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OurBus Reviews

OurBus Reviews

Review of OurBus by Martina Hrvolova
5 Martina Hrvolova

My first experience with this company was on Friday July 27 departing DC to Newark 9.30 am was outstanding. Very polite driver, clean bus and no problems/delays whatsoever.

Review of OurBus by Kristen McCann Rushing
1 Kristen McCann Rushing

poor customer service and they try to steal your money with the "membership". They actually do charge you fees to reschedule if you are trying to use your membership benefits. really disappointing, back to megabus...

Review of OurBus by Maegan Tomela Burke
5 Maegan Tomela Burke

I used OurBus on 6/11 from NYC to DC and the ride was perfect. Our driver Andrew was so kind and courteous and always kept us updated about our ride. Everything was super comfy and we arrived in DC right on time. Thanks, Andrew!

Review of OurBus by Karen Sterling
5 Karen Sterling

I took your bus and it was awesome. You already had my name on your list so i didn’t have to find a printer at kinkos to print it out! It was so clean and had plugs to charge my phone. And no one fought each other to get on the bus!! Literally a breath of fresh air compared to grey hound. Thank you!!! Seriously Thank you!!!!!

Review of OurBus by Brian Young
3 Brian Young

On my trip to DC right now, the driver circled around New Brunswick three times looking for the pickup spot. Then we stopped in Delaware so he could “sign papers” and then he came back with food. Now we are stopped in Maryland for who knows what reason? How about getting us to our destination on time?? This is ridiculous.

Review of OurBus by Sylvia Forest
5 Sylvia Forest

Left on Thursday at 3:30 pm from DC to NYC. Andrew was our driver and he was friendly and great! Bus was clean, AC worked, outlets worked, and it was a quiet ride. Even the bathroom was clean. Bus left on time. I recommend and will take them again.

Review of OurBus by Alaina Ables
5 Alaina Ables

Our bus broke down on the way to pick us up and they went above and beyond for us they not only paid for our Uber from Manhattan to West Chester Pa but they also gave us our next ride free I highly recommend them to anyone their level of customer service is amazing no other company would have done this especially not another bus company I will definitely be taking them from now on!!

Review of OurBus by Noam Israeli
5 Noam Israeli

I have used Ourbus 2 or 3 times already and they were great every time. On my last trip (Boston to NYC), I accidentally left a very valuable item on the bus. I contacted customer support and incredibly enough, I was able to get my lost item the next day! I am super grateful for all the help I got, and the amazing support from Jesse and the crew.

Review of OurBus by Teresa Hayes
5 Teresa Hayes

I took the 6:30 AM bus from DC to NYC this past Tuesday and had a very pleasant experience. The driver was kind and polite, and the bus was very clean. We were offered bottled water as we boarded the bus which was an unexpected but nice touch. The bus both departed Union Station and arrived at the Port Authority on time. The outlets (which also had USB ports) worked perfectly and the seats were comfortable with foot rests and a reclining option. Overall I found Ourbus to be a more enjoyable and cheaper option to other intercity bus companies.

Review of OurBus by Steve Wortman
2 Steve Wortman

Got on at West Chester, en route to New York. I took the bus back from NYC last weekend and was super impressed. This time, not so much.

When one of the first things your driver asks you is how to get to the next stop, then the one after that, then the one after that, this doesn’t exactly instill the most confidence. We wound up late to our second stop because he missed the exit, and one of our passengers patiently helped him navigate to the third. It’s understandable, not being as familiar with an area, but it’s a driver’s responsibility to know where he’s going, not a passenger’s responsibility to hold their hand.

Hopefully we can make up for lost time in transit.

Review of OurBus by Bernadette Ndjine
5 Bernadette Ndjine

I just love it , I feel like travelling everyday if it is by our bus, it is comfortable clean the toilet is clean. I traveled from DC to New York and back the 21 and 22 of April the drivers were kind and polite very professional the customer service was perfect , the driver of Sunday 22 from New York to DC, Andrew is special . Our bus stay like that don't change . That was a wonderful trip only because of you
Thank you all even the one answering the 800 number

Review of OurBus by Gigi Middleton
5 Gigi Middleton

I had a trip scheduled to leave at 11:00am that I wanted to reschedule for 5pm departure on the same day.

I used a coupon to purchase the original trip and wanted to maintain the discounted payment price. I called Ourbus and spoke to Mary who was a fantastic resource. She explained the policy and although I would have to cancel my trip in order to book a new one she provided me with an additional coupon for $10, allowing me to maintain the discounted purchase price.

Mary went above and beyond in listening and responding to my customer query. I am very impressed with the conscientious level of customer service Ourbus provides and as a loyal customer will continue to use this service.

