookies are amazing!!! Love the texture and theyre not super sweet. Im not much of a chocolate person, but mint condition is DELICIOUS!! I wish i got more of them.


Linda N.

15 August 2016

What's one perk about "checking in" at restaurants through Yelp besides exposing your exact location to potential creepers?  Freebies!  Buy one cookie, check in, and get a cookie for free!   Aside from that, these cookies are super inexpensive and good.  It's the perfect cookie size with the right texture. More...


Chuan C.

9 August 2016

Probably among the best cookies I've ever had anywhere ever. They're always fresh, soft, chewy and delicious. Just walking by the door, I always catch a huge whiff of a fresh batch of cookies being baked and feel the itch to get a cookie. I mean seriously, wide selection of different cookies (I personally like their snickerdoodles best). Everyone is also super friendly and patient for those days when I'm not sure what I want. If you're feeling unadventurous their chocolate chip is seriously a great pick always, and if you're feeling a little more daring they've got something for you too.And then if you're ever having trouble deciding between, iono, a chocolate chip cookie or a peanut butter one, they have a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, which is absolutely crazy and tastes as good as it sounds, if you're into that. More...


Dawn D B.

2 August 2016

Been buying cookies here since they were on the other side of Pacific Ave and have never been disappointed.  Im writing a review because I notice that the help there lately is especially friendly and fun!!  Im always happy to see my favorite cookie girl, Jordan, when I go in...I wasn't able to have her help me yesterday as she was busy baking lots of trays of cookies, but was quite pleased with the help I did receive....great cookies, great service, my favorite part of downtown Santa Cruz!! More...


Chelsea D.

30 July 2016

I made a joke to my sister before walking in that cookie shops are dangerous since they smell so good and we would probably end up buying something. I actually had no intention of buying and have pretty good self control when it comes to not eating cookies. Then we walk inside and, one, it does smell AMAZING; two, our mom immediately wanted to buy cookies.There is an offer on yelp of if you make a purchase, you get a free cookies  so buy one cookies get one free!! Take advantage of it!! The first time we went there, we got Dr. Midnight and a snickerdoodle. My mom and sister got them, but for the purpose of reviews only ;) I tried a bite of each.Snickerdoodle: moist, has that nice flavor that results from cream of tartar, but not quite cinnamon-y enough for me. it was decent though!!Dr. Midnight: CHOCOLATE INTENSITY. Chocolate cookie with chocolate chips.It was like a brownie cookie, super moist and decadent.I know what I want next time too: the macadamia white chocolate and the almond joe cookie, apparently the staff favorite. I will update this post after trying them... More...


Hanna T.

29 July 2016

I visited here with my mom and dad when we were in Santa Cruz a few days ago. A super cute little shop where they are baking cookies fresh all the time. We got the peanut butter cookie, chocolate chip, coconut macaroon and a few others. They also serve ice cream from Mariannes which they can make ice cream sandwiches with!! The two boys there that helped us were also really nice and helpful! More...


S L.

27 July 2016

You can't really go wrong with the price and variety PCC offers. We got the baker's dozen and liked all of them. We'll definitely return whenever we're in the area.


Alli R.

20 July 2016

Whenever I'm craving delicious warm home made cookies I always come here. In fact it's always a nice treat when I visit downtown! Can never go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie and ice cream. Also like peanut butter and snicker doodle cookies! More...



15 July 2016

Pretty good ice cream and cookies. Great staff. I mean not the best ice cream I've had. But not bad. It was a good environment and nice to be on the strip.


Andrew T.

15 July 2016

Cookies. Fresh fresh cookies! And even if you don't want the freshest, you can buy 1-day and 2-day old cookies at a discounted price. I went with the dark chocolate cranberry, and the 2-day old chocolate-dipped dark chocolate chip cookie. Yes to both! I can easily scarf them down, but man I had to savor it. More...



26 June 2016

My favorite is to send these cookies as gifts!!  They have a "THANK YOU" and "CONGRATS" tube that hosts a dozen cookies. They are such delicious cookies and people love receiving them in the mail. They arrive fresh and yummy. Also, the people at the store - in Berkeley and Santa Cruz - couldn't be nicer!  Order these cookies as gifts!  Or for yourself!  Love them!! More...


