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Oregon Corners Florist

stow, Ohio, summit


Oregon Corners Florist

stow, Ohio, summit



Full service florist serving stow since December 1st 1979
Flowers for all occasion's Fruit baskets, balloons, gourmet
baskets, weddings and more,

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R R.

6 January 2019

A friend from out of state sent us flowers on Christmas Eve (I'd imagine a VERY busy time) & texted us asking if we were home (we weren't) because she had sent something & they were trying to deliver. I said we'd be back in about 20 minutes so tell them to leave whatever it was on the porch since we have cameras.We got home & saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL, adorable, Christmas flower arrangement I had ever seen, and saw the name of this florist on the card. I can't believe we hadn't ever heard of them, because ordering flowers is always dicey and these were truly great.After calling my friend back she said the delivery driver was super-conscientious & called her, concerned we wouldn't see them or get back in time (he told her "these are NICE flowers"--he wasn't wrong!). She said he was super nice & went out of his way to figure out where best to leave them & was really concerned that they'd get cold or we wouldn't see them. I feel bad I wasn't there to thank him myself...but to the florist: great job & don't lose that guy!  :)Here it is now January 6th & with the exception of a couple yellowed white roses they STILL look like new! All I did was add a little water a couple times & put in a window a few days ago. We have cats and are particular about the kinds of flowers that come in the house (so many are toxic)...and my friend is the same way, so they coordinated them well. PHOTOS BELOW of the Christmas arrangement in a vase that looks like a blue Christmas ornament with cardinals in the scene...and also tiny cardinals that stick out of the arrangement. Very creative! (ETA: It is called Telaflora's "Winter Flock" Bouquet, and came out every bit as nice as the stock photos when you search that name, which almost never seems to happen when I've received or sent flowers from elsewhere). More...


Katherine R.

1 October 2017

I had a last minute request for an arrangement for a funeral.  Because I live in California, I ended up submitting the online order late the night before the funeral.  I called in the morning to make sure it would get there.  A wonderful woman told me, "We called the funeral home and the arrangement is on its way to the chapel at the cemetery right now."  And the arrangement was reported to be beautiful, even though apparently there needed to be some substitutions that were different than the picture due to the late notice.  They were amazing and I was so comforted knowing that they went the extra mile to assure my condolences were delivered. More...


Jacob C.

11 May 2017

I have ordered from Oregon Corners twice now and they have very fast same day delivery.  Impressive!


Matthew A.

2 February 2017

Outstanding Customer Service!!! Fantastic Family Owned and Operated Florist. Beautiful flower arrangements. Only florist we use in the area. Highly Recommend!


Chris M.

10 December 2015

My dad passed away suddenly a few months back at the tender age of 62 after 39 yrs of marriage. Today would've been their 40th anniversary. I live in Indiana and couldn't visit so decided to send flowers. I called and a Very courteous/helpful lady answered and stated could have flowers out that same  day. YESSSS!!! I told her to do whatever she thought was appropriate for $100 or less. A few hours later My mum called sobbing saying the flowers were stunning and the gesture was so considerate. Then we shared a disappointed giggle (more a sigh of disappointment on my end) because the card was to have a personal message and then signed how my dad always signed his cards...."love, Mikey-poo"I repeated the spelling three times to the florist via phone. Sadly the card was still signed wrong "love, MICKEY-poo"His name was Michael. Mike for short. Not Micky or Mick or Mickey. Any other time wouldn't be such a grumble on my end because the flowers were gorgeous and delivered in hours THAT SAME  DAY.....I just wanted it to be perfect for my grieving mom because his death is so fresh. Yea, I'd still recommend this company bc We're all human and make mistakes. It was my fault for not making HER repeat back to me. More...


Caroline B.

19 November 2013

Excellent customer service both online, over the phone, & in person. I live in Texas & ordered a bouquet of flowers online for my mother-in-law. Immediately after placing the order I received a phone call from the florist who notified me that the flower I had chosen was out of season, but they could do a comparable bouquet with another flower. Yes, thank you! Later that same afternoon my m-i-l emailed me to say how happy she was to get the flowers AND I got an email from the florist confirming the delivery. Best florist experience I've ever had. Highly recommend. More...


Susan C.

13 March 2013

I live in Stow, and my 85-yr-old mother is in a health care facility 600 miles away in Tennessee. I stopped in Oregon Corners Florist at 10:39 am and placed an order for flowers to be sent to her facility, and by 5:00 pm she had called to tell me they had arrived, they were beautiful, and they smelled great. I'm very impressed at both the speed and quality of the service. I will definitely use Oregon Corners again and highly recommend them! More...