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At Oregon Web Solutions - We offer online businesses everything from Web design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. We can even rank Youtube videos.

We have earned a reputation as the best Internet Marketing Service in all of Portland OR for a reason.


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Tobias N.

21 May 2019

Seth and his team have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have worked with this company for about two years now and my questions have always been answered patiently and thoroughly. They have gone the extra step to take care of me and make me feel valued on several occasions. I cannot say enough about this place. If you’re shopping around, definitely take the time to consult with Oregon Web Solutions. More...


Anna Stamper

28 January 2019

From start to finish, everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I was on a short timeline to complete this project, and Seth and Kyle made it happen. I have a great website, thank you!


Michele Duncan King LMT RYT200

29 December 2018

After meeting with Oregon Web Solutions and taking their suggestions, I had three new appointments scheduled in the first week alone. WOW. I am so appreciative! I took the additional suggestions after following up with Seth and his team and really feel like I upped my game after moving my business into a more rural area from one state to another. I highly recommend Oregon Web Solutions! More...


Jason Johnson

29 December 2018

Had a great experience with Oregon Web Solutions. We are totally confident in there guidance. We are now ready to implement the tools they have given us to create a successful website. Can’t thank you enough! #success #smallbusiness #growth More...


Terry Morrisey

23 July 2018

Oregon Web Solutions really helped me increase my Amazon sales. Thanks again!


Sue Allen Clarke

23 July 2018

The guys were great about answering questions and gave great advice on how to move my seo


Jennifer Visser Harper

23 July 2018

Amazing!!! These guys know SEO! Great to work with and they are extremely passionate about their work. I highly recommend them!!!


Brett Polevoi

23 July 2018

Oregon web solutions worked great for me. I increased my sales because they made my business easily seen by the top search engines. Would highly recommend them.


Philip Haar

23 July 2018

Oregon Web Solutions will get the most visibility and sustainable traffic possible for a business, period. I know Matt from his attendance at industry-leading conferences and am incredibly impressed with the results he gets his clients. He is thorough, detail oriented, and takes a 'big picture' approach to make the biggest business impact for his clients. He is a true professional and a real pleasure to work with. More...


Victor Cook

23 July 2018

Oregon Web Solutions is by far the best method of securing visibility in your business as a must have tool, take a look at some of the videos and tell me a better way to secure this kind of presence in the industry !


Gary Paul Richards

28 May 2018

I have a service business that had some vexing Google problems. Oregon Web Solutions went behind the scenes and solved the long-standing obstacles to growth. Then they proceeded to help me move up the organic rankings, and I'm now getting calls from prospective clients who start by saying things like, "I saw your ratings, and I'd like to talk with you about valuing and selling my business." On top of that, I can talk to Seth and Matt any time I want to! Highly recommended... More...


Jenny Curs

28 May 2018

Oregon Web Solutions is top-notch as an SEO firm. They will ensure that your company places very high in search rankings, increasing visibility to customers and helping garner business for your organization. I have used them myself with fantastic results. They are easy to work with, communicative, and highly effective. I recommend them in full confidence as a high quality SEO provider. More...


Kira King

28 May 2018

Seth is very knowledgable about internet marketing and has helped our company immensely. If your looking for internet marketing help I highly reccomend Oregon Web Solutions.


Stephen Knippa

28 May 2018

I can't say enough how awesome it is to work with Kyle. He created an outstanding website for my small online knitting business. Great customer service and a willingness to answer ALL of my questions whenever I needed help. If you are looking for help launching a new business this is the place to go. More...


Willy Weaver

14 August 2016

Oregon Web Solutions is without a doubt the top SEO company in Oregon. Give them a call you won't be disappointed!


Nathan Smith

13 August 2016

Seth is very knowledgable about search engine optimization! I highly reccomend Oregon Web Solutions.


Danny Baileys

28 May 2016

We hired Oregon Web Solutions to improve our local Google search rankings.  After just a few weeks our listing moved into the Google pack and our call volume increased.  During the entire process Seth stayed in contact with us which we appreciated.  I strongly recommend these guys if you need more local customers. More...


Emily Osment

28 May 2016

Seth from Oregon Web Solutions helped us clean up and keyword optimize our site which instantly improved our rankings. We were so impressed with their service we went ahead and signed up for their six month package. At first the results came very slow, but approximately 4 months in our website started showing up on the first page of Google for our keyword. Over the next 2 months it slowly climbed to position 3 where it still sits today. In the end working with Oregon Web Solutions was a great experience and I highly recommend their company More...


Virginia Rose

18 April 2016

Matt for Oregon Web Solutions came and helped me with my computer issues even though that is not what they do! He didn't charge me a dime, so I wanted to pay them back somehow and show my appreciation. Thank you!

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Simple, clean, professional, and searchable online. If you don't implement proper SEO into your website, you could have the greatest site in the world and it wouldn't matter.

What is your budget? Do you have a current website? What platform is it built on? Do you have examples of what you would like your website to look like? What features are most important to you? Do you already have content and pictures/ videos to add to the website? Those are a few...

Helping people grow their online businesses and seeing success.

I have always had my own business. Web design and marketing just appealed to me as it is fun and enjoyable.

Honestly, integrity, value, and we will help you along the way until the project is complete. We won't leave you hanging.



Just having a great website isn't enough, you need to be found online! Search engine optimization is becoming more important today for businesses than ever before. Having a website built with proper SEO is crucial to your success. Without it, you are losing money that is going straight to your competition.

Having a website isn't enough these days. You also need to give your customers a chance to engage with your company or product and social media gives them that opportunity. Did you know that there are more than 300 social media platforms? Image if you could have a profile on all of those that like back to your website? More than that, advertising through bigger platforms such as Facebook is one of the best marketing tools today (when done properly). Give us a call and ask how we can help improve your social media marketing today.