Kristen L.

18 June 2016

I ordered a chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate dipped cookie. The price of the cookie was a little over a dollar each, which makes it very affordable.  We were here around 5 PM on a Saturday. My problem was it was cold and hard to chew. They were still good when cold, so I can only imagine how amazing it would be if it was baked fresh!My friend had ordered theirs heated up, which I totally would recommend! I only wished the employees offered the option to us, rather then my friends asking based upon my comment of it being too cold. More...


Reaching K.

16 June 2016

I've been coming to the Pacific Cookie Company since I first moved here in '91.  The peanut butter cookie is the best cookie EVER.  I used to take the metro from Soquel to downtown SC just to score two PB cookies and a milk.  I'd exit the shop and eat on the curb, making certain to devour every last crumb.The quality of the cookie has not changed.  Still moist and very delicious.  Make certain to grab a bag of cookies for my family whenever I am in the downtown. More...


April T.

4 June 2016

Local, family owned company which makes delicious cookies for a reasonable price! Was able to order bulk cookies for our wedding as a treat for guests to take home. We got 5 different flavors, all individually wrapped so they could be set outside on a tray during the reception and everyone LOVED them. The purchasing experience was very convenient- I simply called them to place the order a few days beforehand and arranged for our pick up date/time. They sent an email confirmation with the details. As it turns out, all the ladies in the office are amazingly kind and helpful- they were closing an hour early on Memorial Day weekend and called me to make sure we'd be there in time to pick them up, but if not, were willing to wait a few extra minutes for my fiance to arrive. Would totally recommend these folks! More...


Cedar G.

29 May 2016

Trying to abstain from sugar is really difficult when I walk by this Pacific Ave store.  Newly improved recipes make these cookies even better than before.  My favorite is chocolate chip cranberry.  You can get them warm if you ask~ More...


Lee K.

28 May 2016

Snickerdoodle all day!!! Good for the price. Its a little bit more than your average cookie but tastes 100x better. They also have some fancy combination cookies but I'm a white chocolate macadamia nut, snickerdoodle kind of guy. Loved it!


Donita B.

16 May 2016

I was exploring downtown Santa Cruz for the first time and glad I found this place to munch on some cookies while I walked. I had my eyes set on the macaroon, and it was the perfect amount of coconut that was also quite chewy. I used the free cookie deal with ant purchase deal and decided to try something completely new by getting the Mexican chocolate cookie. I definitely did not expect the spicy kick to it, wish I had milk to go along with it. Maybe a little heads up about the spicy part of it. Otherwise, it's a great atmosphere and staff were nice! More...


Joyanne B.

13 May 2016

Visiting the area and took some for tripHome. Best ever cookies. Tons of chocolate and so soft. Thanks for the nummy treats


Kevin F.

13 April 2016

Good cookies. A little soft sometimes though. I don't know if it's me but whenever I go in their with my girlfriend the customer service isn't as good and people arent as friendly. Or maybe it's cause I go in at like 11 o'clock or right before closing. Anyways great location, good cookies, decent price a little pricey but worth it fo sho. More...


Steve B.

2 April 2016

Best cookies in Santa Cruz, and I'd rank it top 5 in best cookie-only shops I've been into in the US, which puts it up there world wide. Giving hot cookie in the Castro a run.  No joke! I'll remember the ginger spice and chocolate chip with walnuts fondly. Also refreshing they've stuck with a model that allows you to get a small and cheap dessert if you want 1 cookie, or get a few if you want to indulge, instead of moving into a higher price for each one. More...


Mike B.

29 March 2016

The 5 stars is specifically for their chocolate chip cookie, which is as good as it gets. Chewy, heavy on the chips and thoroughly delicious. Awesome lemon drop, almond joe, and macaroons as well.Peanut butter is just ok.Not a great snickerdoodle. More...


Jamie B.

16 March 2016

The BEST and FRESHEST COOKIES I've ever had, fast and friendly service. Each visit has been the same as the last, enough said


Brittany P.