Review of OurBus by Lucia Gavilan
5 Lucia Gavilan

I am Commuting on the New York bound Boston OurBus, and the driver whose name I understood as Doug. was was extremely nice to all of us. When we were about to take off from Boston he asked if anyone was going to White Plains and everyone of us said no. As we had just passed White Plains a young man approached the conductor and asked him if he was going to stop in White Plains? Doug in a very professional manner told the passenger that what he had asked before taking off. Then, as soon as Doug was able to stop and see what he can do for the passenger he did. He made sure the passenger was able to get back to White Plains safely. I really appreciated this gesture because if it had been me, I would have loved for someone to do the same for me.

Review of OurBus by Zack Miklos
5 Zack Miklos

I just took the new express bus service from Lancaster to NYC and it exceeded my expectations. I travel regularly between the two cities, usually via Amtrak, but OurBus will be my preferred method going forward. I highly recommend this service.

Review of OurBus by Alexandra Danilova
2 Alexandra Danilova

My name is Alexandra Danilova. I would like to share my experience as Ourbus passenger. I've booked a roundtrip from New York to Boston and both trips were super stressful. On the way to Boston on May, 19 2018 I faced with situation when 2 people missed the bus and 20+ passengers were waiting them for 55 minutes in the middle of nowhere. The customer support asked the bus driver to wait until those two people arrive with Uber and get on the bus. 3 passengers called to customer support line and asked to talk to manager, but customer support specialists transferred them to another line and eventually hang up the phone Unbelievable! We were eventually 55 minutes out of schedule and arrived at 1.55 pm instead of 1 pm. One woman on the bus was about to miss her international flight from Boston airport because of that reason. It caused so much stress for everyone on the bus. On the way back from Boston to New York on May, 20 the situation was even worse. During the whole ride our bus driver was struggling. He did his best to finish the trip successfully although due to Ourbus Company's enormous schedule which pushes him to make 10 hours driving trips with no rest. All the bus was in danger because the tired driver didn't have an opportunity to relax after previous trip which is unfair both towards the driver and 48 passengers. Ourbus is not a reliable company and I don't recommend it neither to potential passengers nor to potential employees. I ask Ourbus to provide better conditions to bus drivers so they are able to drive safely and work on customer service improvement!

Review of OurBus by 周杰飞
1 周杰飞

First time taking Ourbus.

On the bus on Sunday, May 20th from Boston to New York at 5:00pm and the driver was very nice, however it was very odd as he took an exit and drifted to the right side immediately after getting on the highway. There are no breaks in between unlike other buses (Chinatown buses, BoltBus, Gobuses) which is unethical for a bus company to treat their employees especially if they are driving long distances.

Please treat your employees with dignity and care for the benefit of your customers safety as I as a customer do not mind getting to my destination 15-30 minutes late and I would appreciate if my driver is well rested and coherent for his shifts. They do not need to be overworked. Again for the sake of safety.

Review of OurBus by Cynthia Angeles
4 Cynthia Angeles

I took OurBus back to DC on July 23. Our driver, Andrew, was excellent! I did not expect to make 2 passenger pickups between DC and NY, but we still made good time. I read that some riders complained that there were no pit stops, but it did not bother me. OurBus may have to consider this and/or to reduce the 2 passenger pickups to just one.

Review of OurBus by Richard Sanders
1 Richard Sanders

A 1 hour delay has turned into an 1 hour 40 minute delay and counting. I emailed with no reply. We are traveling with a family of 5 and are heading into downtown NYC. Arriving at 10pm is not what we had planned for at all. Price is great, but this is my first experience and I guess you get what you pay for.

Review of OurBus by Barbara McCool Grentz
5 Barbara McCool Grentz

I took Our Bus from Malvern Pa to NYC last week. Fabulous ride. Our driver was Linda and she was very sweet and confident. She dropped us off and explained exactly where and when she would pick us up later. She had cold water for us when we met up again. Everyone was on time for pickup however she did explain to me that if anyone was late she would not wait. As we were leaving the city a severe summer storm hit. Roads leaving the city became flooded which obviously extended out return trip. When we arrived in Malvern there was a relief driver waiting because she had met the allowed hours to drive. Great experience. I will definitely do this again.

Review of OurBus by Margaret Cook
5 Margaret Cook

Ourbus from NYC to Lancaster yesterday was in the midst of the first snow/sleet/rain storm of the northeast season. No one dealt with it very well - Port Authority closed down and blocked folks from coming in and trains were sold out. However, I was on the road from NYC at exactly the planned time. The journey was more than 7 hours because of weather, but our bus driver Shawnee was outstanding. She was professional and clearly capable of safe driving as well as good natured. Thanks.


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