13 March 2016

Took a friend's recommendation and tried this place while visiting Santa Cruz for the weekend. This place did NOT disappoint! I tried the Cahootz and my boyfriend got the macaroon (both chocolate dipped for an extra $.75 each but totally worth it) went back the next day and took some home. Will definitely be craving these cookies and have to stop by whenever we visit again! More...


Monique T.

10 March 2016

The cahootz and the almond joe are my favorite! They're completely delicious and aromatic!


Janice L.

3 March 2016

Cheap, easy, fast. Sweet ol cookies straight from the factory. 25 cents a pop no one's complaining.


Debbie M.

19 February 2016

Best cookies ever!  Lemon drop is my favorite.  I would advise bringing your own coffee purchased from one of the many nearby coffee shops.  Not as good as the cookies and no Splenda. More...


Megan P.

9 February 2016

We try to get here every time we visit Santa Cruz as the cookies are a perfect blend of crispy edges and chewy middles! Have also shipped orders to friends and family, both by the dozen and individually wrapped.  Shipments always arrived in perfect condition and cookies fresh! Support these local guys!!! More...


Leopard S.

27 January 2016

Can't walk by this place and ignore that fresh cookie smell! Bought one of their macaroons and a chocolate chip cookie. Best macaroon I've ever had. Came back the next day and bought 3 of each, total was $6.50. Cookie monster created...can't wait to come back to cookie out! More...


Mary D.

26 January 2016

Loved the mint chocolate chip cookie! Definitely can't wait to come back for some more.


Alyssa N.

25 January 2016

Every time we find ourselves in (or passing through) Santa Cruz we always plan a stop at Pacific Cookie Company to pick up some cookies to take home. We've sampled many of the varieties which are all delicious but our personal favorite is the ginger spice. I think this is the best ginger cookie we've ever had. We buy a baker's dozen and freeze them when we get home to enjoy in the days to follow.They also sell Marianne's ice cream as well. A sugar cone of their 10-20 is a must, especially if you are a caramel fan.The people behind the counter are always friendly and helpful. Leave a tip in the fishbowl. They deserve it. More...


BabyVivian E.

24 January 2016

It was hard to choose just one flavor walkig in.  So many wam delicious looking cookies, the lemon drop is definitely one of my new favioret desserts  and despite the crowd the service was fast and friendly!


Richi K.

15 January 2016

Smooth brewed coffee with free choice of gourmet cookie. Very well priced and ice cream is delicious too


Larlar S.

14 January 2016

I do not understand why they do not have a Pacific Cookie Company in Hawaii when it is in the middle of the Pacific.  Someone tell the owner of this company to open a store in Hawaii to legitimize its name and also so I can stop crying at night. One could easily underestimate this place because honestly, Pacific Cookie Company is not the most appealing name for a cookie store.  I could say the name 10 times and forget it the next day.  Also the interior design did not draw me in any way.  Instead, I was captured by the classic heavenly aroma of freshly baked cookies.  At the time I was in Santa Cruz, it was raining and freezing cold.  The thought of biting into a warm chewy cookie immediately replaced my complaints of the dismal weather.  The first cookie I tried was the "mint condition."  I ordered it not only for its creative name, but because it was such a good looking cookie.  You cannot miss it.  It basically looks like Subway's double chocolate chip cookies with adorable mint green chips in it.  It is as good as it looks my friends.  The second cookie I tried was the Snickerdoodle, which I typically hate.  In fact, I have never tried a good Snickerdoodle...until I came here. I believe its texture won me over.  It reminded me of these butter cookies I devoured when I was a child, and thus, I would not be surprised if there was a ton of shortening in the batter.  It was the perfect complement to my coffee.  Lastly, (I came here twice before leaving Santa Cruz) I had the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie.  I clearly do not have to explain why this cookie is amazing because peanut butter can do no wrong....unless you're allergic to nuts....then it can do a lot of wrong.  Bottom line: Be a smart cookie and try this place...you will not regret it!  Also Yelp offers a free cookie with any purchase for your first check-in.  Dealzzzzz. More...


Christopher C.

29 December 2015

A Santa Cruz Legend.  The Pacific Cookie Company makes incredible cookies.  Ordered a dozen for my nephews and brought them home tonight.  Looking forward to a couple Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bunches of goodness.  Awesome cookie place, reasonable prices, and friendly helpful staff.  Thank you Pacific Cookie Company :) More...


Hayley D.

28 December 2015

These are my favorite cookies :) the lemon drop is my ultimate favorite, but every other cookie I have tried has been great!


Leo M.

17 December 2015

I tasted heaven when I first tried their warm snickerdoodles. Thank you. I can die peacefully now.Also, they freeze exceptionally well and can be easily reheated in the oven.


Geraldine G.

15 December 2015

Wow! These cookies are outrageously delicious. Recommended by one of my students who lives in Santa Cruz, I decided to give them a try with our recent graduation ceremony held in Salinas. I ordered enough to feed over 600 people and everyone went away happy. I ordered a variety, with my favorite being Almond Joy. Check out their fabulous website...I love the section "Meet Our Cookies."  Another plus: they neatly and compactly boxed all those dozens of cookies and delivered them to us on the day of the event! I couldn't ask for better service or a better cookie!! I'm already looking forward to our next graduation!! More...


Jamie P.

4 December 2015

Amazing cookies with a wide variety. Prices are reasonable, especially if you get the half dozen or full dozen - share with friends! I love the Mint Condition - chocolate cookie with Mint chips - and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip - cookie almost melts in your mouth it's so delicious. There's also the bakery in the Sash Mill where you can buy 'reject' cookies at a deep discount. It can be hard to find, but it's in the back of the Sash Mill complex. More...


Amanda D.

11 November 2015

I wanted to give out a Santa Cruz treat as our wedding favors, and thought cookies from Pacific Cookie Company would be perfect. I got a quick response from Ashley in their main office, who helped me select the flavors and make sure my cookies were ready on time. They even offered to put on stickers with our names on it if I mailed to them, which turned out great. The cookies were delicious, and we got a lot of compliments on the packaging. Thank you, Ashley, and Pacific Cookie Co. for making our day even better! More...


Justin C.

31 October 2015

Incredible chocolate chip cookies. I try to stop by whenever I'm downtown. The fresh cookies are the best. The day old cookies are missing that "special" something.


Jeff C.

30 October 2015

I'm a self proclaimed cookie monster and I was thrilled when my sister brought us to this place!  They've got a good selection of cookies and they are reasonably priced a just over $1 per cookie (not to mention they are good sized!).  Since I was with the family, I got to try a number of different flavors- chocolate chip, lemon, peanut butter chocolate chip, etc.  All the cookies were pretty solid- I couldn't say these were the best cookies I've ever had but they certainly were good and a good value as well!  A nice place to stop by for a sweet treat that won't break the bank! More...


Nick A.

29 October 2015

No human should be able to pass by a cookie store and simply ignore it. No one! Even if we just pigged out on lunch, we had to stop by.The layout is simple. Choose from one of the freshly made cookies (ask for the freshest batch when you go in), choose a Marianne's Ice cream supplement, and be off with a delicious dessert.We had the chocolate-dipped cookie as well as the Almond Joe, both of which were chewy and delicious. Not the best cookie I've ever had, but it can hold its own.Best of all, they have great gift sets with fancy packaging. We snagged one as a gift for our Airbnb host--it was both thoughtful and affordable.---Distinguishing factor: The cookie and ice cream smell alone will attract anyone, adult or child, like bees to honey. More...


Siena R.

19 October 2015

I stop in all the time to get a cookie or to take home a bakers dozen. They have a great variety of cookie flavors to choose from. My all time favorite is the classic chocolate chip cookie. The Dr. Midnight and the coconut macaroons are both fantastic as well. It's a great stop for a sweet treat downtown. More...


Justine C.

5 October 2015

Stopped by here after an early lunch today. We ordered a good amount of cookies to bring home and let everyone try. The chocolate chip cookies were very good! Haven't tried the rest but you should stop here if you want a quick cookie fix :) More...


Jeff P.

26 September 2015

Delicious cookies at reasonable prices. The cookies weren't amazing but still pretty darn good. I assume they make a large batch of dough and bake them throughout the week. I was surprised by their selection. They had at least 10-13 different types. My favorite was the chocolate chip (real original) followed by the lemon drop. Mint chocolate was weak sauce.  Best part was they were only $1.10 a piece.  They are on the smaller end which is nice since you can try a couple different types. More...


Danny C.

20 September 2015

I had their cookies first in Berkeley, so I knew it was quality stuff. It's $1.10 for a cookie and only $11.95 for a baker's dozen. That's pretty damn cheap when we're talking about massive cookies that hold for a decent amount of time. They also have discounts on day-before goodies, but you have to get here quickly to snag those. My favorites? Snickerdoodle and chocolate chip. I know. Plain Jane. What can I say? I love cinnamon, and everyone loves a classic. Cookies are slightly crispy on the edges and perfectly soft closer to the center. If you get here as new batches are coming out, well then, you're about to have a real treat. They even do ice cream sandwiches with Marianne's. The only downside I would say is that as good as these cookies are fresh, they don't hold after a few hours, so if you're getting an older batch, or you want to bring some for a friend, they're not going to be very soft, which means the recipe could use a little fine tuning. More...


Venesa C.

9 September 2015

This is one of those places that is such a hidden gem that you don't want to share the secret with anyone.Well, now that I've moved far far away (sad face.), I'm telling the whole world about this place. This is not the Pacific Cookie company store that is in actual downtown Santa Cruz. Rather, this place is tucked away in an unsuspecting building where their "reject" cookies are housed.REJECT COOKIES They all look and taste pretty damn good to me! Never stale and perfectly chewy.$0.25 ea for the smaller cookies, $0.50 for the larger ones. WHAT A STEAL. Flavors include chocolate chip, dr. midnight (chocolate on chocolate!!), lemon drop, mint condition, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and snickerdoodle (my favorite). I never fail to get excited when I walk through the door and see all the cookies displayed in all their glory. Just grab a plastic bag and start shoppin'!Oh, this place is CASH ONLY. Save your dollar bills! More...


Irene T.

7 September 2015

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I came in to the place to get a late night treat.  We love their huge selection of cookies!  My favorite cookie they make is a chocolate cookie with mint chips, yummy!  The cookies are made fresh daily.  Day old cookies are discounted.  Prices are reasonable at about $1 per cookie.  There are also cookie ice cream sandwiches - where you can pick your favorite cookie and ice cream for a delicious treat.  I am yet to try one of them but I hope eventually to.  There are also cookie ice cream sundaes.  Pros:-large selection of cookies made fresh daily-reasonable prices-great group of staff-open till lateCons:-Nothing! More...


Helen L.

13 August 2015

Aahh!  Cookies!  I feel like cookie monster, cookies, I got to have cookies.  Before I was through, I ate 5 cookies!  1 Lemon, 2 peanut butter, 1 oatmeal raisin, and 1 chocolate mint.  I think I will stick to the chocolate with nuts! More...


Andrea V.

9 August 2015

Yummy!!! Have the chocolate dipped coconut macaroon! You won't be sorry. It's like cookie bliss! :) nice people here too. Friendly :)


Elias R.

30 July 2015

The cookies here were alright. I mean, the flavor was good the the texture was off in my opinion. theywe justa little too hard for me, but hey, to each his own! If you like a crunchy cookie, hit it up! They taste great! More...


Maurice N.

27 July 2015

When traveling through Downtown Santa Cruz, my husband and I decided to stop in for a snack. We could smell the fresh baked cookie smell wafting from the open doors. When we got inside, we were immediately impressed by the massive amount of cookie options and that most of their cookies also are offered as dipped in chocolate. How can we resist more chocolate?! We selected the dipped peanut butter with chocolate chips and dipped white chocolate chip macadamia nuts. We were not disappointed. The cookie was baked fresh, crunchy on the outside with remaining warm and gooey on the inside. When I realized they offered a free cookie with check in on Yelp, I bought some water to wash it down and the extra cookie to go was a great bonus. I would definitely stop in to check out this place. Next time I was to try the cookie ice cream sandwich! More...


Denny T.

23 July 2015

Several locations in the Santa Cruz area. Came in to buy for coworkers. Staff was friendly and accommodating to explain something's about the shop. Was able to purchase a bulk of cookies for a reasonable price. Choices include the classic cookies (chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, oatmeals) and house specials (one had lemon coconut). Soft and right amount of density. Plenty fresh and lots to enjoy. Coworkers enjoyed the cookies for being purchased from a professional bakery. Good: flavor selections, reasonable priced, and friendly bakers. Bad: not located closer to home for me. I'd stop in again for sure. More...


Ellen W.

11 July 2015

Wow!! For $1.10 a cookie, it's pretty near impossible to leave here anything less than happy and satisfied. The aroma of the butter, chocolate and dough is just breathtaking -- not to mention the 1 free cookie with any purchase with a Yelp check-in -- total #WIN-WIN!All the cookies are delicious, buttery soft chewy centers, with a subtle crunch on the edge. Perfect and flawless, truly!My favorites: Almond Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snap, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip w/ Walnuts. But for $1.10 each, you should just buy them all and throw a happy cookie tasting party! Service is speedy and friendly. Easily one of the BEST cookie experiences ever! More...


Jules K.

22 June 2015

So glad we found this place for an after dinner treat for the kids. Unfortunately I didn't have my phone with me so I didn't know about the Yelp check in to get a free cookie. I am picky when it comes to cookies since I bake my own. These were delicious! Tried the chocolate chip plain & with walnuts, the mint chocolate cookie(kids loved), and the seasonal sugar cookie with dried cherry. Nice and chewy the way I like them & not doughy which I've encountered frequently. Will definitely come again when visiting Santa Cruz. More...


Salman H.

14 June 2015

Great, soft cookies. Must visit spot in downtown SC. Not too far from the boardwalk. Limited seating space.


Sunny O.

13 June 2015

So good! A must try when you're in downtown Santa Cruz. Insanely good cookies and signature SC ice cream


Laura T.

10 June 2015

These cookies will put you in a cookie coma. They are so delicious that your taste buds will forever love you. Trust me get a dozen to go.


Ashly C.

25 May 2015

Cookies are yummy! They have different cookies that are half dipped in chocolate. I recommend the dipped Chocolate Chip cookie or Snickerdoodle. Both equally delicious. Staff is nice. Conveniently located downtown SC. Also! On the wall to the right when you first walk in they have "day old cookies" bagged up for a cheaper price. Still just as tasty! More...


Coralie S.

22 May 2015

Really good cookies! We tried the chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate and macadamia nuts and chocolate chips with walnuts. Perfect afternoon snack!


Jessica D.

11 May 2015

Love the smell of the place when you walk in there. Usually a lone but worth the wait for fresh baked cookies!!


Brynn G.

8 May 2015

Yummy yummy best kept secret for fresh & inexpensive, wholesale cookies!!!


Lisa H.

3 May 2015

We were very excited to check out this place, and it did not disappoint. We both got the chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies, and they were absolutely delicious. We were sad we weren't able to go to the warehouse to see the magic in action, but it was probably a blessing for our waist lines because we would have bought more! Glad this place is somewhat local, hope to find these cookies in the East Bay. More...


Mely M.

22 April 2015

Loved this little cookie shop! The staff was very nice, and helpful with cookie selection since they had a wide variety! No rushing here. We tried the classic chocolate chip, lemon, and a coconut macaroon. All were AMAZING!  Perfectly cooked with a soft middle and slightly crispy edge. The lemon cookie was a refreshing sweet and light cookie that complimented tea perfectly. The coconut macaroons were perfectly proportioned and the chocolate chip was not too sweet as they can be at other shops. Take a stroll in downtown Santa Cruz and forget the taffy - get th cookies!Also, extra sweet, if you check in you get a free cookie with purchase. More...


Vanessa M.

13 April 2015

I love their ice cream sandwiches! $3.25 with your choice of any combination of two soft, fresh baked cookies and various ice creams. Perfect dessert or snack!


Cassie B.

5 April 2015

THIS IS YOUR PLACE :)Really great friendly outgoing staff. A large selection of freshly made delicious cookies and multiple delicious flavors of ice cream as well. definitely a MUST when passing through Santa Cruz!!  THANKS MAX!I have a picture with him covered in chocolate covered cookie can't wait to take it off my computer and post it:) stay tuned:)) More...


Antoine T.

2 April 2015

Pacific Cookie Company makes a really special cookie like nothing I can get anywhere else. Their cookies have a crumbly texture that taste delicious and they have warm cookies available all the time.


Gary C.

31 March 2015

Love their cookies! I don't need many excuses to make the trip over the hill into Santa Cruz. This place is the only reason I need to travel. I still need to ship some of these off to friends. More...


Jenny G.

26 March 2015

Stopped in with the family this afternoon, we all ordered different cookies and they were all AMAZING! So soft and fresh... I loved the Almond Joe.


Ivy M.

23 March 2015

I spent 10 bucks on cookies. Then I had more for breakfast the next day, so yeah they're pretty darn good


Brandon Y.

2 March 2015

Cookies were my breakfast in college... unfortunately I wasn't able to eat Pacific Cookie Company cookies for breakfast unless I was lucky enough to find it in the dining halls of UCSC. Now you know my loyalty to Santa Cruz :). This business started in Santa Cruz on Pacific Garden Mall.Pacific Cookie Company gets the texture right. Even the day-old cookies are still chewy and that's what makes these cookies so alluring. It's too hard for me to not finish all six of those day-old cookies in the hour I buy them!I like the Dr. Midnight (Dark chocolate) and Mint Condition (mint chocolate). Of course they've got other flavors so you don't oversaturate yourself on the chocolate-y cookies. More...


Sam T.

2 February 2015

Really really good cookies. They have a lot of random fun flavors here but I encourage you to stick with the classics. The triple chocolate was delicious choco chip and white choco macadamia nut were really good too.Their cookies are pretty sweet though so find yourself some cold milk or something to help get through the seeetness. More...


H C.

1 February 2015

Tried their cookies and fell in love with them. The cookies are very soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside, just the way I like it. My favorite flavor is the mint condition which is one of the best in its kind. Sadly, I didn't have the opportunity of trying other things like the ice cream sandwiches or the coconut macaroons. However, one great thing about them is that in order to avoid wasting such great cookies, they pack little bags of 6 cookies that are not fresh made from the day (usually cookies from very early in the morning or the day before) and sell them for $4.95, which is very good deal. More...


Rob C.

1 February 2015

1.10 ea now.  combines with Marianne's ice cream but could join forces with Mission Hill Creamery down the street.  chocolate chip walnut -- thick and relatively soft with harder edges, tasty and buttery inside.  almond joe =  toasted almonds, Guittard chocolate and coconut, light on the coconut, also thicker with chunks which break off.  store also in Berkeley. More...


Beatriz S.

31 January 2015

The Pacific Cookie Company is the only place I know of, thus far, that freshly bakes cookies that are covered in chocolate. This place is literally like heaven on earth. I can smell the sweetness from a block away every time I'm in downtown Santa Cruz. I typically select the mint chocolate chip cookie covered in chocolate, and occasionally the walnut chocolate chip cookie covered in chocolate. You can also purchase a bag of cookies that are a day old for a reduced price. By the way, they also sell ice cream that is just as good as the cookies. Wish many more food items could be covered in chocolate. Life would be so much sweeter! More...


Renee M.

25 January 2015

This was our first time here and def somewhere we'll be returning!! The cookies are amazing and so worth the reasonable price!! Love that this is kid friendly too especially for our 14 month old. More...


Crystal P.

24 January 2015

Oh I found LOVE! LOL I had the chocolate chip cookies with mint chip ice cream in the middle! It was amazing! Loved the set up here where you can pick from tons of different cookies and ice creams to choose from to make your own sandwich! Love it here will be back for sure! More...


Tasha A.

17 January 2015

Holy cow, best coconut macaroon I've ever had. I can't recommend the mom's special highly enough!


Rachel N.